Morgan Jennifer Ingram
August 16, 1991 - December 2, 2011
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Morgan's Stalking

  Morgan was a daddy’s girl, always including him in her life. He did the absolute best he could to protect his daughter - installing motion detecting lights around their house, then motion detecting alarms, a wildlife camera, video surveillance cameras around their house that recorded 24/7, more detectors, more lights, and so much more, always one step behind.   Her mother felt like she was calling the Sheriff’s constantly, and kept a very detailed timeline of the events, documenting every incident.  
  Morgan preferred, to a fault, minimizing her problems and any need for concern.  As her stalking grew worse she fought back any way she could, vowing he would not control her life, refusing any attempt to move her away for her own safety.  
  But she also grew increasing frustrated with the dichotomy that her stalking grew into.  Law enforcement wanted her to report any incident. Yet every report became more frustrating for Morgan.  Through nobody's fault - just a matter of best tools available - every report of stalking became nearly the same bad rerun with different Patrol Officers. A call would go out to the Sheriffs, Deputies would respond, we would recap the same details of the ongoing stalking, one, two sometimes three or four officers would arrive over the next hour to search the yard, the bushes, our vehicles, sometimes the neighborhood, and patrol surrounding neighborhoods, find nothing, everyone wide awake and on edge for hours.  They would file out and leave only to have her stalker return taunting Morgan just as soon as they were gone. There simply and mercilessly was no winning at this deadly game for Morgan.  
  The distinct, unfortunate, and overwhelming advantage a stalker has is that while you must remain vigilant 24/7, he can pick whatever time he wants to drop in and terrorize his victim.  Most likely, by the time the local authorities get there, the stalker will be long gone - leaving his victims always on guard for that next dose of terror.   The victims know it is coming and end up living in constant fear.  

From August of 2011 until December Morgan lived with ever increasing stress, and fear.  She was being monitored, followed and terrorized by her stalker. She feared it would never stop. She felt that she couldn't move away from it – that if he followed her, it would only become worse.  So she chose to stay in hopes the Sheriff’s would be able to catch him.  Her anxiety and stress took an ever growing toll.

This is a picture taken of Morgan 2 weeks before she died.  Her mother took her to get her hair cut to try to cheer her up – Morgan was happy to have her make up on and her hair all done, but as you can see she looks gaunt, her eyes look sunken with dark circles under them, and she appears exhausted.  Her hairdresser was very upset when she saw her and commented that she thought “this __ __ __ stalker is literally sucking the life out of her.”

Morgan started to lose her appetite and in what became her last week of life, she was so exhausted, and weak that she even missed a few of her ballet classes that she loved so much because she did not feel well enough to go.


Morgan did not want this stalker to be able to control or change her life and would never admit he was.   Her friends all had little idea of the true magnitude of her stalking.  The last thing Morgan posted on her Facebook was, “I love life”, and she did - with passion.   She didn't want to leave this world, she wanted to live, and love, and experience as much life as she could, always sharing it with everyone she could.

But the brutal truth is that stalking goes hand in hand with terrorizing, breaking and entering, property damage, theft and homicide.  You should be warned to expect one or all from your stalker, we never were, and we got them, all of them. Morgan’s parents have no doubt that their daughter - Morgan Jennifer Ingram would be alive today except for the actions of her stalker.

Only truth will allow for closure, and only the truth.

  There are a lot of misconceptions about stalkers.  According to the U.S. Department of Justice most stalkers are late teens to middle-aged.  You are most likely to be stalked by offenders of similar age.  Nearly half of victims age 21 – 29 were stalked by offenders perceived to also be in their twenties.  There are stalkers that use other people to help them terrorize, cover up for them, lie for them, spread untruths as if facts in horribly misguided efforts to deflect attention from the stalker.  The laws do little to protect the victim.  Current laws give the stalker the advantage, as well as protection.  Morgan’s case started as a misdemeanor trespassing and after seven constant weeks, "moved up", to a felony stalking case.  Critical evidence was never collected.  Her parents believe this stalker has done this to others, knew what to expect, and he is most likely doing it again.  

