If they sweep Morgan’s stalking and murder under the rug will that keep your daughter safe? These type of perpetrators never stop…they just move on to the next victim.

I know I have already blogged about the following article, but I just wanted everyone to read it one more time, because since September 3rd when this article was submitted to the Post Independent Newspaper in Glenwood Springs, CO, and then never printed, our Garfield County Sheriff has come out on camera to say he will never reopen our daughter’s investigation – so the stalkers/murderers will still reside within our valley…or maybe he just hopes our daughter’s stalkers/murderers (all parties involved) will just move away and continue to terrorize, and kill somewhere else, because in reality these types of perpetrators do not ever stop…please know this.

To the Post Independent in response to an article written on Sept. 1, 2012 by Jon Colson:

As previously reported in both the Aspen Times and the Post Independent Newspapers, Garfield County and Pitkin County in western Colorado both have an extremely high rate of “suicide”, with Pitkin county at over three times the national average and Garfield County even higher. Yet both these superfluously ideal, recreational Colorado counties show an almost nonexistent rate of murder. In fact, in the State of Colorado more people die of “suicide” than they do by motor vehicle accidents or any other method.

Many theories abound on why this rate is extremely high but one logical theory is completely overlooked…that possible murders…are being called suicides by County Coroner’s and Law Enforcement agencies without either the investigative skills or the desire to fully investigate any death.

It often seems, and is the butt of many local jokes, the only time a death will be termed a homicide in this valley is if there are fifty witnesses to a point blank shooting or stabbing and a suspect stands holding his bloody hands out, begging to be arrested.

Any other scenario the majority of investigative effort seems to be put into finding excuses as to why a death is NOT a homicide rather than actually being investigated. If in doubt, local Newspapers are then used as tools of both the Coroner’s office and law enforcement to print misinformation in such a way as to sway the public and therefore the families of victims into a position of acceptance out of fear of  public ridicule. Families who insist on investigations or make any waves are publicly branded, by those who are paid to protect them, as being so overwhelmed by grief they are being ridiculous or ‘dramatic”, or even as downright enemies of the involved departments. And so, possible murderers…walk calmly on their way…safe in their own perfect killing grounds.

The case of Morgan Ingram is a prime example. Many factors have been overlooked in the investigation of Morgan Ingram’s death, including a lack on both the Coroner’s office and those who investigated the scene of death. Nothing in her life indicates any desire to commit suicide yet events leading up to her death present a classic preclude to murder.

Had Morgan Ingram simply been a confused, depressed teenager who’s life had fallen apart at the seams, then to investigate her death as a possible suicide or accidental death would be logical. But Morgan was not the atypical suicide poster child.

Morgan was a young woman who had her life by the proverbial balls with one minor flaw. In recent months she had been continuously terrorized and victimized by a stalker. Even IF her death in any possible theory could have been termed a suicide, it would still put responsibility on the criminal for driving her to this point.

But Morgan was NOT driven to this point of no return. In fact, she was ANGRY. Angry people do not end their own lives, angry people go after those who are stealing their  personal joy in life. In fact, the very night of her death Morgan had told a friend on Facebook “I love life!” in response to something silly from her day. Morgan steadfastly refused to let her terrorizer drive her from her home, school, activities or friends. Instead, she became annoyed with those who begged her to allow herself to be bullied into leaving her home to go into hiding.

Her stalking was not the figment of a young woman’s imagination. Her terrorizing was not only observed by others, but also recorded on security cameras placed around her home. The case was elevated to the level of felony stalking by the Investigators due to escalating events, not by Morgan or her family. In other words, evidence was there to prove a perpetrator existed.

There is a certain responsibility to reporting the news. One of those responsibilities is to not allow yourself to be used as a tool of deceit or coercion by elected officials for their own agendas.

There is a responsibility to know if you are reporting facts instead of what someone else wants you to report as in the death of Morgan. The reporter states “there were no signs of assault”. Does this reporter know this for sure? Was he there? Or did he simply take the word of those who never even LOOKED for any signs of assault? Assault is not always apparent by the naked eye and physical assault is not always a necessity or intent of murder.

