A Few Thoughts After seeing Discovery Channel’s interpretation of Morgan’s Stalking and Murder

Morgan posing on one of her Dads projects.

Morgan posing on one of her Dads projects.



I have just finished watching the Discovery Channel’s presentation of Morgan’s story for the first time. To Rhonda, our next door neighbor at the horrific time I apologize. Rhonda is cheery and engaging, the British idea of what she might be was not even close – sorry Rhonda.  The rest of the depiction is a fairly accurate. While the true horror could never be recaptured I applaud the producers, directors and the writer as coming as close as they could. Stalking is a horrific and serious crime – and this show has brought awareness of the seriousness of stalking and the fear it creates.

A stranger lurking out in the dark and stealing from you all that you love is as difficult to capture as it is to live through. Morgan is brave beyond words, just ask her friends, over four years later and they will tell you how brave she was. But our trust was misplaced in the crime prevention of Garfield County. When it comes to victims of stalking there is no crime prevention there.  I have been working trying to keep another young woman safe from her stalker in Garfield County – nothing has changed.  If left up to them she could be dead right now just like Morgan.  Today we rely on a strong sense of what is right in order to achieve some small measure of justice for Morgan.

Beyond Morgan’s stalking and murder lies the crimes against other victims that we continue to fight for today and will continue to fight for as long as we have have life in our limbs. Morgan’s voice was strong, she was articulate and very concise with her words and carrying on both her memory and her quest for justice for women will never end for Steve and myself.

I realized tonight how even an hour was far too little time to tell the story of Morgan as an hour is far too little time to tell the stories of the other victims I have been blessed to be able to help in my own little way. the arduous path we were forced into after discovering just a little of the truth behind Morgan’s death is not only a complete story on its own – this story is in its infancy.

Stalking victims live a nightmare every day, and at times, every minute of every day. Local law has not the resources or the inclination to deal with what the reality is. This only compounds what the victim is subjected to. Those that live are scarred for life and those that are killed by their tormentors leave an endless sea of broken spirits and broken hearts attempting to deal with their passing.

Still others are left to deal with the “mysterious disappearance” of their love one, which can be the most taxing of all. I truly wish I held the compassion, love and understanding to return all these upended lives to a small semblance of normalcy, but alas – I do not. Instead I do what I can with those who need immediate help and commiserate with complete understanding for the rest.

I feel blessed with new energy going forward and have many ideas going forward. I live anew in the knowledge that every victim I am able to help is a small consolation to the very painful and abrupt way that Morgan’s life was viscously stolen from her.

Thank all of you for your kind words and understanding on this very trying evening, together we will all fight the wrongs that face us and insure a more hopeful future for all.

In the memory of Morgan…

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Sara. Your daughter would have been the same age I am now, which is 24. After watching her story I immediately looked it up. I was hoping that something had been done to bring justice to this sad crime. Though, it appears that you are still fighting for that justice. I am so sorry for your loss. Murder should never happen, truly makes me sad to know that people are even murdered at all. I shall keep your family in my prayers. I truly hope you find the justice that is deserved and soon. God will take care of her now. He knows what happened and one day justice will be served in Heaven.

    I wish you all the best. God Bless.

    • You are so sweet – thank you my dear. It is so awful knowing there are so many unsolved murders.

      According to the FBI almost 15,000 homicides were committed in 2012 across our country. That’s roughly five out of every 100,000 people killed due to senseless violence. What the statistics won’t tell you is that many of these homicides remain unsolved today, and join the thousands of cases that date back decades.

      And what those statistics don’t talk about are all the murders that get misclassified like Morgan’s. Now that I have been working with families in similar situations as us it has become abundantly clear that there are so many more missing and murdered young woman in our country who are not listed as murders so the statistics above most likely pale in comparison to the true statistics.

      • I am so sorry for your loss. I could tell how much you tried to protect her and cared for her. God bless you, no one should ever have to deal with the loss of a child, my heart bleeds for you. I am 40 years old and have 2 sons, 18 and 23. You will be with her again, and now through your loss you are helping others, must be Gods plan, I’m sure she is so proud of you. My prayers are with you and your husband.

      • I watched ID last night and started reading online last night and again today while at work (shhhh 🙂 ). Anyway, I grew up in the time frame of Adam Walsh and how his Father fought for Justice for Adam and all other missing children reminds me of what you are doing for Morgan and others who are stalked/terrified/murdered. I applaud you and your efforts, please keep fighting the good fight… always!

  2. I just saw the story. I admire you and your devotion to Morgan. I am glad to see you not accepting the first two coroner’s report. Both of their findings, did not make sense to me. I am pleased to see you continue to fight for justice for Morgan. As a mother, I know you will never give up. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I think, you are right, in pursuing to have the law changed for stalker murders. Morgan’s death will not be in vain. You will see to that. The Lord will open the right doors for you at the right time. Don’t give up! Keep the faith!

  3. I’m a little confused about why the cameras didn’t give clues that night. You should have let her sleep in your room like she begged until he was caught.

    • Morgan’s back hurt from sleeping in our room. I offered to sleep in her room with her but she did not want me to as she knew I was allergic to her cat. Everything went wrong that night we were all so tired it was the perfect storm and stalkers are always there ready to slip through a crack…and as for the cameras that night we did catch things, we just can’t talk about it yet. We believe her investigation will get opened soon and we can not jeopardize the evidence.

    • Do not blame anybody but the person who committed this awful act what this family needs is support not someone telling them what they should or shouldn’t have done

  4. Im laura and I just finished watching the show… wow. You’re so brave and to continue living there. I’m very sorry for your loss and I know morgan is proud of the work you do helping others!