The detective suggested a book by Mike Procter, “How To Stop A Stalker”, in the many"typologies" of stalkers, Morgan's seemed to fit the profile to become a serial stalker, rapist and murderer.   Morgan was the victim of an unspeakable crime, we are left with far more questions than answers:

  • Where were Morgan’s rights?
  • Where was Morgan’s protection?
  • How can the local law enforcement try to protect you and do an effective job with limited resources without knowing just how dangerous the stalker that is stalking you is?

Stalkers and stalking are all lumped together, no deference to typology.  Your stalker needs to be investigated to a thorough degree as soon as possible and under the current circumstances they never are.  Consider that if you are subject to a “routine traffic stop” say for suspected speeding:

• You will be investigated to verify you have the proper insurance.
• You will be investigated to verify you have a license.
• You will be investigated to verify your registration is current.
• Your car was investigated as you were pulled over for the proper operation of your lights.
• Before approaching, your license plate number will be investigated by computer for any “red flags”.
• As the officer approaches, a visual investigation will be conducted on the condition of your tires, windows for breakages or cracks.
• During your stop you will be investigated for “wants and warrants.”
• And you could be arrested right there, possibly cuffed and led away, go directly to jail, for something that all this investigation has yielded the officer.

How is it possible that all this happens in an everyday traffic stop while the initial attempt to catch your stalker will be to show up 15 minutes or a half hour after your call to make the report and hope he is still standing by waiting to be caught.  Then hoping you can discover his identity, beyond a reasonable doubt of course.  Not because this is what law enforcement wants, by any means, they cared so much, but this is the system they are given to work in.  We watched the current protocol not work, over and over again.   Ask yourself sometime, how can no investigation go on into your stalker?  When by strict percentages he could well end up being your murderer - if you wonder just how bad it really is, watch this video.

  Morgan was in a “living hell” as she was trying to go about her life.  Her parents always met her in the driveway with pepper spray whenever she came home after dark.  Her dad, as well as some friends of hers, would park somewhere off the main road to follow her at night when she was on her way home to see if anyone was following her.   They tried everything they could think of to try to keep Morgan safe and catch this stalker, but ultimately none of it worked.  The Sheriff’s did a stake out one night, and some interviews and evidence gathering, but without enough time or resources to dedicate, some witnesses moved away, and a lot of evidence is now gone forever.  
Videos about stalking produced by Lifetime for Women
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Evil can only exist when good people stand by and allow it to exist. Speak out - we can come together as a nation and decide to protect our neighbors, our neighbor’s children, and anyone that needs protection.  If we see someone that shouldn’t be there, or looks suspicious, go up to them and ask who they are, why they are there, or contact the person they are watching, and let that person, or their parents become aware of any suspicious activity.  This may save someone’s life.  Make sure people know you are watching out for them.  Don’t keep suspicious thoughts to yourself…your intuition is a powerful tool, use it, check into your suspicions, and don’t wait until it’s too late.  Speak up – don’t think you are “ratting out” a friend or acquaintance if they say something about an incident that you know is wrong or dangerous to themselves or another human being.  We all need courage and strength to stand up for what is right.  Morgan’s parents know there are people that know who the stalker is and what he has done, but they have so far choosen to not come forward to help.

When all good people pull together, and don’t allow others to get away with evil there will be less harm done to others.  The local law enforcement agencies do not have the time or resources to help us out all the time.  We need to be vigilant, we need to help each other, and can not turn a blind eye to what is happening around us.

  Knowledge is the antidote to fear.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
  The laws can be changed to protect the victims.  Stalkers come in all different types and make no mistake they are dangerous, very dangerous, psychologically, physically and emotionally.  
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