“Dying Message”

In a a final effort to identify her killer, Morgan summoned up every last bit of strength she had in her small body, and clenched her hands together…one hand she had clearly made a “K” and on the other hand was clearly a “N.”

Everyone who knew Morgan knew she could sign.  Morgan was not deaf, but just like her classmates, she learned it in school, and continued to practice it with her friends.  She went to the Deaf Camp in Old Snowmass to “talk” to the kids there.  Morgan loved learning new things, and then she loved becoming really, really good at them.  Morgan was leaving a very LOUD message with her last dying breath..  This message can not be overlooked.

These 2 letters were frozen in the clenched shape of her hands.  Experts that have seen the pictures of those hands are quite shocked at how they could possibly be overlooked…it was impossible!  Morgan’s hand were sending a message to law enforcement – she wanted her killer(s) caught, and she tried her best to help get justice…Morgan’s body was a body of “proof!”  Please don’t allow people that want Morgan’s case to just “go away” to get away with it.  We need justice for Morgan, and all others that no longer have a voice, because their voice, along with their lives, were taken from them.  Share her story, demand transparency & truth, checks and balances (the principals our country was founded on) and let’s get Morgan’s investigation opened.

We want those involved in her gang stalking, and murder to know they can not hide from justice – it’s coming.  Remember – there is no statute of limitation on murder, boys and girls.  It is no joke – her murderer(s) stole a beautiful young soul from all the people that loved her.  They took her away from all her dreams.  And those involved in the perpetration of the crime, as well as the cover-up, deserve to be investigated, and then a tried and convicted for their crimes.  It may take 6 months, a year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, or 30 years, but be assured we will never give up, so it will come.  Now they can start worrying about the “when,” just like they made us worry about the when during the stalking – they lived off the fear, stress and exhaustion they caused us, and ever since they have lived off the pain they have caused since they took Morgan from us, but now they can live with the worry about “when” their actions will catch up with them, because THEY WILL.


6 thoughts on ““Dying Message”

  1. If Morgan did intentionally form these letters with her hands, why KN? Who is KN? From what I’ve read here, you think Morgan’s alleged stalker had the initials KV, and the other stalker had the initials BH.

    • Katie – when we found Morgan’s body, and saw her hands “clenched” it was upsetting so we called the forensic pathologist who had just performed her autopsy, Dr. Robert Kurtzman. Kurtzman said her hands looked unusual, but he has seen it before, and he had no explanation for it. I thought, “Was she clutching something?” Kurtzman said, “No.”

      Then 2 years later, when we finally received the crime scene photos, and allowed a Cold Case Task Force Team in California to look at them, I was asked the question, “Did Morgan know sign language?” After reading this post you know she did. Multiple experts have said, “If you know sign language and you want to communicate to the world who your murderer is, using the only thing you have (your 2 hands) then it is possible you would use the first letter of that person’s first name and the last letter of that person’s first name, as though spelling it out (Keenan) which starts with a K and ends with an N. This would be at a time of extreme pain, stress, fright and acceptance that your life is about to end. So thinking about the initial of your murderer’s last name probably wouldn’t be your first choice – you would be thinking of their name as in spelling it out…some victims have started to spell their killer’s name out in their blood – mostly never finishing the name, but the letters in their first name are the letters they are spelling out. That seems to be the reasoning that we have been told by experts in criminology. This is evidence and it is Morgan reaching out with her last breath.

  2. Maybe she was signing his initals KV though – sign the letter N with your thumb between middle and ring – now, lift middle and index straight up – that’s V…now back down it falls right back into N. Maybe for some reason or another death caused that hand to close while the hand signing K was kept propped up by her thumb.
    Signing from V to N a couple of times gave me chills.

    • Sam – your comment gave me chills as well…either way she was sending a message in the last moments of her life with the last bits of strength she had…she was an extremely strong and determined young woman and I miss her more than words could ever express.

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