The Predator Within…assess & stop the stalker before it’s too late!


A Predatory Stalker is more focused, and is considered to stalk in such a way that is far more preparatory to a sexual assault than love notes on the window, flowers or unwanted messages.  Both are equally unnerving to the victim, and it is always paramount to identify what kind of stalker you are dealing with as soon as possible.

Morgan’s stalker was extremely cautious at the beginning, first leaving only scuffs and very faint footprints in the ground up against the house in front of her windows, employing his voyeurism.  After many weeks of stalking, and increased brazenness, cast-able footprints were possible after painstaking preparation of the soils around the house by Steve.  Steve’s exits from the house to give chase were also carefully planned to send the stalker retreating through the best areas to get a good print.  At times our tactics paid off with great impressions.  If only they had been treated like real evidence by the Garfield Sheriff’s Department, but they were not, they were never casted or photographed, so that evidence was forever destroyed.

The Predatory Stalker stalks his victim as part of a plan to attack her, usually sexually.  The initial contact is aimed at gathering information about the potential victim.

Completely true, Steve always felt, and commented that Morgan’s stalker felt and acted as if he was sizing us up, testing the defenses.  This feeling put Steve into what he thought was a counter course of action that involved trying to constantly change the locations of cameras, motion alarms, motion lights, as well as add to, or even take away something to always present a different array in an attempt to trip the stalker up.  To give an idea of how closely we really were watched one time Steve re-painted two motion detectors a camouflage color then carefully went out after dark to place them in entirely new, and very concealed locations.  Hours later they were both lying face down on the ground.  The stalker had obviously been watching the entire time and managed to neutralize them before they were turned back on.

The Predatory Stalker will often extend the stalking far beyond what is needed to complete the acquisition of information, and is sustained by the gratification derived from the voyeuristic elements, from the rehearsal, from fantasies of the planned attack, and from the sense of power over the victim.

Once again, this is spot on, in Morgan’s Stalking the prints and scuffs right from the beginning were obviously indicative of a person with their face right up against her bathroom glass.  And as the stalking continued he seemed to fall into a pattern of repetition, which I would completely see as the post acquisition of information stage, and right in line with what is described in the fantasy stage.

The Predatory Stalker is surreptitious so as not to alarm the victim, although some predatory stalkers take pleasure in raising the victim’s anxiety by actions that let the target know he or she is being watched without revealing the identify or whereabouts of the stalker.  Examples of such actions are entering the victim’s home, and moving articles around, tapping on windows at night (which Morgan’s stalker constantly did at night), and calling out while hidden.

Morgan’s Stalker was completely surreptitious, as to not alarm his victim, unless he was tapping on her windows at night to raise her anxiety, and let her know she is being watched.  He never called out while hidden.  And we absolutely can’t help but think he was in the house on many occasions.  Broken locks, jammed doors, missing jump drives, missing PJ’s and jewelry – far too many things to explain away as coincidence.

Predatory stalkers should almost always be managed within a sex-offender protocol, with the main focus being on the management of the paraphilia that is the driving force behind the stalking behavior.

Morgan’s Stalker was undoubtedly a sexual pervert, fulfilling the requirements of the law for Invasion of Privacy for Sexual Gratification with his actions.  The previous incidents dating back years in the neighborhood filled this definition of sexual perversion.

Morgan was not given a rape kit, and her autopsy was over in less than two hours, with her body sent back to the funeral home far short of the time required for strangulation bruising to develop, so the true assessment of possible strangulation, or rape will most likely never be known.

Predatory stalkers often have poor self-esteem and are sexually deviant.  They may display poor social skills, especially in romantic relationships.  Many have lower than normal intelligence, and when picking a victim it could be someone he knows or a complete stranger.

They will generally stalk for a shorter period of time than other types of stalkers as they want information to commit the crime, sufficient fantasy to lead up to the crime, and then the crime itself, a predator, one of the most dangerous stalkers, they are more likely to have prior criminal convictions, most often sexual, than other types of stalkers.  And they have a high potential to commit sexual assault or worse.  Escape after the crime is part of the planning.

Morgan’s stalking went on for four months before her murder, a relatively short time frame for stalkers.  Her stalker had a long criminal history, hitting on all of the hot button warning signs of a violent repeat stalker.  He has most likely stalked before Morgan, and he most likely will, or has already again.

Predatory Stalkers and sex offenders as a group share an impressive capacity to rationalize, minimize and excuse their behavior, no matter how outrageous it may be.  Leading double lives, leaving their family and friends stunned, and disbelieving when they are finally caught.  As we have heard many rumors of Keenan bragging about killing Morgan, we have not completely confirmed those rumors as of yet, but Keenan has never been shy about talking about what happened to Morgan, it is just never him that actually did it according to him, he says he wasn’t one of the “ones” that did that to her, and this we have confirmed that he has said to some people.  Richard Ramirez, dubbed the night stalker, a serial killer, rapist, and burglar, is considered a classic example of a predatory stalker.  While the man named Midwestern, “Mall Rapist,” James Perry was actually married with two children while at the same time a brutally efficient predatory stalker.  For a predatory stalker to lead a double life is more common than an impossibility.

