Morgan Jennifer Ingram
August 16, 1991 - December 2, 2011
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  The Investigation  

The first thing we would like to do is to warn parents of stalking victims, as well as victims currently being stalked. All the cameras we put up could not protect Morgan, all the motion detectors we put out could not protect Morgan, the sheriffís could not protect Morgan, and in the end even we could not protect Morgan. We know that covering up the outcome of a crime is not an answer, logically this would only allow criminals to continue, and in Morgan's case it has allowed a murderer(s) to still walk among us.

There has been no investigation into Morganís death, nor any investigation into the connection to her ongoing, escalating stalking at the time of her murder - how could this be we asked? Jewelry had been stolen from her room, her bottom bed sheet, pajamas, drivers license, and more were all taken the night she was killed, but no investigation. A year after her death we would learn that a date rape cocktail (every drug was on the Sexual Assault Panel at the lab) was put into her stomach after she was dead, but no investigation. Two years after her death we would learn that her body showed evidence of being assaulted, redressed, and posed after she was dead - still no investigation. We also learned that any evidence that was collected had been destroyed, despite all the assurances that it would be kept forever. How could this be we asked?

Within minutes of his arrival at Morganís death scene, the lead stalking detective assigned to her case was certain there was absolutely no connection to her stalking, he said her death was a mystery, he even told us ďThere is no more Morgan, so there is no more stalker.Ē Is this logical? Is this all it takes to cover up a murder, and allow a murderer to remain free? This is more than shocking, this is really frightening.

Morganís death was first determined to be natural causes, intently defended by those standing in for the Coroner - no chance of foul play, so no investigation needed! But then her doctors told us this was all wrong, Morganís death was not from natural causes, it was a homicide, they knew, but when we told the Coronerís stand-in we were threatened to stop, or Morganís death could be changed to a suicide. Shocking? Of course we reported this, but our reports of the threats were not taken seriously, just as Morganís stalking was never taken seriously. So Morgan was assaulted and killed by her stalker, and nine months later she became a suicide, and it was absolutely heartbreaking.

For Morganís death to be even considered a suicide should have been impossible, given all the evidence that completely leaves no explanation except for the presence of at least one assailant, and very possibly more. But evidence hasnít mattered much in Morganís death.

Morganís memory was forever tarnished because we chose not to heed the threats and fight on, but it was more than just Morgan we were fighting for...we were fighting for truth, for what was right, it was for all other victims like Morgan that no longer had a voice, it was for all the other women who could become victims at this stalkers hands, as Morgan had. She suffered a horrible death, and it was impossible to imagine another young woman facing the same thing.

Uncovering the truth has not been easy. That we were lied to about Morgan is without question now. In fact the only remaining question is why. Often we are told about the lack of resources and incompetence of small rural sheriffís departments, about how Colorado is the worst state when it comes to completely botching investigations, but these are not acceptable excuses, not for a second. Morganís case was called a stalking by everyone connected with it, but later in her official police report, not one official refers to it as a stalking, even though it was an active felony stalking case, with a felony stalking detective assigned to the ongoing and escalating case at the time of her murder. If all the effort of a sheriff's department is focused on covering up a crime, never reporting it truthfully, and then covering up the murder that ended the stalking, it is a sad statement, and someday we will post the video of what Morgan's stalking investigation really looked like, but in the meanwhile trust me it was a completely ineffective investigation, and shame on us for trusting their advice.

This was a case in which a young woman, Morgan, was stalked relentlessly for four months, we had pictures, video footage, footprints, audio of the banging on her windows, proof he was leaning over the roofs edge ogling Morgan through her window, eyewitness, witnesses to the threats against Morgan by his accomplice - and on and on - yet none of it was ever taken seriously. In a little over a year after her death her felony stalking case was no more than a misdemeanor trespassing, no peeping tom, no eavesdropping, no attempted breaking and entry, no theft, no burglary, and certainly not a stalking, and they wouldn't even talk about a murder. So we ask, if officials are intent on pretending it never happened then just how safe is the next victim, and we will answer that - in our opinion not safe at all.

Morganís investigation now falls to her parents, fighting for Morganís legacy, for truth and justice, and for all those who can become the next victim. Please do not forget Morgan was a very kind and loved young woman. Morgan mattered, she is not just a statistic. Her murder has changed peopleís lives forever - they will never be the same. Please do not just think of her as a victim please remember her as a person.

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The Investigation

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