Murderers are not all clumsy, in your face, messy murderers of passion. As many serial killer cases have shown and documented, there are killers who are intelligent, crafty, and very capable of covering their crime. These are the killers who move silently through our society, often enjoying long, full lives before ever being apprehended…if ever. Each success gives them more satisfaction in the knowledge they have once again outsmarted law enforcement. Unlike the portrayal in books and television, these killers do not all want attention or fame…some want only to engage in their own secret fantasies and get away with it for as long as possible.

The Post Independent reporter also stated the accepted uses of amitriptyline. What he did not state were the less desirable, nefarious uses of this drug…as a tool of not only date rape but also murder. Several high profile and many lesser reported cases throughout the world have documented the use of amitriptyline as a weapon against other humans. The reporter also failed to mention the reason for this particular drug’s use by rapists and murderers. Amitriptyline not only has the ability to produce fast results in subduing a victim (when administered in medically unaccepted methods), but also is easily available, not only on the street but via online shopping. In reality, the wide spread use of antidepressants by over zealous Doctors has guaranteed each one of us most likely know someone who has amitriptyline (or more commonly known as Elavil) in their medicine cabinet.

The Coroner’s office and the Sheriff’s office are negligent in their duties as employees of the people when they choose to label a death by drugs as a “suicide” when there is no evidence to support drugs were taken willingly by the victim or with a particular intent. “Morgan Ingram died from “amitriptyline intoxication” according to Kurtzman’s report.” This is not definitive of “suicide” and the only conclusion for the Coroner’s office giving this new diagnosis of death to the public, months after Morgan’s death, is the Coroner, in an attempt to stop any further investigation by the family & friends…decided to publicly discredit any information that was in direct disapproval or contradiction of his departments procedures and actions.

The Post Independent reporter was extremely negligent in his duty as a reporter of “news” by neglecting to mention the Coroner’s office only decided to reclassify the victims death in retaliation for her family and friends pushing for justice. The reporter was also negligent in his duty as a person attempting to write about an investigative matter by not fact finding, nor asking to see all pertinent documents pertaining to the circumstances prior to and after Morgan’s death…and instead, taking a hand fed story and running with it, regardless of damage said story could cause.

Morgan’s family has made great strides towards engaging the community and raising awareness of stalking and it’s consequences. With one reckless, ill written article the writer has attempted to destroy the Ingram families efforts.

None of us know how or even when the deadly dose of Amitriptyline was introduced to Morgan’s body. Not the Coroner, not the reporter, nor the public. Only the one responsible knows how this drug was utilized and for what purpose. The evidence is not there to support the victim willingly took the large amount needed to end her life (which was apparent by not only one but also two Coroner reports), and the evidence has never been sought to prove another human was responsible.

With this lack of evidence, Morgan’s case should remain open as should the minds of those in the public, including those we depend on to report accurate facts and news, and those we pay to protect and serve us.

All reports by the pathologist and Coroner’s office state Morgan’s death can once again be reclassified if new evidence presents itself…which means…just as in a Court of Law, reasonable doubt still remains. It is irresponsible by all parties concerned to then definitively state an intelligent, happy, talented young woman willingly gave away a life she herself said she loved.


Darcy Sautelet

22 thoughts on “If they sweep Morgan’s stalking and murder under the rug will that keep your daughter safe? These type of perpetrators never stop…they just move on to the next victim.

  1. I truly pray that you will get justice for Morgan. She was beautiful, and only you knew her best. I know you are doing good in this world with your voice. Please stay strong and keep fighting for Morgan. I am sure she is so proud of you for being so strong. I am inspired by this story. As are so many others. It’s insane what is going on when given the facts. God helps the willing. I pray he helps your family. Love from Texas

  2. I am so sorry you are going through this. I have been following your story for a while now and can not believe how LE has failed your family, over and over again. It is terrifying and heartbreaking. I am so very sorry for your loss. You guys are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Praying for justice to be done, laws to be changed, and peace to be brought to your hearts.

