An Attempt To Cover-Up?

The Truth Never Changes – I have said this from the very beginning of this Blog. And in view of the Crime Watch Daily series that just aired about Morgan’s case, we need look no further than the statement credited to the Sheriff himself for a very revealing truth.

It’s typed on the screen starting at 5:39 of part 4 on the Crime Watch Daily 4-part series, here is the link to watch it on Crime Watch Daily, scroll down to part 4, and fast forward to 5:39 to see it yourself – Crime Watch Daily 4 Part Series – or trust that I transcribed it correctly and read on.

Nerissa Knight is speaking, “We reached out to the Garfield County Sheriff’s Department for an interview. They responded in part: The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office will not engage in further conversations regarding the Morgan Ingram case. That case is closed, pending any new credible evidence being brought forward…”

This is what the Garfield County Sheriff told Crime Watch Daily. Does anyone else see the conditionally impossible statement being made here? If you will not, “engage in further conversations…” then it is impossible to ever have, “new credible evidence being brought forward…” This is yet just another obvious example of what the sheriff, from the beginning of Morgan’s stalking and right through her murder, did.  Her suspicious death investigation, which lasted all of 4 hours the morning we found her body, was riddled with gross negligence, and this continues to keep any hope of justice for Morgan covered up tightly. And I ask why?

Steve and I already knew this was the defensive posture the sheriff’s department had adopted.  All of our certified letters and legal notifications to the Sheriff about credible evidence was completely ignored and never answered.  We were also contacted by people over the years since Morgan’s murder who have shared their stories of shocking frustration. They said they had called the Garfield County Sheriff’s office, with potential new information and leads about Morgan’s case, only to be told the “the Morgan Ingram case is closed” and then they were hung up on every time. The sheriffs would not listen to any new credible evidence in Morgan’s case, click…

Would that sound like an attempt to cover up our daughter Morgan’s case? Because that is how I see it… look at what they say now, on national TV – that they “will not engage in further conversations regarding the Morgan Ingram case.”  Ok, they won’t listen to anything, just as we were told years ago, back then they followed with terse comments and then a hang up. Oh, and now to sound credible the Sheriff adds, “That case is closed, pending any new credible evidence being brought forward.”

Once again, am I missing something? Or is it just as obvious to you that if you “will not engage in further conversations,” there is absolutely no chance you will ever have, “new credible evidence.” The first statement precludes the second from ever happening.

Now the Sheriff goes an unbelievable step further and adds, ”There was no credible evidence of ‘stalking’ and the case was ruled a suicide by the Garfield County Coroner’s Office.”

No credible evidence of stalking – is he serious? Has he not seen the picture of the stalker watching his deputies drive away? Because when his deputies came back to see that picture, their response was instant and they were filled with anger. They cursed the stalker and his blatant disregard for law enforcement.  They drove away, angered at how he was, “thumbing his nose at them.”  Mark Wynn, an expert on matters of stalkers, and stalking, has stated his assessment about this type of behavior, he says it indicates a dangerous stalker, one to be taken very seriously.  The Deputies got angry the stalker was cavalier to their presence and left, Morgan was killed three months later.  I believe Mark Wynn was correct.

Steve and I were there at 62 Coral Drive through the stalking, every day. We lived the stalking and were both added to the list of victims in this FELONY STALKING case. It was pervasive, frightening, and practically debilitating for us – BUT far, far, worse for our daughter. Morgan had her life turned upside down by the stalking, and with all her determination she fought so hard to maintain her life and press forward. Until she was brutally murdered, just days after the detective predicted the stalking would escalate, and said patrols of our home would be increased… and days before Morgan was scheduled to give video testimony about her stalking, and the detective would collect the prime suspect’s work records. Those records show Keenan Vanginkel clocked into work at exactly 2:00 am on 12/2/2011… The Coroner, Deputy Coroner and Forensic Pathologist made no attempt to establish time of death. Our experts estimate Morgan died between midnight and 1 am, leaving Keenan ample time to have killed her – so how is that an alibi?  Our house was just a 5 minute, or less drive to his job, and at 2 in the morning I guarantee there wasn’t much traffic!

