Morgan Jennifer Ingram
August 16, 1991 - December 2, 2011
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  Morgan's Life  
  Morgan was only 20 years old when her life was cut short by her stalker – she was a beautiful and kind person that was gifted, profound and uniquely brilliant. Known for her very caring heart and loving soul, nothing came before helping others. She was a photographer, artist, writer, and ballet dancer who loved to play the piano, sing, and laugh. She found great enjoyment in simple things like baking goodies for friends and family and just watching the sunrise.  
  Her favorite quote of Bayazid Bistami was, “The thing we tell of can never be found by seeking, yet only seekers find it.”  

She surrounded herself with color. She loved philosophy, yoga, and meditation, along with every animal she ever met. Morgan taught herself to play the piano, crotchet, knit, sew and enjoyed horseback riding, biking, smiling (constantly), hiking, reading and hula. She loved to learn new things and make crafts. She taught herself other languages, first some French and then Lithuanian. Always finding time for volunteer work and working with children.

  Morgan was born in Colorado, living on her parent’s ranch with her brother and sister in Old Snowmass. Growing up in a time when most people in the valley still did not even lock their cars or their homes, except at night. Her family felt very safe in Colorado, they didn’t fully realize that monsters can exist anywhere. Morgan especially loved the Aspen Community School, and after graduation, Aspen High School. She met many wonderful and talented friends along her life’s journey. Morgan was a very gentle person, avoiding “drama” in her life, and was what people referred to as an “old soul” ever since she was born.  
  While her stalking became abundantly apparent on August 3, 2011, it had most likely started long before that. It was just the time her stalker chose to make his presence known.  
  Morgan had just come back from a trip to California, along with her brand new puppy. She had spent what would become her last summer break visiting her Godparents and working for her sister in California. She was happy to finally be home, looking forward to spending some time with friends, taking her puppy to the park, and just hanging out. While preparing for her junior year of college at CU Boulder.  
Photo Courtesy of: Cooper Marshall
  Morgan had completed 2 years of college with an AA degree from Colorado Mountain College. As she watched her older relatives and friends struggling to find work, despite their college degrees, Morgan decided to delay her transfer to CU Boulder and take a yoga teaching certification program, as a back up. She was then planning to complete her last 2 years of college, earn her Bachelor’s Degree, then take the LSAT’s to get into law school. Morgan had mapped this path in her planning journal, right down to the GPA's and LSAT scores she would need.  
  Morgan was spending summer afternoons with her puppy Wylah in Carbondale, visiting with other dogs and friends. Her puppy was a total joy to her – she wanted to be with her all the time.  
  She started the fall semester at Colorado Mountain College; taking 2 ballet classes per day, 5 days aweek, along with yoga, meditation, and daily outdoor activity in her attempt to achieve some semblance of balance.  
  Morgan with her cat Mogwai - he was such a momma’s boy, calling out “Ma, Ma”, whenever he missed her.  
  Ballet became her release, her escape from what her world had become, she always managed to keep dancing!  
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