Morgan’s friend and soulmate speaks out…


As you all know our youngest daughter Morgan was stalked for 4 months while in college and living at home with her dad and I.  We lived through the stalking with her, so I know it was horrific. I was frightened the whole time for Morgan’s safety, as her stalker kept escalating no matter what deterrents we produced. The Garfield County Sheriffs had a suspect, and told me they were 100% sure this person was her stalker.  Morgan had identified him multiple times, our cameras caught pictures, they had interviewed him, and were planning on picking up his work hours to overlay them on my timeline of the stalking incidents, but she was murdered 4 days before that was to happen.

The morning I found our youngest daughter’s body I knew deep in my soul that she had been murdered.  My mind didn’t want to believe it, but the way her body looked, the position it was in, and the condition of her room, there was no denying to me that something had gone on involving a struggle and foul play.  Garfield County Detective Robert Glassmire told us that very morning that her death had “no connection” with her felony stalking case, and immediately “red flags” went up for me.  This was just 3 days after he told me to my face that he believed the stalking was going to “escalate.”  He could not have known at that time if her death had nothing to do with her stalking, I had been so trusting of the sheriff’s department (I have always respected law enforcement), and didn’t want to believe they weren’t on our side.  I was in shock at the time, but I “felt” something was terribly wrong, and now almost 3 years later with all the evidence and facts that we have accumulated (and tried to share with the sheriffs) the only question I have remaining is why has Morgan’s manner of death has never been changed to reflect the truth, and why is there no investigation into her murder?

Over the months, and years of pursuing the truth about our daughter’s death I now know for a fact that she was murdered, and she did not die a fast, or easy death – she was frightened, and tortured.  Morgan was gentle, loving and kind, she did not deserve to die like this. Families should be treated with dignity and respect, which we were not. Families need to know the truth, and not have their loved ones forgotten under a veil of threats and lies – this is outright re-victimization of the family.  Other victims of stalking need to see that law enforcement will take them seriously so they don’t end up dead like Morgan and then swept under the rug.

I live with the pain of the loss of my youngest daughter every day, and night. The pain is indescribable, and made worse by the fact that my husband and I have to relive her stalking, and murder every single day that we work on getting her case opened all by ourselves.  It is something no family should have to endure, but we had no choice because someone had to do an investigation, someone had to find the answers, and assemble the evidence, and law enforcement refused to do so.  When you love someone so deeply you can not just step aside and let their memory disappear into a morass of lies and untruths.

As my husband said, “The truth will always be vigorously disputed by some, the criminals and their accomplices. The erectors and maintainers of the great big blue wall behind which such truth now hides.  Her bravery and suffering must be respected at some point, her honor restored.  To date I have watched as lies pile upon lies and egos rule the day.  It is no wonder that murders go on within Colorado where such obvious lies can go on unabated, and it so deeply saddens my heart to have watched this happen.”

What I really want people to know besides my own feelings is that Morgan had many family members, as well as friends that loved her deeply and have been profoundly affected by her murder and non-investigation by the sheriffs.  All of these people have suffered and are still suffering and are co-victims in my opinion – they deserve answers.  Now that I have gotten that off my chest I would like to give you this link so you can read the interview that Joe Valo did with Rainer Jundt about Morgan.  Rainer is included in the ever growing list of co-victims – read for yourself just one person’s reality of how Morgan’s passing has affected him.

A Spirit’s Birthday Wish To Her Mother Today

A beautiful birthday wish for me today from beyond the veil – I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I feel blessed!
A Spirit’s Birthday Wish To Her Mother Today from Jennifer ShafferI was running on the beach here in Ocean City, NJ this morning when I saw these beautiful three red roses and had to stop. I sat down in the warm sand next to them and put them in an upright position. Then as I sat there contemplating why they were there, I received an alert from “Facebook” via text that it was Toni’s birthday today.Toni is the mother of Morgan who passed away at the age of 20. She should still be with us right now in physical form even though she is in spirit.In the midst of heart ache thinking about Toni, her husband Steve and their daughter Morgan, I actually smiled because it couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time finding those 3 roses.

I wrote happy birthday to Toni and then Morgans name “popped” in my head and then my name Jennifer. My name happens to be Morgan’s middle name.