    • Hi Laura we still lived in the area for a while but then we were being stalked and we were warned that if something happened to us Morgan would not get justice so we had to move to another state and enter the Victim’s Address Confidentiality Program. It helps keep us safe for now and gives us the confidence to be able to help others. Thank you for your kind words

        • I believe he was, he “left” something similar to what was left during Morgan’s stalking. The timing of the attempted break-ins in our new home were always at approximately the same times of Morgan’s stalking incidents. But I also know he had others that were trying to protect him, they were cyberstalking us and either he or one of his “accomplices” did physical damage to my car multiple times, along with other things. I believe these were all attempts to keep us quiet so we were told it was escalating after a year and it was possible we were in eminent danger so we had to move from the beautiful mountains to another state and enter the Victim’s Address Confidentiality Program. I did not and do not like the fact that we had to leave Colorado but logically we knew if we stayed and something happened to us that would be the end of the fight for justice for Morgan…this is just to hard for anyone else to push forward on.

  5. I also am a mother of a 25 year old boy and 23 year old girl and a 1 year old grandson. Losing any of them is my biggest fear. I have also been stalked so I understand the fear of that. I pray for u and your family to be able to find out what Monster did this to your beautiful daughter. God Bless!

    • Tammi I completely understand – our children and grandchildren are our most precious priorities. The love we have for them can never be severed. Thank you for your kind words.

  6. I just finished watching your story on ID. I am so sorry for you and your families loss. Morgan was such a beautiful girl. It makes me upset that the police in your county did not take the necessary preventative measures to ensure your families safety (i.e., setting up 24 hour patrol in the neighborhood or in front of your house). I admire your strength and courage to never give up and continue to fight for Justice for Morgan.

  7. I’m sorry for your loss. I just finished watching the show & completely touched my heart. I’m 37 years old, single mother with a little 8 year old girl. I felt angry my self. I never look up stories nor comment. My heart made me express my thoughts. I completely understand, admire your strength & loyal to your beautiful daughter. I do the same in your situation. Go with your heart and feelings. May GOD give you peace.

    • I greatly appreciate all your kind words. Keep your beautiful 8 year old daughter close and enjoy every single moment of every single day with her. They are all moments that can never be repeated and they are all special. Thank you so much for writing in.

  8. I too look the story up praying that justice was giving to this sad crime. I’m so touched by this & pray for the family. We’ve had 2 murders in our family. To take someone’s life I simply can’t imagine but unfortunately it does happens & hurts so much. God sees it all & justice will be given. I pray for you & your family that you continue to have strength & faith.

    • I am so very sorry that murder has touched your life as it has ours. So many people that have not had this horrific thing happen to them just can not comprehend the pain and confusion that it causes. I greatly appreciate your prayers.

  9. My heart broke into a million pieces by the end of watching. As parents we know our children an I hope justice for Morgan is given. Thank you for sharing her an her story with us. As a mom to a little girl my heart hurts because even watching this before getting to the end I prayed for a different outcome. 🙁 your in my thoughts and prayers, may God continue to give you an your husband strength.

    • Sabrina thank you. I still keep hoping for a different outcome, all the time knowing we can never bring her back. I love your name. Morgan had a friend named Sabrina. We have been very blessed that in all these past 3 + years so many of Morgan’s friends have made a huge effort to stay in touch with us. Take care!

  10. I just finished watching and was heartbroken. I have a teenager daughter and I’m scared every day for her life and future. I use to think your home is your safe place. With cameras and awareness how was someone able to get in your house? With DNA it just saddens me the police couldn’t do more. Even to stake out your house. I pray you get closure and find out who did this. I guess no one is talking but maybe someone will have a concious and start talking. I pray for justice and I am deeply sorry for this tragic loss.

    • Thank you Beth. Our homes should be our safe place but sometimes they are not. So many victims of stalking that I work with have there most terrifying moments in their own homes. Some move to safe houses and their stalker sometimes still finds them. It is a cat and mouse game that ends sometimes in deadly consequences.I appreciate your kind words

      • Toni, I did send you an earlier message, but just read that you relocated to a confidential location, which I’m so glad about, but I cannot believe that the stalker didn’t stop after killing Morgan. He’s more of a minster, if that’s possible, than I ever thought. I know he’ll get his just rewards when he leaves this world, but as a person I’m hoping that he is caught and feels just as powerless for the rest of his miserable life as he made you feel. As for the comment from the ignorant woman saying you should have let Morgan sleep in your to, I’ll be angry for you, because you seem strong enough and were so gracious in your response, that you obviously know there are idiots who are able to post online every day.

  11. I have watched many Discovery ID shows, but never have I felt compelled to take my thoughts about the show past the closing credits. I am thirty-three year old mother and a survivor of childhood molestation and being stalked as a young adult. So much resonated with me and I almost had to turn the dial (as we use to say), but I kept watching. I felt so much anger at the disparaging nature of your local PD. Your daughter seemed she was life itself. While it was not a pleasure to watch your family being tormented, it was worth seeing her life as you’ve preserved it here. You’re an amazing woman and mother and I can tell you’re a fighter. The world is blessed to have you here and heaven is eternally more blessed to have your daughter dancing and decorating the golden walls. I pray all that is good for you and your family and that her killer is found. I apologise for my wordiness. God bless.

  12. I just watched the episode and like so many others I immediately went online to see if there had been any progress on the case. My heart goes out to you, your family and especially Morgan. You are a true Momma bear and I have no doubt in my heart that you are changing lives by taking action/raising awareness in regards to stalking and its laws. Keep your chin up, you are surrounded by love and support. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. What year did this happen in? I am beyond sorry. I’m so glad you knew your daughter more than to listen to the reports. Your an awesome woman to have not let this drive you insane and instead, kept trying to get justice for Morgan. She is a GORGEOUS girl. May God fill your life with many blessings and continue to give you strength.

