Tessi Has Gone Over The Rainbow Bridge…

Tessi came to the end of her journey on earth yesterday…I kissed her face for the last time, and stroked her soft fur. She traveled over the Rainbow Bridge, and I believe she is at peace, no longer in pain.  I truly believe she is finally reunited with one of her favorite souls…Morgan.  Why do I believe that?  I was shown a sign just before Tessi passed – a tiny white feather was stuck to my sunglasses, as I went to put them on to hide my tears.  I know it was a sign from Morgan – Morgan was letting me know she would be there to greet Tessi when she arrived on the other side.

My heart is hurting, and I feel a huge emptiness.  At the same time I am extremely grateful for having had Tessi in my life for 11 years.  She was an amazing dog, and she was very loved.  There are no words to explain the joy she brought into all of our lives.  She lived a very purposeful, and loving life – she will be missed.


Help Solve This Unsolved Crime – Justice For Morgan!

Please share with everyone you know, and if you can please Tweet a link to this post to any, or all, the Colorado Representatives listed in the hash tags below (especially Kent Lambert of the 9th District where the crime occurred @KentLambert ‏) …let’s get justice for Morgan!

Morgan loved & cared about everyone – now we can all help. Talk to each other about her stalking and murder – listen and call the tip line at NORCO with any little bit of information…you can stay anonymous. There is a reward for information leading to an arrest, you can become a hero for Morgan.

Living life to the fullest means never living in fear, following your path, and being of service to others – it is an awesome feeling. Thanks!

You can submit a tip on this crime by clicking on this link…http://nococrimestoppers.com/unsolved-crimes/morgan-jennifer-ingram-suspicious-death#.WUFIzz8DKyg.facebook