Morgan’s Music & Honoring Morgan…


Morgan’s keyboard & Morgan’s sheet music – photo taken by Morgan Jennifer Ingram

Every afternoon I remember Morgan sitting down at her keyboard and playing her sheet music – it filled our house with such joy. Sometimes she would sing while playing and that was always an additional treat.  I loved hearing her music, as well as her sweet, soft voice.

When Morgan was in elementary school she learned how to read sheet music.  Then when she was in middle school she decided she wanted to teach herself how to play the piano, which she did.  We bought her a keyboard and she practiced all the time.  Eventually, when she was in high school, she asked if she could have lessons.  We were blessed to know of an amazing piano and vocal coach.  Morgan then took lessons for a few years and loved it.  After that she just enjoyed coming home from school, sitting at her keyboard, and playing whatever sheet music that interested her.

This was just one of Morgan’s passions, and I was always so grateful to be able to hear such beautiful music being played in our home.  Morgan also had many friends that were musicians, and when they came over it was so much fun to listen to them play on the keyboard, bongos and guitars…I loved it!  And I miss it.  I miss Morgan and everything that was Morgan.  It hurts so much at times that I can’t even swallow.  It’s hard to hold back the tears while my heart constricts and I try to put on a “good” face on for everyone around me.  It’s not fair that she was taken from this world – but I know life isn’t always fair.  I know bad things do happen to good people.

I have so many beautiful and happy memories of Morgan, even though she was only on this earth for such a short time.  She was our youngest child and very loved.  What I have learned from our family, as well as so many other families that have had their loved ones murdered…the horrible toll that it takes on the whole family, the parents, the siblings, the aunts and uncles, the nieces and nephews, the Godparents, the cousins, as well as close friends – the ripple effect goes on and on.

I have seen and heard the damage to the lives of everyone that loved the “victim” and when the murderer(s) are still at large, the damage continues.  😟

As per Scripps News there has been more than 211,000 homicides committed since 1980 that remain unsolved – a body count greater than the population of Des Moines, Iowa. The FBI estimates that the homicide clearance rate in 2012 was only 64 percent, down from 90 percent reported in 1965 when the government first reported statistics.

This is just not acceptable to me – and probably not to you either, so I have become extremely involved in moving towards a solution.  Something that has a chance of solving more of these cases.  I want to honor Morgan in everything I do in my life, so not only have I been working with other victims of stalking, I have been chosen to be the West Coast Director for FOHVAMP (Families of Homicide Victims and Missing Persons).


At this time the US does not have a national database in which law enforcement can share their cold case information.  In an effort to assist in the creation of a national database FOHVAMP will announce a national initiative to create awareness of this pressing issue and to further advance resolution in cold case homicides and missing person cases nationwide.  The database will provide information to law enforcement, as well as the public with the hope that someone/somewhere will recognize the persons described in the case descriptions and provide additional information that may help solve these cases.  We intend to bring about social change using a new perspective.

I am also involved as the Case Manager for Law Enforcement Investigations for the JS Intuitive Investigation Alliances, working on missing person cases, cold cases and unresolved deaths. Both of these organizations do work pro bono for the families, as well as law enforcement.  I give my time to both of these organizations because justice is a right, and I want to be a part of a solution.


I know Morgan is also helping from the other side, so even though I may no longer hear her beautiful music I can “feel” her presence in everything I do – she is still guiding me, and I am eternally grateful.



Colorado Family’s Desperate Search Airs Tomorrow Night

lea-porter-photo-abcTomorrow night, Friday, October 21st (see link below) – Watch the full story on ABC News’ “20/20” THIS FRIDAY, Oct. 21 at 10 p.m. ET.

Mother of murdered Lea Porter, Rene Jackson wrote the following:

This is the filming about Lea’s case…Rene said, “What I have just read is not completely accurate with many elements of Christopher Waide’s “story” included.

We knows this, as well as the Judge at sentencing…
His words to Waide “I don’t believe one word of your account of what happened”. The DA has been quoted saying “This was a cold, calculated murder”. Please keep these things in mind as you watch this show, scheduled to air this Friday October 21, 2016.

Please check your local listings for 20/20 and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE.

Thank you and please don’t be judgemental of our beautiful Lea as she went through this very short hiccup in her very short life. This had absolutely nothing to do with Lea’s murder.

She is/was a beautiful, loving (too trusting) and funny young woman who never in a million years deserved the fate she was dealt by this evil monster.

Thank you Joseph Diaz and the crew for all the time you spent with our family.

On a side note, after the program airs I will likely be revealing more DA records.”

How to describe #Homicide


According to Cornell University Law School, “Homicide is when one human being causes the death of another”.  Cornell University adds that while murder is one type of homicide, but not all forms of homicide are murder.