  14. Toni: Have you found an attorney to file a lawsuit against the coroners office and sheriffs department for incompetence, slander, liable, misconduct, failure to enforce the law, discrimination, slander, libel, and harassment? Do you need help finding one? This stalker is someone still on the loose and the pathology based on the evidence shared is that of a dangerous predatory who will commit the same crimes again. Morgan’s killer is walking the streets and no one is safe. Do you need help getting more national media attention? Have the FBI or US DOJ been notified? Is there a Whitehouse petition to collect 100K signatures and prompt and answer from the Whitehouse. The District Attorney should have opened their own investigation into Morgan’s death since is was caused by a stalker that is felony murder in all 50 states. My heart goes out you and your family. Please let us know how we can help in way. This case needs to be reopened snd solved immediately.

    • Jake everything you have asked and everything you have said in your comment is very true and to the point. No we have not looked for a lawyer to do a lawsuit although many people have advised us to do so. It may be the only way to get justice and to stop this person, but I just keep hoping that people at the state level will do the right thing and open an investigation not only into Morgan’s murder but into the cover-up as well. It is a political hot potato so to speak as Morgan’s case is not the only one like this and if hers gets opened and officials are indicted many more cases could be opened as well. Which would be a good thing. It would be the right thing in order to blow the lid off of all of this and protect other innocent people. But I’m sure you get my point that there would need to be a lot of pressure in order to see these wrongs righted. The District Attorney in that area was new as of one year after Morgan’s death. She believed the case was botched but had never been involved in a murder case and wanted nothing to do with going against the sheriffs. She has to walk the same halls as the sheriffs. I know that shouldn’t matter but in reality it does. We do need help in getting national media attention – I am not very good at it. The FBI and the US DOJ are definitely on our list. A Whitehouse petition is something I never thought of and it would be wonderful. I will email you so we can communicate privately if that would be okay with you. Thank you so very much for your support!

  15. Hello! I just watched this story on ID very SAD!!!!! I can’t believe that happened to such a precious soul. She didn’t deserve this and justice shall be served. You as a mother are doing a marvelous job to keep this terrible tragedy noticed. #Justice shall be served if not here on earth but in the house if the lord. No parent should have to bury there child. Keep fighting for what u believe happened to Morgan and remember God is with u and u and your family are in my prayers. #Justice #A mothers love is everlasting……….

  16. I was so heart broken watching the show last night. I can’t even imagine trying to keep my mind focused as to what task needed to be done to catch the stalker. I felt from the show that it was multiple people stalking. The chair in the backyard was beyond frightening. I can’t believe this or these stalkers are still free. Has any other person been stalked in your neighborhood since Morgan was?

    • The very first 2 officers that came to our house in the beginning of her stalking told us about 5 other incidents the past summer in the subdivision across the road from us. They explained that it was the same tapping and a victim finally got a visual of the hooded stalker and they tracked him with dogs, but lost him. They both said the reports ended after that. After Morgan’s felony stalking detective was assigned to her case he said he hadn’t heard of those reports but he would check into them…he never did. Then after Morgan’s murder I kept pressing him for answers. He said he checked it out and he had no idea why those 2 officers told me that but it was just some unlocked cars that had their stereos stolen. I knew that was not the case – why would 2 separate sheriffs patrol officers lie with the same details on 2 separate occasions? Then after I first started this blog other women from that same subdivision came on and told me about their encounters with a dark hooded male that was watching them through their windows at night. They both reported this to the sheriffs, one only 2 weeks before Morgan’s stalking started!!! But the detective NEVER told us about any of these either.

  17. Good morning 🙂

    I watched Morgan’s story on the Discovery channel last night and stayed up all night reading about you and your family. A show has never, ever rocked me to the core like that show did. I am so sorry that show was your reality, and I truly can’t imagine anything more debilitating and horrifying. After reading your entire blog, I hope it’s okay to ask, has Hannah, Brooke, or Keenan ever been questioned by police in DEPTH? If not, shouldn’t that be happening, like, today? I took a good look at all three of their Facebooks, and to say I got a bad feeling about them would be an understatement. I have made a pact with myself to say a prayer every day for you, Mr. Ingram., and Morgan. I hope you are able to find peaceful moments every day. And know that the truth will prevail and Morgan will get the justice she deserves, that you all deserve. Sending so much love from one momma to another.

    • Lilly thank you so much for writing in to me with your thoughts. Even though the show only showed a small piece of what really happened I am so happy the “fear” that Morgan lived through was conveyed. Hannah was never questioned, Brooke was only questioned a couple of times in the presence of her father because she was under 18 at the time, then she was pregnant and the detective used that as an excuse to put it off and then never questioned her again, Keenan was questioned a few times, Morgan id’d him multiple times, the felony stalking detective knew it was Keenan and believe Brooke was involved as well. The sheriffs told us and also wrote in their reports that they believed Brooke and Keenan were being deceitful (wow, a criminal lying?), the detective warned Brooke just days before Morgan’s murder that Morgan was scheduled to do an on camera testimony about her stalking and who was involved the following week, and it goes on and on but basically when Morgan turned up dead it was “cover our butts” time for the sheriffs department, and so that puts us where we are right now. I appreciate all the support from another momma so again, thank you so much!

      • Hi Toni, I just wanted you to know I’ve never ever stopped praying for you guys. I think about Morgan often and read every one of your blog posts. To date, more than two years later, I’ve still never come close to seeing a show that effected me like yours did. I can’t wait until the day justice is served. Hang in there. You are one strong, incredible, amazing mother. Sending you all my love from Indiana.

        • Oh my goodness Lilly – thank you so much! Your words mean the world to me, as I keep trying to push forward for justice for Morgan. I feel the positive energy you are sending from Indiana…thank you!

