No sign of forced entry? No intruder? Really?

The morning of Morgan’s death, without even asking, I was assured by the lead Detective on her felony stalking case that officers had thoroughly checked the house, and there was no sign of forced entry.  Please remember this was the morning we had just found our youngest daughter dead, and we were in extreme pain, and were not asking many questions because we were crying so hard.  After that day this point was revisited a few times, and the answer became more positive from the sheriffs to the point that they were insisting nobody could have been in the house.  So now I want to visit that point, and share with you some things.  Once again just the truth, and you decide if it was possible for her stalker to have been in the house on the night she was killed, and you see, I didn’t even say murdered, because for that we need someone to be the killer. Or who knows maybe there could be more than one.

Floorplan for Morgan's HouseFirst start with this floorplan of the house, now this is not an exact floor plan, but it is very close.  Just delete the mud room coming in from the garage, and add two more windows to the Master bedroom, along the wall that is shown as a solid wall, and that was pretty much our house.

Morgan’s room is called BEDROOM 2, and, as you can see there, there are five points of entry through doors:

  • The front door.
  • Two sliding glass doors, and another door all opening out onto the covered patio.
  • A door from the garage.


All of those doors had key locks in them. And if you read some earlier posts you know that the front door’s lock broke, and was replaced by a dead bolt lock that had both a key, and a numeric key pad.  Steve had one key to the front door, and the other was in a decorative stack of three dishes that sat on the kitchen bar top, and both keys were accounted for on the day we moved.

There were two codes entered into the front keypad.  One was used by Steve and Toni, and one was used by Morgan.  Not that it kept track or anything like that, it was just Morgan had her 4 digit number, and we had ours.  One time during the stalking, after a few overheard attempts to use the keypad, Morgan’s code was changed.

So my first guess of how it might be done hasn’t changed, and is the same today. Watch Morgan, or Steve, or I from a distance, and see what numbers we press to unlock the door  – maybe it takes one try or two or even ten, but eventually you have it.  At night the numbers on the keypad light up as you press them.  We were told a hunting aid called a spotting scope would make an ideal tool to do this.

And to add weight to my theory, a retired federal special agent said the door lock should have had a cowling such as is used on numeric keypads on military bases to prevent someone from having a direct line of sight to the numbers.  He felt someone from a bush across the street could have the code in a few days at most.  The same investigator felt that without regular cleaning the numbers most used would be “smudged” and far easier to detect.  Coincidentally on a  Facebook page of Keenan’s, he claims to have bagged a 5X5 buck at 288 yards, one shot – interesting, huh?  Another investigator calls this a “world class shot”, 3 football fields away.  He feels that a person capable of that could easily watch us enter, maybe only once, and know the code, we of course, would have no idea he had the code.  (Please note the use of Keenan’s name in my posts – if you read the sheriff’s own reports you will see that they considered him their #1 suspect, he was the suspected stalker and Morgan identified him multiple times as her stalker)

Not to imply whatsoever it was a Psychic Medium that figured this out, but more of an eye opener for me, and whether you choose to allow for the possibility or not, it won’t hurt my feelings, but this Intuitive (who works with law enforcement and the FBI on many missing persons and homicide cases had been 100% right on everything she had told us so far), she had never been to our house, and from over a thousand miles away, “saw a male entering our front door code”, and based on this vision was correct on the first three digits, but did not see the fourth number (which by the way was the same as one of the other numbers she had already told us so she did get all the numbers right).

The neighbor's door, but it is just like ours

This is the neighbor’s door, but it is identical to our two sliding glass doors

The three doors that lead to the covered patio, two sliding glass doors, and one swinging glass door had locks but, we never had keys for them, and they could only be locked by us from the inside.  The keys for those locks could have been lost a long time ago, or gathering dust at a realtor’s office.  But here’s a sort of long shot possibility.  Steve recalled a time when he was talking to Brooke’s dad, James Harris, who told him that as the HOA President he had an old box of keys to most of the empty houses, makes perfect sense in case something should come up, and access is needed.  This was at a time we saw him in an empty house that he should not have had access to.  So I’ll call it only a small possibility, but that is theory number two since Keenan had moved in with Brooke and James (3 houses down from us) approximately 2 weeks before Morgan’s stalking had started.

