Investigative Reporting on Morgan’s Stalking and Murder by a Local Radio Station

Ed Williams, reporting for our local radio station KDNK Carbondale just ran a series of reports on the radio about our daughter’s case – I am attaching the link so you can listen if you like.

Every day that pasts so many of you readers have forwarded me evidence that we did not even know about, and we so greatly appreciate it…that’s why between Team Morgan and Morgan’s Army of Angels I know when we finally get the whole investigation together, with all the evidence this case will be reopened.  There is still a stalker/murderer out there so don’t kid yourself.

There are thousands of people in our world that have experienced horrific stalking, and LE was never able to help them, and in some cases completely blew them off, and they are lucky to be alive.  The toll that has been taken on all these stalking victims is immense, and the common thing they tell me is they have learned not to count on law enforcement – this is so wrong!  Law enforcement can not always catch or save everyone, but they need to wake up and realize if something they are doing is not working – fix it and try to save people.

I have spoken with other families across the United States that have gone through this same process, and in those cases it took between 3 – 15 years to get a conviction, because their children were deemed a suicide without the proper investigation.  It took the families everything they could muster to hire other professionals (other than LE), and put together a case that could go to a higher LE agency, and then get reopened in order to get a prosecution.  We have been told to pace ourselves, and keep doing what we are doing and eventually there will be an arrest…and we will!

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    • Good question – it’s not like the radio segments were very long. I guess that’s just not what would have gotten the ratings.

  1. Just watched the rest of the Dr. Phil show. I agree that ? has something to hide and while you can’t make direct accusations, I believe you are on the right path. Not sure why Phil said to take the blog down – I wish he would have given a reason.
    I’m not a fan, but if nothing else at least he said he agreed that an investigation should be opened. Stay strong –

    • I think he said that because he feels it would allow Toni to move through the grieving process. But when there is such a major issue like in this situation–I think part of the grieving process is finding resolution. That is how I took his comment, not that the blog is bad but that it is holding Toni back.

    • DC – we will stay strong and I wish he would have given a good reason too – I don’t think this blog will hurt a future investigation – on the contrary if I wasn’t doing this blog I don’t think there would ever be an investigation. Take care!

  2. Hi Toni. I watched you on Dr Phil and have been following your blog for the past couple of months. Morgan sounds like she was a wonderful young woman. She had such interesting names for her pets! Out of curiosity, what was the name of the parakeet that was also poisoned by the carbon monoxide? Such a sad story.

    • It’s the craziest thing – I know her parakeets name, it’s in my head, but for some reason it’s not surfacing yet, but it will (my brain is a little fuzzy now at the end of the week after trying to catch up at work) and when I remember I will come back to your comment to let you know.

  3. First off I am very sorry for the loss of your daughter. I too have endured the heartbreak of losing a child. I wear some of my sons ashes in a cross around my neck and I feel him around me all the time. Morgan reminds me VERY much of my sister (they are both leos born on same day) was morgan stubborn and set in her ways?? Definately not a bad thing just something I noticed about most leos. Most leos I know would not set in the house and let a stalker take control of their lives. Im glad morgan lived her life to the fullest and had a good life 🙂 be greatful of the time you got to spend with her. My son only lived for 30 mins 🙁 we are currently in a legal battle over his death (malpractice) I wish you the best in your quest for justice for Morgan!! If there is ANYTHING I can do Toni please let me know!!

    • Brooke I am so sorry for the loss of your son…I know it’s the most indescribable pain. I am sure he is a little angel in heaven, and you never know, maybe even with Morgan as we speak. Morgan loved children so much, and I know you will see him again someday.

      Yes, Morgan was a very strong and stubborn Leo – sweet and feminine, but fierce in her beliefs, and when it came to protecting others. She refused to sit in the house and be a prisoner and would not allow anyone to keep her from living her life…the stalker took away her body, but not her soul, and now I believe she is even stronger than she was in this life.

      She has taught me (and I think a lot of others) to cherish every day you have and everyone you love, and don’t waste a minute of it on regrets – always look for the beauty in life.

