Accusing Innocent People?

Am I accusing innocent people?  I was there, through the stalking and murder, I lived it – I kept a timeline from the beginning, not knowing that it would be critical as the days unfolded.  I wrote down the “facts” about the incidents of stalking…in the beginning, not even knowing who was involved.

After our first photo capture of the stalker, Morgan realized who was probably involved – later on, after being followed, and seeing who the stalker(s) were, Morgan finally knew who it was, and told the sheriffs. Keenan VanGinkle was named as the main “suspect” in Morgan’s case and Brooke Harris was also mentioned, but her name was redacted because she was under 18 at the time – this can be seen on the police reports.

Steve & I were also victims of the same stalking – we are listed as victims in the police reports.  I am a victim – speaking my truth.  I am not accusing innocent people – I know who was doing the stalking, and I know Morgan was murdered…this is what I have stated.  I have also stated that given Morgan was murdered during an active investigation into her felony stalking, and given that only 2 days before she was murdered, the detective told me he expected the stalking to escalate, and was assigning additional patrols on our house – yes, I believe I know who murdered my daughter.  And yes, I believe her case needs to be investigated, if Morgan is ever to receive justice.  If that is all it takes to be an “accuser,” then when families know who the “suspect” is, they should never speak out or they will be considered an “accuser?” This is ridiculous – that is EXACTLY what criminals would like…everyone to stay quiet.  That is how evil wins.

I was there the whole time during this horrific, life-changing, soul-numbing 4 month period of time – Morgan, Steve & I were the only ones that lived through the stalking and her murder.  I lived it – Steve & I experienced the stalking, along with Morgan – no one else, except of course those involved in her stalking & murder…so I know for a fact this was a gang stalking, involving more than one person, as well as a predatory stalker.  I know who was involved and what their roles were in the stalking and murder.

Are you aware that Morgan saw Keenan VanGinkle face-to-face as he was engaged in stalking her?  It was at least 5 times that I am positive of – if you knew that fact would that fact change your mind? Or would you feel safer believing someone that wasn’t there, and never knew what really happened?

If people truly followed where the evidence (facts) of this case lead – they would follow it through to the truth, but too many people have a stake in the false reporting, as well as keeping Morgan’s case from ever being investigated.

I am not judge and jury – I want her case investigated, so someday there will be a judge and jury to decide who is guilty of murdering my daughter Morgan, as well as who the accessory’s were  the others who assisted in the stalking, false alibis, and murder.  I then want to see all those involved charged and sentenced.

Is that too much for a mother to want?



14 thoughts on “Accusing Innocent People?

  1. I just watched this story on Dr. Phil. I believe I have heard of this story before on investigation discovery. I think you are absolutely correct in your theory. I am so sorry for your loss and can’t imagine your pain. The system has failed you, but karma will not. Stay strong! And keep fighting! The truth always has a way of coming out.

    • Thank you so much Natalie for your kind words. We will continue to fight for justice and try to stand strong every day…today is a little harder than normal because Morgan’s birthday is tomorrow and she would have been 26 years old. We should have her smiling face in front of us while she blows out her candles, but we will never have that moment again so it’s extra painful right now. I do believe that the truth will come out as we now have all the physical, scientific and medical evidence that proves Morgan’s death was a homicide…we now just need to get an investigation open, arrests made and convictions to happen. In my heart I do believe she will have justice. Hugs!

  2. I’ve read several of your blog posts now, including the one about day one of the stalking, but I still can’t piece together what happened to this girl named Morgan. For those of us who stumble across this site, who’ve never heard of this case, who’ve never seen any of the shows (I just caught the last 10 min of a Dr Phil show, which is how I very first heard the name Morgan Ingram), you might think about putting a link at the bottom of every single blog post you make, titling it ‘Who is Morgan Ingram and Why This Blog?’ or something to that effect so that newcomers to the site, and to the case, can have a starting point, a ‘Square One’ post to read first, before any other post in this entire blog, that will explain what this website is about and why it’s here. Otherwise they might find themselves just hopping, like I, from post to post in an effort to piece together what this whole blog is about (that some girl was stalked by someone – I, personally, can’t yet figure out, after reading just 2 blog posts, who did the stalking, who the “Brooke” character is, what the beef was between the stalker/killer and the girl who was killed, etc – and that there is some kind of lingering confusion or doubt about the “facts” of the case), wishing each blog post linked back to the very first blog post, or at least a news story or something that tells me who Morgan is and what happened to her.

    Just my 2 cents. XOXO to Morgan’s family and, esp, her mommy. I’d like to add that M.E.s are wrong A LOT, and that I’ve personally experienced them putting a totally arbitrary, totally false, hurried, presumptuous, BOGUS cause of death on death certificates, ignoring suspicious clues, ignoring family members and rushing them off the phone, etc! It happened to me when my sister was found dead on her bedroom floor 2.5 years ago. We will never have closure on the cause/manner of death, let alone any justice for it, assuming that which a couple of us believe happened really did happen. We know from experience that M.E.s will use language on death certs that intentionally obfuscates the truth when they screw up and miss clues, as was the case in my sister’s death. He went ahead and did an autopsy based on my insistence that his initial COD/MOD was wrong, but he waited so long that she’d already been embalmed – no blood for a fully accurate toxicology. The police, in our case, completely failed to do their jobs, as well.

    So the opinions of those in authority are NOT and should not always be considered the final word in these matters.

    • First please let me say – I am so very sorry about your sister. I do hear this over and over again when working with parents of cold case homicides and it is so horrible every time…at first I thought it was just happening in Morgan’s case but I now know this is something that happens quite often. I have been asked over and over again if I think it’s incompetence, laziness or something more sinister. I think every case has a different answer or combination of all 3…either way it’s wrong and a killer remains among us and families do not get closure, no less the compassion and justice that they deserve.

