More heroes in the fight for justice for Morgan against her stalking and murder want humanity brought back in to this world

Weeks ago I thanked supporters of this blog.  Those who have helped us so much with the emotional toll that is faced by anyone in our position, as parents of a child that was violently stalked, and murdered.

But there are so many others who have delved deeply into the medical and investigative mysteries presented by Morgan’s case.  It is not easy on any level for me to learn what they have discovered.  Morgan was not only my little angel, she was the little angel of our family.  She was a person who helped, shared and nurtured so many things in this world that needed a little extra help.  Throughout the grieving of her passing all of us have had an especially hard time with discoveries of just how Morgan was treated after all of the caring that she gave so freely to others.

I have read a story recently about the victims of the Batman theater massacre in Aurora, CO, and how all their information must now be redacted from court documents because these victims, and their loved ones, who without doubt have suffered mightily since that night, and the many days that followed the shooting, and are now apparently being senselessly harassed and attacked on the Internet.  I wonder how anyone could find a justification for doing this?  Why would you attack the victims of a crime?

In Morgan’s case there have also been those who have chosen to harass and verbally attack Morgan, Steve, I, her extended family, and other supporters, victims who’s only wish is to have an investigation of her case.    But after reading about how it is happening in the Batman shootings, which is just entering its infancy in court, I wonder much more about those who would do the same to Morgan.  What really is their true motivation for this?

Do they support the rights of stalkers?  Do they simply question the truth?  Are they so blindly devoted to the perpetrator of this crime that they never question what others are saying?  While I agree there are most certainly two sides to every story, there is also obvious facts that will not change.  A house painted bright red will, after all, always be a house painted bright red, and arguing that fact seems a bit disingenuous.

The reality in Morgan’s case is that many of the real facts of her case remain known to only a very few.  So how is it, you might wonder, that so many can purport to have complete knowledge, and the true story of what happened, when they simply can not?  I think there are very few reasons to engage is such behavior.  And before I get a flood of demands to “give out all the evidence or I will have or face the consequences”, once again, I will not.  These are decisions for others to make, not me alone, and in a court of law, because it shall be there, so very sadly, that the end of Morgan’s life here with us will be played out.

Morgan was the victim in this saga, Steve and I were also victims, along with so many others, siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, Grandparents, Godparents, Aunts, Uncles, and friends, who all knew and loved sharing her presence, but now must make do with only the memories.  For me personally, the need to prevent this from happening to others is very strong.  The need to raise awareness of the true dangers of stalking is very strong.  And the need for changes that will see that this is all taken so much more seriously by those that were empowered to prevent it from the beginning, is very strong.

There is a very poignant story to tell about the life of our daughter Morgan, that will be shared on the day her Foundation officially launches, which I hope will be soon.  Until then, thank all of you who have helped with trying to bring true closure to Morgan’s stalking and her most untimely death.

Your dedication here helps all victims of stalking so much, because as I am discovering now more than ever,  so many victims either feel that or actually are – not believed – until it is too late in some cases.  And for victims to be believed is the first step to ending this horrible crime against them.



12/27/2011 – Day 26 of Morgan’s investigation – which direction to choose?

We are so lucky to have our family, and friends around us still…Steve and I wake up on this day still in shock, still in pain, but we realize something – we have only two choices now; either accept that we can’t bring Morgan back, and do whatever it takes to find out what happened to her, or curl up in a ball, and give up on life completely.

Well I guess you all know by now what we chose to do.  It was not easy to do, and do not think it was without pain, because every step of the way has been extremely painful.  But our hearts were telling us this was the right thing to do, so we pushed forward, and cried everyday, and saw our grief therapist once a week.

And the rewards have come often, and offered great comfort to us.  Our counselor has been one of the big unsung heroes in our lives.  She kept us strong, she kept us on the right track, and most of all she kept us together, because the odds are against parents staying together after a horrifying, and indescribable ordeal like this are pretty slim.  She knew we needed each other to follow this path to it’s end, just one of us alone couldn’t do it, when one of us falters, the other needs to step quickly in to help pull them the other up, until continual motion is achieved.  While it may sound easy, trust me it has not been.  To her we will always be in debt – she is an angel – guiding us as angels do.

Back on this Tuesday, 12.27.2011 my notes show me that we had rental houses to go see…I couldn’t stand the thought of being in this house even for another day, as I kept thinking, praying, hoping, that Morgan would come in the front door with a big smile and say to Tessi, “you are beautiful” just like she always did.  But this was never to be.  Tessi (our Newfoundland) was still just lying on the floor, grieving, not wanting food, or any interaction.  Morgan’s puppy Wylah would start to cough, and act like she was having an asthma attack, every time we spoke of Morgan…later on our veterinarian told us that was her way of grieving…pets are like people – they all grieve differently.  And then there was Morgan’s cat Mogwai – he was really a Momma’s boy, and he seemed to know early on that his Momma was not coming back.  We worried the most about him.  From the day Morgan was no longer with us we never heard him call out to her like he always did, “Momma, Momma” and to this very day he never calls “Momma”.  At one point on January 2nd he looked like he had given up on life, and we needed some divine intervention, I could not take the pain of loosing one of Morgan’s precious pets, after loosing her – and then quite a completely unexpected, and amazing thing happened, but that story is still to come.