Before Darkness Entered…

Our home was bright and light, and Morgan was safe, before the darkness of stalkers entered our life.  People deserve to be safe in their own homes, but sadly this is not always the case.

Stalking is similar in the animal world to a predator hunting its prey.  The victim is often referred to as the “target.”

Stalking is a systematic, intentional, and deliberate set of tactics designed to maintain an unwanted relationship to control, intimidate, and/or destroy the target’s life.  This is exactly what happened to Morgan by the actions of some sick individuals who should pay for what they did to Morgan and our family. And mark my words…they will.  Our family will NEVER stop pushing for justice for Morgan.  Here my words…WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!


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    • They were totally lying – if people would read the police reports they would know they lied. During the 4 months of stalking Brooke and James Harris were interviewed by the sheriffs more than once – the sheriffs knew Brooke was involved and her name is in the police reports but was redacted because she was under 18 at the time. James Harris actually said, “I wish you had told me about the stalking because I have daughters too.” What an absolute lie!!! He knew about the stalking BEFORE we ever knew who was involved, as he was pressured to help others in the neighborhood to help cut back the overgrowth in our next door neighbor’s yard that was creating a great hiding place for the stalker – and this was right in the very beginning of the stalking. He also called his client, the very morning we found our daughter’s body to say he had to cancel their appointment as his neighbors had crime scene tape around their house, their daughter was being stalked, the police used to think he was the stalker, but they now know it is his daughter’s ex-boyfriend…he did confess to that on Dr. Phil did he? Thanks so much for writing in to me – I greatly appreciate your input.

    • I just saw the episode today and I haven’t been able to get it off my mind. I am so sorry for your loss! I truly believe just by their body language they are as guilty as can be and are hiding a lot! I wish Dr. Phil questioned then more. I wish they would undergo a polygraph test. But because the guilt theyd probably never voluntarily. Breaks my heart! Your daughter is absolutely stunning! I was born in 1990. She was younger than me. Her life was just beginning. I truly hope your family gets the justice it deserves!! Please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!!

      • I also feel if case can be opened and investigation can start looking back at the stalkers, all of them, including the father. information from 2011 and prior to all and seeing if any of them were prescribed or had access to the medications that were found in Morgan’s system. This is just awful.. there are so many questions that should of been asked, answered or law enforcement should of just known to look into. Law enforcement has failed here. Morgan is so lucky to have parents that will obviously go to every extinct to make sure their beautiful 20 year old daughter receives justice! I am so sorry that you and your family have to go through this. You should of been allowed to properly mourn and grieve your daughters murder. Law enforcement should of been in charge of investigation, and been whole heartedly invested and involved in finding the truth. This is a 20 year old girl that to me didnt show the slightest sign of being suicidal, I understand I am just an outsider looking in. This young woman seemed happy, normal, no sign of mental illness prior. She clearly was being stalked and terrorized. The fact law enforcement are okay with themselves to just close this case and idenitify it as suicide without looking into more.. when there is clearly so so much more there.. I just can’t process. I wonder how they sleep at night. I am so sorry again for your loss. Tina you are beautiful and an amazing soul. You remind me of my Mother. You are a fighter and Morgan is so lucky to have parents like you.. to fight for her justice with everything you have. Praying for you and your family!

        • Thank you so much again Hannah for your kind words. Our lives since the stalking started in August of 2011 and what followed with Morgan’s murder and the subsequent cover up of that murder, has been a living hell for our family, and yet it has exposed to us the dark underside of these type of murders, “same story, different zip code.” This has to change! What has been done to Morgan is similar to all those victims of rape over the years that people hid under the rug, would not believe the victim, pretended that it was the victims fault, tried to destroy the victim when they had the courage to fight back and on and on…

      • Thank you so much Hannah for your kind words & prayers – Morgan’s birthday was 8.16.1991. She was only 19 when the stalking started in August of 2011 – then she turned 20 and was dead on 12.2.2011 four months later.

  1. I am truly sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child. It must be horrendous. I can’t get over several posts that I have read where people think it was a suicide….absolutely NOT!! I believe too that this beautiful young woman was stalked and murdered. COMMON SENSE tells us this wasn’t a suicide…. I DON’T understand how they could close this case… seriously. What good is law enforcement if they’re not going to seek out the real truth. What the heck is their explanation of where her sheets disappeared to, and why her pan in c button was across the room in the corner, her expensive jewelry now missing, the list goes on. They have their head in the clouds and are not willing to do the difficult job of getting to the truth. What if it was one of their children, you know the police wouldn’t let something this obvious go by. If their is any doubt what so ever, it’s the responsibility of the Sheriff to check every single thing out, that’s what we pay them for. If she was suicidal people, why would she be signing? She could have written things down before hand if she needed to get a message across. The whole theory of suicide is RIDICULOUS plain and simple. I truly hope who ever did this, clears their conscience and come forward before they meet their Heavenly Father…….