To throw in another possibility, we leased our house (for over 6 years), and as houses like to do, at the most inopportune times, things break, ours had a microwave break.  The owner thought there was a match in an empty house that he also owned, and wanted to send us the keys to that house, so we could make the swap.  Only he wasn’t sure which was the right key, so he just sent us all of his keys under the theory that we would use the right one, and send them all back.  Steve feels that the original front door key, which we never had, most likely opened the back door, and the garage door.  We never tried at the time, but that pile of keys all went to one of the eight or ten homes he owned at one time, so I’m sure you’ll agree that this incident counts as possibility number three.  Another interesting aside…this same owner owned not only our house but the house James Harris and Brooke lived in and the house across the street that Elliott and his family lived in.

There was a time following Morgan’s death that Steve and I refused to believe anyone had been in her room, it was simply too painful to allow that thought to exist in our minds.  It also wasn’t necessary when she died of “natural causes.”  But when we finally received the autopsy results and toxicology results and read that she died from a disease she did not have and the only medication showing up she did not take, we started to wonder what was going on.  As more and more doctors reviewed her findings, they became quite convinced, and told us it was a homicide, I very reluctantly crossed that threshold, but still would rather think the possibility of someone being in our house just could not be.  I was very naive at that time about the true nature of stalkers…in most cases they do get in to the victims home and most of the time there is no evidence of a break-in.  Having confessed that feeling, early on in my acceptance of someone in Morgan’s room, I felt it happened like this…all of us were gone from the house the late afternoon of December 1, 2011. The dogs were in the laundry room (locked up because the puppy had just chewed up something in the living room), and would not be able to confront someone in the house.  A person who knew the front door code could enter the house, while we were all gone, and unlock the right hand sliding glass door that we never used, (it had heavy velvet drapes over it now from the inside), and then leave. I never checked that door because we always left it locked and never used it.  Now once we were all asleep the perpetrator could enter, and exit through that door silently. That is possibility number four.

To give a nod to many comments, and tips that have in one way or another asked if someone could have been hiding in the house when we came home, or in Morgan’s closet, or better yet out in the garage, and even in the study closet? Yes, absolutely and from there they would have been easily able to wait for the right time to enter Morgan’s room, and then exit the house silently and without a key, that is a big possibility number five…and it makes me sick to even think that someone was possibly hiding in our house when we arrived home that evening and laid in wait for everyone to go to sleep in order to attack.

So do I understand when I hear that Sheriff Vallario has correctly pointed out that they had officers at our house over 50 times, and never saw any sign of a stalker?  I’m still not sure what he meant by that, guess I should write a letter and ask.  Was this a play on words?  Yes, they had officers out at our house over 50 times, and yes they never saw the stalker…the stalker did not sit out on our lawn and wait till they got there to see him.  But sign of the stalker – that’s another story…of course they saw evidence of the stalker, trail in the berm, footprints, wildlife camera captures, video captures, lots of evidence.  Of course there was a stalker, it was a felony stalking case and his own detective met with Morgan once a week!  The stalker is seen in a picture leaning on Steve’s truck, and watching the sheriff’s drive away, he had no care about leaving  footprints during the period when they did not collect them.  He was captured on the video system more than once.  How about the tress crack in the gutter directly over Morgan’s room?  He left a unique blade on the ground outside the house. Silently presented himself to Morgan one morning, dressed in black from head to toe.  He wore distinct trails into the berm behind our house. They know she was followed and she told them the second time what the car looked like and who was driving the car.

He was definitely here, outside the house, and for the million dollar question, inside?  I can’t prove that, yet.  While they maintain no allowance for the possibility, he could have, and I also know the sheriff’s department will never try to prove it.  Someone was in the house on the night of December 1, 2011.  Things happened that night that required someone else to be in the house.  Was it the stalker?  If so, did he have help?  Was it a different person altogether knowing we would assume it was the stalker?

I am going somewhere with all this, and to recount the Amitriptyline post was the first and this is the second, and the third will be along shortly.  Also, yes I was completely overloaded with suggestions today, not another set of eyes, more like a town full of eyes.  No complaints here, this is just what Morgan’s case needs – people that question, people that care.

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  1. Thus far… LEA has not brought a K9 onto the property… not even when the Trail Cam showed a picture of the perp with the Sherriff cars in the background… and they say there is no sign of a Stalker?

