Please share to help find justice for Morgan


Please share this poster with as many people as you can.  Print it out if possible and hang it up all through the Roaring Fork Valley from Aspen to Glenwood Springs – we would really appreciate the help.  Morgan cared so much for others, so please do the same for her – help find justice for Morgan, and get this predator off the streets.

In most of our videos the stalker seems to appear to be left handed.  He is extremely slim, broad shoulders, moves very fast and has amazing ability to wait and watch (as most stalkers do).  As well as being a “night” person.  He is cocky and has no respect for law enforcement.  He believes he can get away with anything, and up until now he has been right – he has.

Morgan identified her stalker and the sheriffs knew who he was and for people that think he was cleared of the stalking please note that is absolutely not true, he was NEVER cleared of being Morgan’s stalker, that is just what some people would like you to believe.

Morgan’s case number is even on his global criminal report.  He was charged with “Criminal Trespass” in her case before we even knew it was him, but we were NEVER TOLD that he was charged at the time, I guess the sheriffs just “forgot” to tell us about that.  I also noticed her stalker was charged with “Criminal Trespass” the year prior to Morgan’s stalking…I wonder who he was stalking then?  I was told by the first 2 Garfield County Sheriff Patrol Officers about the 5 stalking incidents in the Blue Creek Subdivision the summer before Morgan’s stalking in 2010.  They said there was tapping on their windows just like Morgan’s but then on the 5th incident a garbage can was knocked over so the girl thought it was a bear and opened the door to look and was face-to-face with the stalker wearing a hoodie, he ran, she called 911 and the Patrol Officers gave chase having the dogs track the suspect, and they received a good description of the stalker.  Then 2 weeks before Morgan’s stalking started another women in Blue Creek saw a white male dressed in black inside her backyard looking through her window and she called the Sheriffs. I have received emails that lead me to believe this has been going on for approximately 4 years in that area and I had never heard about it – the public is not informed.

If you know anyone in the Blue Creek Subdivision in Carbondale that has experienced someone in their yard, tapping on their windows, or observing them through their windows, please have them call Crime Stoppers with that information as it pertains to Morgan’s case as well.  Remember predatory stalkers do not just stop – they can’t.  Please call Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers with any leads you may have – it is the right thing to do.  Morgan’s stalker is still out on the streets – please keep your eyes and ears open in order to save the next girl.

The felony stalking detective assigned to Morgan’s case told me only a couple of days before her murder that he was confident they were close to making an arrest, but after Morgan was murdered, “No victim, no stalking” case closed. If that is all it takes to keep from being arrested for stalking or rape, or any crime for that matter, then we are ALL in trouble. Brooke’s father James Harris called a client (a Pitkin County Sheriff’s wife) and left her a voice message on her answering machine canceling their appointment the morning Morgan was murdered (12/2/2014) because he had to stay home and “monitor” the situation to “protect” his daughter as the neighbor’s daughter (our daughter Morgan) had a stalker and now he was seeing crime scene tape around their house.  He said the police used to think he was the stalker, but now they know that his daughter’s ex-boyfriend is the stalker.  Well to me that was a very IMPORTANT VOICE MESSAGE!  I begged Garfield County Detective Robert Glassmire to interview this woman woman, and he promised he would…but guess what, HE NEVER DID.  Why?  I finally called his partner Detective Megan Alstatt to ask her why he never interviewed this witness and she told me that she was pretty sure that he had followed up on it, but she was wrong.  I called the witness and she said HE NEVER CALLED her, and being a sheriff’s wife she could not understand why he would not call her when she had vital information regarding the case.

Why does Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario refuse to allow Morgan’s case to get investigated?  Why does he refuse to allow another agency in another jurisdiction to come in to look at the evidence, that is, the evidence that is still remaining.  We know there has already been destruction of evidence.  I am so beyond OUTRAGED!!!  What would you do if this was your daughter and she had been stalked, tortured and murdered and law enforcement just wanted to “sweep it under the rug”?

Please help show the people we have voted into office that this is unacceptable, we want accountability, we want criminals off the streets so they can’t continue to hurt our children. There needs to be a system of checks and balances in the State of Colorado – local law enfacement and/or the Coroner’s office should not be allowed to sweep a capital crime under the rug and be able to get away with it.

Thank you all so very much for all your help.

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are” Benjamin Franklin


A Sign From Morgan – a little Christmas miracle

birdLast week was extremely hard for our family.  Tuesday, December 2nd was the 3rd anniversary of Morgan’s passing, and we had entered another holiday season without her.  Needless to say there have been a lot of tears and gut-wrenching pain.

But Morgan was still with all of us.  I know this to be true I can feel her. She sends signs.  I usually do not share these “signs” with others, but today I just want to tell you a little story about this most recent sign from Morgan to her brother Ryan.