“The case was ruled a suicide by the Garfield County Coroner’s Office? An absolute half truth at the very best, because the sheriff fails to mention that Morgan’s death was ruled NATURAL CAUSES for the first nine months and then, after documented threats to change Morgan’s manner of death if we did not back off, additional testing discovered Sexual Assault drugs in her stomach, and the pathologist then chooses to ignore the scientific fact that it was put there after she was dead, and he fulfills his threat to change his mind to suicide. Medical certainty? Not even close. Scientific fact? Impossible for Morgan to have put a date rape cocktail of five drugs, she did not have, into her stomach after she was dead. Absolutely shocking to how low they will go to justify the wild speculation and gross negligence that has, and obviously now continues to take the place of the facts in Morgan’s case, first as she was victim of felony stalking (read the police reports), and then she was murdered.

The truth that has never changed is that the Sheriff would not accept evidence then, and will not accept any new evidence now, in Morgan’s case. And I know this for many reasons, but to be fair I have never spoken to the Sheriff or met with him in person, just as I have never met with the coroner or spoken with him. Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, and Coroners, in other counties in Colorado, and across the country, have however taken the time to speak with me, in some cases even met with me in person, to offer advice. But in Garfield County there has never been such a simple courtesy.

What I do know is that the Sheriff is always responsible for the actions of each and every deputy and detective he has.  And as for the whole cover-up idea, well wouldn’t not accepting any new evidence on one hand, while you claim to be waiting for new evidence on the other hand, be the first requirement of an ongoing cover-up? Keep the wild speculation, half truths and no truth, front and center, and quash any possibility of new evidence? Because isn’t that exactly what is going on here? By their own admission? I welcome your thoughts.

December 2, 2016 – 5 years since Morgan was taken from this world…


First, let me say THANK YOU for being part of our efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of stalkers, as well as your undying support for justice for Morgan.  I am grateful for all of you at TEAM MORGAN.

On Thursday, December 1st I was feeling extremely emotional and sad.  I was hit with the realization that the next day would be the 5th anniversary of Morgan’s murder.  I remembered every little detail about that Thursday, five years ago…my last day with Morgan.  It was cold and the ground was frozen.  The ground at that time of the year was usually white with snow, but in 2011 it was missing it’s white cover.  In a resort area like the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, people rely on the snow because of the tourist revenue that it brings.  All the details of that day…Morgan sending me a text in the morning that said, “You rock!” made me happy, the memory of the exhaustion and stress caused by the stalking still make me cringe, but the memory of that perfect storm which occured that night, and all the things that went wrong, caused me an immense pain in my heart.  Ever since that perfect storm everything is now remembered as BEFORE Morgan was murdered or AFTER she was murdered… how sick is that?  But it is true – when I speak with someone that is how it slips out of my mouth.  So when someone asks how I am, I smile and say I am fine, but deep inside the reality is my life has changed since her murder, and it will never be the same.

I then spoke out loud and asked Morgan for a sign, and prayed that I would recognize her sign through my tears.  About an hour later, as I was in a rush to leave the house, I opened the back glass door and clearly saw a small white feather “stuck” to the glass.  I smiled and said, “Thank you Morgan.”  Then I ran out the front door and jumped in my car.  As I drove down the street I looked up into the sky and to my surprise I saw a little partial rainbow (in the picture above) peeking out of the clouds.  I thought, “Another sign from Morgan!”  A huge warmth filled by body.

So it has now be 5 years since Morgan was killed…during an ACTIVE investigation into her felony stalking by the Garfield County sheriffs.  No investigation has happened.  No arrests have been made and no justice yet for Morgan.  I did not anticipate the powerful heartbreaking blow that this five year anniversary on Friday, December 2nd would bring.  I know Morgan is still around – I feel her spirit.  I know Morgan’s story has helped a lot of others over the past 5 years, and I know Morgan would be happy about that.  And yet, I feel that it is so wrong that our system of justice seems to be so in favor of the criminal, and not the victim – perhaps that is why we have so many unsolved murders.  There are so many changes that need to be made to get our system of justice up to speed and to get a “jump” on the criminals that seem to have the “system” figured out to their advantage.

