November 30, 2011 Day 121 of Morgan’s Stalking (PM) – Was something planned for this evening?

As Morgan, Steve, and I are driving to Grand Junction for doctor’s appointments, Morgan received a text from Lorraine at 1:48 PM wondering if she could babysit this afternoon.  Steve dropped Morgan and I off at our doctor’s office at 2:15 PM and went on to his appointment.  Once we were in the waiting area Morgan answered Lorraine that she was sorry, but she was in Grand Junction for the afternoon.

I sat talking with Morgan until 2:50 PM when I went in for my appointment.  We were there for our annual check ups and it was such a long drive (almost 2 hours) that we always combined our appointments.  She had been also texting with her friends and when I came out after my appt. Morgan had already gone in, so I waited for her to come out.  I had talked to her doctor (who was also my doctor) about the stalking before she saw Morgan, and wanted to be sure she knew about what was going on.

Morgan came out just before 4:00 PM and I asked about her appointment.  Morgan told me she had a conversation with her doctor about the stalking and how she felt.  Her doctor had wondered if she felt like she needed sleep aids or anti-stress pills, because it sounded like a bad situation.  Morgan told me she had told her doctor that she would rather not take pills, and she was getting through it.

We both sat by the front door and waited for Steve to come back after his appointment.  Morgan texted her friend Calder and at exactly 4:00 PM Nathan called Morgan, using Calder’s phone, with some news that upset Morgan.  Earlier that day a friend of Calder’s had met Keenan, and heard he was going to Grand Junction and wanted to go with him.  He had told her that he was going with his girlfriend Morgan, and she didn’t want anyone else to go along.  All of them wondered what was going on, and I called Detective Glassmire to fill him in on this story.

Detective Glassmire wanted this friend’s number so he could check out the story.  Morgan set about trying to get the number.  Steve picked us up and had a few errands to run before we went to the mall.   Morgan was texting with friends and suddenly asked Steve if it would be OK if she had a knife to keep under her pillow – just in case.  Steve wondered if anything had happened and we told him about the call about Keenan having a girlfriend named Morgan.  Then Morgan heard that Morgan was his girlfriend for the last four years only he was living with Brooke all summer, and many were insisting they were still together, even though they announced their breakup on Facebook in October. Something was not adding up, and Morgan did not like it at all.

At Steve’s first stop Morgan and I waited in the truck, while Steve went inside.  As part of his purchases he bought a folding knife and drew a happy face on the box and gave it too Morgan when he came back to the truck.  I watched her open the box and smile.  She told her Daddy how he was the best, he told her to be careful with it, and we stopped to have dinner together. Here is a picture Morgan took tonight of the box the knife was in – this is the happy face Steve drew on the box…we found the box, with the knife still in it in her bed the morning we found her body…she never had a chance to take it out of the box in time…

At 5:01 PM Morgan texted Calder that Detective Glassmire wanted to talk with his friend, and could he get her the number.

Back at the house at 6:12 PM a car came up our street and turned into Elliott’s driveway.

After dinner we decided to skip the mall, and Christmas shopping, because everyone was so tired, so we headed home instead.

We did not know the following until 2012 – At  6:40 PM on Facebook, Hannah Hurlocker (Brooke’s friend who is staying at her house now) posts on her wall.  Brooke “I CAN”T STOP THINKING…I JUST CAN”T DO IT”

I sent Detective Glassmire a text to tell him we have not gotten the phone number yet, but there is another person you can talk to that knows all of the parties involved.  He does not call.

We arrived home from Grand Junction at 7:49 PM, unload all of our stuff from the day and at 8:06 PM Steve walks Morgan and Wylah out to the car, and they leave.  Morgan visits, texts, and calls her friends.

We did not know the following until 2012 – At 11:39 PM Brooke answers Hannah on facebook – “me either girl”

And at 11:49 PM Nathan and Morgan drive up.  She has a beautiful new French manicure to show me.  Nathan walks around to her window and checks that side of the house, then grabs his backpack from inside the car and goes inside.  We have a large U shape couch in front of the TV.  Nathan was going to go to sleep on the couch in the office, but instead they watch a movie out on the couch.