  4. The ME and coroner have seriously lied about all the evidence and it makes me sick to think of it. I’m so sorry for such a loss. Ever praying for you.

    • That is the part that makes me the sickest as well – I keep asking myself how they could do this – what is the objective they are trying to achieve by doing so many things incorrectly? Is it on purpose for some strange reason that I have not uncovered as of yet? If it is then it will be discovered.

      Or is it just pure arrogance?

      • I’m not sure, but it makes me crazy. I can’t even imagine someone being THAT arrogant…but I have the feeling it is something that very few people know about and are trying to cover it up…but you know, God knows what is going on and He alone will make them get their justice. I’m so sorry for this. I can’t even imagine how hard it is for you. I didn’t know Morgan and I am sick over this, so I can’t even begin to think of how you feel. Team Morgan forever!

  5. I’ve been reading this blog for awhile now and have read and watched everything related to it. I just want to say I’m sorry for your loss, God bless you for the fight in you for justice and peace to you and your family through it all. I’m praying for justice for you and your family continuously and for Morgan. No family should have to go through the heartache you’ve been through. Big hugs to you all. If there’s more petitions to sign or other things I can do from afar, I will. Keep fighting.

    • Thanks so much Tawnya – I am now trying to get to 2,000 signature before I get it to the Governor – we are at a little over 1,700 so I think we could make it. I am going to try to send it in about a week so if you know anyone that would like to sign it that would be wonderful –

  6. If you ever have discouraging moments remember that there are so many of us out here who are the wind beneath your wings. My husband (an attorney) and I were apalled at the short shrift you were given by Dr. Phil. Follow your own heart. Morgan has become so precious to so many people who want justice for her. Melanie

  7. I saw your interview on the Dr. Phil show on Nov 14/12. Until then, I wasn’t even aware of this horror. I consider myself a good judge of people and atmospheres. What I witnessed on the show made me very sure of you and your husband and what you were trying to do. I had a very uneasy feeling about the teenager (with her father) that was being interviewed. I am so sorry for your loss, from the little that I have seen, (including the videos from around your house) I am positive you are right in your pursuit of justice for your daughter. Don’t give up, something definitely went on from where I sit.

  8. HelIo am so glad to see you are getting chances to get this story out as many places as possible because I along with many others on here, are not too happy with how the Dr. Phil show went. That was the first time I had heard of this and I felt like something was not quite right with ?, yet Dr. Phil seemed to already be on their side. At least ot hopefully got more people to look at your blog, and see the clear truth. it irritated me that I felt like ? Constantly had a smug look on her face and as others have said her answer of “where’s the proof” made me want to scream! I am 20 and have a daughter of my own and couldn’t even imagine. May you keep fighting in Morgan’s name, I just know she’s looking down upon you smiling. Such an extraordinary girl, you are amazing parents. May you also find comfort during the holidays and on the day she grew wings.

    • Oh also, could the substance on her chest maybe be the liquid concoction she was given? So frustrating that they didn’t even test it!

      • The black light the Sheriff used shows bodily fluids and it could have even been her trying to spit out the liquid while someone had their hand over her mouth – but I don’t think we will never know since they never checked the substance. I think if the CBI was called in we would have known for sure.

    • Thanks so much Cassie – I have a niece named Cassie that I love like a daughter, she adored Morgan, and has been grieving as well – when I read the sentence you wrote about the day she grew wings, it actually made me smile…take care!

      • You are very welcome! I don’t find many people with the same name, and I’m sorry she is having to go through this rough time with you all. She did grow her wings and is up there leading Morgans army of angels to justice!:) glad I could make you smile, the least I could do! Also did you Wang me to remove my other comment? ( if that is possible). Thinking of you!