  18. Wow! What a horrific and terrifying trauma that happened to your family. Your episode kept me on the edge of my couch. I was roofied, abducted, assaulted and raped on a beach in Florida several years ago and I suffered and still have lingering effects of PTSD. The crawling of the skin feeling and being constantly jumpy hit very close to home and I completely understand the insanity that builds up in ones head. I very much look forward to see the new evidence come out as Morgan’s case progresses. Just know that you are an amazing mom and you are doing your daughter SO much justice. Hopefully the show will help speed things up! God bless you and your husband. -Kaitlyn 23 y/o

  19. I just watched last night.
    What a horrific thing to happen to your family. But I’m confused as to why you don’t feel she would have a reason to kill herself. Everything that was happening is a reason in itself. Just a thought.
    Did the cameras record anything from that night?

    • Yes, the cameras did record things that night. Yes, the sheriffs did take the camera recordings and copy them, but I do not believe they ever even reviewed them. Yes, the sheriffs had their own wildlife cameras mounted outside Morgan’s windows and I believe they also have pictures. Morgan did not have any reason to kill herself. She was never depressed, never took anti depression medication although some others would like you to believe that she had. She was engaged in school, friends and activities up until she went to bed that very last night. Yes, she had a stalker and it frightened her and stressed her out, but she had a great support system & outlet with her family, teachers, schoolmates and friends and was able to openly speak with them about her stalker, who he was and what was happening. Also, one of the detectives assigned to her felony stalking case (Detective Megan Alstatt) had a lengthly talk with her (at my request) to see how she was holding up due to the constant incidents that were happening – this was within the last 2 weeks before she was killed and the detective assured us Morgan was holding up just fine, she had physical outlets to burn off the stress as she was taking point ballet 2 times per day 4 days a week. She worked out till she was dripping wet (like her fellow classmates) and would lie on the dance floor to cool off and talk about the latest things that were happening to her.

      Please, please, please read about the true horrors of stalking and what these victims live through and how it affects their lives. Morgan was a warrior – she was very strong and these people out in the Internet world that know absolutely nothing about what really happened would love to just agree with the sheriff’s reports (without really understanding what they really represent) along with the coroner’s 2 different reports which the physical evidence in this case contradicts what they wrote. These “others” I guess don’t understand that there are sheriffs that lie and cover things up sometimes. I guess they would always believe a sheriff over physical evidence and more qualified and esteemed forensic experts that have looked at Morgan’s toxicology results and evidence and have told us she did not and could not have taken her own life…she was stalked and murdered by her stalker. He is a predatory stalker, he is dangerous and there are people that know this but are trying to keep her case from being investigated because they know what will happen.

  20. I had previously asked a question, but am unable to find it or answers. First let me say my heart breaks for you and your family. I am so sorry for your loss and the horror you have been forced to endure. Morgan was a beautiful young lady, it is tragic that her beautiful life was cut so short.
    I’m not sure if this will help, or if you’ve already tried, but I thought I would point it out. I read that there was one cop who had noted seeing a small amount of blood in her mouth, and a red bump on her head. Was that cop questioned in the past? Or could you possibly probe more into it now? Have him give a statement on the trauma he saw? Also, I was wondering if they noted somewhere that her nails were chipped? Or did you just see that they were chipped.
    It seems like if that cop that noted trauma would produce a statement, that maybe that could prove helpful.
    Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Dessa – thank you so much for your kind words. I know it’s hard to believe, it was even hard for us for such a long time, but this was a police coverup. Yes, the sheriffs saw many things at the crime scene that morning. They had to have seen the abrasions on the top and bottom of her right hand with the 3 torn nails – obvious signs of a struggle. They had to have seen her eyes wide open, wound on her forehead with blood as well as the blood on her swollen lip. They had to have seen her flattened nose, matted hair, injection mark on the inside of her arm, her pants that were unzipped and unbuttoned and the fact that her bodies lividity showed that she died in a completely different position than she was found in…and dead bodies DO NOT move on their own. And yes an officer (not the Deputy Coroner or the Coroner) that used the UV light over her body detected small spots on her chest, but guess what? He never tested them and neither did the forensic pathologist. And most of us know what spots that show up under the UV light are. Garfield County, CO does not want to admit to any of this and their deputy officers would most likely loose their jobs if they said anything. It would be the right thing to do if the good officers came forward and I am sure it is still eating away at their souls, but we have no way to convince them that it would be the best thing they could do. I really feel sad for all the good officers, the ones that really cared and were not trying to cover it up. I know what happened to the few that did speak up. But don’t be discouraged because even though they destroyed some evidence there was much more that they could not destroy and I do believe it is enough to indict certain officials and hopefully to get an eventual conviction of her murderer and any accomplices that knew about what was done to Morgan.

  21. Last night, I caught the last half hour of the program. It was just enough to give me shivers. Obviously I found this website and though still not finished reading this blog, I just had to stop and leave a comment.

    I too have been stalked, 3 times by different men, and never to the degree what you three have been through. The laws were so far different back then during my first experience, and can still see they have not changed much, and I experienced the same frustration as you. My first one occurred in 1989, my last one in 1997.

    I was single during my invasions; outgoing, athletic, happy and lived alone. A strong and very confident young woman, good career and traveled much. Yet my invasions brought me to my knees. I took all the precautions before any started; multiple deadbolts, window locks and guards, carried a compact taser gun, only those who I knew personally ever came to my home, yet I still found a way to blame myself. After all…who gets stalked 3 times? Yet had learned it’s never the victims fault.

    To this day, at age 52, my past invasions still effect me and didn’t even realized it until this past March. That is when I lost my last dog. I had bought and trained German Shepherds, who became my roommates, my best friends, my running partners and protectors. Now my last one died of old age in March. I’m happily married to a wonderful man for the past 13 years who has put up with me and my nervousness to have a house alarm, to constantly check all dead bolts before we go to bed at night. I tried to live without getting another dog, but I realized anxiousness and sadness became too much for me. My husband became more and more concerned for me mentally, I HAD to get another shepherd. Found my old breeder and with her help, picked out a marvelous female. Though she is 6 months old, she is more protective than my last two and equally a fast learner.

