October 25, 2011 – Day 85 of Morgan’s Stalking – What is the stalker doing out in the rain?

After her classes, Morgan came home, it was overcast and a storm was threatening, not quite snow yet, but a good electrical/ice storm.  Morgan made plans to Skype late with her friends, and then she left for Carbondale.  She had a date to cook with her dad tonight.  She wanted to learn just how to make his marinara sauce, so that someday in the future she could cook it for him, and she wanted me to let her know what time to be home for that.

Later in the day after I had talked with Steve, I called Morgan and told her that it sounded like 7:00 pm they would be were cooking.  She texted me at 6:30 pm and said, “On my way.”

Morgan and her father had a great time making dinner together, laughter and teasing, and after we all ate and cleaned up, Morgan went to her room.  I was sleeping, but then I got a single bubble text on my phone from Morgan – a rock on her window.  I wasn’t supposed to answer, I had promised I wouldn’t keep her awake for hours by running outside, calling the sheriff’s, etc. (she wanted to ignore it and get some sleep, but promised to send me a text bubble for my record keeping for the sheriffs), the problem was she had not done this for a while so I could not help myself and sent back three question marks.  Morgan told me, “Go to sleep!” I sent her a smiley face, and said, “What about you Missy?”  She answered, “I am.”  I couldn’t help myself, and sent her “What made you think I was awake?”  Morgan said “Stop texting me. I’m sleeping.”  I knew it was time to stop, and said, “Sorry.” with a sad face.

I started to get up, but Steve stopped me and said we will check in the morning.  I felt like it was something more that I should look at now, but stayed in bed anyway, staring at the ceiling.  Eventually I fell asleep for a while, and then I woke up, not knowing what time it was and got up anyway.  I think the rain woke us up, as Steve got up with me  and we cuddled on the bench, both looking at replays of the camera, wondering who in the world would be out in rain like this.

We could not find anything at the time Morgan sent the bubble, and I had given up an went back to bed when Steve called me back.  He had found something when reviewing the driveway camera from an hour later.  Someone was crouched behind the LR3 and a car was coming up the street, we could just catch the headlights.  The stalker was out of sight of the cameras, behind the car, no way to tell what he was doing, but the car coming up the street would expose him and caused a change in his plans, and he quickly stands up.  Now he is caught on camera, and he quickly goes from a crouched position to upright and runs off the driveway, and goes in front of the garage, again off of camera, probably ducking behind the bushes.  We talked with our neighbor who came home at that time and he did not see anyone in our driveway, he told us he really wasn’t looking, and the weather was very bad also.  He had heard about the stalker, and had no idea he was just outside of our house at all hours, but he said he would watch far more closely in the future.  Two very disturbing things to me about this video, first he is wearing the white shirt again, second it is freezing and raining out and he is not wearing a coat – what does that mean?  Does his  behavior seem to be escalating?

In this video he shows up right at the end, but you can see him stand up from his hiding spot, off camera, behind the car.

Stalker forced out from hiding spot by headlights coming up the street. It is near the end. from Morgan’s Stalking on Vimeo.

Stalker is coming up to standing posture, if he ducks between the truck and car he will set off alarm.

Stalker is up and moving across front of truck, wearing a white shirt

Stalker is leaving driveway toward garage. there is a tree right there to hide behind

We checked out the car the next morning, after wondering what he was doing back there.  Was he putting something on, or taking something off?  We never found out.  We were cautioned that GPS tracking devices were small and inexpensive and easily attached to a car.  There was a concern that this is how the stalker always knew where Morgan was.   Steve had already been over the car and as far as he could tell there was nothing attached.  We checked with Detective Glassmire and he was not sure about what a GPS device would look like, but he knew that it was illegal, so if we did find one it would be helpful, and be sure to let him know if that should happen.  We wished Morgan’s stalker was one of those that left notes or flowers, something that the sheriffs were more familiar with, and they would know how to handle it – or would they?  But it was becoming obvious to us that they were struggling with Morgan’s stalker.

Today its October 14, 2012 – It’s Sunday and the weekend has been pretty much constant reminders of how absolutely horrific this was to have lived through, and how people have a very understandably tough time grasping how it could have all happened.  Some people over the Internet have even said they’re not sure if Morgan had a stalker and they think I am just doing this blog to create suspense and write a book – wrong again!  I pray you never lose a child to a hateful frightening 4-month long stalking and then murder like this.  And I pray that you never have the authorities tell you they will not open an investigation to look into your child’s murder.  That is why I started this blog – yes, to get as much attention on this as possible and to try to get public pressure to make the authorities do the right thing.  So far that hasn’t happened so we are now, in the upcoming weeks, going to go national with this.