  9. I’ve never been a fan of Dr. Phil (and that’s being polite), but I watched the show on Monday and have to say, he shouldn’t have even bothered. Just another whitewash over the facts, although it seems to have shed more light on the story itself, which is a good thing. I just listened to the KDNK broadcast, which was excellent. Do you have any idea why Dr. Doberson (sp?) changed his story on the Dr. Phil show? He, along with Dr. Seltzer (sp?) very clearly stated during their conversations on KDNK that murder should have been investigated. The last man to speak (from the agency that oversees autopsies) also made it clear that the totality of circumstances should have been taken into account by the investigating officers. And, as I’ve said to you before Toni, the police reports from that morning indicated hopelessly shoddy and incomplete investigation, especially with respect to failing to question the young man was who was standing in Morgan’s doorway watching the EMTs at work. Again, I am so sorry for your loss. I know the coming weeks will be very tough for you and Mr. Ingram, and please know that we’re keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

    • Dr. Dobersen did say the same thing on the Dr. Phil show it was just edited down unfortunately. Dr. Zeltzer (from UCLA Hospital) was the first doctor to review Morgan’s findings, she told us it was not natural causes (which was the first manner of death stated for the first 8 months after her death), but instead homicide because of the stalking and needed an investigation. We were finally snapped out of our bubble of believing the Sheriff’s office and Coroner at that point and then every doctor and specialist and Forensic Pathologist we spoke with after that confirmed what she said.

      Thanks for all your kind thoughts, we appreciate it.

  10. Cassie I love that sentiment…”the day Morgan grew wings”…what a beautiful thought. It made me smile too. More importantly, I’m glad it made Toni smile. 🙂

  11. I find it very interesting that no one (and correct me if I’m wrong) has come on here or on the dr phil chat pages and said they think ? had absolutely nothing to do with Morgan’s stalking. I hope she realises that while the extent of her involvement may be questionable, people do not think her hands are clean in all this. I pray Toni and Steve find answers. Until then, I hope ?’s guilty conscience eats at her very soul. Answers like “show me the proof” and “I don’t know why I would” are incredibly telling.

  12. My greatest prayer for you is to get that death certificate changed…if you do then hopefully getting the case reopened will be easier…it’s still not definite but it’s a huge start having been there myself.

  13. I too have just watched the Dr Phil show using the link above (thank you Jess) and i have to say that i really thought that Dr Phil was going to help get the investigation reopened, but i am left feeling quite confused. The entire show show was just really odd. Toni and Steve you were both just amazing, i do not think i would have been able to compose myself the way you did.
    What was Dr Phil’s agenda for this show? Usually he is all over investigations that have been mishandled but this time he seemed to dismiss the whole thing and he kept saying that you and Steve claim there was a stalker. Isn’t a felony stalking case number enough evidence for him.
    i was appalled that the Dr Phil show would allow that women who had been reading your blog to even come onto the show(sorry cannot remember her name) That to me showed tacky reporting that you would expect on Jerry Springer. She added no real value to the story and why didn’t Dr Phil ask more questions. More questions about the investigation and how LE should have done things differently. The fact the ME and coroner changed the cause of death twice etc etc etc.
    That girl and her father do not really warrant any comment except that when she was asked if she killed Morgan l wanted to wipe that smirk from her face.
    So much for Dr Phil’s stance on bullying. The entire show had a lets just all gang up on Toni and Steve undertone to it. Yes i understand that both sides of the story need to be told but it was the manner in which this was done. I felt it was very one sided and bias, not a fair unbiased report on what happened to Morgan and Dr Phil failed to acknowledge the fact that change needs to be made to the stalking laws and how investigations into these matters need to be looked at.
    The good thing Toni and Steve is that your story has touched more people and all those beautiful images of Morgan were beamed across our screens just like an angel.
    I cannot even imagine how it is to be in your shoes at the moment but just know you have a lot of people who are behind you. You may not be able to see us all but we are here all the way to the end. You and Steve can do this and you may have to dig a little deeper to find the strength, but it is there.