    I’m not sure why I felt compelled to write you, but just had to. Even though it’s been 18 years since my last one, I KNOW and feel your frustration when dealing with authorities. By watching what little I saw last night and what I’ve been reading today, I now understand why losing my last dog had effected me so much. There is nothing like losing your sense of security. When that is taken from you….whether by someone else or otherwise, it’s hard to get some of it back.

    I’m so, so sorry for all that you’ve been through and are still going thru. I pray to our Creator that he wraps his loving arms around all of you, giving you what you need during this difficult time. Your perseverance in being a thorn in the authorities side will eventually come to fruition and something will be done. Laws do need to be changed, yet support groups also need to be added as well. May you draw comfort from those of us who’ve been through it too!

    Please take care,

    • Nanette you are an angel in disguise! Your words are so wonderful for others to hear so thank you for sharing. People that have thankfully never been stalked have no idea what victims of stalking really go through and how it effects them and other victims of stalking appreciate reading about other people’s experiences because it helps them to heal and not feel so alone.

      You are very spot on when you talk about support groups…most victims really need someone to listen, understand and help with ideas that could potentially save them. Also, I believe with enough education and awareness of this growing problem changes will occur for the better. Law enforcement, prosecutors and judges all need to understand that they need to uphold the laws that were passed in their states in order to protect the citizens of their states from stalkers. They can not keep giving stalkers a slap on the wrist for breaking multiple protection order (yes, again that just happened to another victim where Morgan was murdered) they need to stop giving stalkers plea deal after plea deal because stalkers are obsessed and they do not stop. Anyway, sorry to go on a rant. I really appreciate all you have said and I am so sorry you went through this horrible thing 3 times.

  22. I can never imagine what you have gone through and continue to go through. It’s definitely confusing with the entirely different findings on her death. You mention she had a dog and cat and the dog was with her that night correct? What happened to the animals? They didn’t respond to the intruder? I can’t understand why her death is not investigated further and from what I’ve seen there are valid questions. No attorney has come forward to help? I pray for answers and peace!

    • Gai it’s not really confusing – she never died from natural causes, but by keeping that on her death certificate for the first 8 months that insured they would not have to open an investigation into her death. We had esteemed medical specialists, forensic experts, etc. all explain how the forensic pathologist Dr. Robert Kurtzman was wrong, but instead of listening to them he threatened me and then made good on his threat and changed her manner of death to suicide with absolutely no evidence, in fact the physical and toxicological evidence contradicts both the determination of natural causes as well as suicide. It points directly to foul play and premeditated murder and the sheriffs knew this that very morning we found her body. And then by keeping her a suicide this continued to ensure no other law enforcement agency could come in and investigate.

      This was a police coverup from day one, we just did not know it for a very long time. Who would want to believe it? Not us – I have always trusted law enforcement. I have had family in law enforcement. Steve & I have always gone out of our way to help law enforcement so this was extremely hard for us to believe. People need to believe in the officers that have sworn to protect them – they can’t mistrust the police, but unfortunately not all law enforcement can be trusted. I learned this the hard way.

      As far as her dog and cat – we have them. Her dog was just a little puppy at the time but has since grown up into a wonderful and protective dog. She was very fearful for a long time after Morgan’s murder. She was afraid of some men, she would run behind me as if to hide when she encountered someone on the trail that frightened her, and it took a long time for her to get over that fear. The puppy was too young to protect Morgan, she was not a barker, still isn’t to this day, in fact we never ever heard her bark until 5 months after Morgan’s murder. There are also other possibilities that could have happened that night to her puppy as she was groggy & disoriented that morning when the first responders with there equipment & the sheriffs all crowded into Morgan’s room and her little puppy just sat up on her bed and never even moved, never barked, never growled, she just looked like she had no idea what was happening or where she was.

      As far as an attorney coming forward to help I do not think attorneys are allowed to contact people to try to talk them into suing. Please know that I really appreciate your prayers and support.

  23. I am so sorry for your loss. I verry strongly like you believe this was not a suicide and sure wasn’t natural causes.Know that one day this person will be brought too justice it may not be tomorrow it may not be a year from know but justice will be served. In the tv show it shows that you have security images if so you should try and get the images 2 a forensic media specialist,because if you can find out who the stalker was there is no doubt in my mind he is the one committed this horrible act…..please be strong. And may Morgan rest in peace.

    • Thank you so much Ryan. We know the FBI lab can analyze the photos and video to make a positive ID and the sheriffs could have sent them to them but not only did they refuse but they will not allow any other law enforcement agency above them to review anything. And just so people out there know how this works there are many amazing organizations that will test and review and analyze evidence at no cost to law enforcement agencies in order to solve these type of cases, I know I have spoken with them, but unless the Garfield County Sheriffs office authorizes them they are not allowed to do these things and guess what…Sheriff Lou Vallario refuses to ever allow anyone to look at Morgan’s case. He knows the “rules” and he uses them to his best interest. People have asked what about the District Attorney for that area can’t she do something…she could but she won’t, she has to walk the same halls as the sheriffs, her staff has at times been from the sheriffs office, she came in a year after Morgan’s murder, told us she thought the sheriffs had botched Morgan’s case and told us to hire a PI because she believed there were people that knew the truth and maybe the PI could get them to talk…and that’s where it has stayed since then.

    • That is such a great question and the only answer I can give you is possibly people can call and write to Cynthia Coffman the Attorney General for Colorado. The address is Office of the Attorney General, Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center, 1300 Broadway, 10th Floor, Denver, CO 80203. And the Main Switchboard is 720-508-6000. The reason I believe the Attorney General is the only one that can do anything in the state of Colorado is because the way the law reads in Colorado (most states do not have this law) the local governments and officials (like sheriffs & coroners) can evoke something called Home Rule in which they can tell other offices like the CBI (the Colorado Bureau of Investigation) that they will not allow them to come in on Morgan’s case.