I then asked Morgan who I felt was giving me “spirit hugs” as I was covered in chills, if I could sign her name and of course I was given a yes.

Everything transpired in seconds but the thank you from Morgan and Toni are still happening, hours later. What a gift of love coming over from the other side.

I am humbled and honored to be doing this work. I am also grateful to work with such a beautiful spirit who is helping us solve her very own case.

Jennifer Shaffer's photo.
Jennifer Shaffer's photo.
Information about Jennifer can be found at  She is a friend, she is family, and most of all she is someone that unselfishly gives of herself to help others.  We love Jennifer!

Morgan’s #murder discussed on the show Calling Out with Susan Pinsky

Today was the airing of the first episode of the new season of Calling Out with Susan Pinsky.  CALLING OUT, CRIMES: Sideshow Network Premiere Show: Co-Hosted by Podcast Pioneer Lynette Carolla

Please listen to the show, and share with others if you can.  Morgan’s case is discussed in the 3rd segment.  Her part starts at around the 32.30 mark.  My good friend Jennifer Shaffer is on the show, along with Rebecca Fearing who I had never spoken to before this show.  I am very grateful to Rebecca for her insight about Morgan, and Morgan’s case as well as much gratitude to Susan Pinsky for having Morgan’s case discussed on her first episode of this new season.
Announcing the airing of this show gives me the perfect opportunity to say something I don’t think I have mentioned up until now.  If law enforcement is investigating a crime and they interview someone off the street in order to get information to see if there is anything they “saw” or “heard” or anything out of the ordinary that may have happened this is known to be good police work.  Many times the things they hear or the people that call in with a “tip” don’t amount to anything,  but sometimes the “tip” about where to look for evidence or a description of someone actually leads to solving the crime.  A lead is a lead no matter where it comes from.  If that lead actually produces the physical evidence needed, or helps to locate a missing person then I am all for law enforcement using this method as a tool in their investigations.  Getting rid of the uneducated “stigma” about psychics is very important if the end goal is to solve a crime.  I feel that information that comes from a “credible proven” psychic should be looked into just as they would look into a regular citizen giving information.  There are psychics that work with the FBI and law enforcement throughout this country, and have for years, but there is still much resistance and prejudice against these types of “tips”.  It is very unfortunate that potential tips are dismissed like  that – a “tip” or information that comes from a psychic cannot be used in court, but it can be used to look for evidence, find missing persons, used as a guide for law enforcement as it has been throughout the years.  Just like with someone off the street that law enforcement might interview – it is all about following the leads…some leads are very good while others may not even be close, but law enforcement should use all methods available to them when trying to solve a crime, especially a heinous crime like Morgan’s…unless there is a reason that they do not want that crime to be a crime, and if that is the case then that in itself is a crime.
I just listened to the show for the first time from the link below on sound cloud – I just signed up with my email address and clicked through – it brought me right to the recording of the show.  As you can probably tell I was unable to hear some of what was being said during the recording so I sound a little hesitant when I answer, but I truly felt comfortable with the show and I think Susan’s show Calling Out is a wonderful program to listen to.  It is fun at times, and also very enlightening.
Here are the posted links for the newest episode of Calling Out with Susan Pinsky and the show’s debut on the Sideshow Network. Please promote any of the links below on social media as a means for listeners to check out the show and share amongst themselves. The Soundcloud link is preferred as it creates an embedded player in Twitter and FB posts but feel free to use any of the links:
Here is a link to Susan’s website about the podcast please click on to the site to read what Susan has written about Morgan’s case.
I will continue to pursue the opening of Morgan’s investigation with law enforcement as well as continue to do blog casts and radio shows until her case does get opened.  I want to raise awareness in all areas of stalking, and murder as well as criminal justice.  Please help me make a difference for victims of stalking… share with as many people as you can. Together we will be able to make a difference in many lives. I continue to believe there is so much light from the goodness in this world that even with the darkness that exists, justice for Morgan, and all others will come through love & perseverance…never give up!
Thank you so very much.