Today it is November 30, 2012 – After Morgan’s death I spoke with her doctor at length about that day and anything she might have said during her appointment that would be helpful.  Her doctor remembered the visit well.  She thought Morgan was “very positive” and “upbeat” and shared with her that the detectives thought they were close to an arrest of her stalker and she was very excited about that.  Morgan did tell her that it was stressful and she did feel tired more often now because of the stalking.  Her doctor agreed with her self assessment and found her to be in excellent health.  I asked the forensic pathologist if he wanted to speak with one of her doctors that had seen her last and just a day and a half before her death.  He said yes, but then never called her.  Morgan’s doctor called him herself long after the first Postmortem Examination Report was released.  They did not agree on a lot of things, but that is how it has been.  No doctor we have ever spoken with has agreed with the pathologist, Dr. Kurtzman’s conclusions, no other Medical Examiner, and no other Forensic Pathologist – no one, except the sheriffs.

But there is much more to tell about the next two days of Morgan’s life and her death that will shed light on that.   I admit it has been much harder than I imagined it would be to write these last few days, and I have had to walk away many times.

Tessi tired after a long trip to GJ and Wylah as if to say, “It’s OK big girl”

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  1. Big Hug to you Toni, my heart is in my throat after reading. I cannot imagine how you are feeling. Know that many that read here and support you wish we all could just hold you and make things better.

  2. Toni, you are stronger then you know, I do believe that Morgan is with you and Steve, stay strong I know how Hard this is for everyone. In my thoughts and prayers!!!

  3. Toni,
    You have been on my mind a lot these last few days… I keep thinking about how hard these next couple of blogs must be to write. I just wanted to say, please take your time with it. You don’t owe anyone anything. Having to relive the last days of Morgan’s life has to be one of the hardest things for you to do. I know without a doubt that Morgan will help you through this. I just want to send you a BIG virtual HUG! Please take care of yourself and may God Bless you always.

    • I was going to pretty much exactly the same thing. Toni, take your time. You don’t owe anyone anything. Love and Blessings to you. We are all here for you.

  4. I saw on facebook that Nathan and ? are still friends. what do you think about that?? She was obviously involved with the stalking, so why would Nathan be friends with her? Prayers for you, Steve, and your family tomorrow and through the rest of December. I can’t imagine how difficult these days must be for you!

    • Why wouldn’t anyone who loved Morgan who could still have that access do what they could to keep it so they could still see what was being posted? It would certainly help keep things documented, wouldn’t it? Obviously LE isn’t doing anything to track any of this.

      While most of the evidence is circumstancial, there has to be a point when there is so much of it that it is enough for conviction(s) regardless of if there is enough physical evidence or not. (… knowing, of course, that LE is responsible for the lack of physical evidence).

      This isn’t to say your suspicions couldn’t be right, just that there are at least two ways to look at that.

  5. May peace be with both of you on the anniversary of dear, sweet Morgan’s tragedy, Mr. & Mrs. Ingram… My heart goes out to all of you & our whole family sends yours their deepest condolences… I’d like to say that I hope your tears fall less painfully over the next few days, although no words can fully express my sorrow for your situation… Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your experience with all of us… I admire the strength you have found & I aspire to appreciate life more when I read your words… parents like yourselves are the good I see in the world we live in…
    {{{sending smiles up to heaven for Morgan}}}
    {{{sending hugs to the Ingrams}}}
    Love & Light…!