      Although the General Assembly exercises supreme authority over matters of statewide concern, a home rule municipality’s authority may be superior to that of the General Assembly with respect to local matters. So because the sheriff of Garfield County, Lou Vallario said only 8 months after Morgan’s murder that he will never open a case and he refuses to allow anyone else to open a case I believe the power now lies with the Attorney General’s office to do the right thing. Colorado will never be safe if criminals and murderers are allowed to run free because rural areas do not want to investigate, arrest or prosecute them. Are they doing this because Colorado is a tourist state & they do not want to reflect the true statistics or is it something more sinister?

      Anyway, please know that I appreciate you wanting to help us – we need all the help we can in order to get a real investigation and justice for our daughter. Thank you!

  24. I think if you embrace this quote, this thinking, it will allow you all some peace….”It’s not how many years we live in our life, but the LIFE WE LIVED IN OUR YEARS…all life has a means to an end…” Your daughter had so many wonderful years. Don’t let that be forgotten. I know so many tragic deaths of infants and small children. We all need to embrace life while we are here to do so. His speed to you and yours…

    • Thank you Tammie! We feel very honored & blessed to have known Morgan for her short 20 years. I know I will see her again, and I also know I have a path to follow and much work to do before I get to see her again. It hurts every moment of everyday without her but I can still “feel” her and that gives me peace. There are so many other parents, families, and friends that are going through the same thing we are because of the tragic deaths of their loved ones – my hope is to somehow raise enough awareness to help make changes in this world. Take care!

  25. I am soooo sorry for your loss. I am so sorry that you have to continue to get justice for Morgan, but that is what you must do. Stay strong. I am watching slowly because it hurts so. I feel your heart’s pain.

    I am Annie’ McCann’s mom and we still continue to fight for her justice. It is now 6 years and the pain… oh. So please keep working. Here is our story if you want to read it.
    Annie’s death is undetermined and lidocaine poisoning from the ME. The police cling to suicide. Annie was sutffed/dumpster in Baltimore.

    • Mary Jane I am so sorry about your daughter. I had never heard about her case before and what you have written on this link is extremely powerful and concise. Her case mimics Morgan’s in so many ways. How dare they disregard what the actual evidence is telling them? In Morgan’s case the forensic pathologist had the nerve to tell us the reason amitriptyline was in her blood was because she was taking it. We told him that was not true we knew she wasn’t. To that he shot back, “Parents are always the last to know” but he knew, just like we found out much later, that her blood toxicology results confirmed she was NOT taking it prior to this one time massive dose. And just like in Annie’s case it would have been impossible for Morgan to take that one time massive dose unless she injected herself with it. She have over 7,900 ng in her blood and 1,000 or less would have killed her. But some people in a position of power do not want to be questioned and they do not want anyone to find out what really happened. It’s almost like our children can be viciously taken from us and once they are gone some people want to just forget that it ever happened…until it happens to them. I promise I will spread the word about Annie’s murder!

  26. oh, Toni, i(like so many others) have been riveted by Morgan’s story since seeing the episode of Suspicion on ID the other night. i have been a resident of Boulder County, CO for 13+ years(friends in the Carbondale area), and i had never heard anything about Morgan’s story. i found links to all the sheriff reports and coroner reports… it’s absolutely MADDENING that more was not done…. you certainly did all you could. it’s even more maddening that Morgan’s cause of death was CHANGED!!! if anything, it should have been changed to “undetermined”. you know what you KNOW, and unfortunately law enforcement relies on what they can PROVE.

    i had a stalker myself a few years ago(a roommate), and was in touch with law enforcement… unfortunately, i had a lot of evidence on my computer, but my stalker was computer-savvy enough that he was able to hack into my computer, email, etc., and deleted everything that i had as proof. he managed to change my login to my own laptop so i couldn’t even use it. i turned it over to the police computer crimes division, but they were unable to pull anything. i lived in fear of this man who shared my home- what will he do to me, or my dog?!? i sent letters and copies of police reports to my friends and family in the event of something happening to me… fortunately, he moved out shortly thereafter, but for years i had to constantly change my passwords, use a p.o. box, and hope that he didn’t figure out where i lived. i KNEW who he was, but i couldn’t PROVE anything… luckily, i am still alive and breathing. the fear still lives with me, though. because he’s out there. i have no doubt he’s found another target.

    i wish that no one knew the fear.

    with your efforts, i’m sure you have helped many targets of stalking, and i’m sure it helps to know that you have someone in your corner, as i had few resources when i was going through it. thank you for your work, for not giving up… and i hope you will someday find the answers you need. many of us KNOW that Morgan did not commit suicide. a lot of stalkers are smart, and can continue to frighten without detection. i am happy to hear that you and your family have relocated to a safer place. i wish you the grace to prove the truth!!!

    bless you and your family!

    • I am so sorry Gillian for what you had to endure and I thank you for graciously sharing your story here for others to read. Thank you so much for your support. I hope someday you will read an announcement here that Morgan received justice and that changes have been made for future victims/survivors of stalking. Hugs!

      • thank you Toni!!! i know you will stay strong. i wish i could help somehow. but i will support you in Morgan’s fight, and i hope to see everything brought to light, however long it may take!!!! <3

  27. I’m sorry for your loss. I really don’t however understand why you are so confident she didn’t commit suicide. I’m sure she was stalked but may have felt so helpless and hopeless to do anything about it and none of the authorities in her life had the ability to take effective action against this stalker. Go after the stalker for his behavior which may have led to her reaction.

    Elavil is not injectable. My husband is a psychiatrist and I have an MSW. Sometimes denial is easier than reality. I’m sure this post won’t be very well taken on this site but I really think denial can be very destructive.

