Friday, August 19, 2011 – The 18th Day Of Morgan’s Stalking

Today was a very quiet day.  Morgan officially signed up for her online University courses, the classes that she wanted to do along side of her in-person classes at CMC this semester.  Morgan goes with her dad, and I this evening to Avalanche Ranch for the pre wedding party/BBQ for her brother’s friend’s wedding, and to take pictures, she brought her little puppy Wylah with her.  It was a very nice BBQ and we all had a great time, Avalanche Ranch is so beautiful!  It’s really nice that we can spend time away with her, for a little peace, and quiet, so we stay at the ranch as long as we can.  We probably should have rented a cabin, and just slept over, but at times when I become so stressed out I don’t think clearly, so we did not do that.

And then again, now we know that in a high percentage of cases, the more you leave your home alone, the higher the chance your stalker will enter your home while you are away.  Sometimes you will know they did this, because they will do damage or take things, leaving plenty of evidence that they were there, but sometimes there will be no obvious evidence that anyone was in your home, you will have no idea, but they will have gone through your private belongings, in order to obtain more information about you, reading your journals, reading notes from friends, they obtain whatever information that they can use to get to you.  We did not have alarm system in our home, but we should have.

As of today I would just like to send a message out to all the wonderful readers of this blog.  I know this story is upsetting, and gets people angry at times, but that is not my intention.  My intention is to only tell the truth about the events that happened to Morgan, and her family from the first day of this stalking, until the horrific day of her death…and probably a little after that as well.  Steve and I want everyone to know what we all went through during this 4 month time period, so they will know what didn’t work, what they probably should do, that we didn’t do, how laws and law enforcement protocol need to be changed, and how there are different kinds of stalkers, and everyone needs to be aware, and educated about this in order to save others.  There are so many fantastic and caring people helping with this case, and I assure you it will have a good outcome.

If everyone keeps reading, and shares this story, I know we will all be the angels on earth that make a difference…it will be amazing for the whole nation, not just for Morgan’s case.  So please stay calm, and send us all your positive energy…the truth will prevail!

12 thoughts on “Friday, August 19, 2011 – The 18th Day Of Morgan’s Stalking

  1. Toni, thanks for sharing your timeline of events with all of us. It definately is a learning experience, and one that hopefully none us us will have to implement during our lifetimes. Trying to understand a twisted mind, such as your stalker’s would have been difficult to second guess even with the right tools at hand. I’m sure you guys thought you were doing the best you could. Changing your life anymore than you already did would probably have thrilled this guy even more. Even the American people have not changed much due to the terrorists.I am struggling with your loss so much now that Sara is about to leave for college next week.Morgan should have been there too. How very bittersweet I feel right now.luv you guys :)keep up the good work. Morgan would be so proud of you.

  2. My dad has four daughters and is soon to be a grandpa of yet another little girl, this blog would be very helpful for someone like him! Thank you for your strength in sharing your story!

  3. Thanks so much everyone – we will never give up trying to make the changes needed to help others in this same situation. I greatly appreciate everyone’s support…it keeps us strong.

  4. Toni, I am at a loss for words, you’re strength is amazing, and I know you will get justice. My heart goes out to you and Steve.

  5. Thanks so much – we have a little angel pushing, and pulling us in the right direction so we know what we are doing is the right thing. We appreciate the support!

  6. I am so grateful to you for having the courage through your daughter to share this story so that we may know what to do if faced with a similar situation. I have a daughter of my own and my heart is so saddened by this. Your daughter seemed like an amazing young woman and I hope we can learn from her story-especially for the sake of my own child. As I read this, I have to admit that I have experienced a range of emotions and my heart just aches for what Morgan and you, her parents, have been through. I am a strong believer that all things happen for a reason, and though we may not be able to understand why anyone would ever have to go through what Morgan and you (her parents) have been through, I also firmly believe that Morgan’s death will not be in vein. I think Morgan would be so proud of her parents….God bless!

  7. i live in a small house in a teeny town with double windows of which the inside windows are painted shut and those iron prison type double lock outside doors on both doors of my house. the police are 2 blocks away. occasionally i hear a couple of knocks on the bedroom side of my house. scares me to death. my dad blows it off as squirrels or woodpeckers and the town is dead after 9pm but i still dontt feel safe. even less after reading this. anyone would have to bust out 2 windows to even get in. but i still dont feel safe. even have black out curtains. this story scares me. im vigilant about noticing anyone or anything suspicious. but i still dont feel safe. thanks for your story.

  8. Please don’t beat yourself up over the alarm system issue. I’m also a stalking victim. (In my case, it is organized stalking, also known as group stalking and gang stalking, in which multiple people stalk one victim.) I came to find out over time that my stalkers were turning my alarm system off or circumventing it at will. Not sure how, but others have reported same. They would also trip my alarm system at will while I was home to further terrorize me. One day I came home to find the alarm had gone off and then been turned off, but the company never called me as they should have–they never got a signal; the company could not explain how such a thing could happen. Bottom line: a lot of people have a false sense of security because of these systems.

    • Thank you for sharing that – I appreciate your kind words. It’s hard for our whole family, Morgan’s friends, and everyone that knew what was happening not to feel guilty, because we all lost a beautiful, kind and sensitive soul, but we are all learning that the guilty party/parties are the ones responsible for her horrific stalking and murder and not any of us. It’s a really hard realization because you always want to protect what is precious to you, and Morgan was very precious to so many people. Thanks for your kind words and I am so sorry you are a stalking victim…I sincerely hope the people involved in your case are caught and locked up.

  9. I just realized after looking through some of Morgan’s old Facebook posts that on this day August 19, 2011 she posted the following:

    “About to spend the next two years overdosing on Philosophy in an amazing way. Also, anyone interested in perhaps making a grassroots effort to make a difference for woman’s rights? Anyone?”

    When I remember the kind of person Morgan was, and how much she had to give to this world, I become overwhelmed with such sadness…we have all lost out on a most precious gift. Morgan was always standing up for the underdog – she wanted to make a difference in this world. Maybe we can help her make a difference now by standing up and righting this wrong that has been dealt to her. Make your voices heard. Justice for Morgan!

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts. I hope this continues to raise awareness of the seriousness of stalkers, as well as to give some insight into what you could do or may not want to do if you are being stalked. Thanks for writing in – take care!

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