    ” I am a women,hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore and i know too much to go back and pretend”(Helen Reddy)

    • Don’t worry I won’t stop blogging – in fact this weekend I will be starting up again as well as working on the next BIG thing that will be coming out soon (I just can’t let the cat out of the bag yet) but it will not only help Morgan’s case but so so so many others! 🙂

  14. Toni, I have been following your blog for months now and this will be my first reply, seeing as how everyone on here has said pretty much what I would say in reply to your daily posts and I didn’t want it to be repetitive. I just finished watching the Dr. Phil segment and I have to say…it truly hurts my soul. I feel like noone uses the “put yourself in her shoes” type of scenario. After seeing people’s replies on the video site I just have to remember that there is ALOT of ignorance in this world. I know I may only be one person but I hope you know that my family and I support you, Steve and Morgan. We truly wish and pray for justice and peace in your life. The truth always shines through and no matter how hard people make the fight I know you won’t give up on your little girl, just as I would never give up on mine. If you ever need anything please let me know!

  15. Tina…likely they will not. The case in San Diego (where I live) is SO SUSPICIOUS (where the woman was tied to the bed, jumped out a balcony a few days after a young boy was tragically killed (murdered?) in the house)…there are so many loose ends in both cases and they just refuse to open them. So I think you efforts will be better spent on that death certificate…even though that’s not a sure thing. In the above case they actual got the death certificate changed from suicide to undermined..and the police still won’t budge..but it’s a start. I was a private detective and my daughter is studying forensic psychology and step father chief of police, etc. and as you already know…these stone walls will not move easily. Or quickly. But until they in the LEAST identify those people, and talk to them…something is fishy.

    By the way, I’m only assuming of course, but the stalking of your home…stopped after the death of your daughter is this correct? Have there been any more instances? If not then it’s obviously SHE was the target. And if she was obviously the target then why is it not important to know exactly who these people are? Maybe they could assist (ahem) you…

  16. After Morgan died our outside alarms and motion lights stopped going off – no more stalking no more instances so you are right we knew that, but LE acting like she is dead and there is no one left to stalk so no more investigation – are they kidding? Don’t they know it will happen again to someone else. I do believe you are right, The death certificate is the biggest thing to be focused on and we are. Take care!

  17. Also Toni, it seemed a little out of nature for Morgan to swear at you before she went off to her room (Obviously I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Morgan but from reading your blog it seemed out of character). Did you know where she was during those hours you couldn’t reach her and what she was doing? (Knowing this seems pretty important!, if you didn’t already know that) If it was out of nature I would assume something happened or she may of been given the relaxants where she was…(Would be easier to sedate her later after she was relaxed I’m assuming).

    And another thing…I could see the anger, hate and discontent in her eyes on the show. Anger creates feelings in people where they often point the finger and can never fully accept full responsibility for their actions. I feel like this is exactly right in her case. These feelings really create monsters that will stop at nothing to point the finger in any other direction but their own. BUT the thing that got me…was that she didn’t seem to care? She seemed so cold. There were no feelings or emotion. That really worries me, as these are known personality traits of people who commit crimes 🙁

    I hope anyone involved in this or anyone that knows anything more than we do- that this was someone’s life. It is very important to know what happened. And I know parents love their daughters but covering up really wrong actions makes the parent just as guilty as the child.

    • Samantha I agree totally with your last sentence. I just don’t get it – do people that know things really just don’t care about a human life being lost? Especially when it comes to Morgan, because she went out of her way to always be there for everyone.

      The reason she didn’t seem to care – I think the way I would describe that type of personality is “soulless”.

      I do know where Morgan was between 2 pm – 9 pm before she came home, and I have talked to everyone that saw her. What your saying is possible because she had her water bottle with her that whole time and she stopped at a house to speak with one of her friends for about 15 minutes on her way home, I have no idea if she put her water bottle down and wasn’t watching it or what…?

  18. Toni, every day I beg our Lord to lay the hand of justice on your town. How can any SANE, LOGICAL, INTELLIGENT person not see the TRUTH here? Your poor, innocent little girl was victimized daily for four months (or longer), and her killer still walks free. How do you stay or brave and strong, Toni? You are the picture of grace under fire. May God watch over you and your family.

    • Sarah you are so sweet…I have to stay brave and strong and as I was just told “fierce” for Morgan and all the others out there that can still be saved if I continue to fight for justice. Take care!

