Breaking News! Why do people assume the wrong thing, and run with it?


Today I just need to get this out. I don’t know what the heck is going on in this valley, but it’s just not right! There seems to be a handful of people who always come up with the wrong conclusion to something they know nothing about or someone that don’t even know, and then spread it around as if it were the gospel truth. What is up with this? I have lived in this valley since the 70’s and I have never seen this happen as much as it is now.

Example: Jeff Walker an Aspenite has been missing for 20 days as of yesterday. I did not know him, but from everything I have heard about him he was very much-loved, just like Morgan. He skied Aspen Highlands almost on a daily basis. He went on the Exhibition chairlift at 12:04 p.m. on Thursday, March 7. By Saturday his friends were really concerned, as they had not seen him since Thursday, so they contacted the authorities. That Sunday, and Monday dozens of personnel, dogs and even a helicopter were unsuccessful in their search for Jeff. The authorities decided to stop looking for a while and Jeff’s friends and family were not about to give up. They kept looking and then his family contacted Jennifer Shaffer – remember Jennifer? She is the Psychic Medium Investigator that has not only helped police, fireman, and therapists just to name a few, but has also been involved with Morgan’s case. She has always been 100% right on everything she sees, and she helps solve crimes, and helps in the location of missing loved ones.

Yesterday Jennifer was on the phone for hours in the afternoon with the search party looking for Jeff’s body. She had told his family he was dead and buried under 3 feet of snow, and that our Tuesday’s melt off helped part of his body to become exposed, and she was guiding them to where he was. She said his body would be found yesterday and it was. A snowboarder – not part of the search party, found the body and reported it yesterday afternoon. Jeff’s body was found in the same back bowl area that Jennifer had the search team looking as well…it was very steep with deep snow so Mountain Rescue could not get his body out until today.

The point I am trying to make with this blog is that there was a rumor circulating Aspen while Jeff was missing – it said that Jeff had just run off…this is the craziest accusation that anyone could make in this situation, but that’s what the rumor mill was stating. This really infuriates me because of how this affects his family and friends. I feel like if you really don’t know about a situation, don’t make up lies – because that’s what they are – lies! No benefit to them, just hurt for people who are already hurt as much as they can be. Just like some people have done with Morgan’s case.

Jennifer very gently told Jeff’s family that he was dead, and that his body would be found yesterday, and it was – people want to know the TRUTH not LIES. There are a few more bodies around this valley that have not been found yet, and yes there are plenty of lies spread about those missing people too – like they just ran off, but they didn’t, and it should not have to be that until their bodies are found they are fair game for rumors. And then what happens to all these people spreading the lies when the TRUTH appears? Probably nothing, but the damage the lies do in the meantime is immeasurable.

So I guess I am at the end of my rant now.

I hope the best for Jeff’s family and friends because I know this is hard, very hard. I hope the community comes together to give them the support they will need. And I hope that people in this valley that heard the lies can turn around to the person that was spreading the lies and tell them they don’t appreciate lies being spread. Truth and only the truth should be spoken, and if you don’t know the facts keep quiet or do the research, ask questions, don’t try to act like you know someone when you don’t, and don’t act like you have some inside information – which you don’t. This world is hard enough on all of us who have lost a loved one, and we don’t need naysayers with nothing better to do that to bump us off course.

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  1. There is no statute of limitations to murder, if more than one party is involved the first one that comes forward will probably do zero to little time in prison but the longer they keep quiet the more time a DA will want them to serve. If you are that person reading that has information, you really do need to come forward now. You might think you are safe and nobody will find out, but you would be wrong.

  2. I was being stalked a few years ago by an ex boyfriend. He made my life hell, following me everywhere I went, peeping through the window of the restaurant I was eating in, waiting down the side of my house in the early hours of the morning knowing I would have to open the back door to let the dogs out at a certain time, then he would quickly run to the door and lock himself in my house!

    I was frightened that I had to stay at someone elses house for a while and then one day he went a bit further and threatening to kill me which was heard by a friend of mine while on speaker phone. My friend insisted I call the police which I did and they came round to take statements from me and my friend and said that because he wasn’t in their area, they couldn’t arrest him!!!

    They decided that they would contact him and arrange for him to come and collect a few items from my garage that belonged to him, approx a week later and a day I would not be at my property. The idea was that when he turned up at the house the police would arrest him for threats to kill, stalking, etc.

    I was due to be in hospital the day he was due to turn up and was very ill (still am) and needed surgery to remove a tumour from my ovaries as I have Endometrosis Stage 4 and had already had Ovarian Cancer and 5 back operations! The point was to get him in the correct area and arrest him. This didn’t happen.

    The police that dealt with this decided to turn up with him at my house where my friend had just arrived to collect my dogs to take them out, and instead of arrest him the police gained entry into my house and let the ‘stalker’ move my car (yes, you heard that right), let him help himself in the garage, he had access to my things in my car and at the time I had another car that had been given to me from a friend who had died, and he was allowed to go through that car as well and take what he wanted! The police rifled through my draws in my house to find the garage key and instead of watching him the police stayed in my house.

    While the ‘stalker’ and his friend where in the garage of my house he poured bitumen which is used for roof’s by builders and it does NOT come off! He poured this all over my new natural stone tiles on a pallet and all over my garage floor. He then tapered with the electric as the mains board was in the garage and all the time the police was actually at my house! My friend asked the police if he could smell anything as she thought it was gas at first. Bitumen smells very strong and it doesn’t go away for quite some time and it is not something you can clean up either, hence why its still on the garage floor.

