Is Colorado Hiding Crimes?

Steve asked me a question today, he asked me what I thought Morgan would want the most right now, and I didn’t have to think long – in fact I really didn’t have to think at all, because it’s such a simple answer, for anyone that knew Morgan.  Morgan would have wanted people to be safe from anything bad happening to them.

All the years I lived in Colorado I felt so safe, I felt like nothing bad could happen, very naïve I know, and then the most unspeakable tragedy that could ever happen, did happen…Morgan was murdered.

I believe it is not safe in some parts of Colorado, and it’s the brutal truth.  Evil and danger can exist anywhere, but in some parts of Colorado the truth remains hidden, crimes are not reported as crime stats to the FBI, things are covered up, and the public is not informed, so they can’t take the proper measures to protect their families.  Colorado does not have a mechanism for checks and balances, so if a sheriff and a coroner decide to cover-up a potential murder, then it will never show up as a homicide stat.  Our family has had to learn that the hardest way you can since Morgan’s murder was covered-up. So what I want to do right now is warn other parents, and young women, about the dangers that are lurking in the seemingly peaceful valleys of Colorado, because they are sinister, and more dangerous than anyone wants to ever admit – darkness can not remain where there is light and truth.  Colorado needs to shine a light on these crimes, in order to dispel the evil that lurks in their midst.

“The FBI clearance rate data, for their part, rely on information voluntarily reported by local law enforcement agencies around the country, and not all departments participate.” 

Why?  Because when law enforcement conducts itself in such a way, that when these things can, and do happen, they keep people in the dark, it keeps our crime rate up, and it puts our citizens in danger. Morgan’s stalking was NEVER listed on any stat by the  Garfield County Sheriff, but she was murdered during an active investigation into her felony stalking. Her suspicious death/murder was NEVER reported on any stat – instead the sheriffs, and coroner, sought to cover it up for the first 8 months as natural causes, and then when that decision was being challenged, they changed it to suicide…neither of these manner of deaths were correct, and they knew it, but continued the farce by refusing to ever answer her parents, doctors or any of the criminal and medical experts that sent information to them showing their conclusions were false.  Their “protocol of silence” is the typical procedure for making things “go away.”  And when they do not respond to calls, letters, emails, etc., and the family persists anyway, then the threats start…most families back down at that point.  It is hard enough to live through a horrendous stalking for 4 months, and then wake up to find your daughter dead, and then watch as her murder is covered up…having to be your own investigator on your daughter’s murder is gut-wrenching, but as parents we do it anyway.  Justice is a right – and backing down is not an option.

Horrible things can and do happen, but they can be stopped before they become lethal. If and when law enforcement reports crimes like stalking, and if they have a strong protocol in which to stop the stalkers course of action, before that action becomes lethal, then the crime of stalking can be stopped before a murder occurs.

Always be aware of the dangers in this world, but do not be fearful.  Take action, educate and protect yourself, insist that law enforcement report all incidents.  Make sure others know what is happening in your community.  Empower yourself, whether it is with self defense classes, tasers, alarms, whatever you choose, but know that you are strong, and you need to be…not a victim, only a survivor!

Victims deserve justice, families deserve justice – it’s as simple as that…


This past Fall, on September 30th, I flew to Denver, CO in order to attend quite a few meetings – one of which was the FOHVAMP Annual Meeting and Cold Case Domestic Homicide Study, “The People VS George Ruibal,” on Saturday, October 1st.

After I landed and checked into my hotel I found out from a friend that this very evening, Friday, September 30th, was a Black Moon Eclipse!  I was then told that Chani Nicholas said this new moon is in Libra –  it is actually called the JUSTICE MOON because the sign for Libra is the “scales of justice”this was a really a positive sign for me to hear on this evening before the FOHVAMP meeting.  Here is the link to what she says about the new moon


I was extremely honored to have been appointed the position as the West Coast Regional Director, representing FOHVAMP (Families of Homicide and Missing Persons, and OCCA (Organization of Cold Case Advocates). I was also very excited about connecting with some of the Colorado co-victims that I had been working with.

I met one of my friends from Northern California shortly after my plane landed.  The other 2 in our group had had their flight delayed, so my friend and I left in an Uber for the hotel.  After many hours enjoying the company of my friends and associates from the JS Intuitive Investigations Alliances, of which I am proud to announce that I am the Law Enforcement Investigations Case Manager, I excused myself and went up to my room to get some long needed rest.