    From the moment I read that she had that much amitryptiline in her system (and no pill fragments!!), it was OBVIOUS she did not die of natural causes or of suicide. At what point does an outside agency step in and examine the local police and their investigation (or lack thereof)? Where is the accountability? It’s so upsetting!!

    Keep fighting, the truth will come out. Thank you so much for doing what you’re doing. Things must change and these evil monsters must be locked up.

  3. Toni,
    I started reading your blog last night and couldn’t stop until I caught up. My heart hurts that such a horrible tragedy has to be what is waiting for future blog posts however I truly believe that the END won’t be a tragedy but the miracle of you and Steve finally getting the answers as well as Morgan finally getting justice.

    I can tell from your writing that Morgan got her loving and gentle soul from two amazing parents. Your strength and perserverance is inspiring. Please know that there are so many people praying for you now. My family and I in Illinois will be praying daily.

    • Angela thank you so much for saying that. We miss her so much – it’s hard to explain. Her older siblings support us in what we are doing but they can’t talk about it or even go on this blog – it’s too painful.

      Thank you for all the prayers out of Illinois!

  4. “Negligent” doesn’t even really begin to cover it from what I’ve read here… Either you have one very wild and vivid imagination as the Authorities would like for everyone to believe… Or their incompetence is at issue here… All I can hope for you at this stage is that you do get a Lawyer and this angle… with all the evidence YOU collected… NOT THEM… is used to drag the Garfield Authorities through a very bumpy legal gauntlet that is of their own making… How DARE THEY… without ever bringing a K9 on the property claim that YOU are the one who is imagining things… How DARE THEY not take cast of foot prints and claim there never was a stalker… How DARE THEY look at a photo of their employees leaving in the background of a photo of the stalker and claim there is not one!!!! You are fighting a big battle here that SHOULD make Law Enforcement Agencies get off their Butts Nationwide and adhere to adequate, common sense standards at minimum when such crimes are reported… More Power to You!

    • A few times they spoke of bringing the dog over, but it never happened – I would always get so excited because I know a dog with a good nose will follow and find exactly where the trail leads. It was extremely disappointing. I wonder if on one hand they took it very seriously and on the other hand, not knowing really what to do, they tried to minimize it. This to me is what made it become really dangerous, and our family knows what the outcome was and we do not want to see it repeat itself at the cost of another young woman.

      • Toni, you bring up another point here that baffles me…if the Sheriff and his deputies took seriously your concerns about a stalker, and they then confirmed it by using a dog, why couldn’t the Sheriff then ask for help from another LE group which had experience in dealing with stalkers? Your Sheriff SHOULD HAVE brought in a dog. I hope he is up for election in November and is soundly defeated. He is not doing what he was elected to do.

  5. I read the article you speak of on Sept. 1 in The Post Independant. I work for the newspaper in my town, and could not agree more that the article was very poorly researched and written. It is concerning that the newspaper in your area is not doing investigative reporting, rather simply reprinting what was likely sent in a press release from the “powers that be”. In my opinion, Mr. Colson is not a reporter but just a mere typist.

    What you have written in response is absolutely appropriate and well said! I truly hope Mr. Colson reads it and takes it to heart, and perhaps will DO his job of reporting.

    • I actually can not take credit for what you read…at the bottom of the article it say Darcy Sautelet, she was the writer, but I thought it was very well written, she is very passionate and an extremely good writer…I can’t believe the editor of the Post Independent would not print it.

      • Toni can this letter be put in the Letters to the Editor portion of the paper? Or has it been? I think that everyone in the valley needs to read this. This reporter needs to do his job, and do it right. I hope that this stalker is brought to justice very soon for your family, and other families in the valley with daughters who he could be targeting next…

  6. Have you ever thought of filing a civil suit against the suspect? I’m not sure of all the legalities involved or if it would even be possible but the thought just occurred to me. From one mother to another, I’m Praying that you bring justice to your family and peace to your hearts.

