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2 years ago a college student writes to raise awareness

AspentreesfallToday I was organizing my notes and I came across the following submission. I received it 2 years ago on September 9, 2012.  It was from a college student that had read the blog and wanted to submit a paper about Morgan’s stalking and blog to her Speech Communications class, but wanted to run it by me first.

I was very touched back when I first read it, and this time around I was just as touched…my heart swelled with happiness when I thought of all the young people over the last few years that have contacted me to let me know how they feel about what happened to Morgan.  These submissions have made me believe that awareness has been raised, and will continue to be raised by all those that have come in contact with this case.  To date this website has now had over 5 million visitors from over 115 countries.

Morgan will receive justice one of these days, and my hope is when that justice comes, and light overcomes the darkness, the illumination from Morgan’s story will have a far-reaching effect on this world.

To this young writer I say thank you again for sharing Morgan’s story!

Morgan Ingram

You’ve probably never heard of the name above.  I recently just came to know of the 20 year old woman, Morgan Ingram from Colorado.  I don’t know Morgan or her family personally, but I’ve just started reading about her.  I know of her dog named Wylah, I know she always had a camera in her hand, I know she was an amazing painter, I know she loved hanging out with her friends, I know she had a wonderful relationship with her family, I know she was enrolled in classes at a Colorado college. I also know she was stalked and terrorized for four months, and I also know she is no longer with us on this Earth.

Morgan’s stalking and terrorizing started on August 2, 2011.  At first, just hearing noises. Noises that sounded like a tree branch rubbing against a window, a bird flying into a window, or even just the sounds of a house settling at the end of the night.  However, for the Ingram family, this was simply not the case.  From August 2, 2011 until December 2, 2011 Morgan was a victim of stalking.  It started out slow and then slowly began to escalate.  From throwing pebbles at the window to banging on their frosted bathroom window when she was showering.  Morgan started sleeping in her parents walk-in closet in the master bedroom.  When she wasn’t at home, she was with friends.  Because of this stalker, Morgans life, her families life, and everyone else around her life was affected.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  ”Didn’t the Ingram’s call the police?”  Of course they did.  Many times.  Unfortunately, it took many months for this case to move from only a misdemeanor trespassing case to a felony stalking case.  There was plenty of evidence that proved they in fact had a stalker targeting Morgan; footprints outside of her window, someone trying to enter their home by pushing the buttons to their keyless entry door and even a distinct trail visible on Google maps of a trail from the woods into their backyard.  The signs were all there, unfortunately, due to their interpretation of Colorado law, the police would only treat this as a trespassing case as mentioned above.

On December 2, 2011, Morgan Ingram left this world.  She was found by her parents in her room unresponsive.  The official cause of death was ruled “natural causes” (of a 20 year old, really?!) and then 9 months later was changed to “suicide.”  Now, as stated before, I don’t know Morgan or her family, but I do know, just by the accounts her mom, Toni, has told the world in her blog, that Morgan would not commit suicide.  She loved life and everything good life had to offer.  Yes, she was stalked and terrorized almost every day for four months, but this girl was strong.  Stronger than anything life could hand her, and in my heart I believe, as do many others ( Morgan’s Blog averages 250,000 views a week) that she was in fact killed, and did not take her own life.

Morgan’s mom, Toni, and dad Steve, have started a blog.  A blog dedicated to finding justice for Morgan and raising awareness about stalking.  Everyday during the four months Morgan was terrorized, Toni kept a journal.   Toni detailed every incident that happened, every text message sent, every photo taken, and every phone call made.  They now type those journal entries into their blog on the day they happened exactly one year ago.   They are showing the world what they went through, what Morgan went through and what millions of others are going through.  They are raising awareness of the murder of her daughter, and more importantly, using every resource they can, to find the person responsible for Morgan’s death and bring that person to justice.

Please visit Morgan’s blog.  The more people aware of what happened to Morgan, the closer the Ingram’s are to bringing her killer to justice.

The Ingram’s also have a Facebook page that you can visit and are encouraged to “like.”

Morgan’s Murder – Day 1…It was hard to see through our shock for a very long time

The truck that Morgan needed after she was killed, The Colorado Bureau of Investigation, not a Hearst.

The truck that Morgan should have had on scene the morning her body was found, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, not a Hearst.

Morgan’s murder wasn’t really thought to be a murder at all, not on that first day, it was explained to us by the Sheriffs detective as clearly a mystery.  There were many things accepted as facts that morning as they came rolling out, first we were told there was no connection to her stalking – none at all, this took minutes for the detective to determine this fact, so you would assume there was great evidence to support this conclusion, and we trusted and believed we were being told the truth at that time.  We were experiencing shock and horror at that very moment and could not wrap our heads around anything. Next we were told there was no sign of forced entry, no sign of sexual assault, no sign of a struggle, and no sign of suicide.  I can remember those words whistling through my ears, and the foreign reassurance they brought with them, but I can’t help but wonder how could they have known those things at that time without any investigation? Why did they not collect any forensic evidence that very morning?