I opened the curtains to my room and gazed out at the sites of Denver.  I felt a twinge of sadness that I no longer lived in Colorado.  Then I asked out loud, “Morgan, tomorrow’s a big day, please send me a sign.”  After that I went to sleep.  The next morning while getting ready to go to the meeting, I called Steve.  This is when something very strange happened. My phone was set on speaker, after I clicked on Steve’s number I had laid it on the counter top on speaker phone – I heard it start to ring Steve’s number, then all of a sudden, out of the blue, it started playing the song by the Beatles “With a Little Help From My Friends.”  It was not only playing the song, but it was playing it REALLY LOUD!

I had no idea how to turn it off – I was shocked, then all of a sudden it went silent and I heard Steve’s voice say, “Hello.”  I told him what had just happened.  I asked him if he knew why my cell phone just started playing that song, then all of a sudden stopped when he said hello.  He laughed and said, “It was Morgan sending you a sign that everything that is about to unfold this weekend will be fine, and you will get by with a little help from your friends.  Now why didn’t I realize that?  It made perfect sense.  My team from JS Intuitive Investigation Alliances had flown in with me to attend the meetings.  Well I guess “signs” are always coming to us, but we don’t always recognize all of them. 🙂  After I “got it” I said thank you to Morgan out loud.


Toni Ingram, Jennifer Shaffer, Rob Wells, Michelle Eddins and Joyce Jackson

Having had a great meeting, earning my P.O.S.T. credits, talking with some amazing people that are doing amazing work in Colorado for the families of victims, and spending time with some of the co-vicitims that I have worked with over the years, left me feeling really wonderful by the end of the day.  The next meeting was just as enlightening.

The following day was very special, as I watched and helped as my “Team” gave of their time (as always) to grieving parents.  The time passed so fast that before I knew it it was time to head back to the airport.  Taking one last look towards the snow-capped mountains, I felt a pull at my heart.  I love Colorado, and yet until things change, I do not want to live there.  Since my trip to October I remember my thoughts, and know it is up to me to make sure these changes take place.  Yes, I know I have done a lot – I know I have helped many…and yet I have not done the last things Steve and I have known all along we would have to do…tell Morgan’s whole story.  Yes, I have told her story, and it was painful, but not her whole story.  We also held back information, always in the hope that the state of Colorado would open her investigation, but they didn’t.  Not to say they didn’t try, but it didn’t happen.  So now we keep climbing up higher and higher, knowing that eventually our voices will be heard.  Cross your fingers that 2017 will be the year of justice for Morgan.

When it comes to capital murder, luckily there is no statute of limitation.  Because justice is a RIGHT!

Not a victim of stalking? Are you kidding me?

Crazy as it seems, there have been a small group of people that keep insisting that our daughter Morgan Ingram was not even a victim of stalking.  I guess it doesn’t matter to them what the truth is.  They don’t seem deterred by the fact that she was murdered during an ACTIVE investigation into her stalking only 2 days after her felony stalking detective warned us that he believed her stalking was about to escalate and he would be assigning additional patrols to our home.

The forensic pathologist, Dr. Kurtzman, who did our daughter Morgan’s autopsy, has had his credentials as a doctor questioned by nearly every expert that has reviewed both of his Postmortem Report’s. He concluded on the first report that Morgan died of natural causes, and then after threats that he would change it to suicide if I, Toni Ingram (Morgan’s mom) didn’t back off from questioning him, he did in fact change it to suicide.

That same pathologist, Kurtzman, also wrote, in both reports, that Morgan was the victim of stalking (because she was – she was murdered during an ACTIVE felony stalking investigation), yet there are still a small group of people out on the Internet (and they know who they are, and what their agenda is) claiming that there was never a stalking.  This is the worst form of victim bashing there is.  Why?  Because these sick people are protecting the criminals. They have had a consistent, relentless agenda for the last 5 years as they continually bash the victim…using deceitful tactics, giving out misinformation, changing the facts, and outright lying.  They are always acting like they have pure, unmotivated reasons for their actions, which is absolutely untrue…the bottom line is that they are lying and victim-blaming / victim-bashing – and this is pure evil! Lies help criminals get aways with their crimes – it allows murderers to still live among us.