There needs to be accountability within all departments of law enforcement and the judicial system.  They shouldn’t be able to just make a “mistake” in a serious crime like murder and then never have to admit to it and never fix it.  Do not take the murder of an innocent victim and “pretend” that it was natural causes as Morgan’s murder was called for eight months or worse, smear her memory by calling it a suicide when all the evidence points to murder, starting with the fact her body was moved and redressed  long after she was dead.  I do know of some places in Colorado that recognize and admit when a mistake is made – mistakes happen…we are all only human.  But if evidence is overlooked, or misunderstood, then admit the mistakes and then work diligently to investigate and solve those murders – like the new District Attorney’s office in Boulder, CO. I commend their commitment to the people of Boulder, as well as their commitment to the oath of office that they took.  For other places in Colorado where they seem to just “bury” their cases without any investigation (like in Morgan’s case) there needs to be some oversight, but there is none. Many police chiefs answer to the oversight of public citizens, where concern for cases can be heard.  Another answer would be to give the Colorado Bureau of Investigation the authority to review cases that don’t seem to be as they are proclaimed to be.  These changes will bring about accountability.  And maybe, just maybe we can get ahead of the criminals, and start to save more lives by solving these crimes before someone else has to die.

In the meantime, please don’t forget Morgan – murdered five years ago in Carbondale, CO, after being a victim of a felony stalking case for only four months. She was a 20-year-old college student at the time of her murder, December 2, 2011.

As well as Kelsie Schelling – the 21-year-old is believed to have been murdered in Pueblo, CO. She was last seen on February 4, 2013.  The evidence points to who was involved and still no arrests have ever been made.

Also, don’t forget Lea Porter – murdered in Colorado, June 2014.  Her murderer was confronted by Lea’s brother who coaxed out a confession. Her murderer is in prison, but has not given up the location of her body.  She would have been 22-years-old today – the 19-year-old was brutally murdered and her family is still looking for her body.  This is the third birthday they have had to endure without her.

And please remember Holly Moore as well.  The 19-year-old was found dead in her Castle Rock, CO apartment on March 6, 2015.  This is another case, similar to Morgan’s where the coroner wrote this down as a suicide when all the evidence as well as 2 highly respected medical examiners reviewed her body and said they believe it was not a suicide, and that she was murdered.  The Colorado coroner refuses to change her manner of death and will not look at any new evidence.

What do all these cases have in common?  All these cases are from Colorado.  There are many, many more cases than these, but I have been personally involved and heartbroken over these cases, and can’t help but see a pattern forming.  Young woman from all over, not just in Colorado, within this age group (19 – 21) seem to be “targeted” for this kind of brutality – and the murderers seem to slip away without any investigation.  Is it because we have so many wonderful crime shows on TV that show us how murderers “almost” get away with murder?  And in reality Colorado’s law enforcement and even many of the coroner’s offices are not trained to understand a staged crime scene or what type of questions that should be asked in order to get to the truth.  In most cases murderers do not just confess – even in the Lea Porter case her murderer denied any involvement in her disappearance convincingly to the police, but thankfully Lea’s brother was able to get a confession out of him.  We all seem to think after watching TV that in most cases CSI is called in to look for clues…unfortunately this is not true.  It is the opposite.  Evidence is lost, crime scenes destroyed, it’s a mess.  And then there is the deputy coroners (many times with NO training) not even taking a body temp to narrow down when death occurred.  So in reality it would be a miracle if these murderers were ever caught and tried for their heinous deeds.

Another thing these cases have in common is US…the parents and siblings of these beautiful young lives that have been taken from us, are still fighting for justice and we will NEVER give up.  Even in the case of Lea Porter – her family wants to find her body and take her home.  They won’t give up either.  We have all lost a piece of our hearts.  We will never get that piece back, and it hurts like hell and always will.  I would never want anyone to know what that pain is like…I would never wish it upon anyone.  But we are all part of this club that we never asked to be in.  Never would have wanted to be in, but we are.  And now we all push forward trying to get justice for our daughters, and make those responsible arrested and tried for their murders.  Let us all share their stories and press our government to become transparent and accountable.  We are now their voices.  They have been taken from this world, but are not forgotten.