    Please allow me the opportunity to explain the mindset as I grew up in pOdunk, moved away, moved back bringing new knowledge for improvement… only to be run out. Here is exactly what you are up against. I’ve seen the population and economics of Garfield and it’s the same all over. I know this Psychology to a tee, it literally drove me crazy trying to fight it.
    There is a local system in place run by people who have really never left the county, they have never been exposed to things that allow them to question their own beliefs and therefore there is a sense that they are never wrong. It’s backbone is arrogance and ignorance, one is rarely found without the other and it is certainly found in higher educated people also. They are not remotely interested in the intellectual outsiders you bring in who may know things your Sherriff and Coroner (even business people) do not and your Council Members are in the boat with them. They wave at each other each day, have breakfast and lunch together and no one knows more about this area than they do. It is a cocoon of sorts allowed by local laws and beliefs that do not allow educated, outside questioning. They will stick to their wrongheaded decisions and protect it until death do us part for fear of mere embarrassment that there is a possibility they may be wrong if no-nothin’ outsiders are brought in. How could they, they didn’t grow up here and they can’t possibly be smarter than us!
    This mentality is the primary reason third tier parts of the country keep falling further and further behind while metropolitan areas with their multi cultures, sophistication and thus an acceptance of new ideas through enlightened debate continue their rate of prosperity at their expense. I coined a new spot on phrase from my experience with all this, “Determined Ignorance”. Now, if I ever hear, “It is what it is” I never speak to that person again because the frustration is endless at dealing with the intellectually dead.

    However, I have never really equated machismo with mentality and when I see that your Sherriff has one of those Law Enforcement Versions of an Armored tank at his disposal… in a COUNTY OF LESS THAN 60,000… really… if you can justify the need of that to a local community… but not a K9 in a stalker case (Where did those trails over the berm lead to… your severely deer eaten shrubs???) you don’t need no stinkin’ outsiders to question your actions either…

    • I live in the Roaring Fork Valley, as well, and having worked for an agency here that operates in partnership with local law enforcement, I agree with Stephen’s assessment of what part of the problem is. There is a lot of self-congratulation and willful ignorance that adds up to a real dearth in professional competence. Outside input is not welcome, even if it is a product of better training and broader experience. It is maddening. I don’t think you are going to get the answers you seek from any entity in this valley…but it seems you have already deduced that.

      This is my first time posting, but I have been following your story for a while, and am shocked that I never heard a thing about it before encountering your blog. My heart goes out to you. It is evident that you are wonderful people with big hearts and deep optimism who never could have foreseen or imagined something like this happening. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. I am so sad for you that you are having to work so hard for the answers you deserve. No one should have to go through what you are going through. Like you, I believe the truth always prevails in the end, and like so many who have commented here I greatly admire your perseverance, integrity, and seemingly unstoppable faith in humanity–qualities it seems your daughter shared, as well.

      I wish you all of the answers you seek, and after that, all the peace and tranquility necessary to enable you to grieve, and rise above your grief to experience new happinesses as your lives continue to unfold, forever changed, but still intact.

      • That was the most beautifully composed statement I have read on the entire blog! I want you to be the editor for the book that is sure to follow this amazing experiment in a family’s quest for the truth!

    • Stephen no canine – they talked about it a few times but never did. I was so excited at the times they said they would bring a dog to track, but it never happened in all the 4 months that they came out.

  2. God bless you, Ingram family. You have been through hell, and you are still going though it. You are remarkably corageous, steadfast and strong. As you were blessed to have Morgan, her brother and her sister, so too are they blessed to have you. I pray for peace in your hearts and the thickest of skin as you face the challenges ahead. I applaud you for your outlook regarding the “town full of eyes.” I imagine that the intense questioning feels like salt in a fresh wound. but you are right. People DO care and want to help you find justice for Morgan.

    • Thanks so much Mammabear – that is the one thing that really keeps us going is knowing that people do care, and if we never give up the truth will come out, and there will be justice for Morgan and other girls will be saved – it’s just what I feel inside.

    • Thank you – it is really hard, but we will be strong. The biggest thing I have gotten out of this so far is the knowledge of how many wonderful and caring people are out there trying to help us and help others around them and this is such a beautiful thing!

  3. I have been following your blog daily and can say with each read, my heart truely aches for your family. Upon reading today’s entry, where did the dogs generally sleeep at night? Would either have heard someone in Morgan’s room? I’m sure you’ve been asked 1,0000 times,so my apologies in advance. Know that you are in our prayers all the way over on the east coast and are praying for you!

    • The little puppy slept in Morgan’s room with her door closed and our Newfoundland slept in our bedroom on the other end of the house usually on our bathroom floor and after Morgan stopped sleeping in my closet and went back to her room at the front of the house I always kept our bedroom door open so just in case Tessi (our Newfoundland) could run out of the room and guard the house (although she snored so loud she usually never heard anything), but that night Tessi would not leave the entryway to go to bed, she was lying on the floor staring at the front door and Morgan’s bedroom door was to the right. We decided to grab her and bring her to our room and close the bedroom door so we could get some uninterrupted sleep for one night, and we closed our bedroom door, like we had the night before…no excuse and we should never have done it but we were all so exhausted that we thought this would be a solution – but it was not a good thing that we did, I of all people should have read the dogs body language better.

