Trust your gut…

The best and brightest criminal investigators trust their “gut,” or what we call intuition. We should too.

Criminal cases get solved when the investigating detective asks many questions, of many people, and then circles back around, after getting conflicting answers (even in the reports you can read the officer’s comment that they “feel” the suspect is lying) to find out WHY they are getting conflicting answers…that’s what they mean by following the evidence in a case.  You question, and question, and question some more.  In most of the cases, that I have now assisted on, I have come to realize that the co-victims, the family of the victim, have many answers that can help solve the case, but they aren’t always asked.  In so many cases the families don’t even realize they have important answers, but they do – they just need someone to ask the right questions.  And sometimes, when they volunteer answers, their words fall on deaf ears…again, I ask WHY?  How can a crime get solved if you don’t want to know the answers?

Everyone involved in a criminal case should work towards the truth.  Every case should be about the truth – if it is not investigated to the fullest, using integrity and ethical practices, then how can it be about the truth?  How can cases ever be solved?  How can there ever be justice for the innocent?  And how can we keep repeat offenders, like the recently arrested Golden State killer, from accumulating more and more victims?  We are so lucky to have the science of DNA evolving to where it is now, but remember DNA analysis only works if law enforcement collects the evidence.  And that is my thought for the day…

When did the pain of others become something to be ignored?

I believe victims need to speak up. It’s hard, but their voices need to be heard, even when others around them do not want to hear about it.  If they do not speak out, then crimes against humanity will continue unabated.

They need to speak loud and speak clear – these victims and co-victims live with so much pain that it is hard for them to speak out – but speak out they must, or the pattern of abuse and murder will continue to repeat itself.

When victims speak out, as we are now hearing in the #MeToo movement, the rest of us have to listen and believe, in order to make the critical changes this world needs.  We need to love, respect and help each other – it doesn’t darken our lives, it illuminates our lives!