All the above is the critical reason law enforcement needs to assess the stalking situation right in the beginning, so they know what they are up against, and act swiftly in order to protect, and save the victim.  If additional training is required then make sure all officers get it – do not let stalking victims be left to fear for their lives with no protection from law enforcement.

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4 thoughts on “The Predator Within…assess & stop the stalker before it’s too late!

  1. I have been stalked for three years now. It started off with one person that lead to a large range of men who I don’t know, but are afliated with criminal activities. I have been sexually assaulted once by the same person who started this sickening game and last year he indecently assaulted me outside my home, to degrade me even more in front of people who could see. I believe he along with his goons are predatory stalkers, the ulmitmate plan is to attack. There are so many of them involved in this it’s a vile thought to even know they are run-running the same replay in their heads of their sick and twisted fantasies they have about me. Ironically? They are not directing this behaviour to any other females living in the same vicinity of where I am, only me. They constantly watch me from the time I get up in the mornings and at night when I’m asleep. They know my routines day&night and I have to keep changing it.. They follow me when I am out and just seem to pop up where ever I am. Any solutions? On how to make this stop?

    • I am so sorry you have been living like this – stalking is a criminal act and needs to be stopped! Have you involved the local authorities about what has been happening? Also, if you haven’t contacted RAINN yet here is their info they are really great folks.

      Stalking is serious – and what has happened to you is evidence of that fact…you need to get to a safe place so you might consider speaking with a victim advocate through your local law enforcement or at the state level and find out what options you have. Also, if you can or do move your state’s “Address Confidentiality Program” can be a huge help – it really does work if you follow the rules they suggest. See the links to the different state’s programs here

      Being hyper-vigilant, always looking over your shoulder, being fearful and exhausted are all products of being a victim of stalking. You really need to call your local authorities every single time something happens…it is extremely important in order to build a case against him once he is caught. Keep a detailed timeline with all details and the responding officer’s cards. Get a copy of every incident report from the local authorities – here is a link to an incident & behavior log – please add to it how each incident made you feel at the time, i.e. fearful for your life, afraid to leave your house, or however the incident made you feel.

      If you stay in your home please share the information about who is doing this to you with your neighbors, employer, friends, family, everyone – let them help you by reporting any suspicious actions to the police. More eyes on the scene the better – community policing really helps. There are things like battery operated motion alarms, motion activated lights, etc. that you can put outside your home. Cameras if you can afford it – try to get evidence about who is doing this to you for a case. Try to get an order of protection from the police. Email me through the contact link on this website and we can talk some more. Stay safe – sending thoughts of light and love and protection to you.

      These are just a couple of suggestions.

      • Thank you. I just don’t know why these predatory stalkers won’t leave me alone.. There are so many of them, who watch me 24/7 they know when I am home, they know when I am not home, they know everything I do, what concerns me the most is they drive past my home early hours of the morning anything from midnight to 4am, and have been known to sit in their cars outside my home for hours, and rev past loudly to the point of where it wakes me up. Once I’m awake knowing it’s one of them, I can’t go back to sleep. I’m constantly on guard waiting to see what they will do next.
        I have picked up on their behaviour. They are all behaving the same way towards me, the surveillance they have on me is extremely high, the revving past my home, I have been followed, i feel now they are trying to scare me so they can snatch me or something. It’s just one of those feelings i can’t shake, and it’s very unsettling considering I’ve already been sexually assaulted. The scariest thing about this situation is, I don’t these males but they are so fixated on me it’s boarding sickening. I have put things in place, to try and keep me safe, sensor security lights, alarm system, iWatch, changing my routines frequently, I don’t go out alone or stay at home alone I always have someone with me, and I have documented everything, dates times, incidents, and vehicle descriptions.
        These predatory male stalkers are affiliate gang members and they all know each other.. There is one particular male who I feel is dangerous, violent and he’s definitely planning to attack me, I have no idea who he is but he’s local, it’s like he’s appeared out of no where.. he has been staking me for well over a year. He scares me and that might be because, I sense he wants to physically harm me sexually. I just don’t know what to do..

        • Nicolle – I will email you some ideas to try. This sounds very serious and dangerous to me so in the meantime I really want to encourage you to write every single detail down on a timeline and call the police every single time there is an incident of stalking – have them write down an incident report and get a copy of it from them along with their business cards. Keep all your documentation in a safe place. You might consider the possibility of moving to a new area and going into your state’s Address Confidentiality Program (36 states now have this program) so they can’t find you…

          The Address Confidentiality Programs were created to protect victims of stalking, domestic violence, sexual assault, and other crimes from offenders who use public records, such as voter or drivers’ license registries, to locate them. These programs give victims a legal substitute address (usually a post office box) to use in place of their physical address; this address can be used whenever an address is required by public agencies. First class mail sent to the substitute address is forwarded to the victim’s actual address.

I welcome your feelings and ideas on Morgan's Stalking