  4. Hi Toni,

    I am one of the posters at WS who couldn’t quite wrap my mind around the idea of a stalker sneaking into the house. Just knowing there was a sliding patio type door in Morgan’s room changes the picture for me. There are probably many details like this that are everyday things that one wouldn’t necessarily think to mention. I really appreciate you taking the time to elaborate on your thoughts and explain the details to us. I hope you know that all of our questions are posed with the intent of finding answers too, and always with compassion. xo

      • You are right she had a window on either side of her bed – no sliding glass door. The two sliders were on the back of the house and Morgan’s room was in the front of the house.

    • Thanks so much for working on this for Morgan, but I have to say she did not have a sliding glass door in her room just one (really tall) window on either side of her bed and a small frosted window in her bathroom.

      • Ah, sorry, I misread that part. Still, the sliding doors would offer a point of entry that could be quiet and less noticeable than the main doors or windows.

        Do you think someone could open Morgan’s bedroom door and enter her room without waking her or her puppy up?

        • Absolutely, Morgan was a sound, sound sleeper and Wylah was just a puppy, and you know how they sleep. Many have asked how she would have barked while something was going on but as Steve points out. The morning we found Morgan the first responders came and left that room at a most frantic pace, and the entire time Wylah sat and watched, never made a sound.

  5. Have been following your story, and I have an 18 yr old daughter. I think of her, and I think of Morgan, and I cannot imagine your loss. Its unfathomable that you would have to do all of this investigation yourself when you are mourning, and not have the support of law enforcement to dig deeper, and listen to your suspicions and ideas. I hate that person that instilled fear in your family and took away your innocense of just living everday fearless as we all deserve. Morgan’s spirit is guiding you, and God Bless You that you can find peace some how, some day. Will continue to pray for you.

    • Your comment hit it right on the head…it is so hard for me to express, but the pain we feel is the worst pain we have ever had, and reliving it everyday because we have to do this investigation ourselves is horrible, but we have no other choice we will never give up.

      I pray every day that the State or Federal government takes over and opens a real investigation into Morgan’s stalking and murder, then Steve and I can just curl up and cry and then emerge, and work towards something positive to help others, instead of having to keep trying to get answers and evidence on Morgan’s case…it’s just so hard emotionally!

  6. Sending your entire family love and light. It is so apparent that Morgan was and is a very special soul! May you all find the truth, justice and peace that you deserve! I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. ((( <3 )))

    • Thanks so much – please keep sending positive energy…the more people that know about this (which is really good) the harder it is for Steve and I to keep from growing weak after hearing all the obvious answers from people, that had never occurred to us at the time.

      I know it sounds like we are beating our selves up, and yes, it is probably true, but as parents its so hard to understand why things weren’t so obvious at the time they were happening. I really wish I had known that these kind of things could happen, and then I wouldn’t have been so trusting of our world!

  7. On your second theory of ?’s dad having keys to all the empty houses.. Wasn’t the empty house next door mysteriously unlocked, locked by the owner, and mysteriously unlocked again? I think the connection is real. I would not trust ?’s dad or anyone in his house.

    I also would not trust the man living across the street. He is speaking with ?’s mom… I am sure all information is then being given to the stalker.

    I just do not and can not wrap my head around why someone would want to do this to someone. I am so so sorry and send lots of prayers, love, and hugs to your family!

    • You are right that did happen – that’s when the Sheriff’s Patrol officer drew his gun and search the house next door with the unlocked back door.

  8. Was that home always vacant? Or at least around the time the stalking took place?Do you think that could possibly be how the stalker got away so quickly by hiding in that home?

    • D – yes the occupants of that home were not around when the stalking started and then in November there were people there off and on for a few days

  9. Your blog has made me look around my own neighborhood, wondering who we can trust and who seems sketchy. It’s scary to think that your own neighbors may have been party (knowingly or unknowingly) to Morgan’s death. I don’t think E was necessarily responsible, but I do wonder if the stalking and Morgan’s death spooked his family right out of the neighborhood. How many of the people who lived there are still there?
    One thing I noticed was that you said several houses were empty … it seems like there were only about 10 houses on the street. How many of them were vacant? How many were vacation homes? And, like yours, were most of them leased? I wonder if someone was originally trying to get you out of the neighborhood for some reason and it just went to far. The fact that a person besides the homeowner might have your house keys is a little spooky, in my opinion. I can understand the homeowner having them, but is it normal for the president of a neighborhood association to have the keys to all the homes too? There were just too many people with access to your home!