  7. Toni,

    Has anyone thought about the fact that there is such a high rate of “suicides” because of the area you live in being a one of the top 10 ski areas in the world, and only one of three in the United States? No area wants to be known for its killers or stalkers, that certainly would hurt business. I really hope and pray that you all get justice for Morgan because to me, this seems to go higher than the local LE. Stay strong and never take no for an answer.

  8. I agree – trust me I do. And don’t ever worry about us taking no for an answer – no matter how many no’s we encounter we will keep going.

  9. The store Kennan works at is the same store Morgan got her medication from. There must be inventory reports from the pharmacy. The pharmacist has to account for every single pill in stock. If not this store, why not every pharmacy in the area? Why not the pharmacy’s that were in a radius of were he went hunting? Someone had to come up short.

    • That is such a good point, and honestly we never thought of that…how would we be able to get those records? This is the frustrating part – that’s why we need the State of Federal LE to come in to investigate because I don’t think pharmacies will give us their inventory records…this gets so frustrating at times.

      • Hi Toni,

        I am so sorry to hear of your and Steve’s loss of your beautiful daughter, Morgan, and my heart goes out to you.

        I am currently being stalked, and was drugged and then subjected to staged near serious car accidents. It was obvious that the intent was to cause my demise through a means that wasn’t traceable to the stalker, themselves.

        The pharmacy that was filling Morgan’s past prescription should have a record of any medications that she took in the past, and this should easily asked for, since you are her parents. I’m wondering if the stalker didn’t continue to have this prescription filled (which they could easily set aside), and save it specifically for the untimely homicide of your daughter.

        Administration of the drug(s) are what is concerning to me in this case. In a thorough autopsy, administration by a needle would surely have been noticed.

        In my case, it was administered through a common food item that I consumed on a regular basis, and unfortunately is a “legal” drug that can be ordered on the internet, used for “research”, similar to ketamine (another type of date-rape or designer drug).

        My prayers and thoughts are with you. I pray that you receive justice. May God comfort you. You are not alone.

        • D – thank you for writing in – I am so sorry to hear you are being stalked…it is horrifying what you have been going through. I greatly appreciate your kind words, as well as sharing your experience with me. People just don’t know (I didn’t) all the things that stalkers are capable of.

          We did check with the pharmacy, and we have all the records. Morgan did not have that medication filled for over 1 1/2 years, we checked with all her doctors as well as hospital records, and she was not taking any medications. We believe because the amount of the date rape drug Amitriptyline was such a massive amount 7,909 ng when only 1,000 ng or less would have killed her that it was actually in liquid form for equine use and was injected into her.

          I was led to believe that they had not found any injection marks on her body, but 2 years after her death, when we did see some, not all of the pictures of her body, and in one picture it definitely looks like an injection mark. I put no faith in the forensic pathologists findings, as he did not take samples from under her fingernails, did not do a rape kit, even though her pants were unzipped and unbuttoned when she was found, and I could go on and on. His initial finding of natural causes for the first 8 months was wrong as was his last finding of suicide after that. The evidence does not “support a conclusion of suicide,” in fact the evidence shows without a doubt that Morgan could not have killed herself. Morgan died during an active investigation into her felony stalking – she was deemed a suspicious death and I believe at that time the sheriffs mishandled the crime scene, they failed to perform the police work that is standard in a suspicious death, including the collection and testing of all available evidence. The question “why” we are still waiting to find out.

  10. I would think that you would have to get the inventory reports through a court order from a judge. I don’t think that the pharmacies would just hand those over to anyone that asked, but through a judge, they would have to.

    • I believe you are correct and that is the BIG reason we are trying to have Morgan’s case opened by State or Federal LE – I would want them to investigate us, investigate all suspects, investigate anyone close to her and follow the evidence. Get court orders for more evidence, etc. I truly believe in my heart that this will happen – I just don’t know when and we will not give up.

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