On November 29th I spoke with Jennifer Shaffer.  Jennifer is a beautiful, gifted soul and very dear to our family.  Jennifer said to me that Morgan was showing her a little bird with red on it.  She wondered if we had seen one, as it would have been a “sign” from Morgan that she is with us.  I told her Steve and I had not seen a bird like that but would keep our eyes open.

Then on December 4th I spoke with our son Ryan – Ryan was grieving hard…the hardest he had grieved since his baby sister Morgan was killed.  I tried to comfort him, but never mentioned the bird thinking that “sign” was meant for Steve or I.  Boy was I wrong.

Yesterday on December 8th Ryan’s partner Leesa sent Steve a text message with a picture of a little bird with a red breast (see the picture at the top of this post).  She said it has been the strangest thing…this little bird has been coming into their garage for a week now and just “hanging out”.  I was in shock when I read the text message and saw the picture of the bird.

Of course I immediately contacted Ryan to tell him that I thought the little bird was a message from his sister and that she was there with him.  It made him happy to hear about it and said he “felt” like the bird was some kind of message to him, that Morgan is keeping him on point and telling him what he should be doing so everything will come together in his life.

I just wanted to share this with all of you because even through all of our pain I know that there is still much love in this world, and a lot of that love is from people we have loved and lost over the years.  They were lost from this plane, but they still exist – just on another plane and their love can never be taken away.  Christmas miracles still happen.

I wish you all miracles of your own – always let love in and watch for the little “signs” that your loved ones are right there with you. <3


Stalked, Drugged & Murdered – How did Morgan really die?

I will now start to post some of the ugliness that I previously had not wanted to post.  None of us really want to see or hear about true life horrors in this world, but holding back some of this stuff up until now has only served to confuse people about what happened to Morgan.  Morgan was stalked and Morgan was murdered.  Why the sheriff has made such a huge effort to ignore key facts about Morgan’s stalking and Morgan’s murder is beyond me, because if he doesn’t already know what the true facts are, then he should find out.  That is his job.  Maybe someday the world will illuminate the answer to that question, but in the meantime I want to make sure people do know the truth – even though it is very ugly, and even though as a mother this makes me sick to my stomach.

The following picture is a copy of the Sexual Assault Drug Panel from AIT Labs.  AIT Labs is the laboratory that produced Morgan’s toxicology results from her autopsy.  Morgan was killed by a massive dose of Amitriptyline (a date rape drug), 7,909 ng/ml to be exact. Forensic doctors and toxicologists have assured me that less than 1,000 ng/ml would have killed Morgan, they want to know how she could have 7,909/ml ng in her bloodstream?  Good question – right?  She had 8 times the amount that would have killed her.  But it’s actually worse than that, doctors add together Amitriptyline and Nortriptyline for a total lethal amount. In Morgan’s case that is way over 10,000 ng/ml.  Way over ten times the lethal dose.  We believe she was overcome while asleep with chloroform and then injected with equine Amitriptyline that was meant for use on a horse, 1,000 lbs and up, over ten times Morgan’s weight.  Morgan never took anti-depressants, easily established from her pharmacy and doctors records.  Why would the sheriff say that she did?  Why would the sheriff ignore our efforts to correct this huge mistake? It’s a lie in a capital case.

Another important thing to note is the percentage of Amitriptyline to Nortriptyline (which can be a naturally occurring synthesis of Amitriptyline) clearly establishes that this fatal dose was a one time event.  We told the Sheriff she was not taking it and the lab results indicate she was not taking it.  Why do they have to cling to their misstatement?

Then we have results of a later test run by AIT Labs on her gastric fluid – this is extremely revealing as all the drugs found in her gastric fluid are circled and highlighted on the photo below – all seven of them.  And ALL are on the sexual assault panel at AIT Labs.  These are not drugs that any young woman would give herself, in fact one of the drugs is not even sold anymore in the US, except for horses.  No attempt was ever made to explain how Morgan got all these drugs into her system.  They were not drugs that Morgan had ever taken in her life, except a low dose of Amitriptyline for nerve pain when she was younger.  Morgan had no alcohol or illegal drugs in her system, but she had all of the following drugs in her gastric fluid – and then it only gets more telling… 5 of them had not gone into her bloodstream, so that means they were put into her stomach after it had stopped absorbing.  How is that even possible?  Morgan was most likely dead when these drugs were put into her stomach!  Never an attempt to explain how this could have happened either.  No wonder the sheriff will never investigate her murder.

Here is a copy of the Sexual Assault Drug Panel from AIT Labs – the highlighted drugs were in Morgan’s toxicology results found in her gastric fluid.

sexual assault panel highlighted page 1sexual assault panel highlighted page 2So what does this all mean?  It is proof, proof without a doubt that Morgan was murdered at the hands of someone else.  The pictures of Morgan’s crime scene show a horrible struggle took place – she fought.  She had blood on her forehead, blood on her pillow case, a swollen lip with blood, her hair was a tangled mess, clothes strewn everywhere, the vacuum knocked over, cell phone across the room under a door, her panic button ripped off the nightstand and in the corner of the room on the floor, abrasions on her body and much more.