Steve and I lived it, and now we explain it over and over again. We ask ourselves, how this could have ever happened, not just the stalking, and Morgan’s murder, but even everything since then?  Just as in today’s blog the stalker is out in a freezing rain wearing a white shirt – AGAIN!  Who wears a white shirt while trying to hide out at night?  Morgan’s stalker does.  And that is just for starters.  What detective does not interview the person who heard the confession?  Morgan’s did.  What pathologist looks at an Amitriptyline level of 7909 ng/mL in a 115 pound woman and says it is insignificant?  Morgan’s did.

I assure you I was not ignoring the requests about all of the reports, I know they will become an important part of the truth, I just did not have the time, and believe it or not, emotionally there is a limit to what I can do.  Now I have some great help, and have been going through all of the reports.  In a great twist of irony the video system that struggled mightily to help us capture the stalker is having a much easier time catching what really happened after Morgan was killed.  It was left on for two days after her death, and what has been put in a signed report, they do have to sign them still, don’t they seems to differ from what the camera actually recorded.  Well signed or not, when these reports are compared with what appears on video that will tell another story and I don’t think the camera is able to lie.  Then there are the reports LE released and then the ones you have to specially request, and that so far is also telling another story.  I will release them all once I have had a chance to comment, and corroborate my comments to the extent that is possible.  The one thing Steve, and I have going for us is that the truth does not change, and it will still be there waiting when we get to it, and that we always count on.

97 thoughts on “October 25, 2011 – Day 85 of Morgan’s Stalking – What is the stalker doing out in the rain?

    • It’s fast he goes from a crouching position behind the LR3 to upright running to the right when the car headlights start coming up the street – if we could slow it down for you it would help but I don’t know how to do that on this blog…sorry

      • look toward the end at 59 – I kept looking at it and not only does he have the same white shirt on but now it looks like a back pack again – I can’t believe I just noticed that. Thanks so asking so I had to keep looking at it over and over and then I saw the back pack

    • If you start stop like every second you can see him, just not a clear picture. At first I thought it was just a reflection but there isn’t anything there to reflect.

  1. I have watched a few times, and I’m sorry I can’t see anything at all. I should be looking towards the rear end of the car on the left? I imagine you guys had a clearer video of this, because i don’t know how you would have spotted this otherwise!

    • Yes ours is much better – it goes so fast you should probably just maybe stare to the the right side of the driveway before he disappears. He does come from behind the LR3 on the left past the back of the truck towards the garage but in this video it goes so fast you would probably need to stare at the right side of the driveway.

  2. Had to watch several times to see it, but was finally able to distinguish definite human movement. This video is so much less clear than the others you’ve posted – guess your camera system is really sensitive to the wind and rain…

  3. I had no problem seeing him…watch the right side of the car on the right from about 50 secs on. Very scary!
    Toni, I started reading your blog at the end of August. I have also read all the posts, pro and con on the ws forums. I have never doubted for one moment what you have written. I wish some people would have waited and let you tell your story before they decided to pass judgement.

    • Thanks Janine – everyone is different and some people are impatient but if I had to do this again I would still do it this way only because what I know today about what really happened to Morgan is even more then I knew a month ago…I was told that too back in March that things unfold at their own pace but I don’t think I really believed it. I believe it now – because of the pace it went at more people came forward, more information has been learned and I would not have had that back then. Thanks for believing in us!

  4. I think I can see him,but not sure if it is just the rain? Is the image surprisingly small? If yes, then I see him very near the end of the video, when the headlights hit the middle of the car on the Right. He is about an inch out from the headlights at about 45 degrees south, appears tangent to the car on the right (but given that he is so small, he is probably actually quite far off.).

    Also, if you pause then play it is easier to see.

    And when you pause then play, there appears to be a reflection of a face in the vehicle on the left at about 53-54 seconds.

    Ugh ths makes me sick. Sending prayers of strength to you!

    • No kidding – it makes me sick to even think anybody would be out in that kind of weather without a coat – he is obviously obsessed which makes him really dangerous!