If you or someone you know is a victim of murder, here are a few organizations who specialize in victim assistance:


Winter Solstice Starts Today…

Mogwai looking out Morgan's window

Mogwai looking out Morgan’s window

Today, December 21st is the first day of winter, as well as the winter solstice.  It is the shortest day with darkness being greater than the light.  After today our days start to get longer.


Morgan loved the snow, but she never made it to the first day of winter in 2011, as her life was cut short by the person that stole her life from her.  The last post she made on her Facebook page, the day before she was murdered was, “I love life!”  She was so excited because she knew the weather forecast predicted snow was on it’s way.  Within 24 hours of her murder the snow came.  All I could think of while watching it fall from the sky was that Morgan should still be here to see this.

Now, as I woke on the first day of winter, five years after that day in 2011, I realize the solstice represents a time to sit back, and reflect deeply.  It is about renewal, as well as gratitude for the coming light.  I am grateful for every single moment that I shared with Morgan during her short 20 years on this planet.

Wishing you all warm and cozy moments with the ones you love.  Every day we have with our loved ones is a gift that needs to be cherished.


Justice will overtake fabricators of lies…


The truth is, and will always be, the truth. Many people try to change the truth, but in the end the truth always comes out, because unlike a lie, the truth never changes. Thank you Dennis Crowley for always believing in us, and helping all the families who are so weak with grief that they have a hard time getting their story out.

Justice for Morgan!

Private Investigator or Con Artist?

magnifying glass over a blue digital print

magnifying glass over a blue digital print

Why would someone contact grieving families, offer their services, and lie about their credentials?  Preying on families that have been torn to shreds after losing a part of their heart.  Families that want to believe because they need answers…what kind of person lies to these families?  Well, I came in contact with one, as so many other families in my similar situation have dealt with, and here is a story about what recently happened.

Months after Morgan’s death a person named Jacob Ames contacted me through the administrator of Morgan’s Stalking Facebook page.  I was told to just hear him out and he might be able to help us.  I spoke with him over the phone, only once, and trusted my “gut instinct” and very politely told him we were not interested in having a private investigator look into our daughter’s case at the time, because we already had many experts in their fields helping us.  Then I only heard from him once after that, until I decided to help the mother of another young girl that had been brutally murdered in Colorado.

To make a long story short this mother asked me if I had ever heard of a Private Investigator named Jacob Ames.  I remembered that years ago, after this blog had gone live, I had spoken with him and had gotten a “bad” feeling, so I told this mother about my only encounter with him, but that I really did not know anything more than that.  I then received a Facebook message from this man basically asking me what my agenda was and he wanted to know why I was speaking to his “client.”  I never responded to him.  My only concern was with helping a mother find her daughter’s remains, and if she needed me out of the picture while he worked for her that was fine with me, I truly only cared that she received answers as to where her daughter’s body was – she needed to find her daughter.  She then told me that he first made contact with her only 4 days after she reported her daughter missing and before they even knew she had been murdered. She said she turned him away, but he came back; 10 months after her daughter’s murder. She said she really wanted to believe he could help her so she trusted him, but instead of helping, he caused her family even more grief, and she no longer wanted to be associated with him.

She said, “He represented himself to me as a private investigator just weeks after the murder and again the year after.”  She continued on and said, “He spoke (non-stop) about other cases, including ones he had no involvement in; which included Morgan’s case.”  I asked her what he said about Morgan’s case, as we never gave him any information at all.  She said Jacob Ames told her that he investigated the case and Morgan’s brother killed her.  I was shocked! What a sick assertion from a man claiming to be a PI and having never investigated Morgan’s case!  At this point in time I am used to nameless, faceless people on the Internet claiming to “know” what happened to Morgan, but for someone in the state of Colorado to go around spreading heinous hurtful lies under the disguise of being a professional investigator is beyond criminal in my opinion.  It’s bad enough that the Garfield County sheriff and coroner (who used to be Morgan’s felony stalking detective, but is now the coroner) have continued to refuse to look at any new or old evidence and insist on not allowing any other agency to investigate, insisting her death was a suicide. But now this person was out there pretending to be a licensed PI and lying about our daughter’s case…this was over the top!

