Time for a follow up on the candles.

The anniversary of Morgan’s death was so many emotions, too many for one day.  But the pictures of candles kept coming, and were just amazing.  From around the world I felt the awareness of stalking growing, just a tiny bit with every picture, and that became such a bright light for me.  I thank everyone who even thought about it, and I know in my heart that Morgan thanks you too.

There were thousands of pictures and they will be used in a graphic now, every single one, so just a warning, because the individual candles are going to end up really tiny, but their collective light will become bigger than life in the fight against stalking.

candle submitted for Morgan

8 thoughts on “Time for a follow up on the candles.

  1. I could feel the love and the pictures were all so different and so special…I can’t wait to see them all put together in a graphic that we can used to show the light for all stalking victims! Thank you EVERYONE that contributed and lit a candle

  2. what happened to the other candle picture???? it was so beautiful! are you switching them up to save posts? i cant wait to see all the candles together!

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