Morgan Jennifer Ingram
August 16, 1991 - December 2, 2011
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  National Center for Victims of Crime   Stalking Awareness Month  
  Stalking resource center with excellent links - if you have the time please watch their videos toward the bottom, and bottom left on their home page as they are very informative   This is an excellent website to learn more about what you can do to protect yourself. Click on the top at the top of their home page that says “additional resources”  
  National Institute of Justice   NCJRS  
  Good information for Stalking Victims showing stalking is a crime of power and control   This website gives the reader data from the first-ever national study on stalking  
  Department of Psychology, University of Texas   Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers  
  This is a good website on resources for victims of stalking      
      Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers Facebook  
  Unresolved Homicides  

This is a very good website with information and resources from the nonprofit organization called Families of Homicide Victims and Missing Persons, Inc. They are a great resource in Colorado. They believe that murder is a crime against the state.

FOHVAMP maintains that when a case cannot be solved by local law enforcement in a reasonable period of time, the state has an obligation to step in.

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