Staged Crime Scenes…

It is not unlikely, and has happened many times before, that someone who wanted to kill has “Staged-the-Scene” to make a death appear to be a suicide, in order to cover up the murder.

This is what happened in our 20-year-old daughter Morgan’s case.  I also believe it has happened in another case out of Colorado – the Holly Moore case. Holly would have been a 22-year-old young woman this year, but her life, like Morgan’s, was cut short.

There are many experts in this country that not only understand “staged crime scenes,” and they also train coroners, as well as law enforcement, to know what to look for.  Unfortunately most officers on a crime scene do not know what to look for, BUT there is a protocol to follow, and there are experts that can help with the investigation. Morgan had “abrasions” on her body noted on her autopsy body diagram – she fought back against her attacker. She had 3 broken nails, and multiple abrasions on her hands and upper extremities (all defensive wounds) + much more that show she was attacked.  Her body was moved postmortem – confirmed by the crime scene photos and yet, no investigation…  Why?

So what if the “protocol” is not followed?  Then, as in Morgan & Holly’s cases, murderers will remain on our streets.  The key here is that a suspicious death scene protocol should always be followed – and that is not always the case.  In Colorado the forensic pathologist is RESPONSIBLE for the investigation, but in both Morgan’s case and the Holly Moore case, I know that is not what happened.  The contracted forensic pathologists did not investigate, and did not review or consider all the facts.  They did not do all the testing that should have been done to determine the true manner of death, and when other forensic experts and medical examiners contacted these two pathologists, they refused to listen to the facts.  And this my friend, is exactly how you get away with murder in Colorado…when the officials we trust break the law, and there are no checks and balances, no oversight committees, no one to take another look at what went wrong with their conclusions, there can ultimately be no justice.

I am outraged!  We should all be outraged…as this is not an isolated situation.  The number of unsolved murders in this country is huge, but I know that number, in reality, is much higher, if the TRUE murder rate was revealed and not “swept under the rug.”

Too many murders are staged to look like accidental or suicide, and too many coroners are all too happy to never investigate or change a ruling when new evidence is presented.  This is absolutely NOT what our citizens want…we want to trust that these officials really care about following the law, doing their job and getting to the truth.  Sadly that is not always the case.

People deserve the due process of the law.  It appears in our Constitution twice.  It states that no person shall be “deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.” … The Fifth & Fourteenth Amendments promise that all persons in the United States shall enjoy the “equal protection of the laws.” It is a legal concept, in effect, to ensure that our government follows the rule of law. When a governmental entity disregards someone’s rights to that due process then the power of that law is supposed to come into play.

When US citizens, like Morgan and Holly, are murdered, and their lives have violently been taken from them, then they have been deprived of their life and liberty.  And when the coroner and/or the police or sheriffs refuse to really investigate a possible murder, then again they are, as are their families, deprived of their due process under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment.

Colorado State Law: If a victim in Colorado (like Morgan) is deceased, their victim’s rights can still be exercised by the victim’s spouse, parent, child, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, significant other, or other lawful representative. They have the right to be heard – so when Garfield County, as well as officials in the State of Colorado, refuse to listen to the co-victims they are going against their own state law. 

Let me know your thoughts about this subject…

The Broken Coroner’s System in Colorado…


  • To be a coroner, one merely needs to be 18, a U.S. citizen, a resident of the county he or she will serve and cannot have a felony conviction.
  • In a survey of Colorado coroners across the state, only a handful are forensic pathologists.
  • Colorado’s 63 county coroners are mostly elected and aren’t required to have a medical degree.
  • Colorado coroners are ELECTED and as such they do not have to answer to the DA, to law enforcement, to defense lawyers, to the hospital establishment, or to the medical establishment.
  • When the coroner is not a pathologist (as in Morgan’s case) they contract with an independent pathologist (Pathologist Dr. Robert Kurtzman did Morgan’s autopsy) who does the autopsy for a fee.  The more autopsies a pathologist can do ‘quickly’ the more money they make, an obvious conflict of interest.
  • The coroner in Morgan’s case, Trey Holt, NEVER spoke to us, NEVER got on the phone with us, NEVER would speak with us when we showed up at his office (they always said he was NEVER there), NEVER would allow a meeting to be scheduled with us, NEVER answered out letters, NEVER even would speak with the FBI agent that was trying to facilitate a meeting between us all so we could show him the evidence that his contracted pathologist would not look at.
  • Colorado has counties with deputy coroners with no training in death. investigations, as in Garfield County, CO – exactly like the deputy coroner that came to Morgan’s crime scene – the coroner NEVER came to the crime scene.
  • Colorado is one of 14 states that still relies on a civilian coroner system, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – the other states have gone to centralized medical examiner systems, where doctors, not civilians, are in charge.
  • Many times it comes down to whether or not the coroner wants to spend money out of their budget, to investigate – investigations are expensive, and testing is expensive, but here we are, citizens/co-victims who think the coroner is going to investigate and tell them if their loved one was really murdered…but that is not what is happening – many cases are not listed correctly, and the murder is overlooked, evidence swept under the rug.
  • Colorado’s coroner system needs to change, and that would require new legislation.  It is not impossible for that to happen and it is needed ASAP if justice is important!
  • What if your loved one was the victim of murder, and the coroner turned a blind eye, swept it under the rug with a ruling of Natural Causes, Suicide or Accidental death?  Sadly that is exactly what has happened in many, many cases across Colorado because of their archaic coroner’s system.
  • Families should not have to fight against the coroner to get justice for their loved ones…it’s just not right – it only leads to re-victimization of the victims.