    • Sorry Lauri but the physical evidence (I know you have no way of seeing it) conclusively contradicts the finding of suicide. And yes, Elavil is injectable for animals – we did discover that the ranch right behind our house, that the stalker and his accomplice had access to, had viles of liquid equine Elavil (Amitriptyline) in an unlocked area. 2 different veterinarians in the area wrote in to me after reading this blog and thanked me for letting them know that amitriptyline is on the sexual assault panel, they did not know and now they were changing their protocol. No longer would they sell it to horse owners to use themselves, from now on they told me they would always go out to the ranches to administer it themselves when needed. This was great news!

      Injectable ami is made for horses that are around 1,200 lbs. Morgan was only 115 lbs. Can you now understand how she could have gotten a massive dose in her blood? Please speak with your husband who is a psychiatrist and ask him about the different doses of amitriptyline. Morgan was on a low dose 5 – 25 mg for years due to chronic pain, not depression, first from Children’s Hospital and then from the head of the pediatric pain program at UCLA. She was NEVER diagnosed with depression. She had stopped taking it over a year and a half before her murder. Her toxicology results CONFIRMED she had not been taking it until it was injected into her as a one time massive dose – enough to sedate a 1,200 horse and kill a young woman. I am not in denial I am after the truth because if people want to hide the truth in cases like this then there will still be a predatory stalker/murderer on the loose and again, speak with your husband about this, stalkers like that don’t just stop…they move on to their next victim.

      • Toni,

        I’m sure you may have answered this in another area of this site; however, do you have a report of investigation showing all the details of the investigation?

        • Jeff almost 2 years after Morgan’s murder we were able to read the sheriff’s reports of the only investigation into her suspicious death as they called it. It was only about that very morning basically and there was no investigation after that. The only evidence they took was her cell phone (which was found under her bathroom door), her laptop (which was tossed over the side of her bed), her iPod, her camera (all the memory chips were missing), and an old journal (her current one was in her bathroom and they were not interested in it). They did not take the bloody pillow case, did not reference her missing bottom sheet or her missing P.J.’s that she had worn to bed, or her missing drivers license that had been taken out of her purse or her missing jewelry that had been taken or the vacuum cleaner that had been knocked over, along with her clean folded clothes from the night before tossed all around her room. Plus much, much more. They didn’t mention that one of them piled up the clothes from her floor directly on to the spot on the bed where we had found her body…changing the crime scene. They didn’t mention the defensive wounds on Morgan’s body or her pants being unbuttoned and unzipped and on an on. This was not an investigation ever – this was a cover up from that very moment. Sorry for the venting but it is so unbelievable that they have gotten away with this for so long.

          • Toni, thank you for your response. I am a federal agent with a small agency and I find your response incredible. I can say from first hand account that I have experienced apprehension from families following investigations into tragic matters before. Sometimes families simply cannot accept the facts of the investigation. Keep in mind that all investigator’s have to go on are facts, circumstances, and evidence. That said, this investigation appears to lack an incredible amount of sufficiency. I know this is not news to you. While I cannot offer any specific assistance via this post, I would like to open a dialogue via email or other means.


    • Are you talking about the Colorado Cold Case Task Force? If so yes they know about Morgan’s case but unless the sheriff allows them (which he has not and will not) to come in to investigate then it is against the law for them to intervene and yes, I do not believe they are happy with the sheriffs decision. 🙁 Colorado is a home rule state and until that changes these kind of things can happen.

  28. Toni & Steve, please accept my condolences the loss of your daughter. Having been through grief and aggravation, to put it mildly, with a resentful stalker myself, I identify with you & your efforts to identify & prosecute Morgan’s stalker.

    May I ask why Garfield County authorities want a cover up? What is their motivation for indifference at the fact such a dangerous individual is free?

    When I saw names like “criminal trespass” applied to his or their actions, I identified. I was told I was taking things too personally with mine; false accusations against me, someone made an innocent mistake…um, no, this is part of a pattern, & not many know about resentful stalking.

    I’m sorry Morgan didn’t survive her stalker. I know you will be reunited one day as a family.

    • Janet thank you so much for your words from experience and your heartfelt words. Your one question about why Garfield County would want a cover up…there are so many reasons and it was hard for us to believe it for a long time as well. Now that we have conclusive evidence of that cover up we can look back and see that it started the very morning of Morgan’s murder.

      I have written a lengthy answer to this same question as many people wonder the same. There are so many reasons that would have caused them to do this. Some reasons I know and do not want to reveal in this forum but I will tell you people have contacted me and said Morgan’s stalker is from a gang, he is a known drug dealer, he had a juvenile as well as an adult criminal record which also includes breaking and entering and criminal trespass. He is a trophy hunter, bow hunter and has no regard for law enforcement – it’s like he has no fear of them at all. Wonder why? I have been told by multiple people that they believe he is a confidential drug informant for the sheriffs. I have no way of knowing if that is true. The coroner’s office as well as the sheriffs office have many things they have done that fall over into the criminal category so that alone would make them want to cover this up and then sadly enough I have had people at the state level tell me that sometimes in this rural communities they just don’t want to look into or solve any crimes like this and they just sweep them under the rug…to me this is unbelievable and yet now that I have been working with so many other families of missing and murdered daughter’s I now believe it. It has happened in their cases as well. Colorado is a “Home Rule” state which basically means if a coroner or sheriff wants to repress a case they can – they have the power to not ever let another agency in to review a case and possibly solve it. The Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario has shut down Morgan’s murder investigation since day one and has said on camera he will never open a case into this. And you are so right – a very dangerous person is still out there and he will never stop…he can’t stop 🙁

  29. My deepest sympathies for your ordeal. Like many others here, I was moved by the show to learn more and comment.

    Sadly, I’m not at all surprised by the response and behavior of law enforcement involved, both initially and to date. This level and vigorous effort to perpetrate a cover up clearly indicates that some of their actions and conduct, or lack thereof, are actionable and would result in everything from employment terminations to convictions. (Also supported by statements made to you by insider officials. )

