As I write this blog about Morgan’s Stalking I wish to explain just a few things:

  1. This Blog is about Morgan Ingram, her stalking and her death, which I believe was murder. I did not wake up one morning and decide that it was murder. It was initially ruled Natural Causes, and many experts have given their opinion after a complete review of her death and every one directly contradicts the first pathologist and I am very confident of their qualifications.  It was at least two, maybe three months before I truly believed it and came to the inescapable conclusion it was a Homicide and it was horrific for me.  Even more so was that after nine months and many threats that were reported to the Coroner and Sheriffs Department it was reclassified as a suicide, as he had threatened to do.  So if you question a post on this blog or submit a comment anywhere questioning the manner or cause of death, you are questioning these experts, give your qualifications when you question, and I will treat your comment appropriately.
  2. This Blog along with the website seeks to raise awareness of stalking and the inherent dangers.  Anything that supports that goal is most likely very welcome.  Anything that takes me away from that goal is not.
  3. Morgan’s MEDICAL HISTORY is off limits, I have been assured that her H.I.P.A.A. right to privacy survives her death and I will have ZERO tolerance for anyone that does not respect Morgan’s rights.  I only wish I had been far stronger long ago.
  4. Drugs that directly caused Morgan’s death and are the equivalent of a bullet or a knife blade and are not what I consider to be a part or her MEDICAL HISTORY, rather part of her death investigation and those are open for discussion.

So as I strive for justice for Morgan and all victims of stalking please take note –

Don’t make comments asking the same question a different way over and over.  If a question comes in repeatedly and it comes from different people, I might think, well there is a blog, and this has happened many times.  Rather than edit your comment because something is inappropriate, but you raise a good question, you may never see your comment here, just the answer to your question in a blog.

A limitation of this Blog format is that I must approve a comment before I can edit it and I reserve the right to correct typos and change offensive language.  So if your comment needs major editing before it can be posted it may not make it.

Oh and more importantly, if you have something really supportive to say about me or my family, some nice observation about Morgan to share, or a really good suggestion, yeah, your comment is getting approved.

Names can be used as long as it is the TRUTH.  ?.. used to refer to Brooke Harris but now you will most likely see B. H.  ?..’s dad referred to James Harris AKA Jim Harris  but now you will most likely see J. H. ?..’s mom referred to Christina Harris but now you will most likely see C. H. 

All links submitted can be deleted.  The reason for this might be not easily understood at first, but eventually I got it. I have been warned that once a link appears here hosted on another server, the content might be great when the link is posted. The content also might change to something completely inappropriate later, and I will have no way of knowing this has happened. That does not sit well with me, so if you want to send an image or text to me in an email so that I can then post and have control of the content, I might.  If you want credit for your image, please say so, no problem, I already do that, look at the front page of the website.

3 thoughts on “Decorum

  1. I have not read all of the questions…..but, I am curious if a toxicology investigation was done on a strand of Morgans hair. Even if you had it today in her hair brush. They are more accurate for timeline purposes.

  2. I feel so bad about this story. It is so scary. Did the photo look anything like the police investigators. Why else would they just refuse to do their jobs I would start with family and friends of the investigators my family will have you guys in our prayers.

I welcome your feelings and ideas on Morgan's Stalking