December 31, 2011 – Day 30 of Morgan’s investigation – tonight is New Year’s Eve, is the stalker/murder is feeling safe?

Today was Saturday and it was quiet, very quiet.  No one out in the street, no noise in the air.  It was still as could be, almost like the Universe was holding its breath.

Tonight Morgan’s sister, and husband are taking us out to dinner to get us out of the house.  They want to try to get us to talk about something other than the tragedy that we have all endured.  They made a dinner reservation at the Redstone Inn, and we went there not thinking that we would see anyone we knew, but we did (that’s this valley for you)…an old friend with her new boyfriend.  She had known Morgan since Morgan was 11 years old, and was so sorry about what had happened to her.  So no matter what people think, as parents in this type of situation you can totally stop thinking about it even for an evening…something or someone will come up to you and it’s like that old saying about the elephant in the room.  So if you are to survive you have to put on your armor and realize you have to push forward, and fight – do the right thing – be the person that has to relive this horrible thing over, and over again with other people until the right authorities are willing to take up the fight with you.

And that became my prayer for the New Year 2012.  We all know now that Morgan’s case did not get opened in 2012, BUT what not many do not know is that in 2012 so many amazing people, and specialists jumped on board our ship to help us get to a point where law enforcement can take up the torch (if they are willing), and bring the guilty parties to court.  It doesn’t matter to me how many people related to, or that are friends of the guilty party, they may try to distract, misdirect, or whatever the new trick of the day might be.  This is a generational thing in my family – it has been going on for many 100’s of years…we never, ever give up.  It is passed down from every mother to every child, and continues today.  It really doesn’t matter how much our local County is trying to cover for itself…the truth will come out, as it always does – eventually if you never give up, and we will NEVER give up – the truth will come out – we will go all the way to DC if we have to, and thank God there is never any time limit put on murder.


A picture that was shared on my facebook and I wanted to share with you.