Yesterday – it’s been 2 years & 6 months since we found Morgan’s body

Yesterday…  I could not for the life of me figure out why my whole body was vibrating.  I was in such an emotional state of frustration and could not shake it.  This morning when I woke up and looked at the calendar I realized that as of yesterday it has now been 2 years and 6 months since we found Morgan’s body – I can not believe it has been this long and an investigation into her death has never happened…I am outraged!



I can not understand why Garfield County does not care about violence against women.  In March 2013 President Obama signed the revitalized Violence Against Women Act 

Under the leadership of then-Senator Joe Biden, Congress recognized the severity of violence against women and our need for a national strategy with the enactment of the Violence Against Women Act in 1994. This landmark federal legislation’s comprehensive approach to violence against women combined tough new provisions to hold offenders accountable with programs to provide services for the victims of such violence.  Read the Act at:

In the Act it is proudly points out that all states have passed laws making stalking a crime.  In the state of Colorado (the state that Morgan was born in, the state that she grew up in, and the state that she was killed in) the following stalking law is in place:

Colorado’s legislative declaration states:

C.R.S. 18-3-601. [Formerly 18-9-111 (4) (a)] Legislative declaration. (2010)
(1)  The general assembly hereby finds and declares that:

 (a)  Stalking is a serious problem in this state and nationwide;

(b)  Although stalking often involves persons who have had an intimate relationship with one another, it can also involve persons who have little or no past relationship;

(c)  A stalker will often maintain strong, unshakable, and irrational emotional feelings for his or her victim, and may likewise believe that the victim either returns these feelings of affection or will do so if the stalker is persistent enough. Further, the stalker often maintains this belief, despite a trivial or nonexistent basis for it and despite rejection, lack of reciprocation, efforts to restrict or avoid the stalker, and other facts that conflict with this belief.

(d)  A stalker may also develop jealousy and animosity for persons who are in relationships with the victim, including family members, employers and co-workers, and friends, perceiving them as obstacles or as threats to the stalker’s own “relationship” with the victim;

(e)  Because stalking involves highly inappropriate intensity, persistence, and possessiveness, it entails great unpredictability and creates great stress and fear for the victim;

(f)  Stalking involves severe intrusions on the victim’s personal privacy and autonomy, with an immediate and long-lasting impact on quality of life as well as risks to security and safety of the victim and persons close to the victim, even in the absence of express threats of physical harm.

(2)  The general assembly hereby recognizes the seriousness posed by stalking and adopts the provisions of this part 6 with the goal of encouraging and authorizing effective intervention before stalking can escalate into behavior that has even more serious consequences.

And then:

C.R.S. 18-3-602.  Stalking - penalty - definitions – Vonnie’s Law. (2012)

(1) A person commits stalking if directly, or indirectly, through another person, the person knowingly:

(a) Makes a credible threat to another person and, in connection with the threat, repeatedly follows, approaches, contacts, or places under surveillance that person, a member of that person’s immediate family, or someone with whom that person has or has had a continuing relationship; or


(b) Makes a credible threat to another person and, in connection with the threat, repeatedly makes any form of communication with that person, a member of that person’s immediate family, or someone with whom that person has or has had a continuing relationship, regardless of whether a conversation ensues; or


(c) Repeatedly follows, approaches, contacts, places under surveillance, or makes any form of communication with another person, a member of that person’s immediate family, or someone with whom that person has or has had a continuing relationship in a manner that would cause a reasonable person to suffer serious emotional distress and does cause that person, a member of that person’s immediate family, or someone with whom that person has or has had a continuing relationship to suffer serious emotional distress. For purposes of this paragraph (c), a victim need not show that he or she received professional treatment or counseling to show that he or she suffered serious emotional distress.

(2) For the purposes of this part 6:

(a) Conduct “in connection with” a credible threat means acts that further, advance, promote, or have a continuity of purpose, and may occur before, during, or after the credible threat.


(b) “Credible threat” means a threat, physical action, or repeated conduct that would cause a reasonable person to be in fear for the person’s safety or the safety of his or her immediate family or of someone with whom the person has or has had a continuing relationship. The threat need not be directly expressed if the totality of the conduct would cause a reasonable person such fear.


(c) “Immediate family” includes the person’s spouse and the person’s parent, grandparent, sibling, or child.


(d) “Repeated” or “repeatedly” means on more than one occasion.