    • A woman wrote in to me recently that she had a stalker – no one knew who it was so they borrow 3 wildlife cameras like the one that caught our first picture of the stalker and in the first night after hanging those cameras they were shocked when they saw the pictures – it was a woman in their neighborhood that was always so friendly to everyone! They showed the police the pictures, the police went to the woman house and she confessed and an arrest was made. I was so happy to hear this!!! The woman that wrote in to me said everyone in her neighborhood was shocked because they would never have guessed it was her without the pictures that were captured.

  10. You are doing more good than you realize, not just for Morgan, but for bringing awareness. With so many people now on your side, this will be solved, you will get answers. I look forward to reading this daily. You have an excellent way with words that leaves me wanting to know more. I appreciate you taking the time to share your tragedy with the world. I feel like I know your family now, as I am sure many people do. It’s evident you and Steve are great parents that only wanted to protect Morgan. Thank you for each blog entry, I can only imagine how hard it is to re-live over and over. Just know, there are people all over the world that are thinking about you, your family and Morgan daily. Her spirit certainly lives on…

    • We had already moved out by then so I really don’t know I just know the lead detective said he was going to go to his house to interview him but by the time he got there E had moved and the detective did not know where he went – he just heard that E told someone he might be going to Denver

      • Hmmm…and the detective couldn’t find a forwarding address? who moves and doesn’t forward their mail? i can’t imagine it would take long to find his new contact info.

  11. Hi Toni,

    Daily reader here too. Totally touched by your story in a way even I find unimaginable. I have 3 young kids, and I need wake up calls like this to remind me that not everyone is good. As much as we want to raise our kids in a world where there are no stalkers and no murderers, I cannot just bury my head in the sand for their safety’s sake. Your story has changed my life and how I will look at things with respect to my children especially.

    I do have a question, though. Did the stalking end after she died? Did you and Steve experience anything after her death?

    I pray that you and Steve are able to get resolution from law enforcement and someday the courts so that you can grieve the loss of your beautiful daughter properly.

  12. That is a hard question for me to answer…one thing happened the night after she died and then a few months later in our new house we have had some things happen, but I don’t feel comfortable letting that information out right now. I felt like they were more of a warning to us, but trust me no one is going to stop us, and if anything were to happen to Steve or I it would not end there – we now have an army of people that know the truth, and will keep on fighting until the truth comes out.

    I hope your prayers come true and we can have a time in the future to stop and grieve for Morgan properly – in fact, I cry every night hoping that time comes sooner rather than later. Thank you so much!

  13. Wow, Stephen. You really hit the nail on the head. The amount of negligence, corruption (good ole boy network), and sub-par skill and intellect we have in the various police departments and local governments operating in the valley is highly concerning. I told one of my family members who has lived in the area for 50 years about Morgan and she said, “Are you surprised? There have been so many unclaimed murders and murders ruled suicides here over the decades you wouldn’t believe it. What do you expect with the connections some of our police officials have with major drug dealers. They are a crooked and inept force.” This valley brings to it people who enjoy quality of life. Unfortunately that means that the best and brightest in their fields very, very rarely end up working here(although there are many, many exceptions to that rule and their are some bright stars even in local govt. and police departments – just hard to find them). Anyway, I live in Carbondale and have watched my fair share of criminals walk free because of their last name, who they know, or plain-old crappy police-work.

  14. And you mom is right – I am just learning all about them. Other parents are contacting me – this thing is a lot bigger then just Morgan’s case and something really needs to be done about it.

  15. Hi Tina & Steve – I listen to Tricia while trying to go to sleep (Yes, I know that sounds oxymoronic) but your appearance on her podcast the other night really shook my complacent parent role but good. I spent the entire time cheering you on for all the steps you took (the cameras, etc) and, like you, can not believe this is where you/we are today. We live in such a “wrap it up in 43 minutes like on CSI” world now. I served in some dangerous places and here we are not safe from blatant stalkers. I have teen boys and my New Yorky-military paranoia is something I know they roll their eyes at but we are going to have a talk tonight about your family and trusting your gut about bad people. My only words are — is there a PI in your area who can bridge the good ole boys network? If yes, please put a Pay Pal button on this website so we can donate towards his/her fee. Please forgive my bluntness but I would love to fund any memorial to Morgan that involves handcuffs. Je me souviens, Morgan.

