So many times crimes begin with stalking.  Many times you read about a case of burglary, rape, kidnapping among many other types of crimes, but what you usually don’t read about in the news is that many of these cases involved the victim being stalked, and surveilled, before the crime happened.

This article talks about a woman that listened to her “intuition” or “gut feeling” and did a smart thing in this case – possibly saving herself from becoming a victim.  She shared her story on Facebook in order to raise awareness, and warn other women to be on the lookout.  I believe this is just another type of stalking story – whether the predator watches and stalks someone for 30 minutes, or 30 years, it is still a precursor to a dangerous situation. For someone to have wrapped a shirt around this woman’s wiper blade, it is much more likely that someone “knew” a single woman would be getting in this car…they knew her routine, and were lying in wait.


Here we go again…


Guess he or she didn’t want to wait long.  The same person I wrote about in my last post about a “troll,” wrote in again tonight.  They wrote the following:

Comment: January 30th, 2013 you posted this “We have no choice but to forge on, and as her room is almost finished so I tackle what is left. Her bed is first, blankets, sheets, pillows, pillowcases. That none of this was ever collected has been universally frowned upon since her death. ” Now you’ve changed your own history to say her bottom sheet was missing. WTF, Toni, the truth DOESN’T change. Why does your story keep changing? Poor Morgan!

You are right when you say, “Poor Morgan” – she would have had justice by now if people like you would stop trying to make a big deal out of things that don’t exist, and feeding right in to the hands of the people that are trying (for their life) to keep her case from ever becoming a case…Morgan WAS a felony stalking victim, Steve and I WERE also listed as victims, as we had incidents against us when she wasn’t even home.  And Morgan WAS murdered.  Morgan was an eye-witness as to who her stalker(s) were and the sheriffs knew.  So her stalker(s) eliminated the witness!  And we have evidence that shows she was murdered.  So give me a break “troll” you are not only misinformed you are illiterate as well. When you read things – you should really read them.  Also, if you have questions, just ask.  It’s not that hard.

What the “troll” is referring to is the following link to my blog post:

Here is my answer…although I am sure this person could case less about the truth.

Morgan had a Queen sized bed, she had lowered it down on to the ground 1/2 way through the stalking, so she wouldn’t have to worry that her stalker could hide under it.  I have been told by other victims that she did the right thing, intuitively.

When we found Morgan her bed had a white mattress cover on it, a down comforter with a comforter cover over it (pulled up her arm), at least 4 pillows, along with pillow cases.  She also had a flat top sheet for her bed that wasn’t on her when we found her – it was crumpled up on the floor.  Morgan’s bottom fitted sheet, the sheet that matched the flat sheet, the sheet that covered the quilted mattress cover was GONE and was never found.  It was there the night before, and it was gone the next morning along with jewelry, drivers license, p.j.’s she was wearing, memory chips out of her camera, an antique special book from her case, and a few other things missing as well.

This was a staged crime scene.

And sadly enough, I now know it happens a lot more often then it used to.  Her body had been moved postmortem – you could tell by her lividity that she had died in a completely different position then she was found in.  And bodies can not move on their own, as per Michael J. Dobersen, MD, Forensic Pathologist/Medical Examiner, and now retired Coroner for Arapahoe County, Colorado.

Her room showed a struggle!  Vacuum knocked over, clothes that were earlier folded in neat piles on her desk and bed were scattered all over the floor.  Her cell phone tossed under her bathroom door, her laptop on it’s side as though it slid off the bed onto the floor.  The light in her bathroom was left on – she ABSOLUTELY would never leave a light on during the stalking – it always caused more tapping, banging and horrific startles from her stalker.

We found her body curled up (knees drawn up, and bent at the knees, arms bent at the elbows and when her body was put on the floor, as per the 911 operator so Steve could continue CPR, her arms stayed bent with fists pointing towards the ceiling and her legs straightened out.  she was found lying on her right side, on the opposite side of the bed (she never slept on that side), Her body was facing away from her end table, where her panic button was held (later we saw it had been ripped of it mount and tossed in a corner of her room), her eyes were wide open and black, both hands clenched, hair all tangled and matted in a bunch, flattened nose, blood on the inside of her mouth with a little on her fat lip, blood on her forehead, torn nails, abrasions, what looks like an injection mark on her inner arm, abrasion on her breast by her nipple, her neck looked like she had been strangled…he/she or they really worked her over.  She fought hard but couldn’t stop them.  Her pants were unzipped and unbuttoned and she had minute spots that showed up under the UV light to indicate bodily fluids, and yet they didn’t check under her nails, they did not do a rape kit, and did not take a sample of the minute spots on her chest.  A body temperature was never taken so they couldn’t even determine exactly when she died. Shocking, outrageous and all very true!