A little of Morgan’s past, and a big YEAH for some good news!

Morgan's 8th grade rock project

Morgan’s 8th grade rock project

Morgan had a project as a freshman at Aspen High School.  Find a sample from ten specific types of rock formations found in our valley.  Morgan and her dad spent many wonderful outings searching, they even brought me along and in the end we only found nine and she spent the messiest weekend you could ever imagine crafting her finds into Fraggle Rock.  Not quite a Renoir, but a moment I had to share…

And now – as each turn the wrong way has becoming increasingly harsh I want to share a step in the other direction with everyone.  Through your generosity in donations to Justice for Morgan, and the help cutting through some last minute red tape by Dr. Dean Havlick the Coroner and Forensic Pathologist for Mesa County – Morgan’s remaining samples (some have been exhausted, but some still remain) have been preserved for another year!!!  It was wearing on me, and I am so happy that it is now taken care of.  Thank you Dean and thank all of you who pressed that button, and shared with Morgan, it will all make a difference for victims of stalking I promise you.  And also trust this, the victims need our help, and appreciate it more than I could ever express.  Change will come…I promise you.

36 thoughts on “A little of Morgan’s past, and a big YEAH for some good news!

  1. Toni,
    Truly wonderful news!!! This just bought us 364 more “Team Morgan” days. Chalk one up for the good guys! I want them to know we ARE coming….and I for one have packed a lunch!

  2. Toni this is wonderful news! I wanted to tell you that I counted back the years and figured out that Morgan was a freshman when I was senior at Aspen High school. Every picture I saw I had a feeling I had seen her before and now I know why. I’m so happy for your good news. Much love and great wishes for the new year.

  3. I only wished that CO Springs had a detective like Lt Joe Kenda from Discovery ID show. He use to be a detective for CO Springs and he mentioned in one show he didn’t care if a cop was involved or not, or if someone said it is a suicide, he will investigate and let the truth lead him. What happened to Detectives like that these days? Too bad he cannot come out of retirement and help with this case!

    • @anonymous… Do u think if we signed a petition for Lt Joe Kenda to come on board and lead this investigation, then maybe he will?

      • I think it is worth a try. I scoured to search for his home address to send him a letter myself. I think if it came from Toni then he probably would. Maybe Discovery ID can film the process and eventually have it for a show.

      • OK so lets get a petition going!!
        This would be the best thing that could ever happen to this case!
        Lt Joe Kenda, please come on board and help kick some A$$!!!
        Morgan needs you more than you can imagine!

          • Actually Luc it isn’t from me so that is why it says anonymous – I didn’t write it. But it would be great if we could get someone like Lt Joe Kendra go the case…thanks everyone!

  4. How creative Ms Morgan was to turn boring rocks into something interesting. Tragic that some SOB took her. That SOB isn’t a man and never could be, and if ? is involved, woe to her a mother. What would she do if it were her child?

    • I always ask everyone – what if it were your child? You just hit the nail on the head, most people don’t ever want to think something so cruel and horrible could happen to their child, but it could, and we all have to protect them, that’s why for me to hear so many people from all over the world coming on this website, and blog and sending me messages with ideas and stories it makes me happy, because I know there are really good people out there trying to help change this world!

  5. That is wonderful news, on the Lt Joe Klenda thing, maybe since he is doing his show, his network and handlers probably have his schedule set in stone, however, I bet with his connections I would think he could bring in/or recomend a very good investigator, that is trying to make a name for themselves that maybe would also do it pro bono. That would be a dream come true, someone in law enforcement to solve this case.

  6. I have followed your family’s story for a couple of months. I keep thinking about how this time of year will be difficult for your family. I saw this video on YouTube that may give your heart a lift. It is of a 17 year old boy that has terminal cancer and he is writing, recording and performing songs as a way to say goodbye to his family and friends. He seems like such a special kid like Morgan was. I know she would’ve wanted to say goodbye to you. Maybe this song will give you a little piece of that.
    Check out this video on YouTube:


    I hope this brings you a little joy.
    Carrie, Iowa

    I have lost sleep. Crying into my pillow. My heart hurts for your family.
    I hope you and Steve are ok. Are you guys ok?
    I hope that you are safe.

    Would you be willing to take submissions from your readers on blog ideas?

    Love & so much light you need shades.

  8. I just read the entire contents of your blog in two days. As a young mama of a daughter this eats me up that we have to teach our children even we need to be fearful of other people’s control and power. Morgan’s story has effected me to the core. Forever. Peace and blessings to you and all that she touched.

  9. So happy for you … one step at a time! As a reader of this blog, I can say that I don’t envy you and what you’ve had to go through reliving this blog. I must ask, though, when are we going to read about what happened on December 2nd? I know it’s got to be hard for you, but the time stamp is getting so far off track now …

    Continued prayers.

  10. I have been reading since the beginning. my heart goes out to you. I’m finding it frustrating that you kept going on about posting on the actual time frame a year later, but you have totally stopped. It must be so hard for you, I can’t imagine. I keep hoping something will be posted that I can get an aha moment for and perhaps help or something. I just was so caught up in it trying to figure things out as you posted, but now it feels like to be honest a waste of a lot of time. I can not imagine what you have gone through. I am so sorry for your loss. For the awful gang stalking you endured. I can’t figure out why the LE and Coroner couldn’t help you, and I do believe there should be something re opened to investigate this as someone needs to realize what they have done is not acceptable and can’t continue. It’s just hard to stay invested here, as it seems like you are done. I wish your family well. Thank you for telling your story and I hope something good came of it.

    • It will be continuing – sorry for the delay but we have been so busy with other things and then I feel down the staircase the other day and I am having a really hard time sitting down to type for very long.

      • Toni, I knew something was up….are you ok? And nothing about this blog is a waste of time. If they don’t like it stay off the blog! I hope you feel better soon and talk to you soon <3

        • Thanks Demi – I’ll be OK just in a lot of pain right now – my tailbone was injured so I can really sit on it or lie on it but I’m sure it will heal soon. Talk to you soon!

  11. Dearest Toni,
    Getting worried about you since you haven’t posted. Today is my birthday and a once in a century day with it being 12/12/12 and all. Today would be a good day to post even if it’s just a pic or a hello from you.
    Please post today as it would so make my day complete. Love and light to you and yours from me and mine.

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