Homicide includes murder, manslaughter and accidental, justifiable or excusable homicides.  Morgan’s death was without doubt at the hands of other human beings so it should be considered a homicide.  Now I believe Morgan’s murderer has contacted me, as well as contacting another person, to try to say Morgan deserved to die, so in their warped perception of life they feel that justifies her death… I really don’t believe that is what the law meant when it says, “justifiable homicide” – nope, just because the demented mind of a sick murdering individual that says their victim deserved to die does not make the murder justifiable.

It is so macabre, sick  and twisted to experience how far victim blaming and bashing will go. I see it continually in not only Morgan’s case but also in the many others who reach out to me with their own stories. I am continually receiving messages from people I do not know… from all over the world.  These messages have a similar theme – they want me to continue fighting for justice for Morgan and to never give up.  Just this morning I received more messages:

Comment: I just wanted to say I am so sorry that justice has not been served in this case for you and your beloved daughter Morgan. You must miss her everyday and to have to fight for justice is just awful. Stay strong xxx
Comment: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ingram First of all.. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine the pain and sorrow that fills your heart on a daily basis. I am so so very sorry. I believe that the fight for justice will be rewarded and I thank you for the examples you set in the battle for Morgan’s justice. That we as parents must not give in to the authorities but keep on fighting for our children. Afterall, we know our children and therefore also know when something is wrong! I would gladly offer you all my help and support but sitting in Denmark there’s very little I can do. The time is 23:35 pm here I DK and I just watch your tv-appearings on the ID Channel. I do believe that when the time is right justice will be served. You are in my prayers. May you all be blessed.

All these wonderful souls, from all over the world, keep us strong.  We will always continue our fight to have Morgan’s case investigated and her legacy on earth restored with arrests made and justice attained.  Our entire family is committed to stay the course no matter how long it takes.

Be assured we are here for the long run and for Morgan, there is NO statute of limitations on murder.  Once the entire story of serial gang stalking and violence is torn from the places it is kept tightly stashed away among the other skeletons in the closet of Garfield County Colorado, Morgan will at least have her justice!

Transcending Trauma…Sharing Your Story


What I have learned through the journey our family has been on since Morgan’s stalking and murder is that you can’t survive and expect to thrive all on your own after a major tragedy.  Share your story, be around others in a safe place and allow them to help you.  Let others be the wind beneath your wings so you can fly again, so you can continue your purpose on this planet.  The pain of losing a loved one never goes away, it stays with you forever.  You will never be the same and nor should you be.  Sharing your story and allowing others in, that have had similar traumas, does help – trauma support groups do change your perspective.  If you are in the District Heights area of Maryland try and attend, if not maybe this will help you get in contact with a group in your area.  Much love & light to you all!

Private Investigator or Con Artist?

magnifying glass over a blue digital print

magnifying glass over a blue digital print

Why would someone contact grieving families, offer their services, and lie about their credentials?  Preying on families that have been torn to shreds after losing a part of their heart.  Families that want to believe because they need answers…what kind of person lies to these families?  Well, I came in contact with one, as so many other families in my similar situation have dealt with, and here is a story about what recently happened.

Months after Morgan’s death a person named Jacob Ames contacted me through the administrator of Morgan’s Stalking Facebook page.  I was told to just hear him out and he might be able to help us.  I spoke with him over the phone, only once, and trusted my “gut instinct” and very politely told him we were not interested in having a private investigator look into our daughter’s case at the time, because we already had many experts in their fields helping us.  Then I only heard from him once after that, until I decided to help the mother of another young girl that had been brutally murdered in Colorado.

To make a long story short this mother asked me if I had ever heard of a Private Investigator named Jacob Ames.  I remembered that years ago, after this blog had gone live, I had spoken with him and had gotten a “bad” feeling, so I told this mother about my only encounter with him, but that I really did not know anything more than that.  I then received a Facebook message from this man basically asking me what my agenda was and he wanted to know why I was speaking to his “client.”  I never responded to him.  My only concern was with helping a mother find her daughter’s remains, and if she needed me out of the picture while he worked for her that was fine with me, I truly only cared that she received answers as to where her daughter’s body was – she needed to find her daughter.  She then told me that he first made contact with her only 4 days after she reported her daughter missing and before they even knew she had been murdered. She said she turned him away, but he came back; 10 months after her daughter’s murder. She said she really wanted to believe he could help her so she trusted him, but instead of helping, he caused her family even more grief, and she no longer wanted to be associated with him.

She said, “He represented himself to me as a private investigator just weeks after the murder and again the year after.”  She continued on and said, “He spoke (non-stop) about other cases, including ones he had no involvement in; which included Morgan’s case.”  I asked her what he said about Morgan’s case, as we never gave him any information at all.  She said Jacob Ames told her that he investigated the case and Morgan’s brother killed her.  I was shocked! What a sick assertion from a man claiming to be a PI and having never investigated Morgan’s case!  At this point in time I am used to nameless, faceless people on the Internet claiming to “know” what happened to Morgan, but for someone in the state of Colorado to go around spreading heinous hurtful lies under the disguise of being a professional investigator is beyond criminal in my opinion.  It’s bad enough that the Garfield County sheriff and coroner (who used to be Morgan’s felony stalking detective, but is now the coroner) have continued to refuse to look at any new or old evidence and insist on not allowing any other agency to investigate, insisting her death was a suicide. But now this person was out there pretending to be a licensed PI and lying about our daughter’s case…this was over the top!

