Wylah Misses Morgan – Justice for Morgan!

Wylah waiting for Morgan

Dennis Crowley from Wheels of Hope for the Missing wrote the following:

Who is Morgan Jennifer Ingram?

“No man is an island, entire of itself.” ~ John Donne

Whether we choose to recognize it or not, our lives do affect the world around us. To be honest, I don’t think I have truly become aware of the reality of that truth, especially as it applies to the animal kingdom until recently. With each passing day, I become ever increasingly aware and amazed at how much they perceive, love, and remember. I don’t think that it is a mistruth or exaggeration to say that their devotion knows no bounds.

Wylah was a part of Morgan’s world from the time she was just a puppy and they quickly became inseparable. The day Morgan’s body was taken away from her parents home, she sat and watched as the door closed and then remained there just as the photograph shows.

Who is Morgan Jennifer Ingram? I would say that Wylah’s love and devotion speaks volumes and she wants justice for her mommy!

Justice for Morgan!
For more information check out Morgan’s Stalking on facebook and her website @ http://morganingram.com/

#Samson, sung by Regina Spektor…another sign

Keyboard waiting

Sat down to type on the computer just now, and a song started playing…Samson by Regina Spektor.  And here we go again – here comes a big punch to my heart, and the tears start to flow.  No way to stop them when this happens.

This was one of the songs that Morgan used to play on her keyboard, while singing the lyrics. I love hearing it – Morgan’s sweet voice was so similar to what I am hearing right now that I feel like I am listening to her sing again.  I remember one day, just weeks before she was gone forever, I turned on my phone’s recorder to try to record her, but alas she was just too intuitive, she stopped playing and turned and looked at me with a smile…so I don’t have that recording 🙁

I truly believe that music is another way we receive signs from our loved ones.  It has happened to me so many times since Morgan was taken from this world.  When it happens it is usually right when I need another reminder that she is still with me – she is saying, “Hi mom.”  It is painful, and yet comforting all at the same time…an important song starts to play loud enough to catch my attention.  Not a very subtle hint – more like a statement that is very profound.

I recently read the words of another mother of a young woman that had been murdered over 16 years ago, she said, “Behind every murder victim’s photo and behind every inaccurate article, there was an actual human being with a soul, who won’t go to college now or get married, whose brother will fall into drugs, whose father will have a heart attack, whose mother might never come out of her fog, whose family and community will never be the same because she isn’t here. Who might have done great things in this world, who was taken by darkness and we can’t see any light anymore……..”

This woman did a great job of explaining the domino effect that happens when evil takes an innocent life.  That selfish sick criminal act creates many, many co-victims – co-victims who’s lives are forever changed, and will never be the same.  It’s a hard thing to describe to someone that has never lost a loved one to a sudden act of violence. The pain, confusion, anger and helplessness that hits you causes you to want to want to fold into yourself and sob…sob like you never knew you could.  You want to become a ghost…you no longer want to continue on because you can never view the world as you had before.  Monsters become real and they look like regular humans.  You no longer trust, you hurt 24/7 and yet you sometimes manager to take a deep breath, pull yourself together and face another day.

real human beings do to each other

Another Sign From Above…a small blue dog?


I just wanted to share this with all of you.  I know this is a terrible picture…all fuzzy, etc.  I am sorry for the quality of the picture, but I still wanted to share it with you.  I have been in the hospital again after having an acute and very severe allergic reaction – this time they put me into the critical care unit and monitored me until it was safe for me to come home.  Steve has been beside himself with worry, and I feel so bad for him.

But the story of the picture above starts this morning when I unpacked the overnight bag that Steve brought to the hospital for me with some clothes to come home in.  The bag he brought to me was a bag that I had bought a long time ago in Santa Fe, New Mexico while on a vacation with Steve & Morgan.  It had been a wonderful time for all of us, going to the art galleries and churches.  Somewhere during the trip Morgan put this little blue dog in the outside zipper pocket of my bag, and I had forgotten all about it.  That was Morgan 🙂

Morgan on a trip to Santa Fe

Morgan on a trip to Santa Fe

It is so amazing to me that out of nowhere I felt like I was receiving a sign from Morgan – that she is right there beside me.  I unpacked my bag and found this little plastic dog from Morgan…I cried.  They were tears of joy (because I felt she was right here with me) and tears from pain (knowing she can never be next to me again the way she was when she was alive).

So this fuzzy picture of a little plastic blue dog may not mean much to others, but to me it was definitely another sign from Morgan letting me know she is still right next to me and sending me healing light, and love from above.

May you all be blessed with the knowledge that love can NEVER be taken away…not even in death.

Stay Strong!

stay strong