Help Solve This Unsolved Crime – Justice For Morgan!

Please share with everyone you know, and if you can please Tweet a link to this post to any, or all, the Colorado Representatives listed in the hash tags below (especially Kent Lambert of the 9th District where the crime occurred @KentLambert ‏) …let’s get justice for Morgan!

Morgan loved & cared about everyone – now we can all help. Talk to each other about her stalking and murder – listen and call the tip line at NORCO with any little bit of information…you can stay anonymous. There is a reward for information leading to an arrest, you can become a hero for Morgan.

Living life to the fullest means never living in fear, following your path, and being of service to others – it is an awesome feeling. Thanks!

You can submit a tip on this crime by clicking on this link…

To the person that murdered my daughter…yes, I know you read this blog

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I know it’s been over 5 years now, and you must be starting to feel like you really got away with murder…and so far you have.  What I want you to know is during those 5 years Steve & I have never given up our search for the truth, and your father and his friend will NOT be able to cover for you much longer, not after an investigation is opened into Morgan’s murder, and it will be opened.  First I would like you to understand that scientific evidence can’t lie, it always tells the truth, it is indisputable evidence.  It is not circumstantial, although we have a lot of that too.  And the scientific evidence proves without a doubt that Morgan was murdered at the hands of another.

We know much, much more than has ever been released, and remember there is NO STATUE OF LIMITATION ON MURDER.  We never gave up, nor will we ever give up, not until Morgan receives justice.  You had no right to take her life, and the truth will come out!

And to the others that assisted in the stalking, murder and cover-up please know that you are accomplices in the eyes of the law and we haven’t forgotten about you either…people used to be smart enough to come forward and make a deal so they wouldn’t go to jail along with the offender, but I am not so sure about people these days…do they really think if they lay low no one will see them?  I guess we will just have to wait and see.  If they do want a better outcome they can always call Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers and tell them what they know and then ask for the person in charge so they can be a witness instead of an accomplice.

North Colorado Crime Stoppers
P.O. Box 18063
Boulder, CO 80308-8063
Call: 1.800.222.TIPS
Text: NOCO with your message to
CRIMES (274637)




Morgan we miss you every single day…

Morgan – we miss you so very much, every single day…and this holiday weekend was even harder than usual.  While going through some things we ran into so many reminders of you.  Dad and I cried, and cried every single time.  Not because of the memories…the memories of you make us smile, we cry because every little thing of yours reminds us that you are no longer around.

And in addition to that, our big sweet Tessi is soon going to be joining you.  She has had a long life for a giant Newf.  She has given us all unconditional love and happiness, and we are so grateful to have had her as part of our family.  After you left this world she was very depressed.  She was sulking and not wanting to eat.  She would lie and watch the front door hoping, just like us, that you would walk in, just like always, and look at her and say, “Hello beautiful.”  Tessi really misses that.

After a while she finally got her zest for life back, and became a companion to your puppy Wylah May.  They became inseparable, and still are to this very day.  It’s going to be hard without Tessi, but her physical “battery” is running down, and every day is more of a struggle for her.  She led a purposeful life and deserves all the comfort and love we can give her at this time.  I know she will be crossing over the Rainbow Bridge soon, and in my heart I know when she gets to the other side you will be right there waiting to greet her with, “Hello beautiful” once more.  Love is the most important, and the most powerful thing in this world, and we know you lived it every day of your life Morgan.

I will miss you every day – and always will until I see you again, when I come to the end of my “purpose” on this planet.  I love you Morgie, forever & ever.  Mom

Sage advice from Morgan…


When I saw this picture on the Internet, it reminded me of something Morgan had said.  Morgan used to talk to me about so many things, and in her own “Morgie” way, she would softly make suggestions that were extremely deep, and meaningful.

Just before she died she reminded me, once again, that we weren’t put on this planet to just work & pay bills…life has so much more meaning, with important life purposes.

Yes, we have to pay the bills, but she was right – when you open up to the Universe – open up to your higher self – you can support yourself AND live the life you were meant to live.  A life with meaning.  A life that you can be happy about.

I guess that is why I used to always call Morgan “my little Buddha”  – ever since she was a little girl.  Some of you will relate when I say, she was wise beyond her years.

I miss my little Buddha, but all her insightful suggestions have stayed with me, and still help me to this very day.  I am still learning, and understanding from her…who said children don’t teach their parents?  The most important lessons in life I have learned from my children – I will always be grateful that I am their mother.

The picture below was taken of Morgan, right around the time I started calling her my little Buddha…she is very young in this picture, but she was already very wise – she had a “knowing” about her since the day she was born.