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In Tribute to Morgan on her 25th Birthday…‪

So many beautiful and wonderful pictures, and comments, have come through this morning…As I watch my candle burning, my aching heart has been surrounded with all of this amazing love and intention. And to her killer that wrote in to me, I say to you – so you thought you had put out Morgan’s light forever…nope, not even close.  You lose (and what was it you said? Oh right, “Bam!” Don’t think so – you are wrong, Morgan did not “deserve” to die and “everyone” is not happier that she is dead.  That is all in your delusional mind so you can try and justify the sick person you are.  Morgan is more powerful and shines just as bright, and maybe even brighter today.  Her light will always make it harder for the darkness to enter…Always!

Dennis Crowley posted this picture of Morgan and said, “Happy 25th Birthday Morgan Jennifer Ingram!” dennis bday morgan

JP wrote: I’VE RECENTLY GOTTEN TO KNOW Toni Ingram THE MOTHER OF MORGAN INGRAM WHO WAS VIOLENTLY KILLED IN WESTERN COLORADO – SHE HAS BECOME AN ACTIVIST FOR FAMILIES OF VICTIMS – Morgan’s mother says her daughter was stalked before her senseless murder in Western Colorado in 2011 (she would have been 25 August 26) and that police haven’t done enough. You can tell from this picture that Morgan was such a wholesome, beautiful young lady. This poster was done by Dennis Crowley of Wheels of Hope for the Missing who’s become another friend – there’s a growing network of those concerned about the missing and those killed by mysterious circumstances and Dennis is making it his mission to reach out to families so we can help resolve some missing persons cases and comfort the families. There’s talk of us all brainstorming some state-wide cutting edge legislation for accountability. You can read more about Morgan’s story at: and

I also awoke to some adorable pictures of two of Morgan’s little cousins – they woke up this morning and went about making these two signs for Morgan’s birthday and showing red roses for her as well…children are such pure LOVE!  I know Morgan was smiling 🙂 boys hb

Then I received a message from a young woman that had been a victim of stalking herself. She has been writing in to me over the years.  She wrote, “I wasn’t sure where to send the photo of the candles I lit in honor of Morgan, so I figured sending them to your inbox would be a good idea. I can’t explain why, but I feel very.. drawn to her for lack of a better word. I’ll catch myself thinking of her and all of you and feel the most inexplainable mixture of happiness and sorrow. I know I never knew her, but from what you’ve said she sounds like one of the most caring people that this world could have had. A dragonfly came into my house the other day, something not common to see in my area, and about a week before that one was lingering by me and my family while we were in line for the county fair. I think of her whenever I see one and hope that justice will be granted for her and everyone who was harmed by the evil that took it upon themselves to take her from this world. They might have been able to take her from you physically, but they will never take her spirit. That is something that she will always have and I know in my heart she’s watching over all of you every single day. Her light will never go out as long as her story continues to be told. I hope this day is filled with loving memories and that the happiness of those memories outweighs the sorrow of her absence. To whomever is reading this and everyone who was lucky enough to call Morgan family or a friend, please have an amazing day.”katey smith candles

And more messages still coming in:

Happy Birthday Morgan you live on through the courage of your mother to reach out and fight for you and other mothers uniting in sadness for justice you touched many of us and kept us fighting and strong and the love that comes through to us I hope you feel shine up on you each time your Mom connects to us through her site and helps and shares our pain and tears you will be forever in our hearts <3 MB

Happy birthday Morgan… We love u.. And we’re fighting for you … Even people you’ve never met love you and are fighting… I think it’s safe to say you left some special kind of impact on the world that still spins without you on it. Pretty big stuff girl. Xo KK

I lit my candle for Morgan this morning and wished her a Happy Birthday in Heaven. PP

And the following comment is from the sister of Holly Moore – another young woman in Colorado that was recently killed and written off as a suicide, even though 2 amazing medical examiners did a physical autopsy on her body and determined she was murdered.  This case is now being investigated by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.  I am hoping they will be able to determine it was a staged murder.  Her sister wrote: “Beautiful happy birthday Morgan! Hope Holly is helping you celebrate in heaven!” AM

This comment is from the mother of another girl in Colorado (only 1 year older than Morgan when she was murdered).  Her daughter’s case has an amazing amount of evidence against her killer and yet the police chief has stalled her case since day one – she experiences the same pain and anguish as I do, but in her case it is exasperated by the fact that she doesn’t even know where her daughter’s body is!  She said, “I’ll be lighting my candle. My heart hurts for you Toni. These days are even harder than the “normal” days. Sending love and hugs. Xo” LS

I’ll light my candle. Sending Hugs!!♡♡♡ BEA

Here is a picture of Morgan with her special little niece Joni that Morgan’s brother Ryan sent to Joni this morning joni and morgan

Morgan’s little niece wrote today, “A magical girl has a birthday today and it’s Morgan she’s the best aunt + she is turning 25 years old. She is up in Heaven and I wish that she is having a great birthday. And that she is happy😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

Happy Birthday Morgan – our little angel in heaven. We miss you so very much and love you so very much! This is a picture of Morgan putting her own candles on her very last birthday cake.


Morgan we all love & miss you!