(3) A person who commits stalking:

(a) Commits a class 5 felony for a first offense except as otherwise provided in subsection (5) of this section; or


(b) Commits a class 4 felony for a second or subsequent offense, if the offense occurs within seven years after the date of a prior offense for which the person was convicted.

(4) Stalking is an extraordinary risk crime that is subject to the modified presumptive sentencing range specified in section 18-1.3-401 (10).

(5) If, at the time of the offense, there was a temporary or permanent protection order, injunction, or condition of bond, probation, or parole or any other court order in effect against the person, prohibiting the behavior described in this section, the person commits a class 4 felony.

(6) Nothing in this section shall be construed to alter or diminish the inherent authority of the court to enforce its orders through civil or criminal contempt proceedings; however, before a criminal contempt proceeding is heard before the court, notice of the proceedings shall be provided to the district attorney for the judicial district of the court where the proceedings are to be heard and the district attorney for the judicial district in which the alleged act of criminal contempt occurred. The district attorney for either district shall be allowed to appear and argue for the imposition of contempt sanctions.

(7) A peace officer shall have a duty to respond as soon as reasonably possible to a report of stalking and to cooperate with the alleged victim in investigating the report.


(a) When a person is arrested for an alleged violation of this section, the fixing of bail for the crime of stalking shall be done in accordance with section 16-4-103 (2) (d), C.R.S., and a protection order shall issue in accordance with section 18-1-1001(5).

(b) This subsection (8) shall be known and may be cited as “Vonnie’s law.”

(9) When a violation under this section is committed in connection with a violation of a court order, including but not limited to any protection order or any order that sets forth the conditions of a bond, any sentences imposed pursuant to this section and pursuant to section 18-6-803.5, or any sentence imposed in a contempt proceeding for violation of the court order shall be served consecutively and not concurrently.

So where was the effective intervention before Morgan’s death?  Only 3 days before we found her dead body the felony stalking detective (Detective Robert Glassmire) who was assigned to her case told me that he felt like the stalker was going to escalate – his words not mine.  So where was the intervention?  How did he know the stalker was going to escalate?  And why did he tell us the morning we found her body that her death had nothing to do with the stalker?  This is before her body was taken away for an autopsy.  He said her death was a “mystery” at that time.  A mystery?  If it was a “mystery” then why not do an actual investigation, collect evidence, interview our next door neighbor that had information and waited for a call that never came, a Pitkin County Sheriff’s wife that had information, all Morgan’s close friends, her teachers, fellow students, employer, as well as us, her mom and dad.  Why didn’t they ask the really important questions?  More correctly, why didn’t they ask any questions at all.  Why was was Morgan, an innocent women being stalked, completely ignored, while her stalker was given a free pass?

Also, where are all the Sheriff’s reports for ALL the incidents of stalking that Morgan, as well as Steve and I told them about?  The detective met with Morgan once a week to get all updates and this was in addition to the daily calls we were making to dispatch.  In Morgan’s case were they really responding, and investigating the reports?  If that ever happened where are the reports?  I’ll tell you there are not any.  It felt like it was more like the felony stalking detective was trying to convince us that the car with the suspect in it that Morgan reported to him wasn’t really the suspect or his car, and the truck that Steve and I saw surveilling our house over 3 times, and we wrote down the license plate number and gave it to the detective, along with an exact description of the vehicle, he told us it had not really been there, plus more and more incidents that the Sheriff’s office refused to investigate and went as far as to make up excuses for.  Is this what they call investigating a report or cooperating with the witness?

To treat a stalking victim/murder victim in this manner is not only disgusting, but needs to end…2 years and 6 months later this is now only the start.  Morgan will get justice and Steve and I will never give up!

Today April 24, 2014 is National Stalking Awareness Day – addressing stalking in the workplace

National Stalking Awareness Day – 24th April 2014

This year’s campaign – “Working Without Fear” – aims to eliminate workplace stalking and provide information to employers about how they can support employees who disclose stalking behavior.

Click on to their site then click on the Employers handbook.  There are also 2 posters you can download and print in order to hang them up in your place of business.

Awareness about stalking and education are the key to helping in the war against this insidious crime.