It Has Been 6 Years Now With No Justice!

On December 2, six years ago, I found Morgan’s lifeless body in her room.  She had been relentlessly stalked and terrorized for four months straight, before she was murdered.  Steve and I both lived through those four months of stalking, right along with her, and we would both have given up our lives to keep her safe, but we were not given that chance.  This was the one-story house we lived in at the time:

My mind keeps bringing me back to this house – we moved out less than 2 months after her murder…and yet, because Morgan has still not received justice, everything that happened during the stalking, and leading up to her murder, keeps playing over and over again in my mind.  My thoughts are still “trapped” in that house.  Her stalkers lived only three houses down from us.  They were obsessed and relentless.  Morgan had identified her stalkers and was scheduled to do an on-camera interview for the sheriffs just five days later – they killed the witness.  The felony stalking detective, assigned to our case, told me, only three days earlier, that he believed the stalking was going to escalate – and it did…ending in Morgan’s murder.

What we do know about the sheriff’s response to Morgan’s stalking certainly could never be called, “effective intervention.” And ignoring the predicted escalation of her case, that ended with her murder, can never be changed. As for suspects in Morgan’s stalking and death, in September of 2012 a local radio station was doing a story, and requested the files – for the “person named in the report: Morgan Ingram”. This is the first set of files given in response to that request…

Activity reports on Keenan Vanginkel and Brooke Harris were given to the radio station without asking, in response to the request for reports in which the person named was Morgan Ingram. The 2 perpetrators known by the sheriffs in Morgan’s stalking.

When Keenan and Brooke became possible suspects, the deputies were quick to comment on the lengthy and troubling history with the law they both had. The deputy in charge of reports knew, as well as all the deputies knew that Keenan and Brooke were the only suspects.

We believe Detective Glassmire wanted to enforce the law and end Morgan’s stalking, but he was restrained by unnamed superiors in his GarCo sheriff’s department. He confided this fact with us more than once. His narratives in Morgan’s reports are vague and omit entire stalking events, such as repeated confrontations by Keenan at the Thunder River intersection. Morgan was faced with Keenan escalating his stalking of Morgan on the way home from her school. She was afraid to go out into the parking lot after class alone.

Incredibly, Glassmire dismissed this new emotional distress for Morgan. In fact, on one of the following emails he reasoned, “a little over a year ago Keenan’s father did have an address over in that area.” As if Keenan could be just visiting his dad and managed to meet Morgan at the traffic light controlled intersection 4 or 5 times in a few weeks just by chance. A professional engineer estimated, and believes the odds of this are easily in the order of 1 in a million or more. We were later told that Keenan and his dad Wade Vanginkel had lived in New Castle, Colorado at the time, far from this intersection. See the Wildlife Cam exhibit for far more detail on this escalation.

The sheriffs knew who was involved in the stalking – the suspect(s) had been identified and were in the police reports, and yet this very morning, December 2, 2011, the detective looked me straight in my eyes and said, “I can assure you the stalking had nothing to do with this…Morgan’s death is a mystery until we hear from the pathologist.”  I was in shock!  With absolutely no fingerprints taken, no DNA taken, and knowing her body was found in an entirely different position than she had died in (her body had been moved postmortem and staged) all I can ask now is WHY?  Why did he say that?  Why did the sheriffs not want to investigate what was an obvious crime scene?

Here is a crime scene photo of her room, taken by the deputy coroner (we did not get to see the crime scene photos until almost 2 years after her murder, and they were not given to us by the sheriffs)…this was the scene of a struggle!  I was in her room the night before at ~8:00 pm, and her room did not look like this.  The vacuum had been upright and I had walked through her room, all the way to the window to the left of her bed (pictured here) and her floor was clear – not covered in clothes and other items.  There were no clothes on the floor – freshly washed and folded clothes were on her desk, they were folded neatly on the end of her bed, before she said goodnight – she had done her wash earlier in the day, as she was planning on going out of town for the weekend.

Can you see in the picture that her bottom sheet is missing?  It was never found – the white mattress cover can be seen in the picture, but the fitted bottom sheet that had been over it is gone, and the sheriffs knew – they mentioned the sheet being gone to us that very morning.  Many other things were missing, as were the p.j.’s she was wearing when Steve said goodnight to her.  They were never found either…and can you see in the picture, the left side of the bed is covered with clothes, etc.?  That is exactly where we found her body, on her left side, head on her pillow, with the blanket pulled up to her shoulder…there were no clothes on the bed when we found her…who piled those clothes on her bed, in the exact place we found her body, before the deputy coroner got there and took the pictures, and why?  Instead of an investigation, we read that a sheriff made a note on the police report that her room looking “slovenly” kept – seriously!  I know it is called the “CSI effect” when people think that the police and CSI come in on every crime scene, and really “investigate,” but that is so far from the truth in most places. This was a complete sham of an investigation!