  6. My heart breaks for you. this time of year is very difficult for me as well. My best friend was stalked and murdered on Nov 18 2004. She was found 2 days later by our best friend. The coroner labelled it a suicide because she was bipolar. it took a year and a half for him to change it to death by cardiac arrhythmia. She never had health issues other than being bipolar, which was well controlled. She was happy. She had just met someone and the three of us, all best friends, were planning a trip to Florida for our 30th birthdays. She was 28 when she died. Our best friend and I got memorial rings for our trio birthdays instead of the trip. we now wear our friendship on our right hands in her memory. It’s our 3 birthstones wrapped in 3 hearts and her stone is in the middle. her stone also points towards our hearts. It’s been 8 years since we lost her and it hasn’t gotten any easier. I still have trouble looking at her pictures. I have her voice mail message recorded so I can always remember the sound of her voice.

    toni and steve, your love for Morgan will always be there as her love for you will never fade. Even though she’s gone, she has left a huge impression upon people who knew her and also those who didn’t. You have created a wonderful legacy for her, you have told people what a beautiful person she was. That will always live on. Hold her memory close and her love will always remain. With these difficult days upon you, know that there are those of us supporting you and Morgan throughout the world. Her story is being heard. Thank you, for sharing the story, and for sharing Morgan.

  7. My prayers are with you and your family. I feel so positive that you will receive the justice, closure and eventually the peace for Morgan you deserve.

  8. I’ve read this blog every day, and I just want to say thank you for being strong enough to share Morgan’s story with us. You’ve really been on my mind this week, and I wish I could give y’all a big hug. We’re all here for you and know that Morgan is to. ((((hugs))))

  9. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult anniversary. May God hold you tight and be your strength as you mourn and grieve.

  10. You are brave, Toni. I told you in another comment that I had a difficult time reading the last few posts…didn’t want tomorrow to come. My point being, if I can’t even read it, how are you so strong to write of it? I know you have to keep going because your little girl needs justice! That knowledge gives you strength.

    • It’s the only thing keeping me going today, and tomorrow the thing that will keep me going as well will be the knowledge that Morgan REALLY wants Steve and I to help others so they don’t have to go through this, and that job is going to take everyone coming together to demand stricter laws and better police protocol…but it will happen.

  11. Toni, I will be lighting a candle for Morgan tomorrow. I am amazed at your strength and ability to be able to continue writing about what happened to Morgan. I truly believe Morgan is around you and Steve at all times giving you the strength you need to get through each minute. Tomorrow, there will be so many people thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way. It will be terribly difficult, but you will get through it, and you WILL get justice for Morgan.

    • Misty – thank you so much! I truly believe Morgan is the one telling me what to write and what to do – she is very invested in getting justice so others will see what happened and how they can help in the future.

  12. Hi Toni

    I kept thinking back to that one camera shot you have of the male by the cars…with his head turned… I am not sure if it was that camera shot or another. But something has been on the back of my mind after studying those pictures. One of them it appreared the male had his hat on backwards ( at least my interpitation). And I noticed when looking at several of K’s pictures, he wore his hat backwards in every single picture – even taken of different days. Hummmmm…

    Hearing you are still getting encouraging leads is great!

    Thinking of you and your family a lot the past few days.

    And thanking you again for supporting stalking…..and stories most people have no idea about.. And it really frustrates me when they say just because they never saw one there wasn’t one. Stalkers are just that…..good at what they do, and because of this they get away with it after the tomenting to the victims. I would love to see the day this is seen as a more serious crime. As I am sure many stalking cases lead to worse things that are never even consdiered as started by stalking. So simple, so harmless..>NOT!

    And I hope one day this all comes to a close for you… to what happened one year ago in your home.


  13. I wish you and your family the best. I pray that you are able to get thru tomorrow with as little pain as possible. I hope that you all feel the incredible strength and love of all those supporting you. <3

  14. I am so sorry for your loss. I experienced some stalking myself to some extent as a teen but what you guys went thru was worse!! Have you tried contacting Michael Baden the NY medical examiner (he was on Forensic Files and Autopsy: Dead Man Walking). He is amazing and has cracked a lot of cases. Just a hunch. I am praying for justice for Morgan and your family. She is beautiful and lovely!! ❤

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