Morgan Jennifer Ingram
August 16, 1991 - December 2, 2011
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Morgan was always busy with something.  This is a cross section, spanning many years of things on the web.  Even as she prepared for a degree in law, becoming a certified Yoga Instructor was going to come first so she would always have a fall back to support herself.  She was a practical young woman.  And it is so wonderful for her parents to visit that which had some meaning to her, maybe as a joke, a statement on life that crossed her mind as she grew and matured, perhaps just a suggestion, or a tidbit to help others.

As to the ownership of the actual images and other art that can be found through these links, we know some is Morgan's, and some we are not sure.  We also believe that we have gone through and marked everything her friends have requested to be semi-private or completely private with the appropriate settings.  Respecting your feelings is so important to us.  Give us a call if we missed something, and thank you all for letting us share this little bit of Morgan with those who never met her. Toni & Steve




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  This was a work of her own that was in progress. There are more things Morgan wanted to share that will be added as time allows  

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