“Dying Message”

In a a final effort to identify her killer, Morgan summoned up every last bit of strength she had in her small body, and clenched her hands together…one hand she had clearly made a “K” and on the other hand was clearly a “N.”

Everyone who knew Morgan knew she could sign.  Morgan was not deaf, but just like her classmates, she learned it in school, and continued to practice it with her friends.  She went to the Deaf Camp in Old Snowmass to “talk” to the kids there.  Morgan loved learning new things, and then she loved becoming really, really good at them.  Morgan was leaving a very LOUD message with her last dying breath..  This message can not be overlooked.

These 2 letters were frozen in the clenched shape of her hands.  Experts that have seen the pictures of those hands are quite shocked at how they could possibly be overlooked…it was impossible!  Morgan’s hand were sending a message to law enforcement – she wanted her killer(s) caught, and she tried her best to help get justice…Morgan’s body was a body of “proof!”  Please don’t allow people that want Morgan’s case to just “go away” to get away with it.  We need justice for Morgan, and all others that no longer have a voice, because their voice, along with their lives, were taken from them.  Share her story, demand transparency & truth, checks and balances (the principals our country was founded on) and let’s get Morgan’s investigation opened.

We want those involved in her gang stalking, and murder to know they can not hide from justice – it’s coming.  Remember – there is no statute of limitation on murder, boys and girls.  It is no joke – her murderer(s) stole a beautiful young soul from all the people that loved her.  They took her away from all her dreams.  And those involved in the perpetration of the crime, as well as the cover-up, deserve to be investigated, and then a tried and convicted for their crimes.  It may take 6 months, a year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, or 30 years, but be assured we will never give up, so it will come.  Now they can start worrying about the “when,” just like they made us worry about the when during the stalking – they lived off the fear, stress and exhaustion they caused us, and ever since they have lived off the pain they have caused since they took Morgan from us, but now they can live with the worry about “when” their actions will catch up with them, because THEY WILL.


Accusing Innocent People?

Am I accusing innocent people?  I was there, through the stalking and murder, I lived it – I kept a timeline from the beginning, not knowing that it would be critical as the days unfolded.  I wrote down the “facts” about the incidents of stalking…in the beginning, not even knowing who was involved.

After our first photo capture of the stalker, Morgan realized who was probably involved – later on, after being followed, and seeing who the stalker(s) were, Morgan finally knew who it was, and told the sheriffs. Keenan VanGinkle was named as the main “suspect” in Morgan’s case and Brooke Harris was also mentioned, but her name was redacted because she was under 18 at the time – this can be seen on the police reports.

Steve & I were also victims of the same stalking – we are listed as victims in the police reports.  I am a victim – speaking my truth.  I am not accusing innocent people – I know who was doing the stalking, and I know Morgan was murdered…this is what I have stated.  I have also stated that given Morgan was murdered during an active investigation into her felony stalking, and given that only 2 days before she was murdered, the detective told me he expected the stalking to escalate, and was assigning additional patrols on our house – yes, I believe I know who murdered my daughter.  And yes, I believe her case needs to be investigated, if Morgan is ever to receive justice.  If that is all it takes to be an “accuser,” then when families know who the “suspect” is, they should never speak out or they will be considered an “accuser?” This is ridiculous – that is EXACTLY what criminals would like…everyone to stay quiet.  That is how evil wins.

I was there the whole time during this horrific, life-changing, soul-numbing 4 month period of time – Morgan, Steve & I were the only ones that lived through the stalking and her murder.  I lived it – Steve & I experienced the stalking, along with Morgan – no one else, except of course those involved in her stalking & murder…so I know for a fact this was a gang stalking, involving more than one person, as well as a predatory stalker.  I know who was involved and what their roles were in the stalking and murder.

Are you aware that Morgan saw Keenan VanGinkle face-to-face as he was engaged in stalking her?  It was at least 5 times that I am positive of – if you knew that fact would that fact change your mind? Or would you feel safer believing someone that wasn’t there, and never knew what really happened?

If people truly followed where the evidence (facts) of this case lead – they would follow it through to the truth, but too many people have a stake in the false reporting, as well as keeping Morgan’s case from ever being investigated.

I am not judge and jury – I want her case investigated, so someday there will be a judge and jury to decide who is guilty of murdering my daughter Morgan, as well as who the accessory’s were  the others who assisted in the stalking, false alibis, and murder.  I then want to see all those involved charged and sentenced.

Is that too much for a mother to want?