Life Along the Road to Justice for Morgan

So much of what happens in Morgan’s story of her stalking and murder happens behind the scenes.  While I understand the need for that, what mother who lost her child could not have such an ever growing anger with it all the same, I have wanted to let it all out as I learned about every fact, every piece of evidence, but I also felt that only law enforcement should know and act upon it.  The always present fact that, “only the murderer could know.”

Morgan was up front with the world, as anyone who knew her at all knows all too well.  Guessing where Morgan was coming from, or how she felt was not a part of her make-up.  That on top of her stalking, and then being robbed of her life, of everything she held for the world, and that it has become such a fight to bring any detail to the light of day is beyond wrong.  At what point does the incompetence, and lack of investigation cross into beyond incompetence, beyond not caring, and even sinister?  This is for others with the investigative power to question, and hold accountable the “authorities,” acting under “the color of law.”

I perhaps was forced to chew on my inner lip in silence for far too long when the wonderful writer that did an interview for Yahoo about Morgan long ago asked me for an update.  I just answered with facts that are now known and should be shared.  And I now feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

What happened to Morgan the four months of her stalking, the night of her murder, as well as the attempts of others to pretend that it never happened will never really sit right with me, so I want to share the interview with you all, with some of its new, and so horribly painful facts about Morgans death.  My last real blog about her case reached 300,000 of caring readers in the week that it came out, and for all of you who I feel share Morgan’s story for the good it can bring, BRAVO, she would want you to know how much she loves you, each and every one or you, and I want to heap onto that how much your support means to Steve and I – we would not have the strength to continue on without all your support.

Please read the interview here or copy and paste this into your browser -  and share it with others you know, especially anyone who might be experiencing stalking and is in need of help – people need to know stalking is serious and can have deadly outcomes.

And so many thanks to Sarah Afshar for all of her unending support and love for such a beautiful young woman that she was never able to meet, but has come to know so well.

Another murder case in Colorado…called a suicide…covered up…now opened as a murder investigation

Reporter Justin Joseph of Fox31 News Denver helped the family of Ashley Fallis to uncover the facts and evidence about her murder, like in Morgan’s case Ashley’s death was being called a suicide.  A new investigation is now being opened!  I applaud this reporter and Fox31 News Denver for helping this family in their time of need to illuminate the truth!

Evans detective accused of covering up evidence to hide murder as suicide
EVANS, Colo. – The Evans Police Department has reopened an investigation into the death of a 28-year-old woman after FOX31 Denver found evidence an Evans police detective misstated or…

Evans police reopen murder investigation after FOX31 finds new evidence
DENVER — The Evans Police Department has reopened an investigation into the shooting death of Ashley Fallis after a year-long investigation uncovered new evidence in the case. The…

Coming out of a long lull…Stalker / Murderer please beware – we are stronger than ever now ! ! !

Morgan 570

Looking through the so many photographs Morgan took this picture Morgan shot of the sun breaking out through the branches of the tree just reminded me of the strength and determination within Steve and I that has been quite for perhaps a little too long.   So after a long lull without writing on this blog I have decided to burst forward again now.  No more silence.

John Edward had posted that the greatest pleasure in life is doing something people say you can not do, and we WILL do this Morgan – that I promise you. It is taking a long time, but we won’t give up, and we will make sure the truth comes out no matter how hard people try to stop us – remember we NEVER GIVE UP!

I have been extremely hesitant up until now to share all the evidence we have that Morgan was murdered, and who murdered her.  I was hesitant, but at the same time I was releasing what I thought was enough information to help officials understand that this was an investigation that should be opened.  This is not really “my” evidence, but rather the professional opinions shared with us based on the facts of Morgan’s case.  As if a law enforcement agency had conducted an investigation into how – a young woman in excellent health and the victim of a felony stalking case was suddenly dead. Days after her stalking was thought to escalate by the lead investigator. When she was killed, the story slowly changed and grieving parents were far too trusting of those officials.

Since then, many tens of thousands of people have written in to us to tell us that they feel the same way we do and could not for the life of them figure out why the investigation had not been opened.  I felt that only a law enforcement agency should have all the evidence to be on the safe side, in order to get a conviction someday, but now I am not so sure it has to wait for that time to come.

So Steve and I have discussed this and decided that I should change this blog very soon – to change the story line to be all about sharing all the evidence of the excruciating story of Morgan’s murder, not just limit it to the title of Morgan’s Stalking and what has been told so far about her stalking.  However I can’t stress enough  how the story of Morgan’s stalking has opened many eyes around the world and I have been very blessed to have been able to share real life information with other stalking victims through this blog, information that ultimately was able to help so many victims of not only stalking but of vicious crimes against victims screaming for help.  Helping others will always be my path now, but it is time to come out fighting for Morgan once again…and trust me – we will be fierce and unyielding to those who were involved in her death. Our path will be the truth,  scientific, forensic, and undeniable.  Because when you come from the truth, it makes it extremely difficult for the wrongdoers and those who would protect them to hide behind their pat, but so far less-than-true answers.