    Engaging a private detective and retaining an attorney to file suit have been discussed, both of which were among my first thoughts. Both actions would be extremely beneficial. You have made incredible progress and shown nearly unimaginable fortitude and resolve, but involving a PI and attorney would bring in professionals with the training and resources to pursue this tirelessly, alleviating some of your burden. (In fact, the appropriate attorney would have their own investigators.) Additionally, no offense intended at all, but the sad reality is that an attorney with investigators could demand and force answers and a response in ways a private citizen cannot. With one of your goals being to bring about meaningful change, holding those whose ineptitude played a contributing role in Morgan’s death both accountable and liable might drive changes in laws, procedures and policies, or at least create an example that would give other agencies pause to contemplate their response and ensure it was thorough, aggressive and compassionate. If the authorities won’t respond properly because it is their sworn or elected duty to do so, then you at least obtain the same result via their interests in self preservation and avoidance of consequences. (Chief of Police to staff: “I know this is probably nothing based on overreaction of the alleged victim, but give it all you’ve got and take it seriously….remember what happened in Colorado with the Ingram case…..)

    I know the above is conceptual or simplified to naive in some aspects, but the intent I hope is clear. Change is long overdue and I think “Morgan’s Laws” not only has a great ring but is an idea that’s time has come.

    I urge you to make retaining an attorney a priority. If you were but to make it clear you desired to pursue legal action and requested that attorneys interested in taking your case pro bono please contact you, I’m sure you’d be successful .

    You’ve spoken often of what a strong, remarkable, determined, brave woman Morgan was – so very true.

    She got it from her Mother.

    May God bless and keep you and sustain you as you continue your pursuit of justice. Your voice has been heard and Morgan’s story has reached and touched too many now to be ignored. Change and accountability for those responsible would seem inevitable.

  30. By the way a I admire the work you are doing on behalf of other stalking victims and to change procedures in your state.

    Veterenarians not allowing horse owners to take home a drug on a date rape panel of drugs is a big change.

    Thank you gor your efforts.

    • Thank you so much again. Those 2 separate messages that I received from those veterinarians made me so very happy…little by little things have been changing and things will continue to change. I do believe I have to step up my efforts. I have been working with other stalking victims on an individual basis trying to keep them safe and to get them help, and don’t get me wrong I will always continue to do that, but I needed to remember the big picture here still needs a lot of help. Take care!

  31. I am heartbroken for you and your family. I have 2 daughter’s and a son and would willfully give my life for theirs. I know that your life and hearts are broken. I am truly sorry for what you have gone through.

    I do have a question though. Unless someone on the police force was in on this from the beginning, why do you believe they are trying to cover it up. This is a question that could help others in times of grief and questioning all things in life in general.

    • There is no doubt in our mind that Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario had no interest in investigating Morgan’s case – the stalking case or her murder – it took 55 days of constant incidents of stalking and reporting before it ever became a felony stalking case – that is NOT effective stalking protocol. You need look no further than the statement the sheriff made to Crime Watch Daily, “The Garfield County Sheriff’s Department will not engage in further conversations regarding the Morgan Ingram case. That case is closed, pending any new credible evidence being brought forward.” If you won’t accept any information about a case then how in the world could the case ever have any “new evidence?” The sheriff’s statement precludes her case from ever being investigated. We went to the front range to have a reward poster done by Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers – why? Because we were told that people had called the sheriff with information about Morgan’s case and then the sheriffs would not listen to them, they would not take down the information – they were told the case was closed!!! There needed to be someone that could take “tips” in her case, so we turned to Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers, who by the way have been wonderful in fielding tips in her case.

      After many years of investigating and wondering about your exact same question this is my answer…it could be one, or more, of the following reasons:

      1. Many people think it was covered up because of the total incompetence of this particular sheriff’s department. Because of their ineffective protocols, etc. Ego gets involved and they are covering up for their own mistakes, they don’t want to admit any wrongdoing, so in effective the morning Morgan’s body was found the cover-up started. There have been other victims of stalking in the same area, that have been victims as well to the same ineffective protocol of this same sheriff. When a local radio station called the Garfield County Sheriffs to get the reports about these incidents the sheriffs could not supply them with the reports – these victims were upset, frightened, and could not understand the lack of follow-up, with no written official reports, when clearly they reported it, officers had responded, and they were told that they would write up a report – but then no report existed – why?

      2. Or it could be because of the possibly of a connection we have been advised of between a certain sheriff in that department and the suspect’s father – still another possibility that would need an internal investigation.

      3. Or another possibility that we have been told about, but have no way of confirming if it is true or not, is that the suspect could be a confidential drug informant for the sheriffs, and that is why every time he has been arrested on a felony charge it gets pled down to a lesser charge, and he does no jail time and if that is the case they have advised up that it is possible that their “handler” lost control of their informant, which has happened in the past, and in that case the sheriff would not want it to come back on them when it comes down to murder, so hence a cover-up.

      Take your pick – and here is the problem – our country was set up to have checks and balances, but there are non in Garfield County, because the state law of “Home Rule” local jurisdiction, allows local law enforcement to trump everyone else’s opinion or evidence if they so choose. No one can question or force local law to allow an investigation – even in a case like Morgan’s that has overwhelming evidence…it doesn’t matter, if let’s say the perp is related to a sheriff and they want to sweep a crime under the rug there is nothing anyone in the state can do, it’s as simple as that. Does it mean it’s right? No. Has it ever happened before? Yes. Is there anything you can do about it? I don’t think ordinary citizens like us can investigate the sheriffs BUT there are other higher agencies that can and have before, so those are the agencies that need credible facts in order to open an investigation. And then we have the not so little problem that in the state of Colorado the sheriff as well as the coroner are both elected positions and I probably don’t have to try to convince you that politics plays a lot into what happens in cases like this. I hope I haven’t confused you in any way with my answer. Thanks for the question – it is an important one.

I welcome your feelings and ideas on Morgan's Stalking