  19. I too was one that contacted the Dr. Phil show. After just watching it I’m a little ill to my stomach that no help was offered. Big disappointment. However, ? did herself no favors by being on the show. Cold as ice for someone who was a “friend to Morgan for six months”. In the statements regarding ?’s FB at the end of the show if I were innocent I would have cleared the air with what those posts were referring to if it wasn’t infact Morgan, not jumped on the defense and called you a stalker. Keep moving forward. I hope for a real investigation in the near future.

  20. I am obsessed with those people because SOME ONE KNOWS WHO THEY ARE. I would take still shots, the best you can get, and start putting them out in public. First, let this person, people, know that you are on the trail…and not giving up. Regardless of what the police do. And I’ve seen people identified from photos not as good as these…the clothing…profile…someone, somewhere knows.

    A parent, friend…maybe even an enemy of these people (person?) …. will come forward. I don’t know if you live in a small town or large city but I think you said a cul de sac type road…there’s no reason for anyone to be there that doesn’t belong there…and they knew your daughter from somewhere. So I’d make sure posters were put out anywhere she went ever. Gym, school, work, coffee place, library…any place she would have been at any time that some one met or saw her. I’ve asked my daughters college class to look at this for suggestions. They are all studying forensic science/psychology and are the same age group. May not help but it won’t hurt.

    Someone knows this person or people…and I’m not sure they knew they were being taped. Which means they weren’t close enough to your daughter to know that the recording devices were installed. In one video a person, male it appeared, seemed to wait out in front of the house (by the cars) as if he/she was waiting for something. Almost as if waiting for someone to come out. Very strange…that image has stuck in my mind..there’s something in that image. I’m sure you know the one. it was on the show. The person was casually outside…doing what? I don’t know but appearing to “wait”…

    I’m going to give the class the dr. phil tape to look at the images…

    • Thanks Terri that would be great – the more help we get the more pieces keep falling into place. I also never thought of posters – I did have all her friends hand out cards over the summer and we did get two witnesses to come forward, but the posters sound really good. I will talk it over with Steve to see what he thinks. Take care!

      • I just listened to the radio investigation and I have a question. When speaking to the national coroners board or even Dr. Doberson did either advise you to file a formal complaint against Dr. Kurtzman? It seems to me that there was definitely an ethical component when he threatened to change it to suicide if you continued your investigation. I was also surprised that Dr. Phil didn’t touch on that either. Also it really seemed to me that the DA was just doing what he was told to. It seemed that he was going to make a un edited statement and then caught himself and said “I agree with Lou”. By the way did the DA retain his position in the election?

        • The DA lost the election but called for a ballot re count so we won’t know until the 24th. And we do know about the formal complaint that we can and will be issuing against Dr. Kurtzman, but thank you for letting us know…there is so much going on all the time that sometimes things are not found out so I would rather be informed, even if I know, than not. Thanks so much!

  21. Hi Toni-
    It’s about 3 a.m. right now where I live and I’m up with 7 yr old daughter who has the stomach flu (yuck!). I have her all tucked in again and sleeping tight but now my mind is racing and I had a thought about Morgan’s case, thought I would run it by you. I can’t remember if you mentioned this in your previous blogs that I’ve read, but have you thought about serving the company Facebook with a subpoena for all of ?’s status updates going back at least a year prior to Morgan’s stalking and death? You never know what clues (if any) could be “hidden between the lines” in her comments and exchanges with her other Facebook friends and where those clues may lead you. I know you said on the dr Phil show that you had seen or read ?’s FB account, but have you seen it all and how far back did it go? I’m curious about that. Anyway, that’s my two cents for the night… I will keep racking my brain about this case, it’s very important to me. Now I have to try to get some sleep and figure out how to get the puke smell out of my bedroom because Lysol sure isn’t cutting it! 🙁
    Take care, hope you are well.