    • Thanks Chari for letting me know your thoughts. It is ridiculous and outrageous but we are still pushing forward for justice for Morgan and have no plans of giving up. I do not believe for one moment in time that these people have a conscious and I do not believe they want to confess because it does not bother them. The good news is we have a mountain of physical, scientific and medical evidence and there is no statute of limitation on murder…they will be brought to justice.

  2. I also have seen your show on Dr. Phil, and I agree with the user below myself. Looking in from the outside, Brooke and her father are definitely hiding something. You can tell by the looks on their faces.
    Maybe since Morgan had a perscription in the past for the drug used primarily in Morgan’s death, Brooke and her father believed it would be more obvious that it was a suicide if they used the same drug in the homicide..also, they had access to it. Maybe she was tricked into being drugged by them?
    I’m not sure that you read all the comments, but looking into a polygraph option in the future, along with an new investigation, you may start making the steps towards uncovering the truth. I wish you luck.

  3. I am watching the show now and van not even behind to imagine what your day is going through. I am sorry for your loss and hope you get the answers you need.

  4. I totally believe that your daughter was murdered. That girl looked so guilty on the Dr. Phil show. I hope you get this case reopened. Those remarks you said were on that girl’s FB should carry some weight.

  5. Has anyone noticed that this girl Brooke nods her head EVERYTIME someone states she is responsible. If that was me I would SHAKING my head instead. It says a lot without any words. dr Phil should be ashamed.

    • I agree with you – I have conferred with body language experts and if I were her attorney I would never have let her go on the Dr. Phil show – but as the mother of her victim I am so happy that I have her and her father on camera lying on national tv.

  6. Your story has reached out and gripped my heart and now has completely absorbed my mind.. First and foremost I must say I offer my sincere condolence for the loss of your beautiful daughter. She was a beautiful, gentle & caring spirit, I know this not just from the words I’ve read from a loving mother, but from the warmth and gentleness that radiate from her personal self photos and the other photos, art, & animals that were a part of her life. Please be gentle on yourselves, both you and her father did everything within your power and realm of knowledge to ensure her safety. I admire you all for the courage, persistence and family semblance that you maintained all the while being tormented & frightened by this unseen demon. Such chaos was leashed out upon your family but together you held it together and did an amazing job as a team! You certainly didn’t seem to have much of a knowledgeable team of outside help, I find the investigative efforts during her stalking and after her death less than deplorable. It just absolutely overwhelms my mind that this type of treatment can happen, wow. That’s pretty much all I should say about that, as I’ve nothing useful to add to it or nothing more that I’m certain hasn’t already been said. I’m just sincerely ashamed that this case was treated so badly in the usa & so sorry that you’ve endured so much pain, suffering & mistreatment of justice. My thoughts on a couple of things I’d like to share:

    1). Not all of Morgans friends, were her true friends. I feel she was innocently sharing information with regards to the investigation with those whom she trusted and this is how the perp seemed to stay a step ahead. How would anyone from the neighborhood or outside source know when she was sleeping on the couch. But the night she and her friend were on the couch, the bang was on the living room window? Someone, either she or her friends were sharing information with the actual stalker?

    2.) It’s very possible & more than likely that those whom spent time with her at home were also privy to the home lock code.

    3). Once you figured out that the stalker was working from the roof, did you ever consider attempting to have someone pull fingerprints from that area? I know that weather & such would tamper with anything directly on the roof top, but perhaps under the ledges/overhang etc. Prints may in fact still be in those isolated areas of entrance onto the roof, if there’s been no painting/maintenance to tamper with the area. ( I just can’t seem to get it though my brain how the stalking investigation seemed to die with Morgan, it seems if anything it should have ramped it up even more! Just a total disgrace! )

    ~ Know that you and your family are in my prayers. The God that I know and serve will continue to see you through this storm. Much love ~ mel

    • Your beautiful words brought tears to my eyes…thank you so much! Morgan was an amazing daughter and human being and did not deserve the torture and taking of her life. She loved life and did not want to go…I know deep in my heart she fought to stay alive. In answer to #1 – I believe you are correct. We now know, sadly, that some of her friends were connected to her stalkers and were most likely giving them information. Whether they thought it was a joke or some twisted fantasy, I do not know, but I do know you are correct in what you feel. #2 – Morgan’s ex-boyfriend came back to the states approx. 2 weeks before her murder and he did know the front door code – he told us this fact just days before her murder and unfortunately he is a very trusting person and could have, with no malice, shared that code with someone else…he was also friends with one of the stalkers. #3 – Once we found evidence on the roof we immediately called the detectives and told them. We asked for them to collect evidence, one detective said she would, but the detective in charge kept her from actually doing it. Our hands were tied as the sheriffs refused to follow up on any and all evidence, even the confession by James Harris to one of his clients the very morning we found our daughter’s body…this whole case is outrageous because there was a concerted effort to keep it from ever being investigated.

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