Am I angry?  You better believe it!  Have I lived in pain every day since?  More than you will ever know.  It is horrific when your child is violently taken, and then when you are then let down by law enforcement, it just heaps on more pain and anger.  I would never want what happened to our daughter Morgan to happen to another young woman. Morgan’s stalking and murder was “swept under the rug” as soon as her body was found, and then followed up by the false conclusion by the contracted pathologist, Dr. Kurtzman, who said she had died from Natural Causes for the first 9 months, when the scientific certainty showed that was not true.  He then changed her manner of death to suicide after that – after more scientific certainty and medical facts showed that was not true either…but both of these manners of death allowed Sheriff Lou Vallario to keep Morgan’s case from ever being investigated.

As Rhonda Saunders said, “One thing I know about stalkers is they never stop.”

And I believe the suspect(s) in Morgan’s case will not stop either.  Our family will never give up until Morgan receives justice…we know we can never get Morgan back, and we know we will never have closure, but we also know that we will never give up until those responsible for Morgan’s stalking, and murder are punished – never again walking free among us, we never want them to prey on another innocent soul.

We love you, and miss you Morgan…forever and a day!


An Attempt To Cover-Up?

The Truth Never Changes – I have said this from the very beginning of this Blog. And in view of the Crime Watch Daily series that just aired about Morgan’s case, we need look no further than the statement credited to the Sheriff himself for a very revealing truth.

It’s typed on the screen starting at 5:39 of part 4 on the Crime Watch Daily 4-part series, here is the link to watch it on Crime Watch Daily, scroll down to part 4, and fast forward to 5:39 to see it yourself – Crime Watch Daily 4 Part Series – or trust that I transcribed it correctly and read on.

Nerissa Knight is speaking, “We reached out to the Garfield County Sheriff’s Department for an interview. They responded in part: The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office will not engage in further conversations regarding the Morgan Ingram case. That case is closed, pending any new credible evidence being brought forward…”

This is what the Garfield County Sheriff told Crime Watch Daily. Does anyone else see the conditionally impossible statement being made here? If you will not, “engage in further conversations…” then it is impossible to ever have, “new credible evidence being brought forward…” This is yet just another obvious example of what the sheriff, from the beginning of Morgan’s stalking and right through her murder, did.  Her suspicious death investigation, which lasted all of 4 hours the morning we found her body, was riddled with gross negligence, and this continues to keep any hope of justice for Morgan covered up tightly. And I ask why?

Steve and I already knew this was the defensive posture the sheriff’s department had adopted.  All of our certified letters and legal notifications to the Sheriff about credible evidence was completely ignored and never answered.  We were also contacted by people over the years since Morgan’s murder who have shared their stories of shocking frustration. They said they had called the Garfield County Sheriff’s office, with potential new information and leads about Morgan’s case, only to be told the “the Morgan Ingram case is closed” and then they were hung up on every time. The sheriffs would not listen to any new credible evidence in Morgan’s case, click…

Would that sound like an attempt to cover up our daughter Morgan’s case? Because that is how I see it… look at what they say now, on national TV – that they “will not engage in further conversations regarding the Morgan Ingram case.”  Ok, they won’t listen to anything, just as we were told years ago, back then they followed with terse comments and then a hang up. Oh, and now to sound credible the Sheriff adds, “That case is closed, pending any new credible evidence being brought forward.”

Once again, am I missing something? Or is it just as obvious to you that if you “will not engage in further conversations,” there is absolutely no chance you will ever have, “new credible evidence.” The first statement precludes the second from ever happening.

Now the Sheriff goes an unbelievable step further and adds, ”There was no credible evidence of ‘stalking’ and the case was ruled a suicide by the Garfield County Coroner’s Office.”

No credible evidence of stalking – is he serious? Has he not seen the picture of the stalker watching his deputies drive away? Because when his deputies came back to see that picture, their response was instant and they were filled with anger. They cursed the stalker and his blatant disregard for law enforcement.  They drove away, angered at how he was, “thumbing his nose at them.”  Mark Wynn, an expert on matters of stalkers, and stalking, has stated his assessment about this type of behavior, he says it indicates a dangerous stalker, one to be taken very seriously.  The Deputies got angry the stalker was cavalier to their presence and left, Morgan was killed three months later.  I believe Mark Wynn was correct.

