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Martin Luther King stated that “Hatred can not drive out hatred, only love can do that.”

Today on 7/7/17 please visualize peace and love.  As my heart aches for all the horrible injustices that were done to Morgan, as well as so many other victims, I try to remind myself that only light can dispel the darkness, and love is that light.

From the very moment that I realized Morgan was no longer in her body, while Steve was still performing CPR, a huge thundering “thought” showed up in my mind…that thought was LOVE.  I looked at her and said, “I love you Morgan, and I know you are still on your journey.”  For a moment, while tears of loss spilled down my face, I “felt” a bright light, filled with peace and love.  This was Morgan – she was sending me these feelings.

I’m sure that moments later I went into shock.  I remember crying and begging the Universe to show me a “replay” button, so I could push it and go back to the day before, and take Morgan far, far away from Colorado – somewhere where her stalker(s) wouldn’t find her.  The replay button never showed up – none of us ever get a chance for a replay.  At that very moment I could have sunk into a life of hate – but Morgan made sure to remind me that love was much more important than hate.

In numerology it is said that the number 7 knows that nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions.  With this I know to remind myself over and over again to never give up the fight for justice.  The illusions created by others can be dispelled and truth will always be revealed – just don’t give up.

What I would like to say tol all of you (because we all have our struggles), please visualize peace and love, and never give up – all great changes have come out of great chaos.  So when everything around you feels dark and impossible, when your world feels like it is closing in, please remember you are stronger than you believe, and we can all get through this with love, not hate.  Let the light drive out hatred and be our guide to the truth.

Blessings for peace, love and justice for all…