    • Oops! I think “subpoena” is the wrong word since there aren’t any court proceedings (yet!) but what I meant to say was what about getting investigators or LE to serve Facebook with a search warrant for ?’s account? Sorry for the confusion…

      • No problem Stephanie – your suggestion is really good as I have seen in cases that have gone to court that FB submissions have been acceptable. Thanks.

    • I believe a court can ask FB for those records, and the only ones I have are the ones some readers of the blog have taken screen shots of and sent to me. Getting the records and going back a year would be very informative…another interesting and telling thing that has been brought to my attention is that some of her friends have now done the same as her, and deleted all posts and comments for a 6 month period during and after the period of Morgan’s stalking and murder…very curious don’t you think?

      • Toni I agree with you 100%!! Very curious and odd that they would delete all comments for a block of time like that! Now I am definitely certain that getting a warrant is something worth looking into! God only knows how long this ordeal may have been planned and I just thought if you could see everything that she posted for at least a year, you might at least get some new leads or new avenues to pursue. Good luck in getting the warrant or whatever it is they can do to obtain these records from Facebook. I REALLY hope it works out for you. You are right – there are many cases where Facebook has helped in the prosecution. Please keep us posted and let us know if works out. Praying for you!!

  22. These radio programs were much better than the Dr. Phil show! I have been reading this blog closely for 2 months now and I was SO disappointed in the Dr. Phil show!

    Since listening to these radio shows I have been thinking about how Dr. Phil made it sound so improbable that someone could have gotten into the house, but from what has been said here about the stalker(s) being on the roof and possibly in a crawl space, and from what is known about the profile of stalkers, that they do often go into their victims homes , I think its it VERY plausible (although sickening) that the stalker(s) came into your house, possibly many, many times, and it could be possible that if the stalker(s) had been coming in and watching Morgan sleep, maybe that’s how they knew when she was not in her room, or not sleeping in the closet….

    Possible that this person always came prepared with a needle of date rape drugs in case Morgan woke up and caught them. Maybe that night she did and it seems possible to me that with minimal noise or effort someone could have injected Morgan. Maybe her ripped nails were the only evidence.

    It seems wrong that Morgan’s death can be ruled a suicide, she was not suicidal and she had a stalker!! What more evidence do they need that this is a homicide. Considering there is no suicide note, and how many times you had called police to the house I can’t fathom how this was not a murder scene from the get go, now with time critical evidence could have been lost. Maybe if they had treated your house as a crime scene they might have explored the roof and found something, even if her room was messy, maybe there wes something they could have found…

    Also the fact that jewelry was gone, hello!!! the stalker took a souvioner DUH! I wish this radio piece would get picked up by NPR, I think the show This American Life would be a good place to tell Morgan’s story. The real story, not the weird Dr. Phil take on things!

    I think you are an amazing Mom, and you are doing a great job of advocating for Morgan! I know as the anniversary of her death approaches this blog must be getting harder to keep up, but you are doing a great thing here. Hope you will find some peace this Thanksgiving 🙂

    • You are right is getting so much harder as it gets closer, but every time I start to cry I get a really warm feeling that flows through my body and my strength comes back – I know it is Morgan helping me to go forward and I won’t stop so there will be justice some day. Thank you so much for your kind wishes…happy Thanksgiving!

      • It’s been 6 years and it’s a crime how officials respond to the idea that you’re being stalked. And as you’ve become such a warrior for justice through Morgan I too am going to study cyber and technology forensics- helping as many as possible prove it happens- cars get hacked phones computers cameras turned on without your knowledge.
        Sorry for a little rant – you have a few years on me, but you never stop and along the way you’ve helped so many with their fight and it’s your turn!! Sending ❤️

        • Oh Megann thank you so much! Your comment just gave me chills as I know you will be helping many in the future with your knowledge. Every single one of us in our own way can help turn the tide on crime. Take care!

  23. I am a targeted individual of group stalking. No one should ever be subjected to such a hate crime and I’m sorry for your lost. I understand the frustration of dealing with city officials who don’t care to uphold justice. Thank you for speaking out. We need more people to come forward so solid laws against these stalkers and officials who allow it to occur are punished.

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