  16. Oops, sorry – found the Donate button on the Home page while getting ready to share on my FB page for friends. Don’t worry, I never had the keys to the nukes.

  17. “Was captured on the video system more than once.”

    Do you still have these photos? I’ve only seen the one released where he’s leaning against the truck. Are you able to release the other captured photos?

  18. I’m sure you’ve heard this, but I’ve been told by police officers in the Dallas/Plano,Texas areas that sliding glass doors are the easiest doors to break in, and off the least protection for a locking system. Possible entry area?

    • I have heard of a technique that is used that works on sliding glass doors that do not have a stick on the tracks to keep the door from sliding back… You have to lift it up and back with the palms of your hands to unsecure the lock… I have not tried it… but I heard that this is the technique used by one Doctor to break into where another Doctor was staying to take the keys to her car to steal her prescription pad… luckily she recognized the beep of her car when the perp hit the unlock botton and he was caught at that time.. but he had already been in the house with a couple friends of mine in it…

      • This is exactly the technique the police described to me. I was living in an apartment complex where a peeping tom was lurking around and I had seen him on the other side of my privacy fence looking through the open blinds. When the police came they told me about the bar, to always leave it down and how easy it was to take a sliding door off the lock without it and that some doors can even be taken off the tracks completely. I’ve moved now, but for the rest of the time in the apartment, I moved my couch up against sliding doors in hopes this would deter intruders, or at least keep them from getting all the way in without tripping and waking me up.

  19. Have you considered showing photos of your suspect(s) at local key cutting / key copying businesses . I wonder if they could have stolen a key and copied it

  20. I just want to point out something that I have not seen mentioned yet. In another post Tina states that after Morgan’s death, a least one pill bottle of her formerly prescribed medicine Elavil, was found (either in her room or somewhere in the home) with pills still remaining in it. If you are correct in that the stalker had been inside your home a least once, and possibly multiple times when you were all away, they might have stumbled across Morgan’s old prescription bottle and selected that drug specifically to use to kill her, as this gave the stalker a greater advantage on this being considered a suicide, overdosed on a medication she formerly took. Much less likely to immediately trigger a murder investigation than, say, more physically violent means of murder.

    I also want to add that although I live in NY and don’t know your family, I am so sorry for the entire world’s loss of Morgan. She seems to be a beautiful soul who surely brought a positive energy to everyone she cared about. Thank you for sharing her story. Please know that because of your courage and strength, her tragic death will not be in vain. I have no doubt you will succeed at changing laws and providing information that will save the lives of others. I hope you can get some legal justice for Morgan, but please know that in a tiny way you are getting a piece of justice on all stalkers by teaching others how to protect themselves from becoming a victim.

  21. I am in awe of what your family had to experience over the months that I have read thus far. I have 3 teenage children, 2 girls, and I wouldn’t know where to begin if I ever felt they were in danger. My heart truly goes out to you and your family for keeping it together the best you could during those insane nights of feeling threatened.

  22. This is so sad and I am very sorry for your loss. I will follow your blog until the stalker/stalers are caught and behind bars. I may have missed where it was stated but was anything caught on the cameras that night?

  23. I very sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. This is so sad. I will follow this blog until the stalker/stalkers are caught and behind bars. I just have one question and it may have been stated somewhere but I misssed it. Was anything caught on camera that night?

  24. I just started reading this blog.
    The thing that jumps out to me is ? and K.
    I would not be surprised if she was helping him. (if he is in fact the one who did this horrid crime)
    I also wonder if he/they broke in to the ranch/stables behind your house and stole the medicine.
    A red flag is the fight that K and ? had after Morgan looked and smiled at them.
    Some women become very jealous and territorial. I also wonder if maybe it wasn’t K but ? the whole time. Maybe she saw Morgan as a threat to her relationship.

    Just throwing out a few thoughts.

    I am so sorry for your loss. I have 4 daughters. I don’t know what I would do.

    • Sunny – thanks! I do believe ? was jealous, but I also believe Keenan could manipulate people. And the sad thing is why was she jealous? Morgan was not her friend and Morgan did not know or like Keenan…he creeped her out.

      • Again I see a red flag at how she got so angry about Morgan simply smiling and looking over at them.

        Maybe she knew that Keenan liked Morgan.

        I also would look in to when they started dating. Sounds like he may have figured out she lived right by Morgan then started dating her and moved in.

        Some stalkers will use a “shield” to get closer to their victim. B.. may have been Keenan’s shield.