    The point of this was that I was terrified by this man that stalked me and wouldn’t stop, even after the police had contacted him, he didn’t stop the non stop calls on my house phone and my mobile phone at the same time they would be ringing nonstop all day and night. This continued after he had been at the house as well as before and now he was still doing it and the police didn’t care. I made a complaint when I came home from hospital and the Inspector came to see me. He had no interest at all and wasn’t concerned about the ‘stalking’. he just said that the policeman that dealt with it was a “bit naughty” letting him in the house! YOU THINK???

    To summarise, I was stalked for months and months, called on both phones every day, all day, he was at my property outside watching me, he waiting down the side of my house every day, he followed me everywhere I went and he threatened me several times and then to kill me. The police did nothing! I took it to court to get an injunction against him as well as to the harassment charges (the police eventually said he was harassing me) I got the injunction and the court warned him about harassing me! Thats it!

    I do believe that if I would of stayed at home instead of friends that he would of killed me either by suicide or with his hands… I will never trust the police again to help me, I would have to deal with it myself. I was very lucky that he eventually moved on to stalk another lady which I warned the police about it many times that he would do it again. I found out that he had moved around and had stalked quite a few others and hurt quite a few of them, but no one was interested so he is free to continue to terrorise other women. It makes me feel so sad that I couldn’t do anything more to stop him, but without the help of the police and the courts I was helpless.

    I understand what its like to be stalked and I really feel for you and your family, most of all Morgan. The laws should be changed all over the world (I am in England) to stop these people going free. I wish you all the best and hope that Morgan can do some good out of what was so cold and evil.

    • Tracy – I just read your comment, and I am so sorry you had to go through all of that…I am glad you got out in time, because I agree he probably could have, and would have killed you. This is so insane to me how law enforcement, and the courts do not take stalking serious enough. How many rapes, and murders, and emotional damage do they have to see before change is made? I appreciate your good wishes, and I know Morgan (and all the other angels) are trying to make some good out of the cold and evil that took her, as well as others.

      It has been almost 2 years since she was murdered, and I am sure her stalker/murderer thinks he got away with it, but he didn’t – I am hoping to be able to give everyone some very good news soon – I am praying that BIG changes are about to happen all over the world. No one should ever have to live like this – no one should have to endure being stalked!

      Thank you so much Tracy for sharing your story – I believe it is really important for people that have never had to experience this kind of torture to be able to read and hear stories like yours to understand what is going on in this world – humanity needs to return and people need to understand that we all need to help each other, and stand up for the changes this world needs.

      • I really hope you have some good news soon Toni. The law was to suppose to have changed on stalking after the murder of a lady in London a few years back in Harrods? (I think) after she had been stalked and murdered. She had gone to the police on several occasions after being stalked by someone who had worked at the same shop as a security guard and I think she had been on a date with him once but it didn’t work out. He wouldn’t take ‘no’ as an answer and the stalking began. He where he would turn up at her flat every night with flowers and just sit outside all night. In the end he walked into (Harrods?) her place of work and killed her in front of everyone! Just like that she was gone and yet the police are still not taking this every seriously. Crazy!

        I do not understand the situation between you and the police. When reading what had happened and on interviews it seems like they change their minds on Morgan being stalked in the first place! That isnt something you can get wrong! There are a lot of contradictions in this story from them and its confusing as to why they keep changing their minds. Also the initial examination of Morgan was ‘natural causes’ and then they changed to ‘Amitriptyline’ overdose. I’m confused? Surely in this day and age that is not something you get wrong! I noticed also that there are a lot of people against you, that have set up Blogs! Am I missing something here? Your daughter was stalked and murdered and the only people that change in all of this is the police and the medical professionals!

        I actually take Amitriptyline along with many other ‘controlled’ medications and yet Amitriptyline isn’t classed as a high risk drug??? But, I do remember a Doctor once said to me that if I was going to try and take my own life, I would be best to use Amitriptyline!! Not the best advice for your patient. How could the Medical Examiner not test for any drugs when Morgan clearly had a stalker, and she was so young? Natural causes is a bit strange? There was far to many mistakes in this case, and as you have said that it wasn’t dealt with properly in the first instant from when the police arrived at your home that sad morning.

        I will follow you with this story and wait for you to give any good news. I really do hope that some good has come out of all these victims. Morgan seemed like such a lovely warm person who was loved by many and it is very sad that she was taken when she had everything to live for. She is certainly an inspiration, and has touched many lives of those who knew her and of those of us who would have loved to of known her.

        • This whole situation has been a nightmare since the very beginning – it was almost like hurry up and make it go away on the part of the Sheriff’s Department but sorry this is our daughter we are talking about here. Our daughter that went out of her way to help people, our daughter that was conservative for a 20 year old, our daughter that had a frightening stalker that tortured her and killed her in the most gruesome way – no one deserves that especially not Morgan. I believe she will never quit just like Steve and I until justice shows the truth and change is made. Thanks so much for your comment.

  3. I really hope that the police (sheriff in your case) are shown to be very wrong and that they will have to pay for their mistakes. This wont bring Morgan back but it will show that everything you and Steve have been fighting for has been worth it and it saves many other lives! I know Morgan will help you achieve all of this so that you may finally grieve, which seems to be something you are not able to do until justice has be done.

    I admire you and your family for what you are doing, not just for Morgan but for the law to be changed on stalking. I know your fight will be worth it in the end and until then I wish you all the best and hope you will be at peace once and for all. Morgan will live on to share her story with the rest of the world, and with her story she will change the law and tell the truth for everyone to see. You are doing Morgan proud as her parents xx

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