Steve and I were there at 62 Coral Drive through the stalking, every day. We lived the stalking and were both added to the list of victims in this FELONY STALKING case. It was pervasive, frightening, and practically debilitating for us – BUT far, far, worse for our daughter. Morgan had her life turned upside down by the stalking, and with all her determination she fought so hard to maintain her life and press forward. Until she was brutally murdered, just days after the detective predicted the stalking would escalate, and said patrols of our home would be increased… and days before Morgan was scheduled to give video testimony about her stalking, and the detective would collect the prime suspect’s work records. Those records show Keenan Vanginkel clocked into work at exactly 2:00 am on 12/2/2011… The Coroner, Deputy Coroner and Forensic Pathologist made no attempt to establish time of death. Our experts estimate Morgan died between midnight and 1 am, leaving Keenan ample time to have killed her – so how is that an alibi?  Our house was just a 5 minute, or less drive to his job, and at 2 in the morning I guarantee there wasn’t much traffic!

“The case was ruled a suicide by the Garfield County Coroner’s Office? An absolute half truth at the very best, because the sheriff fails to mention that Morgan’s death was ruled NATURAL CAUSES for the first nine months and then, after documented threats to change Morgan’s manner of death if we did not back off, additional testing discovered Sexual Assault drugs in her stomach, and the pathologist then chooses to ignore the scientific fact that it was put there after she was dead, and he fulfills his threat to change his mind to suicide. Medical certainty? Not even close. Scientific fact? Impossible for Morgan to have put a date rape cocktail of five drugs, she did not have, into her stomach after she was dead. Absolutely shocking to how low they will go to justify the wild speculation and gross negligence that has, and obviously now continues to take the place of the facts in Morgan’s case, first as she was victim of felony stalking (read the police reports), and then she was murdered.

The truth that has never changed is that the Sheriff would not accept evidence then, and will not accept any new evidence now, in Morgan’s case. And I know this for many reasons, but to be fair I have never spoken to the Sheriff or met with him in person, just as I have never met with the coroner or spoken with him. Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, and Coroners, in other counties in Colorado, and across the country, have however taken the time to speak with me, in some cases even met with me in person, to offer advice. But in Garfield County there has never been such a simple courtesy.

What I do know is that the Sheriff is always responsible for the actions of each and every deputy and detective he has.  And as for the whole cover-up idea, well wouldn’t not accepting any new evidence on one hand, while you claim to be waiting for new evidence on the other hand, be the first requirement of an ongoing cover-up? Keep the wild speculation, half truths and no truth, front and center, and quash any possibility of new evidence? Because isn’t that exactly what is going on here? By their own admission? I welcome your thoughts.

Accusing Innocent People?

Am I accusing innocent people?  I was there, through the stalking and murder, I lived it – I kept a timeline from the beginning, not knowing that it would be critical as the days unfolded.  I wrote down the “facts” about the incidents of stalking…in the beginning, not even knowing who was involved.

After our first photo capture of the stalker, Morgan realized who was probably involved – later on, after being followed, and seeing who the stalker(s) were, Morgan finally knew who it was, and told the sheriffs. Keenan VanGinkle was named as the main “suspect” in Morgan’s case and Brooke Harris was also mentioned, but her name was redacted because she was under 18 at the time – this can be seen on the police reports.

Steve & I were also victims of the same stalking – we are listed as victims in the police reports.  I am a victim – speaking my truth.  I am not accusing innocent people – I know who was doing the stalking, and I know Morgan was murdered…this is what I have stated.  I have also stated that given Morgan was murdered during an active investigation into her felony stalking, and given that only 2 days before she was murdered, the detective told me he expected the stalking to escalate, and was assigning additional patrols on our house – yes, I believe I know who murdered my daughter.  And yes, I believe her case needs to be investigated, if Morgan is ever to receive justice.  If that is all it takes to be an “accuser,” then when families know who the “suspect” is, they should never speak out or they will be considered an “accuser?” This is ridiculous – that is EXACTLY what criminals would like…everyone to stay quiet.  That is how evil wins.

I was there the whole time during this horrific, life-changing, soul-numbing 4 month period of time – Morgan, Steve & I were the only ones that lived through the stalking and her murder.  I lived it – Steve & I experienced the stalking, along with Morgan – no one else, except of course those involved in her stalking & murder…so I know for a fact this was a gang stalking, involving more than one person, as well as a predatory stalker.  I know who was involved and what their roles were in the stalking and murder.

Are you aware that Morgan saw Keenan VanGinkle face-to-face as he was engaged in stalking her?  It was at least 5 times that I am positive of – if you knew that fact would that fact change your mind? Or would you feel safer believing someone that wasn’t there, and never knew what really happened?

