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  1. We know we have to let go and can’t live with you any longer on this earthly plane Morgan, but I know you are still with us, all around us, guiding us. We will see you again and we do all miss seeing your smile every day. Love – Mom

    • Calder is a friend to Brooke – at the time of the stalking he expressed to Morgan that he was not, but that was not true. We firmly believe Calder was involved in advising Brooke of Morgan’s whereabouts, and Calder was the last person Morgan saw and spoke with on her way home that night. We believe he also urged Morgan’s other friend not to go home with her that night. I pray that Calder did not know that when he was helping Brooke he was condemning Morgan to death – but we believe his assistance in her terrorization and ultimately her death makes him complicit. Morgan always loved her friends, including Calder, but if Morgan was alive right now – if she had survived the stalking and not been killed she would now believe Calder was her Benedict Arnold 🙁 How he could do the things he did, and not own up to them right after he found out Morgan was dead – to tell the truth I don’t know how he can live with himself. It is so sad. The last time I spoke with him he said, “Morgan is dead and Brooke is alive and I have to protect Brooke since she is my friend.” Maybe it was because Brooke told everyone she was pregnant at the time…I don’t know if that is why he choose the path he did, but I do know he is still friends with Brooke, and if he is reading this I just want to let him know that we now know what he did, and it is not okay. It makes him an accomplice if he does not come forward as a witness.

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