Morgan Jennifer Ingram
August 16, 1991 - December 2, 2011
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  Mission Statement  

First, this website shares our experiences in the hopes of raising awareness. We can't live in fear, but we must know the full spectrum of the dangers stalking presents. We, Steve and Toni Ingram believe by telling the story of our daughter Morgan, the experiences and failings we went through will help others.

Next we will never stop pushing Morgan’s case through the justice system – whatever it takes. And we will constantly question the many deficiencies in Morgan’s case in order to arrive at a better course of action for others. Most importantly instead of losing faith in the criminal justice system let's change it - we can do it!

Finally we will also seek to change laws. Morgan's case and her story is getting attention, but is in it's infancy now. We are getting lots of help and support and very soon this will be very big. If it's not Morgan's story it will be another young woman who should never have had to go through what she went through. Changing laws to protect the victims will only happen when the outcry becomes large enough, and the focus sharp enough. Until that day comes we will start with the simple theory that the more people who know and get involved, the better.

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Changing Laws

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