“Viciousness is part of the world we live in, some of us choose to ignore it with the rationalisation of wanting only positivity to flow our way. How selfish we have become! That the pain of others has become a hindrance to the fulfilment of our positive selves.” – Aysha Taryam

The Missing Frog Prince…from a Valentine’s Day long ago


Today on Valentine’s Day, as I closed my eyes to remember Morgan, another memory “appeared” in my mind.  This happens to me quite often.  They are always important pieces to the puzzle that have to do with Morgan’s case. On the morning of December 2, 2011, when so many things were happening, it was just too much to process.  We had just found our youngest daughter, dead in her bed.  We were in shock.  We were in pain.  And yet we did hear what was being said, and we did retain it.

I have mentioned to other parents, of recently murdered children, that for me it was like hundreds of little puzzle pieces constantly swirling above my head, and all you want is for them to fall into place, in order to show a “complete” picture of what happened to my child.  Then I see these parents open their eyes wide, as if surprised and happy that someone expressed what they themselves have been feeling.  What I usually hear them say, is “Yes, that is exactly it!”

So when the memory of this little keychain “appeared” in my mind I immediately knew why.  The morning of Morgan’s murder, when her felony stalking detective, Garfield County Sheriff Rob Glassmire, asked me if Morgan was missing a keychain, i looked at the rack where we all hung our keys, and said no. The keychain Morgan used to drive the car (my keychain), the one with the front door key on it to the new lock we had put on our front door, was hanging on the rack.  But what I hadn’t remembered that morning was that Morgan did have her own keychain, the one with this little frog prince on it.  I didn’t remember because Morgan had not used it since a couple of weeks after the stalking had started.

Why hadn’t she used her keychain?  Because her car had almost 300,000 miles on it at the time, and was having some mechanical problems.  So when we realized she had a stalker(s) I told her I would prefer she just drive my car, as a safety precaution.  Then when our front door lock started to break, and Steve replaced it, my keychain only had the new front door key on it – the old key was no longer on my keychain.

And why does it matter if her keychain was never found after her murder?  Because it not only had her car key on it, but it also had the old front door key on it.  And that matters because that key also opened the door into the house from the garage, and possibly unlocked the french door from the back patio into the master bedroom – but I never thought of that at the time.  Then after we had gone through all of Morgan’s things and packed them up to move, I realized her keychain was no where to be found.  We looked everywhere, but never found it.  We reported this to the detective, but like so many other details in her case he had no interest in the missing keychain.  Someone knows where this keychain is and could lead us to even more answers.

If you live in Colorado, and if you ever remember seeing someone that may be connected with Morgan’s case, with this same keychain, please contact Northern Colorado Crimes Stoppers.  The process is completely secure and anonymous.  Tips can be sent via telephone, text or email at 800-222-TIPS or 800-222-8477 or via the web at or by text or SMS, Text “NOCO (plus your message)” to 274637. Upon reception of your first incoming message, the system will auto-reply with a confirmation containing your unique Tip ID., To submit follow-up information, you simply reply.  Nothing else is needed.  All follow-up tips, and even your replies from the application, are written under the original record.  They are shown threaded and date/time stamped in the narrative.  The thread may be terminated by the text STOP at any time.  You can also manually select the “Terminate Thread” button from within the application.

All calls are anonymous and all communications are encoded and encrypted.

There is a reward available for any tips that lead to an arrest in Morgan’s case – thank you!



A Stalking Taken Seriously – Aspen, CO

Here is a news report about a stalking out of Aspen, CO – this stalker was apprehended and sentenced.  I applaud the Aspen police for their swift and efficient protocol in this case.  Stalking should always be taken seriously, and serious consequences should be imposed.

Aspen, CO is where Morgan went to school, before attending college.  Aspen is at one end of the Roaring Fork Valley.  We lived in the Roaring Fork Valley when Morgan was killed, but it was in a different county – there are 3 different counties in just a short distance from each other.  From one end of that valley to the other, there are also 9 separate law enforcement agencies, and none of them shared information about suspects or cases. For so many years it seemed like such a small valley to us, with only one degree of separation. It gave you a sense of community.  Little did we know back then, if crimes are not exposed and shared between agencies, and citizens are not informed, then they can not protect their families or neighbors from dangers lurking in their community.  Knowledge is extremely important, which is why community policing is an extremely important concept.

Wouldn’t this be nice if all stalking cases would be taken seriously, and handled rapidly, for better outcomes like this one was?  If they were I believe we would have so many less lives destroyed.  We need all law enforcement agencies to adopt a National Protocol on Stalking. 

Man who stalked girls in Aspen sentenced