Morgan Jennifer Ingram
August 16, 1991 - December 2, 2011
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Morgan's Murder

  Morgan Ingram was found by her parents Friday morning, December 2, 2011. A single baby doe was walking by her window at 3:45 am, it seemed to stop and turn to look, as if to be the first to whisper to Morgan how much the world was going to miss her. First responders were shaken badly; paramedics ceased efforts to revive her shortly after arriving. There was quiet, followed by slow solemn activity. The afternoon weather was turning and it became dark, snow began falling that evening. A light snow, just enough to cover the ground.  

In the weeks that followed people who had been a part of Morgan's life began to reach out to her parents with stories of Morgan, of how she had changed their lives. First one, then another, then far too many for all the details to be remembered. Morgan, through her loving and caring and inspiration was helping people to an extent that had not begun to be fully appreciated during her life. A host of single tales that when all gathered together told of a very special soul, a young woman who cared far more about what she could give.

Once all of her pictures are collected and published she will certainly be appreciated for the photographer she was. Morgan saw beauty everywhere and uniquely captured it on over 40,000 images!

Once a collaborator is chosen and her manuscripts are completed the world will also discover what a gifted and dedicated writer she was. In the second grade Morgan was tested at college level in writing, that ability was woven into every plan she had for her future.

  For all her many gifts, for all that she did in her time in this world, she would want everyone to know just how much she loved them. . . and how she did not want to leave, of how it was not her time . . . but that story is for us to write, for us to carry on where she can not. For all of us to do some little thing Morgan would have done if she were still here. She has left a job for us, and between us all we shall see it through because - Morgan - we all love you - - forever and ever . . .  
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