  5. Are you sure it isn’t the headlights? It follows the same direction and speed across the entire width of the cameras view, first appearing in the top left, reflecting onto the pickup and then reflecting in the rain on the driveway before exiting to the right

      • I thought the same thing about the reflection. I watched it probably 10 times on my computer and couldn’t see a thing. Just watched it on my iPhone however and it is clear as day… It made my heart stop. Many prayers and blessings are with your family. Thank you for being so strong in the face of such opposition.

  6. Judt have to ask about your comment about LE not interviewing someone that confessed? I think I missed that,
    I also want to tell you how creepy this is! You have amazing strength, I know only good can come to you!

    • Right in front of the truck. He is in white with the straps of a backpack? on his arms. I am so sorry Steve and I have been trying to upload a screen capture but I think there is too much for the web server going on because I keep getting booted off!!!
      Going to talk to someone about that tomorrow.

        • ?’s dad confessed that it was Keenan to a client on the morning Morgan was found dead in her bed, and the detectives never got around to talking to him or the person he confessed to – that just so happens to be the wife of a Pitkin County Sheriff in Aspen…pretty unbelievable, but unfortunately for us, it really did happen.

          • UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH???? I’m so irritated that ?’s dad knew it was Keenan and did NOTHING to stop it!!! UGH. I’m so sorry.

            • It would seem like ?’s dad aided and abetted in a commission of a felony that resulted in the death of our daughter – that is what we are being told and that is what we believe.

              How could there be a stalking for 4 months and when Morgan is found dead, during the stalking, no one ever for one second allows for there could be a connection – Am I missing something here?

  7. Hi, I would just like to let you know that I think what you’re doing with this blog is amazing. Congrats on over 2 million hits. I found your blog b/c my cousin put it up on Facebook, and I read the entire thing in 1 night. Thank you for sharing your story and educating us in the process. To anyone who accuses you of putting an “entertainment spin” on this, I’d say, yes this blog is captivating, moving and haunting and I suppose that does make it entertaining but that is also why 2 million people have read it, and now 2 million people are more aware of the issue of stalking, hopefully they will be more aware and hopefully those who have kept any similar experiances will be inspire to now speak up!

    You are an amazing Mother, you are an inspiring advocate for your Daughter, and in this crazy world, we all need someone to be an advocte, hope you are finding some support for yourself through this blog and please don’t mind those nay-sayers, you are doing good work here! My positive thoughts are with you!!!

  8. I have been trying to keep up with your blogs. Sometimes I don’t get to read all the comments. Is the comment section where you posted about a confession because I can not seem to find it. Did someone hear a confession from one of the suspects?

    • ?’s dad confessed that it was Keenan to a client on the morning Morgan was found dead in her bed, and the detectives never got around to talking to him or the person he confessed to – that just so happens to be the wife of a Pitkin County Sheriff in Aspen…pretty unbelievable, but unfortunately for us, it really did happen.

  9. Ok i cant see it…where on the screen should i be looking? does he ever move to the front of the truck? im really trying here and really wanna see

  10. ok i think i got it..it looks like a light in front of the truck and he definitely has a back pack on… God… please wreak havoc on him

  11. I’ve watched it at least ten times and can’t spot him. I made my husband watch it, too. Maybe it’s my laptop but the film is very poor. I wonder if Vimeo has a slow motion feature.

    • Emily, thank you I am going to see if they do. Look at the image behind the title, he is right in front of Steve’s truck. And the “next” video encounter is much better, sorry, so frustrating I can’t share what I have here better than this.

  12. Can you add an arrow or circle the stalker? I have watched the video multiple times and looked at the still picture and cannot see a thing but rain and headlights.

    • That would help. I am having a very hard time seeing him. I can’t even pick him out in the still picture. If he’s there, the crazy train left a passenger behind!

  13. It’s the white light that streaks across the screen at the very top. it looks like headlight reflections but it’s definitely a person. it’s very fast. i struggled for a bit also.

  14. The perspective of the video is stretched out, I wonder if that’s contributing to the confusion? I see that there are two other attempts to upload the video, both labeled “driveway”, but Vimeo says there was a problem with the processing. I’ve watched the video about 20 times, but can’t see what others are seeing, no matter how hard I try. I wonder if the incorrect ratio/perspective is the problem.

  15. One time you mentioned that when laying on the roof, Steve’s shirt had white residue on it afterward from the shingles. Do you think maybe the stalker learned this his first time on the roof and so wore the white shirt every time thereafter… To conceal the evidence from someone who might catch him, or who might know he was doing this but told him to stop?