        • Sonny what you say is true – I didn’t know that at the time, but since then I have had plenty of time to do a lot of research about these kind of stalkers. They use people for lots of things like “shields” and they are usually charming, and convincing, and the people they use think it was there idea, and not the stalkers. It also says these stalkers are sociopaths – they have no feelings and believe the people that they get to help them are stupid and useless at some point.

          • Exactly. He could have had B.. helping him and She may not even have known.

            Keep going. You will get to the truth. It may take years, but in the end the truth will always come out.

            Reading where you said that one of your dogs was staring at the door and refused to leave.

            It gave me an idea. What if he was already outside or in the house near the door. Where no one would see him?

            Also what if he tried the keypad every night and the dog knew it was coming?

            Animals tend to feel when things are off. From what your posts have said that dog tended to be a very docile and easy going dog.

            Is it possible he was in the attic and came own after every one was in bed?

            I hope you get the justice and truth you seek soon.

            • That’s true I believe now Tessi didn’t want to leave the entry and her sentry position watching the door for a reason…I feel horrible that I made her leave her post. Tessi is extremely docile – she would probably help a burglar carry the furniture out of the house but if she saw a dangerous person coming at one of the family that person would have a 160 lb dog in-between us and them.

              It is possible someone came in and went up in the attic – I thought the only exit was into Steve’s closet but I will ask him if Morgan’s room had a hatch as well. Thanks for the idea!

  25. Also look in to if there was a hatch in one of the closets some where else. Usually there are 2 hatches. One could even be in the garage.

    Do not blame yourself. You did NOT do this. The sick twisted person who murdered her did. You were tired and stressed.

    • Thanks Sunny – we were blaming ourselves, but we finally got past that. We knew it wasn’t helping and you are right we were tired and stressed. Now our new word is STRENGTH…actually that’s my word Steve said his is BRAVERY. Anyway, we know this person is sick and twisted and we will not rest till he is put away so he can’t do it again…because he will.

  26. I have been reading your blog and I just wanted to say I am so so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful spirit she was. In one picture where she is reading outloud to an audience, she is surrounded by a big sphere. I know it’s light, but if you google spheres in pictures, it has another meaning. Also your dream, when a loved one passes and you have a dream where they are smiling and talking, whether you can hear them or not, I’ve been told they are making contact.

    I wanted to say (in addition to my other comments) that you could not have known NOT to move the Newfie in and shut the door. If someone was in your house already, and the Newfie barked or otherwise alerted you, what would have the outcome have been? I am very disturbed by this thought – there seems to me no way that this stalker would have accepted detection, or let anyone survive to tell about it, especially since he went to such pains to make her death appear a suicide. Does that make sense? The killer could not have known that you were going to move the Newfie into your room and shut the door. It was a perfect storm for him but my feeling is, he must have intended to make his move that night whether there was collateral damage or not. I hope this does not sound shocking. I just can’t see him breaching your home where there were two known dogs and risk being detected without a means of making sure he got away clear. I know you would give anything to do that night over, but you might not be here to tell about it if you had. I also know you would trade places with her, I am sure. I am so sad for your family.

    I just can’t let go of the neighbor. Have you back ground checked E? Him moving is hugely suspicious to me. He is suspicious to me. I read where you received what you take to be warnings. Are you sure he has not moved near you? I don’t mean to sound paranoid, but please consider that and be safe. I know you will continue your work, but I hope you are still vigilant and protect the sweet puppy too. Whoever this is is deeply sick, disturbed, just psychopathic. To keep this level of terror up for so long and then to orchestrate a move and then come after her dog. This is…evil. Be safe.

  27. If what the medium says is correct about the key pad and the person was getting the first 3 numbers right, there would have only been 10 choices left for the 4th number, right? i am sure you already know this, but I wanted to be sure. Someone could have easily had time at some point to try all possible codes if they knew the first 3 numbers to pin pad. Secondly I strongly believe in what mediums do and to some degree have experienced medium like things in my life. I have been reading this story for about 4 days, I thought to myself I won’t have any dreams about this because I’m not to attached. Well sure enough last night I had not one but two dreams with Morgans face. I have not recovered those dreams yet. My son slept restless and woke nearly every 10 minutes so it was disrupted sleep for sure.