At this point do you think an investigator could look her mother in the eye and say, “Absolutely no connection to the stalker here.”  The stalker that was on the roof?  The stalker that bent the gutter right over her window until it broke?  The stalker Morgan identified to the sheriff?  Well the investigator absolutely did claim there could be no connection to the stalker within minutes of his arrival on the scene the very morning we found her body.  That is not an investigation, no wonder the sheriff says he will never open one.

So the bottom line here is that I am sick and tired of some people acting like Morgan committed suicide, because she did not. I was threatened to back off from trying to have her manner of death, that was listed as “natural causes” from a disease she did not have, changed to at least “undetermined” in order to have an investigation launched.  I reported the threat, it is even in the sheriffs own report.  After 8 months they changed the manner of death just as they had threatened to do.  Sheriffs believe they can do anything.  This whole thing is so obvious not only to me, and to so many others, but the real question is what will it take for the State of Colorado to correct this injustice and do a real investigation, and see where that takes them?  A stalker(s) / murderer(s) is still free on the streets.  There are currently over 1,600 cold cases in Colorado, and Morgan’s case isn’t even one of them yet, so what is the real number?

I guarantee you Colorado – people like this do not stop – he will do this again if you allow this injustice to remain!

3 years after her death…A breath of love about Morgan


MorganscandleBurning candles all around our house today for Morgan

This post was written by Morgan’s daddy, Steve.

This morning there are so many things of Morgan’s surrounding us, her paintings, photographs, a little silver charm with her first name engraved on it, and family pictures, everywhere.  I feel her smile and her love of life in everything, and of course I feel that love always because it was so very strong in everything Morgan chose to do.

At the same time the story of her death becomes part of the legacy in a lawless county of Colorado, and what it has meant for so many others, step by plodding step.  Fresh experiences with so many new twists, new turns and new surprises fill today, three years after the day she had every last thing so viciously stripped from her.

We all lost the bright shining light that is Morgan three short years ago.  Her puppy Wylah seems to be watching her mom sometimes…and she is starting to get over the fear she has had of that certain type of young man ever since Morgan’s sudden death.  Morgan’s kitty Mo has never really repeated his very vocal, ma… ma, since Morgan’s death – he knows she is no longer right here, and our family dog Tessi still stops in her tracks and turns to look whenever she hears Morgan’s name called out.

For Toni and I learning new truths never seems to stop. The desire to fill in the blanks goes on too.  They feed each other, and both continue to be so important to us.  But then they have their own internal schedule as if not to release too much all at one time. We both think we could have handled it, only deep inside we both know that would not have been possible.  The ever unfolding truth about Morgan’s death has been precipitated by unseen events I have no control over, and they continue to happen, entirely on their own circadian rhythm.  The unchanging truth just keeps managing to bubble up with new bits and pieces of evidence, whenever and wherever it wants to.  I can sense that what at first was manifestations of lies and deceit by others sworn to protect her is now borne so much more of guilt and fear by these very same people.

We wish to never lose the tiniest slice of who Morgan was, her intense caring, nurturing and of course uncanny ability of seeing it all on a more simple straightforward prism of life.  How she could distill it all into just that one point.  Of course it might have taken her an entire poem to completely express that one point, but that was Morgan.  Her presence and abilities are always missed. There is such a growing knowledge and understanding of how the selfish uncaring and vindictive lives of others can touch us all through what happened to Morgan.  For some people Morgan is closer now than she has ever been in the three long years since her death.  To be able to feel how strong she is brings such comfort, and is such a blessing.

While the world moves on today Toni and I will take a moment to let time just stop for us this moment. We’ll allow all things Morgan to permeate as much as they wish. We’ll look at pictures, watch videos, read her pose and share our memories.  A light that bright can’t be allowed to have been extinguished from the world completely and forever.  We intend to let her memories burn brighter and touch us more deeply than ever as we go forward from today.

And to all of you who have followed and learned from the story of Morgan, you have gained a little sense of just what she meant to this world.  And there are so many who knew Morgan and could add immeasurably to that little sense which has begun with her story.  That one particular part, friends who really knew Morgan, adding to her ever growing story.  That specific part, Toni and I both want to happen more and more, and I know that it will, because an eerie frightening darkness of deceit that began with her death has managed to live on – day by day, even minute by minute – that darkness needs to be pierced through now.  Not only for the causes she started and had begun to dedicate her life to need full reign to blossom and move onward, but even more the tragic actions of stalking that stole first her freedom and then her life need to be fought on her behalf.  Toni and I together, with so many other co-victims, know in our hearts this to be true, and more importantly in our actions we wish to make a real change so that others will not be made to suffer as Morgan did on that day, and how she has ever since.

The world will always have need for the love, the ideals and the deep, deep caring of Morgan… perhaps now more than ever.

We all love you Morgan, forever and ever.  Daddy.