Tessi Has Gone Over The Rainbow Bridge…

Tessi came to the end of her journey on earth yesterday…I kissed her face for the last time, and stroked her soft fur. She traveled over the Rainbow Bridge, and I believe she is at peace, no longer in pain.  I truly believe she is finally reunited with one of her favorite souls…Morgan.  Why do I believe that?  I was shown a sign just before Tessi passed – a tiny white feather was stuck to my sunglasses, as I went to put them on to hide my tears.  I know it was a sign from Morgan – Morgan was letting me know she would be there to greet Tessi when she arrived on the other side.

My heart is hurting, and I feel a huge emptiness.  At the same time I am extremely grateful for having had Tessi in my life for 11 years.  She was an amazing dog, and she was very loved.  There are no words to explain the joy she brought into all of our lives.  She lived a very purposeful, and loving life – she will be missed.


Sage advice from Morgan…


When I saw this picture on the Internet, it reminded me of something Morgan had said.  Morgan used to talk to me about so many things, and in her own “Morgie” way, she would softly make suggestions that were extremely deep, and meaningful.

Just before she died she reminded me, once again, that we weren’t put on this planet to just work & pay bills…life has so much more meaning, with important life purposes.

Yes, we have to pay the bills, but she was right – when you open up to the Universe – open up to your higher self – you can support yourself AND live the life you were meant to live.  A life with meaning.  A life that you can be happy about.

I guess that is why I used to always call Morgan “my little Buddha”  – ever since she was a little girl.  Some of you will relate when I say, she was wise beyond her years.

I miss my little Buddha, but all her insightful suggestions have stayed with me, and still help me to this very day.  I am still learning, and understanding from her…who said children don’t teach their parents?  The most important lessons in life I have learned from my children – I will always be grateful that I am their mother.

The picture below was taken of Morgan, right around the time I started calling her my little Buddha…she is very young in this picture, but she was already very wise – she had a “knowing” about her since the day she was born.


Morgan Ingram Scholarship for Theatre @ CMC

Just wanted to share with you all again, the Morgan Ingram Scholarship for Theatre, that was set up right after her death.  This year’s application deadline is over, and now I am waiting to hear who was awarded this year’s scholarship.  Education was a HUGE thing in Morgan’s life and she was always trying to encourage others to stay in school and try to go to college…so this is important to Steve & I as well.

Below was the beginning of the Morgan Ingram Memorial Scholarship.  I would like to thank again, everyone who has donated to this Scholarship since it’s inception.  It means a lot to us and I know it means a lot to Morgan <3  I will let you all know who this year’s recipients are as soon as I am notified.  Thanks again!

Morgan’s speech…

Morgan was asked to speak at her graduation ceremony – above is a copy of her short speech.  This is who Morgan was.  This is what she endured at an early age, and then chose to become a stronger person because of it.  This is the person that our world lost when a obsessed and jealous stalker stole her from this planet.

And yet, if I have learned anything from Morgan, it is that you take the darkness you have been handed, and you learn from it.  We can’t bring our wonderful daughter back, but we can still continue our fight for justice.  We can, and will, never give up fighting for justice for Morgan, and all others that no longer have a voice.


Ex-boyfriend stalks and kills 19-year-old…

Teenager Shana Grice was murdered at the hands of an obsessed stalker -her jilted ex-boyfriend Michael Lane.


“Cops said she had “caused wasteful employment of police by making a false report” when she reported Lane for pulling her hair and grabbing her phone in March last year, and no further action was taken against him.”

He was finally arrested and charged with stalking.  He chased her, assaulted her, threw rocks at her house…and then killed her.