Do You Ever Have A “Gut feeling”, “Sixth sense,” “Premonition” Or Even “Deja-Vu” To Describe Your Experiences?

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Share your story right here on this blog.  You can be a guest blogger.  Your story can help others that have had similar experiences.  How many times has your “gut feeling,” sixth sense,” or “premonition” saved you?

The late Apple founder Steve Jobs challenged us to “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, because everything else is secondary.”

When you’re confused, listen to that little voice in your head. I know, it’s easier said than done, but when your heart and your head are sending you mixed signals, then maybe it’s time to hear what an objective voice has to say.  An important thing I always try to suggest to other victims of stalking is to listen to your intuition…it is there to help protect you.  If you feel that you are in danger, then most likely you are – get help, get to somewhere safe.

Many law enforcement agents, police detectives, F.B.I. agents, etc. have followed their “gut” or “intuition” or whatever you choose to call it, in order to solve a case.  Most of these agents are the ones that have the most case closures and tend to rise up in the ranks in their departments.  People often ask how they can do what they do…it’s because they know how to listen to their “gut feeling,” “premonition,” “intuition.”  It’s like a little “voice” or a “flash” or a “knowing” that something is not quite right with what you are seeing or an “idea” about what might have really happened.  It gives them that extra help they need.  They follow their “hunch” all the way through, and just like any clue this usually leads them to the answers they seek.

Officer Ally Jacobs said, “When you see something, say something; don’t be afraid to take risks.  We (law enforcement) are sometimes afraid to act because of liability or cynicism or some other excuse; but why would we ignore our instincts?  Be thorough, do your job.  We need to put our egos aside and cooperate with each other.”  Officer Jacobs is the officer that saved Jaycee Lee Dugard and her two young daughters.

Then you have cases like the disappearance and murder of Long Valley, N.J. high school student Rachel Domas.  The detective in charge, Gary Micco, joined forces with psychic Nancy Weber, against his superior’s orders Micco asked Nancy to help him find the killer, who by then had disappeared.  Nancy told Detective Micco what she “saw” –  “I see a man … he’s very narrow and thin … everything about him is … miserable … has lots of anger … terror and darkness … I see Rachel looking very nervous … he walks behind her (in the woods road) … he’s dragging her into the woods … yes I see this man attacking her … I see a struggle … it’s horrific … I see a uniform … he worked in gas station … his name is Michael … this Michael has taken overdose of pills … (police asked the psychic to draw a map of where to find the suspect) …You are going to get him soon …” (Police catch the suspect …he was in the hospital being treated for overdose of pills; he confessed to killing Rachel …he was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.  Police officer said the map the psychic drew for them was accurate.

Detective Micco said psychic Nancy Weber was on the money (accurate) with her predictions … “She was amazingly accurate and very helpful in terms of bringing this case to a conclusion.”

So in many cases the “seen” and “unseen” can lead investigators to find missing persons and solve cold case homicides.  I believe that in all these type of cases we should utilize all the different type of methods to look for clues in order to resolve a case.  In my opinion a credible, ethical psychic should be viewed as just another credible witness…as having something for the detective to follow up on.  If the detective follows up on the “clues” or “information” given by the psychic and it leads him to the evidence then it is a great thing wouldn’t you think?  Why wouldn’t we all want to use or own intuition, or the intuition from a psychic in order to save a missing person or solve a heinous crime?

2 thoughts on “Do You Ever Have A “Gut feeling”, “Sixth sense,” “Premonition” Or Even “Deja-Vu” To Describe Your Experiences?

  1. One reader on Morgans Stalking Facebook wrote in response to this post: Yes, I’ve actually had a series of dreams about what is currently happening to me, many years ago… I believe wholeheartedly, that this is a battle between good and evil. When I first interacted with the person who is ring-leading the stalking of me, about 5 minutes into the conversation, not only did this feeling of dread come upon me, but as if a soul-less creature had sized me up in order to hunt me down. This has been a relentless pursuit; a slow-kill attempt to murder – murder my dreams, aspirations, the beauty that I create, the relationships I have, even my faith; vilification of who I am. For lack of better words, this has been a mind rape.

  2. Another reader of this blog wrote on Morgan’s Stalking Facebook page the following response: Yes!! Ever since I was a little girl, I would think of or talk about things before they even happened…it has even been happening more frequently in the last few years! I have just really begun to “listen” to my gut feelings. My husband and i joke all the time that i have ESP. LOL
    The first time this happened, i was 6 and i remember it vividly. I was looking out my bedroom window, and I saw my neighbor’s little dog outside. A feeling of sadness and dread came over me, and i began to cry and i yelled, “Daddy, Daddy, Shaka (the dog) is going to die!!!!!” Then, later that afternoon, i was at their house and that dog was running down the stairs and just gave out. Died right there in front of me!!!!!

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