Needless to say I felt like this person was just out there preying on families that are in an extremely vulnerable state. I also know it really doesn’t matter to the government if someone is lying and causing pain, but it does matter if you can show that the person is actually breaking a state law.  So I contacted DORA – the regulatory board for licensing in Colorado.  I reported this person Jacob Ames.  After a lengthly investigation DORA sent me the following letter:



Instead of posting the whole cease and desist filed against Jacob Ames I am showing you the main points of what was written in it by DORA.


Based upon the Director’s review and consideration, the Director finds that credible evidence exists that Respondent is acting or has acted without the required license, in violation of section 12-58.5-104(1)(b), C.R.S.


12-58.5-104. Licensure – title protection – unauthorized practice – penalty. (1)(a) Only a private investigator who obtains a license pursuant to section 12-58.5-106 may present himself or herself as or use the title of a “licensed private investigator”, “private investigator”, “licensed private detective”, or “private detective”.


12-58.5-109. Disciplinary actions – grounds for discipline – rules – cease-and-desist orders. (10)(a) If it appears to the director, based upon credible evidence as presented in a written complaint, that a licensee is acting in a manner that is an imminent threat to the health and safety of the public, or if a person is conducting private investigations or presenting himself or herself as or is using the title “private investigator”, “private detective”, or “licensed private investigator” without having obtained a license, the director may issue an order to cease and desist the activity. The director shall set forth in the order the statutes and rules alleged to have been violated, the facts alleged to have constituted the violation, and the requirement that all unlawful acts or unlicensed practices immediately cease.

Now fade in and fade out…this story doesn’t end there, because that was back in July, I was recently asked if my complaint had really done anything.  So of course I checked and was surprised that he was still advertising as a PI.  Then a weeks ago I received the following on an email:

  “Please  circulate the link as far and wide as you can. That’s the best way to call attention to what he’s doing.  Looks like an unlicensed Colorado PI might be getting off easy due to slack from regulators…  Find out the not-so-nice side of investigators that have had complaints filed against them here! 

I do not believe laws and regulations that are set up for the protection of it’s citizens should be allowed to be ignored.  Our local and state governments need checks and balances, as we learned from our founding fathers.  When these laws and regulations are ignored and there is no accountability then why on earth would the “good” guys care about doing the right thing – if it really doesn’t matter?  Food for thought.

Despite other opinions, there has NEVER been an investigation into Morgan’s suspicious death.  I believe the decision to call Morgan’s death natural causes for the first 8 months, as well as the decision to call her death a suicide after that, was purposely done in order to keep her death from ever being investigated.  Because even a finding of “undetermined” would have not only triggered an investigation, but if nothing was ever done her case would eventually have been required to be listed as a cold case and others could then investigate…instead the Garfield County sheriff has never allowed anyone else to investigate her case – stating that he stands behind the finding of the coroner.  He states they just follow the evidence where it leads (wow, wouldn’t that be great if it were true), but unfortunately for Morgan this is just a “sound bite” for the public to hear. There was a massive amount of evidence, but they would not look at it, or follow up on any of it. It was obvious that very morning when they saw Morgan’s body that she had died at the hands of another.  How do I know?  Because years later I finally saw the crime scene photos and it is obvious. Witnesses were not interviewed, tests were not run, obvious mistruths were ignored, evidence was dismissed, and then destroyed.  An obstruction of justice.  Morgan’s murder was buried under contradictory one-line “sound bites” answers.  For example a former Assistant DA (now an Assistant Attorney General) recently said that the District Attorney’s office had investigated Morgan’s death – – not true, but why would anyone doubt him?  And yet, it was not true, and he knows it’s not true.  Steve and I had met with the DA and tried to have her open an investigation. Following that meeting she sent us a letter stating there would be no investigation, and that she stood behind the coroner’s decision.  You can’t have it both ways, but if people only listen to the short “sound bites” and believe them then I guess in Colorado you can have it both ways. If you think this sounds political – you are thinking the same thing many others have sadly concluded about Morgan’s case.  This is political and the truth has no bearing when that happens.

Does this mean we will give up?  No!  We will never give up and I personally know Morgan will receive justice.  The truth can not stay buried forever – no matter how hard people try.  And as far as I am concerned people that knowingly spread lies and obstruct the truth in order to protect and cover for the perpetrator of a capital crime should all be prosecuted as co-conspirators.  And there is a law against just that – just more food for thought.