Angel numbers & Owls…


On Wednesday, June 15th I couldn’t sleep. I was tossing and turning. Mind racing. That is when I asked Morgan for a sign that she was here. Frustrated I got out of bed searching for my phone and what do I see right when I turn it on 11:11 – angel numbers. So I said, “Hello Morgan so happy you gave me a sign. Miss you angel.”

Over the years when I started to really trust in the signs I was being given I could recognize them every single time.  Then recently I had been walking the dogs down the street in the middle of the day when I heard something fly by me.  I looked up and the most beautiful owl was flying right past me, just about 6 feet above the ground, flying straight down the middle of the street.  I couldn’t believe it!  Probably because I had never seen an owl around that area, had never seen an owl during the day flying around, and even more than all of that it was strange to see an owl fly so close to me (as though it wanted to make sure I saw it) while I was walking two dogs.  Anyway, for some reason I had a very strong sense that it was a message from Morgan, but I had no idea what it was about. owl

Then while I was speaking to one of my good friends she mentioned Morgan was coming through to her showing her an owl…what?  Yes, an owl and I had not even mentioned my owl encounter with my friend yet.  Then to top it off another friend said he had been seeing owls recently every time he was thinking about Morgan.  So now I was really trying to figure out what Morgan was trying to convey, but to no avail.  Sigh – so I asked Morgan to please let me know the meaning of the owl.

My grandson & granddaughter came to visit and I did not share with them about the owl.  Then on Friday morning, June 17th, our 7 year old granddaughter woke up all smiles.  She said she had a dream that she was doing a sleep-over at her friends house and she saw stuffed OWLS in every room of her friend’s house.  She thought they were really cool – then just before her and her friend were going to bed she heard music.  She asked her friend where the music was coming from.  Her friend said, “Behind the curtain.”  She walked towards the curtain and peeked behind it and saw a disco ball turning and lights flashing with OWLS dancing and having a party.  It was crazy she said, but looked like a big celebration…she said it made her happy.

I now know this was a sign from her Aunt Morgan to let us know what the owls meant…there is going to be a celebration!  Yippee, Morgan was able to let us know through her favorite little niece.  I love my family.  Now I am hoping it is the celebration we have all been waiting for…justice for Morgan 🙂



Another case of obsession – not unlike Morgan’s

real human beings do to each otherMorgan was 19 years old when she became the object of obsession – to more than one person. And because there was more than one person involved involved in her stalking I have been officially told that it is considered a “gang stalking.”  Those involved in her stalking were also involved in her murder, and yes we know who they are.

Morgan was killed less than 4 months after turning 20, by those same individuals that were obsessed with her.

I recently came across the following story about another young woman, only 21 years old, who also had her whole life ahead of her, and also became the object of an obsessed killer, a 24 year man that she knew – she was missing for over a week, was strangled with a belt and her fingertips cut off with a bolt cutter.  Can you even imagine?  She was murdered by a person she had known since she was a child.

It is horrifying, just as it is extremely outrageous in Morgan’s case that those in power have sought to cover up Morgan’s murder, but luckily for the family in the case of Jessica White there was no cover up – her murderer confessed, and the police had not previously “closed the case” as they had in Morgan’s case.  Having to go through the grief and pain of losing a child to violence is indescribable, and my heart goes out to Jessica’s parents.  I wanted to share this information with all of you because I don’t want you to believe people when they try to convince you that young people are not capable of such heinous crimes…because they are, and it happens too often when these young people have mental issues and become obsessed.  The National Center for Victims of Crimes states:

  • Persons aged 18-24 years experience the highest rate of stalking.
  • Over 85% of stalking victims are stalked by someone they know.
  • 54% of femicide victims reported stalking to police before they were killed by their stalkers.

The article reads, “For unknown reasons, McClanahan (Jessica’s murderer), accompanied by his father, surrendered to Troy police Tuesday night. Police Detective Joe Lowry said McClanahan admitted he had “lied” and Wilson “was dead and her body wrapped in a tarp in the attic.”  Based on that information police found Jessica’s body.

MONSTERS…yes, they are real and they live among us


When Morgan was growing up she only wanted to see the good in people…she was not naive by any means, but she was a kind and gentle soul, and was very trusting of people.  She wanted to see only the beauty in the world, so she did ignore the dark side, she thought by staying away from sketchy people she would be able to avoid their dark side.  I only wish now that I could have shown her, that in reality evil people that are capable of doing horrible things, things like were done to her, do live among us, and they do sometimes look like our neighbors, and they can still cause great harm…

Ponder this for a moment. More than 211,000 homicides that have been committed since 1980 remain unsolved – a body count greater than the population of Des Moines, Iowa. That figure is not readily apparent in the U.S. Department of Justice’s annual estimate of killings considered cleared through arrest, but if you do a little digging you will read that Scripps News reveals it.  And the sad truth is that homicides are less likely to be solved today than they were 40 years ago.  So unlike the TV shows that are so popular today – you know the ones that show murder cases solved in 60 minutes – in reality that does not happen very often – in fact if it does happen it is front page news.

There are states that don’t even report their homicide statistics to the federal government so those numbers are not in the statistics.  In fact, in 2015 a serial murderer was finally arrested…he had been actively killing since the 1990’s.  Now that is the reality that this country faces.  We need law enforcement agencies and all states to accurately report their homicide cases and we need a national database so we can have a fighting chance of catching these monsters.