But then, if you had been Morgan’s mother for twenty years, there were things you would know, things deep within your heart, things akin to all the mother/daughter attachments Morgan and I had always shared over her lifetime.  What was being shared with me that morning about Morgan’s death seemed attached to strange external forces, things beyond any of our control, and not by any means logical or intuitive…just strange, for lack of a better word.

While so much of that day was clouded within the grief of the moment, at the same time I remember some things very vividly as they transpired throughout that day.  As in the detective from Garfield County, Robert Glassmire telling me that they had scanned the entire room and they had found no bodily fluids anywhere.  I can still see myself responding immediately with disbelief, as I told him that Morgan had not yet washed her sheets this week, so there must have been something detected, she had a puppy, and a cat, and.…he assured me that there was nothing.  Now I know why her sheets didn’t show anything – her sheets were gone!  I am no investigator, but I would think that a detective being told that she hadn’t washed her sheets yet, knowing her sheets were missing just might think that something is wrong with this crime scene.  Where were Morgan’s sheets?  Who took them?  They never showed up anywhere…unfortunately we didn’t realize they were gone at the time, because we were only focused on calling 911 and giving her CPR until the emergency responders showed up, we were trying to save her, and then we were told to leave our house.  I never realized her sheets were gone until we received crime scene photos of her room almost 2 years later.

I vividly remember that her body seems posed to me.  That was the worst feeling, that her body position was all wrong, so wrong.  I told Detective Glassmire exactly how I found Morgan and how it looked all wrong, for reasons I can’t fully explain.  I can tell you exactly where I was standing, and even the position I was facing when I told him.  I will never question the strange feeling I had at the time, nor will I ever fully understand it.

There is always that saying you have all heard – having a child die is every parents worst nightmare.  In the many days that followed after Morgan’s death, days that all melted together, and then the months that followed that day, Steve and I would meet someone from our little valley that had been at our house that morning.  They would offer condolences, and they would also wonder, “How are you holding up?”  Are you okay?  They were parents too, and were shaken when they arrived on scene and found that Morgan was only 20 years old.  Today, I would tell them that if I ever experience anything worse, which is not even remotely feasible to me, that I would be sure to tell them.  But the ability to understand is something that comes with time, if ever.  A long time, exactly how much time I am not sure, definitely different for everyone, but for me it did not come within months, and only now can I see that within years I am finally beginning to understand.  All this time I thought I was being strong, asking questions, digging for answers, but in reality when I look back now I can see that my realization had been slowed by my complete and overwhelming grief.  If it wasn’t for our amazing grief counselor I don’t know how Steve and I would have made it through the first two years after Morgan’s murder.  And with the support and love from family, friends, and even strangers I was able to become stronger and stronger, but it still has taken such a long time.

Morgan’s room was still taped off as a crime scene when the Sheriffs all left, Steve and I would not be allowed back in there for days.  Days later we were able to see her room again. Then it was years upon years later before we would know any of the answers to the many questions we had asked on the morning of her death.  While there is so much I did not know that morning on December 2, 2011, there is so much I have very painfully learned over the months and years since.  And there is one thing I knew that morning for sure – that my very dear and very beloved daughter was now gone from this earth, in a way that continues to become only more horrific to us as time passes, and we learn more details about how she died.  This is the beginning of the story of Morgan’s murder…

So many have commented on what they perceive to be amazing strength to be doing what I am for my daughter, and I want to address that perception.  I appreciate people telling me that, it is so very kind and I am grateful, but in reality I don’t perceive myself as being strong, I am hurting inside just like any other mother would be, and doing only what I think any other mother would do in my situation, because they love their child so much, and want truth, and justice to prevail.  Morgan deserved so much better, and as lie after lie is exposed – what mother’s blood would not begin to boil?  I am just a mother who still wants the truth to be told, and only the truth to be told about what has happened to Morgan, not the lies and misdirection that have played out since her death.  It will happen one day, of that I am quite sure, and I will not rest until it does.

If you followed my blog about Morgan’s stalking you already know the Garfield County Sheriff’s department took over the investigation of her death, and pretty much have done whatever they pleased with the facts.  Beyond that it is safe to assume that murder, and Morgan Ingram will never coexist for Sheriff Lou Vallario who stands between Morgan and justice.  For Steve and I it has been quite a different path that has led us to today.  We have questioned what happened, and asked for answers from those most qualified to give them.