  28. I am so sorry for your loss, I cannot imagine the pain you all have been forced to endure. Morgan was a beautiful young lady, and it is tragic that her life was cut so short. I’ve been following her story for a long time and I am wondering a few things. I had read somewhere previously that one of the cops had noticed a small amount of blood in her mouth, and I think a small red bump on her head. Why was there not more probing done with that officer about the blood and bump? Could you possibly question him further about it now? Since there were no others that stated noticing trauma, it seems like it could be helpful to probe further with that one cop. I was also wondering if you saw that her nails were chipped? Or if they noted that anywhere In a report? It’s such a tragedy and my heart breaks for you and your family. I hope you find the truth and peace.

    • Jesse after all the due diligence we have done over the past few years we now know this was a coverup by the Garfield County Sheriff & Coroner’s office. They knew that very morning from the abrasions, blood, torn nails, matted hair, bodily fluids on her chest, pants unzipped & unbuttoned, date rape drugs in her gastric fluid, drugs that never even made it into her blood as she was already dead or almost dead by the time they were put in her body, as well as evidence her body had been moved after she was already dead so at that time they made the decision to keep evidence from us and destroy any evidence they could.

      It is the most indescribable and horrific feeling after the stalking and loss of Morgan, but what Garfield County has done to us since is re-victimization over and over again. The lid needs to be blown off this coverup. This has not only been done to Morgan but I now know it has been done to others as well. How can a young woman be stalked and murdered and local rural law decides to lie and bury it all under the rug? It is an assault on all victims of stalking. It is like telling stalkers that if they kill their victim they can remain free!

      • I am so sorry for your loss. We just watched the program on ID about Morgan’s case. Is it possible her stalker is a law enforcement official? Did Morgan ever have a sense of who was harassing her? Did you have a surveillance camera for the exterior of your home? Is it possible to file a civil suit against law enforcement, the coroner’s office, or the DA for some kind of negligence of duty? Are there other reports in the area, or even some distance away of a stalker(s) using the same MO? I don’t believe stalkers just stop. They’ll move on to a new victim to obsess over and covet. I truly hope you’re able to find answers to important questions. I hope you and your family may find peace and tranquility. Morgan would not want you to suffer. When I looked at the photo she took just prior to her murder, I thought it was a colorful butterfly. Perhaps butterflies held a special importance for Morgan? I’m trying to find some joy and light. I want to make sense of this tragedy. I did not know Morgan but empathize deeply with being stalked and harassed. I was as a teen-ager when attending college. I transferred to a different school but feel guilty I never reported the man who was an employee. I know now to record everything and to report each incident no matter how trivial or annoring it may seem. Stalking needs to be taken seriously by law enforcement. It’s frustrating after so many high profile cases, and with greater understanding of this illness that stricter laws and punishments are not on the books. I’m grateful to you and your family for sharing Morgan’s story. Thank you.

        • Thank you Treya for your kind words. After the first month of her stalking we captured a picture of the stalker and neighbors and Morgan were pretty sure about who it was. Then Morgan was followed, and she made a positive id. The sheriffs knew who he was and he WAS their suspect. They promised they were close to making an arrest the following week but just days before her official on camera interview she was murdered. Years later we came to find out that the felony stalking detective told one of the suspects that he was closing in on an arrest – he told them this just 4 days before her murder. Coincidence? Maybe but I for one do not believe in coincidences.

          We did finally get a surveillance camera around our house to try to catch him but there were holes in the areas that were not covered by the cameras so were kept moving them around to try to catch him. Unfortunately the cameras were never pointed at our doors they were pointed away from our house in order to capture his face and not a back so an arrest could be made. There were holes in our system and ultimately it did not work. We found out years later that there were many reports with the same MO of a stalker in the area but Morgan’s felony stalking detective told us there were not – he lied, I have spoken with the other woman that made the reports. Why did he lie? I don’t know, hopefully someone will find out someday. And your right stalkers do not stop so I know Morgan was not the last.

          Dragonflies held a very special meaning for Morgan. I am so sorry you had such a horrible experience and please don’t blame yourself for not reporting him. None of us know at the time things happen what we should do – we learn those lessons much later on sometimes. Stalking does need to be taken seriously by not only law enforcement but also prosecutors and judges. People work so very hard to get some good laws on the books to protect the victim but if law enforcement, prosecutors and judges don’t take it seriously we are all in danger. Thank you so much for writing in.

  29. Was Elliott cleared? Because it bothers me how often he calls to check in with you guys and so far he’s turned up angrily to ask police what’s going on twice. Just saying.

    • They never even spoke with Elliott – they were going to but something kept coming up and then we heard he might be moving so we told Detective Glassmire he better do it soon and then 2 weeks later when he finally showed up on his porch him and his family were completely gone and no one knew where he was…so no, he was not.

I welcome your feelings and ideas on Morgan's Stalking