December, 28 – Day 27 of Morgan’s Investigation, of course he didn’t tell her.


There was an engaging conversation back in the beginning of November 2011.  If you wish to refresh your memory, Tuesday, November 1st, a person was walking around our house, at night, getting caught on the cameras, and I came to think of it as quite an obvious alibi set up for a number of reasons.  And on top of that a chain of events was set off that night that still resonates today.

We found out right away from E.F. that Keenan VanGinkel was out of town, hunting with his grandfather in Texas to complete the rumor.  Maybe a day or two later we were stopped along a subdivision drive and having a very rare talk with Brooke Harris who, between telling her gathered friends to “shut up” about what they had heard about the stalker, was quick to point out to that she had heard there was now video evidence that exonerated her boyfriend Keenan.  She never really specified exactly what he was “exonerated” from, her word not mine, and even today I have to wonder if that was a big Freudian slip on her part, because in order to be exonerated, I’m pretty sure you have to be convicted first.

We had a brief snowstorm that night, heavy wet snow that accumulated into an inch or two.  Very surprising considering how little time it actually snowed for.  If you look back at the cameras and see what time it starts to snow and then what time the “young woman” walks around the house, and then when it stops snowing, you can’t help but think that the arrival of snow was just about perfect to catch the trail with all the footprints she left in the snow.  The sudden little storm had to have caught them by complete surprise, which is probably why she stopped over on the back side of the berm to text with someone right in the middle of her walk.  May have been to give an update about the weather, and see if they should abort the mission.  But they carried the carefully planned deception through to completion anyway.

Remember the map Steve had handed the deputy?  I’m looking at it right now and the trail of prints in the snow starts right at Brooke Harris’ back door.  I always thought that was a pretty big clue.

And the engaging conversation?  It was one of those Facebook conversations that you can have over days or months, and won’t show up on your “wall’ making it private, until you decide to share it with someone else.  First Morgan’s felony stalking detectives had it, and then late December I got a copy.  Most of the language used wouldn’t be allowed on this blog without heavy redacting, but there were luckily three clips that can be printed as is.

The first one is this:

November 3, 2011


Keenan James Vanginkel

So I just found out way ur talking about. Dude that was like 5 months ago and the cops excluded me out of that cuz I work all night everynight and I’m in Texas right now and at that time I was dating brooke. If I had to guessing would say it was Wiley cuz that started like 3 days after he moved in.

Seems Keenan VanGinkel always had someone else to accuse, even Brooke Harris, wonder if she knows what she’s supposed to have done?  Then a day later, after some real “longshoreman’s talk” he reinforces everything from the first clip and adds some directions so we can find the, “real,” suspect, in Keenan’s never ending misdirection.

November 4, 2011


Keenan James Vanginkel

Idk I heard something happened on Tuesday. I was on my way to Texas Tuesday. There is a teen named Wiley that lives in the middle house at the end of the street that’s the only person I could guess.

And the last clip he wants to be sure that, make no doubt, there are plenty of alibis and plenty of witnesses all lined up already.  But if you didn’t do anything, why do you need plenty of alibis and lots of witnesses?  And why in the world would you need to go all the way to Texas to be exonerated by video evidence?

November 6, 2011


Keenan James Vanginkel

Idk why you are giving me so much trouble cuz I have done nothing wrong. For everything u are accusing me of I will have a story for and multiple people to prove that I wasn’t there. But if u don’t stop right now I will press charges against you.

Now Keenan VanGinkel could not have known back then, because I assume he had not seen the wildlife cam photos taken in the driveway, but Wiley is absolutely not the person in front of Steve’s truck, sorry Wiley, but I didn’t want to change a word of the conversation clips.  And Wiley had not moved in to the neighborhood until way after the stalking and terrorization had been going on.

And Keenan VanGinkel also could not have known back then that I would start a blog about Morgan’s stalking and murder.  I didn’t even know, I thought it was just a matter of time and law enforcement would do what they needed to do, and I started this blog to raise awareness.  So I’m very sure he didn’t know.  And he didn’t know either that Morgan’s Stalking Blog would go over 4 million views in over 115 countries – not because I am such a good writer, but because stalking is such an enormous problem, and Morgan’s story hits on a very big chord that runs all the way around the world.

So Keenan VanGinkel had no way of knowing that with all this attention, his mother’s very good friend rumored to be out on the west coast, and his Godmother of all things, would be forced to assume multiple identities on the Internet, and troll every website that mentions Morgan, and the truth about her stalking and murder culled from wildlife cam pictures, video clips, eye witness testimony, forensic evidence, emails, text messages, phone records, Facebook comments, television show appearances, interviews, and even some Sheriff’s evidence – she defends Keenan VanGinkel any way she could.  And as her lies grew bigger, and bigger she would even have to come to claim there was not even a stalking – she says it never happened!

You can see the rather obvious problem when the young man she is so blindly defending admitted he knew all about the stalking a long time ago, he just forgot to tell her he had.  Or maybe in all her excitement, she never asked.  Reminds me of the time Detective Glassmire came back from his interviews of the Harris’.  When Christina Harris claimed that her daughter Brooke Harris was spreading all the false rumors about the stalking, and letting no good deed go unpunished, then Brooke Harris claimed that her mother Christina Harris was spreading all the false rumors about the stalking.  Detective Glassmire found humor in their attempts to cover for themselves, or for each other, and said that, “you’d think they could at least get their lies straight.”

This was one day in Morgan’s Stalking – one day, a few conversations, and a few interviews.  I have to ask, is it just me, or how did Justice for Morgan so cleanly slip from “we are really close to making an arrest” to “we don’t even have a suspect, in fact we never had a suspect?”  Where did Morgan’s rights go?  Because there are a lot of other victims out there, and we better start asking – who’s looking out for their rights?