Happy First Day of Spring…

Picture above was taken by Morgan Jennifer Ingram in 2011

Today is the first day of Spring – it is the Spring Equinox (also called the March equinox or vernal equinox). This year the Spring Equinox falls on Wednesday, March 20. This event marks the astronomical first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

We now get to enjoy the increasing sunlight hours, along with earlier dawns and later sunsets. I’m sure most of you get a little excited about this change in the season…it sure seems like nature is reminding us that life goes on, no matter what. The first Spring I experienced without Morgan was like a slap in the face…it was hard for my heart to understand how life could continue on, without a hitch, when Morgan was no longer a part of this life. The pain was immeasurable. Now, after 7 + years, I understand a lot more – doesn’t mean the pain is any less, it just means I understand how and why life continues on, Spring brings forth new life, and the lives we have lost are not ever really gone.

Wishing you all a wonderful and bright Spring 🙂


Sunday, March 17, 2019 – A Little Reminder Left Behind

This morning I looked in Mogwai’s bed, (Mogwai is Morgan’s cat…her fur baby that she loved so very much), and I saw one of the little cat toys she had crocheted for him…he still has it. As you can see it is very worn after 7 + years, but he still cuddles it in his bed.

Morgan was constantly making things for everyone, with her own two hands. In the weeks before her murder she was knitting gloves for one close friend, painting glasses for other friends, and baking goodies for relatives. She had gone shopping with me and found matching P.J.’s for her and her sister for Christmas, as Christmas was only weeks away. She asked if we were going to pick up a tree cutting permit again this year, in order to hike up in the mountains to find the perfect tree to bring home. That was always a fun outing, including hot chocolate and lots of laughter.

Morgan was excited about the possibility that her stalker would soon be arrested…she was scheduled to give her on-camera interview only 4 1/2 days from when her life was taken from her. She was scared, she was nervous, but she was also excited that life could go back to how it once was, after an arrest was made. She had also been going through all her stuff and packing up boxes and putting them in our dining room, just as Steve and I had started to do, as we were planning on moving to a safer new home…but we were too late. Just 23 days before Christmas, she was gone and all her plans and dreams, along with all of ours were gone forever.

None of us ever stop thinking about Morgan. We all miss her, even her fur babies miss her. But all our memories stay with us. Everywhere I look I still see Morgan.

Another FACT You Might Wish To Know…

Whenever I have been invited to be on a Podcast I have always been given a chance to talk about stalking in general in order to raise awareness.  That it would revolve back to my daughter Morgan’s stalking and death is unavoidable and I believe it is very helpful in order to raise awareness about the dangers of stalkers.

The mistakes and shortcomings in Morgan’s case should not be lost in the effort to help others in similar situations.  In telling her story as accurately as I could it has already helped countless stalking victims throughout the world, and while it is painful at times, I have no regrets, and I take pride in the accomplishments.  Thanks to all of you who listened to these Blog Radio Shows and I encourage you to support victims of stalking, as it is a devastating crime.

As I read some of the comments from the last show that I was on I saw some familiar “anonymous” people making the same false claims they have been making for years.  This is a reality that exists, they give no real identity, because if it is the mother, family or friends of the prime suspect in Morgan’s case, then the mistruths would become all that less believable.  A website that we are now working on is growing to address all the real truth about Morgan with the REAL documents, I do work full time as a victim advocate, and while Steve helps me immensely, we only have so much time, and this is a big project. Our names will be on this website and we will stand behind everything that is printed on it, unlike the anonymous “others” making false statments out on the Internet.