As the truth never changes, there are some truths about that day in 2011 that did not become known to us until much, much later.  Keenan Vanginkel, only days before Morgan’s murder was determined by Sheriff Detective Glassmire to be 100% guilty of Morgan’s stalking.  His work hours show that he clocked in at his job at 2:00 am the morning Morgan was killed, even more interesting is the fact that he clocked out for a break at 6:37am that same morning, this time may be significant as it was minutes after the ambulance carrying the first responders entered our driveway in a futile attempt to save Morgan.  This time clock also uses some biometric feature to insure that the represented person is the person who clocked in.  I have been assured of this by the security person that works for his employer.  So hypothetically,  if Brooke were to see the myriad of flashing lights three houses down the street from her house (she lived only 3 houses down from us) and called Keenan, he might clock out and go outside, well that much is not fact, but conjecture on my part.  I do know Brooke’s dad James called and left a message for his client that he could not make their meeting that morning because the sheriffs had put crime scene tape around his neighbors house, a house that had a girl that had been stalked, a stalker that the police thought was him at first but now they know it is his daughter’s ex-boyfriend and he has to stay home and monitor the situation and protect his daughter…I thought this was powerful when I heard about it, I told Detective Glassmire to speak with this client, the woman is the wife of a Pitkin County Sheriff, but Detective Glassmire could never seem to find the time to interview this witness.

Since that morning, in a constant way, my life has become a series of conjectures about what may have happened, and then a crusade to gather evidence that would support or dispel those theories.  I’m told this is called an investigation.  Something Morgan never had, for those of you who do not already know, Sheriff Lou Vallario went on TV to announce there would never be an investigation into Morgan’s death.  That was on the day her death was reclassified from natural causes, to a suicide, eight months after she was originally said to have died of natural causes.  You can bet that this assertion of natural causes and then suicide has been dug into deeply, and the facts I have to share are quite voluminous for just one blog, so I will only say this one thing below for now.

The Coroner decided, years after Morgan’s death, to release pictures to our family that were taken of the death scene the morning her body was discovered.  Not being experts in any way, we decided that only a very select group of expert individuals should review these pictures.  The first fact to come out was that Morgan’s body was moved after she had died.  Moved postmortem!  Please, someone  explain to me how a person’s death goes from natural causes to suicide when their body was moved after they were already dead?

On top of that, do not even bring up the fact that I was threatened by the contracted forensic pathologist that if I kept asking questions, and having Morgan’s doctors contact him with medical facts different than what he believed to be true that he could revisit her manner of death, and could possibly arrive at accidental overdose or suicide.  Which is exactly what he did months later after I did not “back off.”  This is the contracted forensic pathologist that works closely with the Garfield County Sheriffs department, the same Sheriffs office that were told verbally and in writing about those threats, and yes the same Sheriffs department that would never open an investigation into Morgan’s death in case you are wondering.  The same Sheriffs department who concluded within minutes, on the morning we found her body, that Morgan’s death had no connection to her stalking.  These facts are completely separate and I wanted to bring them all out into the light of day so that others who might be in a similar situation can learn from our families experiences.  I believe people in positions of trust should not be allowed to do these things.  I am sure in most cases families are in such immense pain, and suffering that they can not even bring themselves to ask questions of the authorities, even though they can feel that there is something wrong with what they are being told.  Revictimizing families is cruel and unjust and should not be allowed.

People say these things are only the shrill cry of a mother who can’t accept the truth – really?  When a mother finds foul play in the fact that her daughter’s body has been moved after she died, and a Sheriff that says he will never open an investigation into what is possibly a homicide, is that perfectly normal in any death amid a stalking under suspicious circumstances?  No wonder there is rarely ever a murder in Garfield County – for the previous six or seven years prior to Morgan’s death there were no murders, they want us to  just ignore the pesky fact that bodies kept showing up.  Just ignore it like Morgan’s stalking, ignore it all.  Accidental deaths and suicide are the accepted manner of deaths, but can we believe what we are being told?  I no longer do.

I guess Garfield County doesn’t want us to pay attention to a United States Congressman who states that every victim of stalking that he has heard about was murdered by their stalker.  I guess Garfield County thinks it is acceptable for everyone to believe without question that Morgan’s death had absolutely no connection to her actual felony stalking at the time her body was discovered.  The stalking that was feared to escalate days before her death.  The stalking that had patrols of our house and our neighborhood increased in the days before her death.  The stalking where she had positively identified her stalker and was scheduled to have a videotaped interview with the detectives in a few days, an interview that never took place, because she was killed. Specifically the stalking that supposedly had no connection to her murder.  Morgan was scheduled to leave that same morning on a pre-planned babysitting assignment for the returning military heroes defending our country.  These heroes that were going to a family retreat and recovering from their own ordeals…Morgan was stopped from going by her murderer.