I have recently had people send me emails about things that are being said on the Internet about me, Morgan, my family, supporters, and on and on.  The funny thing about what I am hearing is number one, none of these people knew anything about Morgan or our family.  None of these people knew anything about Morgan’s life…they didn’t know her as a free spirit, a lover of life, and most importantly, a devout helper of others.  They certainly weren’t able to even begin to see how horrific her stalking was, and how she tried her best to continue her life loving and helping others so as not to let someone else have control over her.  Morgan was always first and foremost a fighter. Morgan fought for herself and others so many times over the years…she fought with wit, dignity and perseverance.  If only she had been returned the love she gave in her death, instead of weak attempts to pretend it never happened at all.

I can try to tell you that the morning we found Morgan’s lifeless body was the worse day a parent could ever imagine, but no parent could ever give that instant the justice it deserves. Now, March 4, 2014, over 2 years removed from that unimaginable day and with so many experts weighing in on all the evidence, we not only know Morgan was murdered, but we also know it was a horrific murder, and Morgan did suffer.  Morgan even managed to leave a conclusive sign as to who the murderer was – we did not find this out until one year and 11 months after her murder.  The reason it has taken so long for us to learn what really happened to our youngest daughter Morgan is a story within itself.

To all of you who have supported Morgan (Team Morgan), and our fight for justice over these past two years, Steve and I are eternally grateful – we love you all, and we want you all to know that you have helped so many others besides just us.  You have given us strength, made comments with stories that have helped other victims feel empowered and not so alone in their own fight.  Your voices are being heard, and so is Morgan’s voice. I have always tried to keep this blog available as a tool for education, and comfort, and at the same time telling Morgan’s story for all to learn from.

But now it is time for me to start to reveal the darker and more insidious things that happened in order to show how really pathetic and ridiculous this is for Colorado to put up with this type of thing going on.  This is no longer the wild west where people get away with whatever they want to get away with.  Criminals should not be allowed to kill and kill again, over and over until someday maybe they are caught.  How many victims should there be?  What if one of the victims were your loved one, your child?  If the criminal had been caught right away (and yes there usually is some evidence and/or people who always know, but are afraid to tell) then how many innocent lives would have been saved?

This is our reasoning for changing the direction of my writing in the months to come.  The Aspen Daily News says on its front page, “If you don’t want it printed, don’t let it happen.” and emphatically, that is not only profound but it is what I believe, having learned the hardest way possible.  To those who have killed our child, stolen a precious soul from our world, and then lied about our family and threatened anyone that stands with us in truth or even the search for it – watch out…if you did it will now be printed.






Today we honor Martin Luther King Jr. and try to follow the path towards change

Today as we honor and remember Martin Luther King Jr. I just want to remind every one of you of something he once said:

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

For me this quote is very important for so many things in all of our lives.  When we all speak out, and stand up for what is right then change is made.  It is up to all of us to take a stand on the injustices in this world.  It is our world, the world our children and their children will live in and if we don’t speak out to make the changes we want to see in this world it will not only be ourselves that suffer, but all those who follow us that suffer as well.  We can all do this – we all have the power individually to make a difference…please believe and know every single one of us has the power to do good things.

Martin Luther King, Jr. also said in a speech, “A time comes when silence is betrayal.”  As well as, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?”


You have all made a change – thank you!!!


On January 14th blog I wrote about a stalking/rape victim that needed our help in order to get justice.  The system in her town in New Mexico was trying to accept a plea bargain to drop down the charges on her predator down to a 3rd degree charge instead of what he should have been receiving.  Well thanks to all of the people who agreed this was wrong and called to voice their opinion the plea bargain is now off the table – if you hadn’t stood up for the victim in this case this predator would not have been made accountable for his actions, and most likely would go on to do it again to another victim, the judge has decided to not accept the plea bargain, but instead to have this go to trial.  Thank you all so much for helping this young mother – now let’s hope that all your voices will continue to help others.  Everyone can make a huge difference in this world, and I just wanted you all to know in this case you have made a difference.

Then on January 17th her mother wrote to me, “Thank you everyone for the support.  To update you – the judge told the lawyer he was not accepting a plea in this case, that the charges where such that it is going to trial and that it is set for a jury trial on a date where the judge and jury there will hear it and there will be possible further charges. Thank you for all the support and help you have given, we were at a total loss as to where to turn until Morgan’s Stalking gave me someone to talk to, and cry with thank you.”