It seems that Porphyria was the popular subject that evening, The FACT is our daughter Morgan was tested for many different things after being exposed to Carbon Monoxide, which hurt her health.  One of those many things she was tested for was Porphyria, twice, long, long, ago and both tests were negative, and both tests were “possibly compromised,” so we discounted them.  So, when the contracted forensic pathologist, who is responsible for Morgan’s autopsy, came up with Porphyria I asked him if this claim was due to something he found medically at autopsy, or through testing, his answer was no, he said, “She was tested in the past for it because she had it.”  I am still mystified by his blind insistence.  He told me that she was talking amitriptyline for her Porphyria, which proves she had it. Well (A) I told him she was most definitely NOT talking Amitriptyline, (B) I did not know Amitriptyline was even for Porphyria (it is not), and (C) she was never diagnosed with Porphyria.  His answer was that amitriptyline was found in her blood, so she was taking it. Unbelievable!  If he understood toxicology (we consulted an esteemed, highly regarded forensic toxicologist back east who could see from the results that she HAD NOT been taking it and it was a one time massive dose). The pathologist then admitted he did not know that much about Porphyria, so he would be open to talking to someone from a large hospital out on the coast that would see this condition far more often than he would.  This became an exercise in futility as a doctor who treated Morgan became involved and tried to send him medical documentation showing she did not have Porphyria.  An absolutely brilliant, and ever-giving doctor, as well as a professor many times over at the UCLA Medical Center Children’s Hospital, tried unsuccessfully to explain that Morgan could not have died in the manner the contracted forensic pathologist thought she had.  He never listened to one word she said…so much for his being open to speaking with someone with more knowledge then him.

Other of Morgan’s doctors, and specialists jumped in, and all were unanimous in that this manner of death was wrong.  Nothing changed, and later when I was threatened with a change in regard to the manner of death from natural causes to suicide, if I did not give up, I was assured by doctors that the contracted forensic pathologist could not do this.  So, I was plenty shocked when he actually did change her manner of death from natural causes to suicide 8 months after his first false conclusion of natural causes.  As a very concerned mother and parent I will traverse the trail before me until there is truth, because Morgan did nothing to deserve a complete lack of fairness, respect and dignity following her murder.  And I did nothing to deserve the intimidation that is running rampant – I have always given facts and the truth about what really happened and no amount of intimidation  will keep me from using my voice.

If you are interested the subject of Morgan’s “manner of death is covered more completely in this post. –  http://wp.me/p2wvjS-14Q

Stalked everywhere you go…even leaving work

Stalking has serious impacts on victims!

Most people need their jobs to survive and are reluctant to tell co-workers, and/or their employer about their stalker – they want to pretend he/she will eventually stop. They have no idea why it started in the first place. We must all realize stalking is serious and can have fatal consequences

This young man obsessed over a girl from his high school for many years before he finally struck and ended her life…and there were many red flags, but they were ignored. We all need to take stalking seriously. Civil lawsuits are an option for victims and co-victims.


One Family’s Civil Suit

On October 15, 1999, New Hampshire resident Liam Youens, shot and killed Amy Lynn Boyer, a young woman he had been stalking for several years. Her family sued a company for giving out her employment location information to her stalker and won.


Another Real Fact…Not Fiction

Here is another real fact…in Garfield County, whether you call the Dispatch number or 911, it really doesn’t matter, as they both go to the same call center with the same operators. This is a FACT. We were told this fact in the very beginning when the Garfield County Sheriffs became involved in our case and they gave us the number for Dispatch to call when we had an incident of stalking. In a 4 month period we called over 50 times, but there were times that we didn’t call as we fell into the trap many victims of stalking fall into…minimizing what was happening, trying to pretend it will just go away and thinking if we just ignore it then it will stop…this is a tombstone mentality and I hope, through Morgan’s story other victims of stalking will know not to fall into that same trap.

I have read on the Internet some “uniformed” people commenting on why would we call Dispatch instead of 911 if we were so worried about a stalker…seriously, they really did question even that piece of information. For them this was just another reason why the stalking couldn’t have been that bad…they were once again, dead wrong!

So today I remembered that old saying. Don’t confuse them with the FACTS…some people just want to be right, no matter how wrong they are. So sad 🙁