And while it all seems and sounds to be so horribly wrong and completely dire, I would quickly like to say that while it has been all that and more for us and still is, there is something more to the story of Morgan’s murder, and that can’t be lost here.  Steve and I have come to learn something that is very important.  We have learned with so many that have come forward to help in the fight for justice for Morgan, that they are amazingly in this for the long haul.  It portents solutions, and even healing for other victims as well, for the victims of stalking, as well as the victims of every other crime, including the families of the victims of capital crimes after their loved ones have been robbed of their most basic liberty – their life.  With the support of these caring supporters victims can, and do recover.  These victims need to be believed.  They need someone to help them.  Morgan would never have cared about herself over another.  It has been without doubt the hardest lesson that Steve and I have been forced to learn since her tragic death.  That she was far more understanding of the world than we were.  That our daughter had lessons to teach us even after she died.

I will now leave you with this…as Morgan died, she managed to communicate more than I could even begin to understand.  This story that I will now be writing about will be about death and murder, and all of the unpleasantries that go hand in hand.  It will share most all, but never all the facts that I have come to know since her death.  There will always be the facts that only Morgan’s murderer would have known.  Hopefully that part can keep secreted away until it is needed.  Until then, we all miss you Morgan…and I will never stop expecting that in the end you will have justice.

Should victims of stalking in Colorado be in fear for their lives?

I will continue to post on this blog about things Morgan like to cook, things she loved to do, and activities that she enjoyed…all in an effort to continue to keep her alive in the minds and hearts of everyone she touched before a stalker took everything from Morgan.  I will not allow her memory to be stolen from us like her physical body was.

The last days of Morgan's bedroom windows with the blinds open...she loved light but didn't want someone peeking in at her.

The last days of Morgan’s bedroom windows with the blinds open…she loved light but didn’t want someone peeking in at her.

That being said, on this blog I would like to say something again about her stalking/murder, and subsequent misrepresentation of the facts of her case by not only law enforcement, but people out on the Internet, people that have no idea about the truth in this case.  What I would like them all to know is:

If the truth doesn’t come out in Morgan’s case then a predatory stalker/murderer (who in my opinion is a sexual sadist) will still be out there on the loose, and will most likely do this again.  We have pictures of the suspect at our house, Morgan identified him many times during the stalking, and the sheriffs knew exactly who the suspect was, and no the suspect was never “cleared”, in fact the following week after Morgan’s murder the “suspect’s” work hours were being collected to be compared to my timeline of the stalking events, Morgan was going to be giving her “official on tape” interview, and the felony stalking detective assured me that he was getting close to making an arrest.  Morgan was frightened, stressed, and exhausted from the stalking, and ultimately lost her life due to her stalker. I know the state of Colorado does not want this to happen to it’s citizens, but if they can not stop a law enforcement agency from lying about, and destroying evidence in a case so there can never be a case, then how can there ever be justice?  What does this say to other victims of stalking in Colorado – that they should be in fear for their lives?  Because so many who have reached out to me for help tell exactly that story – they fear for their lives.  A Garfield County Sheriffs Detective said, “There is no more Morgan, there is no more stalker,”, on the day she died.  Isn’t this sending a message to stalkers that if they kill their victim they won’t get arrested?  In the past Steve and I trusted law enforcement, but now we are far more skeptical.  And as for Garfield County, I have seen them at their worst, and it is not a pretty picture.  Many others have shared their personal experiences as well, and believe me it is not anything any “law abiding” department would be proud of.  And we truly hope when we are finally done with achieving the justice our daughter Morgan deserves, that all those involved in covering up this case will be held accountable.


Morgan’s recipe for Noodles with a Walnut Pesto Sauce

Noodles with Walnut Pesto Sauce
1 cup parsley, chopped and packed into a cup
1 Tbsp. dried oregano leaves
1 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. white pepper
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1/2 cup olive oil
2 Tbsp. butter
2 Tbsp. water, boiling
3/4 cup Parmesan cheese, grated
1/4 cup walnuts, finely chopped or whole pine nuts
8 oz. thin spaghetti, angel hair pasta, or noodles cooked according to package directions
In a small bowl, combine all ingredients except spaghetti.  Beat with a fork to combine thoroughly.  Place well-drained hot spaghetti in a large bowl.  Pour sauce over spaghetti and toss lightly to coat.  Serve with additional Parmesan cheese if desired.  Makes 4 servings.
Note: Pesto will keep in the refrigerator for several days. Cover with a thin layer of olive oil and store in a covered jar.  Let it warm to room temperature before using.  It may also be frozen.
***This is also a great dinner option to take with you camping or packing on horseback into the backcountry – take the prepared pesto with you in a sealed container, cook the spaghetti on your camp stove, drain and add the pesto…it makes an easy and great meal while roughing it.