    • That’s what Steve thinks, but I am now wondering if it is because it’s the dress code for City Market – yesterday was the first time I heard that from a few readers.

      • Yes, I thought the uniform was a good idea too, but I didn’t think that would explain no coat. If you could get the CM video, it would be interesting to see if he appears unusually drenched upon returning to his shift after a break or something.

  16. I normally don’t comment but on my iPhone watching this video I can see pieces of white shirt moving where he is hiding. I don’t know if my eyes are going crazy or if someone can see this. I keep praying for you family.

  17. I watched the video numerous times. I kept thinking I couldn’t see him, just headlights. Then I realized the white blur I saw was him, not the headlights. The white movement at the end isn’t the headlights but the guy, correct?

    • No sorry not him – it’s the bright white person going fast across the screen at 59 you will definitely see him on the right side of the driveway before he disappears.

      • I see it now, Toni. I think a lot of people are confused and thought the bright white spot was the headlights and not his face (I was). Now that I know it’s his face, I’m creeped out. 🙁

        • Or that’s his white shirt and not his face? Either way… the hair on the back of my neck is standing up, and I’m glad I have a little dog that loses his mind at every little noise and a big dog that everyone is afraid of.

  18. After watching it on my iPhone and where you showed us to look I can defintely see it. At first it looks like car lights which I think it what everyone thinks it is but it’s not. So when you THINK you see the car lights on the drive way, look closer it’s actually the person.

  19. If he knew about your wildlife cameras, maybe he wore the white shirt thinking it would appear black on camera. Maybe he thought he was being stealthy in that way?

  20. If he knew about your wildlife cameras, maybe he wore the white shirt thinking it would appear black on camera. Maybe he thought he was being stealthy in that way?

  21. Oh wow, yes I see it now and I was thinking it was car lights. When I still paused it and went frame by frame I saw the outline of the body, he slumped forward a little then straightened out. DANG! CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!! It was all white like light. I wonder why? Did he have on maybe a clear plastic rain gear, wet, and light flashed on him with through the camera’s eye captured it as light?

  22. Omg, I can not believe that ?’s dad told someone that! I assume the lady told you that? And no one interviewed either??
    What does ?’s dad?
    No wonder you and your family are so mad,there is more to this story, and I hope you can uncover it! The people that know , please do the right thing and help this family.This will be on your conscious for the rest of your life!

    • Wasn’t interview, he is an insurance salesman, and yes, that is one of the reasons we feel that Morgan was so grossly failed.

      • I saw the very end of your story on Dr. Phil today. I immediately logged onto to the blog & have been reading every entry all day. I am heart broken people would be so callous & say such cruel things as they have. I did not second guess you & I only caught the last few minutes of the show. You appeared very passionate in finding the truth out & getting justice.
        I pray your family will one day receive that closure…

  23. I can’t believe people think you are making all of this up or think it’s bad to blog it out like this. This blog is brilliant for many reasons.

    -For one it helps with the grieving process.
    -It forces people to take notice of all the facts and not just rush through the story.
    -It keeps peoples’ attention longer and promotes more conversation.
    -People like being a part of something that is still unfolding- it excites them and gives them the opportunity to help.

    Hello! If she just wrote the whole story out in one go, many people would ignore it because it would take too long to read. Also, those who did read it may or may not forget it more easily because of whatever is going on in their daily lives.

    You are doing an amazing job. I don’t know if you planned it out this way, but this suspenseful blog style is perfect PERFECT for getting your message across. They always say to take a toy away from a child before they tire of it, because that makes them want it all the more. I know this seems like a sad and horrible way to compare it to the horrific injustice that happened to you, but it seems as if human nature prevails. People will come back for more if they are only given part of the whole. I commend you and encourage you in what you are doing. I’d do anything for my daughters and I would definitely go through this painful blogging process if it meant getting one of them justice!

  24. Wow. I saw him on my first view and so did my husband. There is clearly a person there behind the vehicle that darts out. Looks to be wearing the same thing as the person that passed by the other night, then ran the other way. Is that a stripe running along the shoulder of the shirt? Maybe some people are not seeing him because of poor quality monitors. I am using a Mac with excellent quality screen. I am so creeped out. It is obviously a rainy cold night. He must have been totally obsessed to go out in that.

  25. Brittany, the car lights are not the car, watch the video again and follow the lights. Pull your eyes out and just watch what you think is the car lights. You’ll see it then. The light is not the car lights it is him

    • I believe it is.