      As far as your suggestion about the link at the bottom of each post – I think it is an EXCELLENT idea and we will definitely do it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. On the link at the top of the blog it says Morgan’s Stalking – if you click on it you will go to the first page of the website and you can read through about what happened and who Morgan was – there are links for all of it…but so many people just go to the blog.

      Tomorrow August 16th is Morgan’s 26th birthday…it is so upsetting when any dates like this come around – our hearts are crushed, and there is no way to describe it, but I know that you know what it feels like because of your sister’s case. We wish so badly that we could sit right across the table and see their smiling face while we celebrate them, but we can no longer do that. Again, I am so very sorry about your sister. Have you ever thought about going to the “Parents of Murdered Children” site and doing the Second Opinion Folks with the paperwork that you have to see if they could put together your sister’s case and then maybe her death can be investigated? Just a thought. You can email me anytime through this website Take care! Hugs.

  3. To Morgan’s Parents,

    I had not heard of this blog or your story before this morning. I just watched the Dr. Phil show, which I have come to find out was originally aired back in 2012. I am so sorry you are enduring this most difficult struggle. For what it’s worth, I believe you. I believe your story, in your mother’s intuition and I believe there are no coincidences. Morgan was being stalked. The stalker is on video several times on your property including the night your sweet daughter passed away. I don’t believe she committed suicide.

    In an effort to let you know I understand somewhat of what you are going through, my 21 year old son TJ passed away in September 2007. He was in the presence of a person who changed his story about how TJ died, and even misled the police. Since there was no criminal investigation, we filed a wrongful death law suit to find out the truth and what happened in the last hours of our son’s life. Anyone who has lost a child can identify with the countless questions we have surrounding our child’s death.

    I can identify with your pain and your frustration. I’m so sorry for your devastating loss. I have not read much of your blog, but I will now. At this point, I don’t even know if an investigation was opened, as Dr. Phil hoped it would be, but I will read more about your story and Morgan. She will never be forgotten. I admire

    Peace and Blessings,


    • Justine, I am so very sorry about what happened to your son TJ…I know a piece of your heart is missing, and your life will never be the same. Sending you a hug and love & light from one mom to another.

      Dr. Phil did believe there should be an investigation, but even with all the physical, scientific and medical evidence the sheriff Lou Vallario refuses to open an investigation and in the state of Colorado the Home Rule law precludes anyone from overriding local law – they can’t be forced into doing anything they don’t want to do. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has contacted Garfield County at least 3 times to offer their assistance and talk about getting Morgan’s case open but the sheriff refuses.

      Thank you so much for your support and kind words – they are truly appreciated and needed. Much love to you!

  4. I am so sorry for your family’s loss! I started following your site when I saw you story on the Dr Phil show a while ago and they re-aired it again today. I read your recent posts regarding accused and I believe there has been a cover up from the highest level in that county and that the family in question must surely have a good connection to someone in the political realm and police dept! Keep the faith as I am a firm believer in what comes around goes around for ALL those involved! Blessings

    • Thank you so very much for your support – I really appreciate it. Your conclusion about the people involved is the same as many people. It is so hard to lose a child to violence and even harder to fight for justice when you have to fight against local law to open an investigation that they have obviously not wanted to do since day one. Most law enforcement agencies truly want to fight crime and solve murders and they are tremendous warriors, but once in a while, families like us, run up against a cover-up and it is one of the hardest things to get through.

      I do believe Morgan will receive justice – I hope it’s soon. Hugs!

  5. I am with you. I am convinced Brooke Harris did this, and her dad also is involved somehow. They both need to take a lie detector test.

    • I am with you on that – wish they could be compelled to do just that. I was so disgusted when I heard Brooke’s dad, James Harris, lie and lie on the Dr. Phil show…if people just read the police report they would know that he knew all along what was going on. He has tried his whole life to make excuses for his daughter, and protect her every time she was in trouble. He was one of the people in the neighborhood that was “pushed” into helping to cut back bushes and overgrowth next door to our house when the neighbors heard about the stalker…this was 3 months before Morgan was killed – and then with a straight face on the Dr. Phil show James Harris says, “I wish I had known about the stalker”…what BS. Thanks for your thoughts.

  6. My condolences I just watched the Dr Phil episode. I have a Morgan who just turned 21, I cant even comprehend what your family and your daughter have gone through. From the outside only knowing a few things ,it makes absolutely no sense to me how there has been no additional investigation into your daughters untimely death. Just know I will think of her when I hear the name Morgan and I pray that your family will one day have the justice you have spent years fighting for.
    Happy Birthday to your Morgan xoxoxo

    • Kathleen – what you wrote is so very sweet. I cried when I read that you have a daughter named Morgan too – and 21, so you know the feeling of love that can never be taken away. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings and thank you for letting me know you will always think about our Morgan every time you hear the name…much love to you. XOXO

  7. Just watched your Dr Phil episode about your beautiful daughter. From the bottom of my heart I am so sorry for your loss.. I saw the date was 2012 when it had aired and had got on the internet to look to see if her case had been reopened since then for further investigation and after reading your recent posts I was sad to see that was not the case. Praying for Justice for Morgan and all of your family, I cannot imagine your frustration, stay strong!! Sending hugs

    • Thank you so much for your kind words…I pray some day soon you will look and see that her case was open and being investigated. There are people in positions of power that are trying their very best to keep her case from ever being opened – but we will never give up our fight for justice for Morgan. Yes, we are frustrated and outraged that Garfield County can get away with keeping Morgan’s case buried under the rug. I promise you we will stay strong – it’s so painful, but can never be as painful as what Morgan endured…so giving up is not an option. Hugs!

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