Morgan Jennifer Ingram
August 16, 1991 - December 2, 2011
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Photo Courtesy of: Max Barbanell
Stalked, Terrorized and Murdered
On December 1, 2011 Morgan came home in the early evening, tired but seemingly safe.  She laid in bed inside her family home with her parents down the hall, texting, ready for sleep, planning for the weeks ahead.  Morgan's new puppy was by her side as Morgan drifted off to sleep. Sleep had been elusive for Morgan as a predatory stalker was terrorizing her relentlessly for the last four months.
At times he watched through her windows, tapping to announce his presence, or banging loudly to startle and frighten her. The human predator was intent on turning her existence into a living hell. He followed her, taking pleasure in his ability to frighten and terrorize Morgan seemingly at will. Always so cautious to not reveal his identity. Mocking the helpless Sheriff and his Deputies as they responded to all the pleas for help.
Sometime that fateful night we know that the stalker escalated his hunt. In what is certainly every parent’s worst nightmare, Morgan was murdered. And the lives of family, friends, and countless others were forever changed.
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