      However, I think he shows up much earlier in this video than most people notice. What I am catching on my enhanced screen around 25s is clear disruption of the rain patterns before a distinct human form becomes visible.

      • I keep coming back to this screen shot. I’m seeing more now than I did when I first posted it. Tina, are you seeing someone with a dark baseball cap on? What I’m seeing in this screen shot is someone with a white shirt and and a dark baseball cap. Maybe a “T” or bullhorns on the cap. I really wish I could see what you are seeing.

        Also, I realize now how callous it was to have posted without also saying how sorry I am for your loss. Your story has really touched me, and I find myself coming back multiple times a day for updates. I can’t imagine how you feel – not only your loss, but the utter incompetence (or maybe, more insidious, unwillingness) you’ve dealt with in the investigation. I find myself altogether angry, sad, and despondent for you and Morgan. I pray you find all of your answers and these monsters get exactly what they deserve.

  26. Is this night vision? I know from the baby monitor video that white looks black and black, white. I’m speaking in reference to the white shirt. Could it be black? Look at the numbers on your license plate – they show white against black – are they really this way? Just wondering. I am following your blog – I wish there were something I could do to help – I can only imagine your pain and frustration.

  27. Can you post a longer portion of this video that does not cut off before the car completes it’s passing? It ends abruptly before the car is out of frame.

  28. I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: on my security camera, at night, dark clothing appears white. Have you checked your cameras for this same phenomenon? It might take the mystery of the “white” shirt out of the picture

    • We checked back then – Steve wore different colors and went outside at night, as did all of us and even though their is no color it doesn’t not change from dark to light. Dark stays dark and light stays light on the cameras – they only thing that changes is if something is directly under the lights of the garage and then you get a glow.

  29. Hi.. I watched this video several times and I can only see a white light, I can’t see the person. I’m curious why there is so much dead time before it happens and then it cuts off so fast when it’s actually happening…Is there any way you can show this but add more time to the end of it? Thank you!

  30. Toni please post…For those of you involvedor have and knowledge of the stalking/murdering of Morgan, PLEASE come forward with ANY information you may have, whether you feel is big or small…You are all going to face JUDGEMENT Day…There is no more important day. What will u answer to GOD?
    Just make your peace with HIM now. You shouldn’t care whats going to happen to others involved, you need to clear your conscience, before you start having horrible nightmares and are afraid to go to sleep!!!

  31. this might be a little late here, but I can’t help but think this video is playing backwards. Staring at the headlights, they seem to come into view very faintly at the top left of the screen, leading me to believe that the vehicle is driving towards the right of the screen (your garage?) However, in the last second of the video, the headlights are still visible and look like the vehicle is actually facing the left of the screen. This could explain the white streak at approx. 58 seconds or so. It’s actually the vehicles headlights reflecting off the glass of the truck as the vehicle drives past. Because the video is played backwards, the white streak / reflection occurs before the vehicle comes into view, and then you see the vehicle at the top right of the screen. I’ve watched all of the videos and pictures in this blog and I definitely agree that someone was making life a living hell for you and your daughter. I just figured I’d offer up a different perspective to this video.

    • Thank you Matt. We have played this video both forward and backwards and you are very perceptive – a car drives onto our block from the left top spot on the screen (it is our neighbor coming home) this flushes out the stalker and then our neighbor pulls into his driveway across the street and his light is reflected on the car. I wish I could show better detail and a longer recording time online for you to see but I am not very good at doing that. The original on the DVR as well as what we have stored elsewhere is so much better. Sorry but I thank you for your perspective.

  32. Is it possible to circle where he is in the stills? I can only see car headlights, but it really spooks me watching these clips.

    • Hello Zoe. If you watch the video clip, almost at the end when you see a reflection of the headlights coming down the street the white image is the stalker popping up from a crouched position behind the car. It happens really fast and it isn’t easy to see on this. It is so much easier on our computer because we can slow it way down. Please look at the picture below the video – it is a screen capture of the white figure as it pops up when it is flushed out by the car coming down the street. Someone also mentioned it was strange that the stalker is wearing white, but we found out that the infrared night time capture can make a black shirt look white. I was amazed when I saw the examples of a man in a black shirt with the lights on and then the lights are turned off and the camera makes it look like he is wearing a white shirt. I am always learning…as we all do. Thanks for your question.

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