If people truly followed where the evidence (facts) of this case lead – they would follow it through to the truth, but too many people have a stake in the false reporting, as well as keeping Morgan’s case from ever being investigated.

I am not judge and jury – I want her case investigated, so someday there will be a judge and jury to decide who is guilty of murdering my daughter Morgan, as well as who the accessory’s were  the others who assisted in the stalking, false alibis, and murder.  I then want to see all those involved charged and sentenced.

Is that too much for a mother to want?



Morgan LOVED to Read, Research & Learn

Those who really knew Morgan knew that she loved to read, do her own research, and learn…she never stopped learning.  Steve found these 3 cards the other day, while looking through a box we had packed up after her murder…we both sobbed.  The pain of losing Morgan is still indescribable.

Morgan was such a kind, loving young woman – and so much more.  She had a passion for learning.  My throat constricts, and my heart feels like it is being crushed, when I think of not only what we lost, when Morgan’s life was cut short, but also what the world lost. How could a person or persons be so soulless, so lacking in human feelings, as to want to end another’s life?  I don’t think I will ever be able to understand it.  I know murderers live among us.  I know they look like ordinary people like us – but they are so very different…they lack feeling, they lack human compassion, and they still walk our streets.

In Morgan’s short 20 years she had helped so many, and brought happiness to many more…I know she would have continued to do so throughout her life…but that life was taken from her.  Morgan was murdered during an active investigation into her felony stalking.  I know some people don’t like to hear that – it’s upsetting and scary.  But no amount of candy-coating, from people that do not want her death to be investigated, can change that fact.  Morgan still needs and can receive justice for what was done to her.

If I had been the one killed, instead of Morgan, I guarantee you Morgan would have done all the research a lot faster, and a lot more thoroughly than I have.  She would have become a great women’s rights lawyer, fighting for justice, like she had planned.  All those dreams are now gone, but her fight for justice continues…through all of us.

I will also never ever understand how a victim of stalking, a stalking where the victim identified her stalker, and law enforcement knew who the suspect was (they have his name in the police reports listed as SUSPECT), a victim who is found dead, and her death deemed to be “suspicious” on the very morning her body is found – then no evidence is collected, no fingerprints taken, no rape kit done, suspicious “spots” on her chest are not tested – instead, that very morning, the detective tells us her death is a “mystery” until the forensic pathologist tells them what the cause and manner of death is.  THEN…the pathologist comes back with a determination of “Natural Causes,” so law enforcement says there is no need for an investigation…convenient for them – right?

And just so you know, Colorado law, at that time, clearly states that the contracted forensic pathologist, Dr. Robert Kurtzman, was completely responsible for the investigation – but he was never at the crime scene – he disregarded what her parents, Morgan’s doctors, and the physical and the scientific evidence and medical certainty, which is what he is supposed to listen to…instead he made his own decision, irresponsible based on pure speculation and then listed the false information all on his own.

In a different case out of Colorado, a case where Dr. Kurtzman (same forensic pathologist that did Morgan’s autopsy) ruled two little boys’ deaths as accidental, the case of the Jensen brothers, the Colorado Supreme Court would not allow Dr. Kurtzman’s PER, or his opinion to be heard by the jurors stating that, “It would only confuse the jurors.”  A doctor is supposed to state scientific certainty, not make up what he wants it to be, or is being told to say…facts are facts, the truth is the truth and sure, people in positions of trust, like a forensic pathologist, are given the benefit of the doubt because we are supposed to trust them, but some are not what they seem, and do not do the right thing.

THEN…8 months later, after the forensic pathologist, going against all the physical and scientific evidence that Morgan died at the hands of another, changed her Manner of Death to a “Suicide,” with absolutely no evidence.  This is such nonsense and yet it gets scarier every time I speak with an expert involved in these type of determinations.  The very educated top forensic toxicologists that run the toxicology tests and produce the documentation are frustrated as well…they say that some of these forensic pathologists misread the results and go off what they believe and NOT the scientific findings!  This is ludicrous – and yet it happens, and yes, it happened in Morgan’s case. The coroner would NEVER speak with us about Morgan’s death – not once.  The forensic pathologist, Dr. Robert Kurtzman (now working for the Medical Examiner in Montana) threatened me that he could change her manner of death if I didn’t stop having Morgan’s doctors and other experts contact him…and 8 months later he made good on his promise.

How can Garfield County get away with this?  I have asked myself that many, many times now.  So far they have gotten away with it.  But I don’t plan on it staying like that forever – the truth will come out.  Our family is not about to give up.  Morgan is worth all of our efforts to right this wrong, as are all the other victims of stalking that need our help.  #JusticeForMorgan