Our beautiful, sweet Morgan was then gone without a case – a victim that died during an active felony stalking investigation, her death said to be a mystery the day she died by the sheriffs, and yet there was NO actual investigation other than a autopsy with false information, false information that was never corrected when brought to the coroner’s attention.  So Morgan’s murder is not even a number in the cold case statistics, but the evidence proves she was murdered, so how many REAL cold case murders are there in this country?  It could be even more staggering than the statistics show.

I believe this is how murderers get away with murder, and this is why we have so many unsolved cold cases in this country – with the number growing greater every year.  And don’t think for one moment in time that all murderers are older, creepy looking men…no, they come in all ages, genders, and looks.  They can even be the innocent looking teenage girl down the street.

Desperate People Do Desperate Things….

resistance becomes a duty

I never imagined when I first published this website & blog that it would result in death threats, horrible things said about me that absolutely are not true, Facebook pages built to harass, my family contacted, etc. But through it all we never gave up and never will.

Losing a loved one is life-altering.  It changes you… forever.  In my case I woke up one morning and knew I had a mission to fullfill in this lifetime.  In the midst of unending pain, that mission became clear as day.  I will always continue to spread the truth about what happened to Morgan so others can learn from the truth.  Stalking, bullying, sexual assault, and murder do not just happen to the rich and famous. We read about in the news, it can and does happen to people from all walks of life…stalking is dangerous, stalking is a crime, and stalking is many times a precursor to other violent crimes, including kidnapping.

Having your youngest child taken from you in a violent act is hard enough, but then to have the crime covered up is entirely another thing altogether…how are grief-stricken parents supposed to deal with that?  Maybe that is what they are counting on?

Here is just one example of a person in public office that is supposed to be above reproach, a governor who lied to cover up his corruption…why people would think that this is something that never happens is beyond me.  Do people really think the “bad guy” just confesses when he or she is caught?  Read the papers – this type of thing has been going on forever, and it will probably continue to go on forever – the only difference being, if law enforcement and the judicial system go after the perpetrators of such a crime, like they did in this case, and then build a case, and follow it through, then eventually those in power may think twice before attempting to break the law.  A federal jury found former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, guilty of public corruption, once he heard that he was being investigated he threw back at his accusers, “Why would I risk everything to do something like this,” that is something that has been heard over and over again for many years by officials that think no one will find out that they broke the law.  I would like to say when there is financial gain, or if they are protecting themselves from something that they have done that is illegal, officials do lie. I think most logical people that read the news understand this.

Desperate people do desperate things…look behind all the one-liners that you hear from these people, and keep asking questions.  Don’t just believe what people say when they try to dismiss any further questions from you.  Know that you are going down the path to finally see the truth when you keep digging and you don’t stop at just scratching the surface.  This is a very valuable lesson I have learned in the past 4 years while Steve & I were doing our “digging” into Morgan’s case, and digging into everyone that was associated with the false reporting of her case. It is so amazing the things we uncovered…shocking to be sure, knowing the public has no clue as to how people in high places get away with breaking the law year after year with no fear of consequence.  There is no transparency, no accountability and no real justice when these type of things are allowed to exist.  Laws were made to be followed, but what happens when people in power break those laws and get away with it?

Attracted to her light…the good, the bad, and the ugly

Morgan in the light

“People are attracted to the #light that lives inside us by the quality of our character. Let your #life shine brightly.” 

Morgan was a very bright light from the moment she was born.  She was sweet and kind.  She was always more concerned with others than she was with herself.  Her smile illuminated any space she was in, and she had a way of easing others pain.

I firmly believe that the light she emitted came from within…her character was the reason that people loved her.  After her death I ran into so many people that I had never met before, they came up to me to tell me they had known Morgan, some only for a short time, a few only met her once or twice, but they all had the same thing to say, that she was an amazing person, like no one they had ever met before.  They all described her as a very happy, engaging person that made them feel good about themselves.  But there were also bad people attracted to her light – some were jealous of the attention she received, and others became obsessed, and had ulterior motives. Then there are some people that never knew her at all, but they like to make things up in order to bolster their story about who she was, because she is no longer here to defend herself…although knowing Morgan she would not even bother to defend herself from such nonsense, she would just say those people really don’t matter.  Why try to convince someone of the truth when they only want to believe in the lies – these type of people like to create drama, they live for it…something Morgan always refused to be a part of.  They are people that did not know her, or what she truly was like.  So why would one bother to try to convince someone of the truth when that is not what they want to hear?  And then there are people that did know Morgan BUT they are connected to those that were involved in her stalking and murder…these people have an agenda.  It is a no-brainer to understand why those people are making up stories (anything but the truth) in order to cast the light of truth away from those involved.  They do not want to go to jail, and those who are helping them will and have done whatever they can to try and sway people to believe in their lies…lies that they constantly change in order to not loose their readership – pretty sick, huh?

Anyway, what does any of that matter in reality?  It doesn’t.  In reality the only thing they have been able to accomplish is to confuse some people as to what really happened to Morgan.  But it is really up to the factual evidence to get justice for Morgan, and that is why I firmly believe justice is coming…words mean nothing compared to real evidence and that evidence does exist.  Again, there is no statute of limitations in a capital murder case.  Team Morgan, hang in there…justice is coming.