Needless to say I felt like this person was just out there preying on families that are in an extremely vulnerable state. I also know it really doesn’t matter to the government if someone is lying and causing pain, but it does matter if you can show that the person is actually breaking a state law.  So I contacted DORA – the regulatory board for licensing in Colorado.  I reported this person Jacob Ames.  After a lengthly investigation DORA sent me the following letter:



Instead of posting the whole cease and desist filed against Jacob Ames I am showing you the main points of what was written in it by DORA.


Based upon the Director’s review and consideration, the Director finds that credible evidence exists that Respondent is acting or has acted without the required license, in violation of section 12-58.5-104(1)(b), C.R.S.


12-58.5-104. Licensure – title protection – unauthorized practice – penalty. (1)(a) Only a private investigator who obtains a license pursuant to section 12-58.5-106 may present himself or herself as or use the title of a “licensed private investigator”, “private investigator”, “licensed private detective”, or “private detective”.


12-58.5-109. Disciplinary actions – grounds for discipline – rules – cease-and-desist orders. (10)(a) If it appears to the director, based upon credible evidence as presented in a written complaint, that a licensee is acting in a manner that is an imminent threat to the health and safety of the public, or if a person is conducting private investigations or presenting himself or herself as or is using the title “private investigator”, “private detective”, or “licensed private investigator” without having obtained a license, the director may issue an order to cease and desist the activity. The director shall set forth in the order the statutes and rules alleged to have been violated, the facts alleged to have constituted the violation, and the requirement that all unlawful acts or unlicensed practices immediately cease.

Now fade in and fade out…this story doesn’t end there, because that was back in July, I was recently asked if my complaint had really done anything.  So of course I checked and was surprised that he was still advertising as a PI.  Then a weeks ago I received the following on an email:

  “Please  circulate the link as far and wide as you can. That’s the best way to call attention to what he’s doing.  Looks like an unlicensed Colorado PI might be getting off easy due to slack from regulators…  Find out the not-so-nice side of investigators that have had complaints filed against them here! 

I do not believe laws and regulations that are set up for the protection of it’s citizens should be allowed to be ignored.  Our local and state governments need checks and balances, as we learned from our founding fathers.  When these laws and regulations are ignored and there is no accountability then why on earth would the “good” guys care about doing the right thing – if it really doesn’t matter?  Food for thought.

Despite other opinions, there has NEVER been an investigation into Morgan’s suspicious death.  I believe the decision to call Morgan’s death natural causes for the first 8 months, as well as the decision to call her death a suicide after that, was purposely done in order to keep her death from ever being investigated.  Because even a finding of “undetermined” would have not only triggered an investigation, but if nothing was ever done her case would eventually have been required to be listed as a cold case and others could then investigate…instead the Garfield County sheriff has never allowed anyone else to investigate her case – stating that he stands behind the finding of the coroner.  He states they just follow the evidence where it leads (wow, wouldn’t that be great if it were true), but unfortunately for Morgan this is just a “sound bite” for the public to hear. There was a massive amount of evidence, but they would not look at it, or follow up on any of it. It was obvious that very morning when they saw Morgan’s body that she had died at the hands of another.  How do I know?  Because years later I finally saw the crime scene photos and it is obvious. Witnesses were not interviewed, tests were not run, obvious mistruths were ignored, evidence was dismissed, and then destroyed.  An obstruction of justice.  Morgan’s murder was buried under contradictory one-line “sound bites” answers.  For example a former Assistant DA (now an Assistant Attorney General) recently said that the District Attorney’s office had investigated Morgan’s death – – not true, but why would anyone doubt him?  And yet, it was not true, and he knows it’s not true.  Steve and I had met with the DA and tried to have her open an investigation. Following that meeting she sent us a letter stating there would be no investigation, and that she stood behind the coroner’s decision.  You can’t have it both ways, but if people only listen to the short “sound bites” and believe them then I guess in Colorado you can have it both ways. If you think this sounds political – you are thinking the same thing many others have sadly concluded about Morgan’s case.  This is political and the truth has no bearing when that happens.

Does this mean we will give up?  No!  We will never give up and I personally know Morgan will receive justice.  The truth can not stay buried forever – no matter how hard people try.  And as far as I am concerned people that knowingly spread lies and obstruct the truth in order to protect and cover for the perpetrator of a capital crime should all be prosecuted as co-conspirators.  And there is a law against just that – just more food for thought.